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Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 CONFIGURING ACCESS MetaStock ® Pro 9.

0 DDE LINK TO TH E ADFVN 1) Configure the AIM Metastock ® PRO and Metaserver to access the informat ion through the "link" of the DDE ADFVN so intraday data assets that can be pres ented graphically in real time by Metastock. 2) REQUIREMENTS To access the DDE l ink ADFVN are required: a) be Premium user and subscriber service ADVFN DDE from ADVFN. Details on the ADVFN DDE service can be obtained in http://br.advfn.com/ p.php?pid=fbb_thread&id=426932&bb_id=11 Technical details on the ADVFN DDE can b e obtained in http://br.advfn. com/Help/dde-brasil-2044.html b) install on your computer the following software: Dde_Br.exe: Provided free by ADFVN (download si te). Metaserver RT 2.0 (or later): It is the software that will interface betwee n the ADVFN DDE and Metastock ®. It is marketed by RT SOFT (http://www.traderssoft .com/ts/msrt/). The latest version is 3.2. There is a demo of version 3.2 on the site of RT SOFT, but that only allows data reception TWO assets. Note: Before i nstalling the RT Metaserver 2.0 you must uninstall any existing software to acce ss online services via DDE, the information providers of stock market. Metastock ® Pro (versions 6, 7, 8 or 9): It is important that the version that enables acce ss real time. This guide was prepared with the Metastock ® PRO 9.0 (eSignal). 3) C ONFIGURATION The configuration of the software should be done in the following o rder: a) Creation by Downloader of Metastock ®, the archives of assets whose intra day data if you wish to obtain access through the DDE. Set a folder on your comp uter to store data assets. Let us assume that the path is: C: \ ADVFN \ Intraday 1 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 Run the Downloader. Access Menu: File> New> Securit y. The following window will appear: In the Folder field to be inserted by clicking Browse and navigating through the directories, the path that was chosen to hold the intraday data assets. This ex ample is: C: \ ADVFN \ Intraday. In the Name field enter the name (eg Ibovespa o r IBOV, or Bovespa Index, etc ...) in assets that you want. In the Symbol field put code used by ADVFN for the selected active. In the example above, the code i s Ibovespa IBOV. In this field you can not be creative, you must use the same co de used by ADVFN. Otherwise will not work. Periodicity in the field to select, b y clicking the arrow, the frequency desired for the active, in the case Intraday . The other options are Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, which is beside the point. Un its in the field by clicking on the arrow, select Decimal. Opening in select Opt ional Fields Open Interest and Prices. At selected intervals, by clicking the ar row, the update interval graphs, where 10 Minute. Other options are 1, 5, 6, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. After creating the file, this option can not be changed. To change it you need to create another file. Start time select, clicking on the arrows, the start time to capture the data in our case 10:00 (am). End on time to select, by clicking on the arrows, the end time of the capture of data, in ou r case 17:00 (am). The window will be filled as follows: 2 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 After conferring, being all right just click OK, that will be created in the cho sen directory (where C: \ ADVFN \ Intraday) file in the format of Metastock to r eceive the intraday data for the active (IBOV) selected. In the case of active P ETR4, the window would be filled, for example: Repeat these steps above for all assets that you wish to obtain intraday data by DDE link from ADVFN. I suggest creating a file for the Dow Jones Industrial, wh ose code is at ADVFN INDU. In the case of assets and indices for the Scholarship s for New York, where it is active in creating the Downloader, 10:30 put on "Sta rt Time" in the "New Security". No more assets to be created, close the download er.

c) synchronize the timing of quotes and ADFVN Brazil Standard Time Data from ADV FN apparently comes from a server outside of Brazil (even BOVESPA), which causes changes in schedules due to time zones. To have no problem with that, turn on t he Equis Realtime Configuration Utility from Start> All Programs> Equis Internat ional> Equis Realtime Configuration Utility. The following window opens: 3 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 Mark on "Date and Time" option "Replace vendor-supplied teams with computer syst em time." It should be as follows: Not to make any other changes. Click OK. The window will close. There is nothing to change in Metastock ®. 4 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 d) Enable the application DDE_BR.exe. This opens a window to enter login and password ADFVN as follows: Check if your internet access is up, put your username and password and click OK . The window will disappear and the icon appears on the taskbar of Windows. e) E nable Metaserver RT. In the first activation of the program can pop up a window asking to enter into that directory and the folder is filed "winros.exe" of Meta server. Just go browsing to the directory where Metaserver RT was filed (for exa mple: C: \ Program Files \ MetaServer RT 2.0 Pro (Dde version)). This done, the following window will appear: Click on the Options menu and submenu in the Options. New window will appear. Ch eck the following options are selected. If not, you must select them. 5 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 Click OK and this window will disappear. Notice that there is an icon in the tas kbar of Windows. If the main window Metaserver is not showing, click on this ico n the window will appear. We will now configure the information in Metaserver to allow reception of information through the ADVFN DDE link (which should be acti ve, according to item (d) above). For this, click the Symbol menu and "Add New" from the submenu that appears. The window "Symbol Configuration" will appear: 6 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 To configure access to the ADVFN DDE link, this window "Symbol Configuration" mu st be completed as follows: In the Symbol Name field must be filled in the same code that was assigned in the field of window Symbol file creation in the asset Downloader ( item 3.a, above). Thus in the case of Petrobras PN, the Symbol Name field must be filled with PETR4, as shown below. In the DDE field will always, for all assets, to be completed ADVFN symbol, whic h is the name of the ADVFN DDE server. Notice that as this field is being comple ted, the information will be repeated in other fields (Trade / Volume, Ask / IDB and Open / High / Low) that window. At the end of ADVFN fill in the field, appe ars in other fields "= ADVFN ."

7 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 The command to access data on the ADVFN DDE server is always done in the format "= ADVFN Bolsa_Ativo! Command", where: Bolsa stands standardized by ADVFN to s pecify one of several exchanges where information can be obtained, for example, among others: BOV - BMF Bovespa - Mercantile and Futures NYSE - New York Stock E xchange NASDAQ - NASDAQ Stock Exchange AMEX - American Stock Exchange Dowie - Do w Jones is the active code standardized by ADVFN characterize each asset, for Ex ample: PETR4 - Petrobras PN INDU - Dow Jones for Command is the kind of information you want to receive, for example: ULT - last price FEC - previous closing VOL_ULT - last volume ABE - opening price of MAX MIN higher price - lowest price Further details on the various commands are in h ttp://br.advfn.com/Help/dde-brasil-2044.html. 8 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 In the "Trade / Volume" this window, click the checkbox for "Trade record" and t hen click the box to the right of the field (with the three dots), as shown belo w. New Window ("DDE Settings") will be open for insertion in the "DDE Topic" specif ying Bolsa_Ativo and in the "DDE item" Command (ie type of information). Thus, f or PETR4, for example, we have: DDE Topic: BOV_PETR4 DDE Item: ULT When you click OK in the "DDE Settings" window and add in the "Symbol Configurat ion" the following change appears in the Trade Record: 9 / 15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 This setting will extract the ADVFN DDE server pricing information and volume of active PETR4. Thus, there is no need for additional configuration. Just give OK to accept the setting. The main window of Metaserver shall display the followin g information: Note that the final line of each asset in the "*", there is a sign "-". This sig nal indicates that the Metaserver still not receiving data. 10/15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 To enter the command to extract information from a new asset, for example the Do w Jones, just click again on the menu "Symbol" and then "Add New" from the subme nu. The configuration of the windows "Symbol Configuration" and "DDE Settings" w ould be: Giving OK DDE Settings window and OK in the Symbol Configuration window above we now in the main window Metaserver: 11/15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 This same procedure should be done for each of the assets it wants to receive da ta from the DDE server from ADVFN.€CAUTION: Be careful not to forget that the "Sym

bol Name" window "Symbol Configuration" of Metaserver have to be identical to th e code inserted in the "Symbol" window "New Security" Downloader. Additionally, this code has to be attributed to that asset by ADVFN. WARNING: In the "DDE Topi c" window "DDE Settings" Metaserver the information to be entered is always in t he format "Bolsa_Ativo. Scholarship is the code assigned by ADVFN the exchange w here the asset is traded. Asset is the code assigned by ADVFN specified for the active and informed is the same in the "Symbol Name" window "Symbol Configuratio n" and in the field of Metaserver "New Security" Downloader. Now just click the green button on the menu of main window Metaserver that the information will beg in to be received, as shown below. At the end of each line of the active signal is changed to "+..", meaning the Metaserver is able to receive data. 12/15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 If in your case and the Last Time fields are being updated or the "*" is to mean that "+.." Metaserver setup is complete. In this case you can press the red but ton on the menu to stop receiving. After entering all of the assets, you can sav e the configuration file in Metaserver by accessing the File menu option "Save C onfiguration", giving a name for the file (ex: ADVFN) and clicking Save. If the fields Last Time and are not being updated or last column "*" is still with the sign "-", make sure the icon is DDE_BR the taskbar and if the green button on th e Metaserver was clicked. If this is not the cause, click the red button ("Stop" ) of Metaserver. Next, for each asset with the problem, click the left mouse but ton in the line of active and then with the right mouse button. You will see a c ontext menu, where one of the options is "Edit Selected". Select this option and the window "Symbol Configuration" filled to the active displays. Verify that th e configuration is correct. Correct as necessary and press OK to exit. Do this f or each of the assets with information that is not updated. When finished, retur n to the main window Metaserver and click the green button again. At the end do not forget to save the setting. 13/15 Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 4) USE Assuming that none of the software is active , the activation sequence should be as follows: Run DDE_BR, login and password, Run METASERVER. Access File> Open Configuration and load the saved configuration . Then click the green button on the menu (see Note 2 below). Run the EQUIS DATA SERVER, the antenna symbol appears on the taskbar. Run MetaStock ® FILE SERVER, a ppears the symbol of two folders on the taskbar, Run MetaStock ® PRO, the online m ode. If dialog appears "Logging" below, just click on "Work Offline" to the main window appears Metastock ®. Open the graphics assets prepared. Just go open the files of the assets, using t he selected path at the beginning of item 3 - Configuration (in the example, C: \ ADVFN \ Intraday), to display the graphics that are updated in the time interv al specified in the Interval (in case 10 minutes). I suggest creating a layout i n Metastock to open all selected graphs at once. If, during the reception, a pro blem occurs with Metastock ®, just stop his execution and reset it. Data is not lo st. The Metastock ® File Server, still active, is responsible for receiving and st oring data even when the Metastock ® is inactive. When Metastock ® is rebooted and r eloaded the assets, the graphics are reassembled without loss of information. No te 1: You can only activate the DDE-BR, put login and password, then activate th e ADVFN Metastock ® Pro directly. The Metastock Equis ® will enable the DDE Server, and then the Metaserver Metastock ® File Server. You will then see a warning windo w from Metastock ® File Server shown below, where the user should click NO. 14/15

Nickless - R.01 - 07/10/2007 Subsequently, the Logon window above will be displayed, the user clicks on "Work Offline" and the main window will open Metastock ®. However, Metaserver still not be receiving data. This will need to enable Metaserver window and click the gre en button. Note 2: As the BOVESPA's trading session opened at 10:00 am, I recomm end that the Metaserver is only connected to the ADVFN DDE-BR, by clicking the g reen button on the main window, very close to that schedule. 5) TERMINATION To end the reception of data and running the programs, follow the following sequence: Disable DDE_BR.€Disable EQUIS DATA SERVER (the symbol of the antenna). He goes off the MetaStock ® FILE SERVER. Disable METASERVER. Disable Met aStock ®. 6) REFERENCES commercial and technical information on services and software ment ioned in this guide can be obtained from the following sites: ADVFN Site Access (DDE): RT http://br.advfn.com Site SOFT (Metaserver): http://www .traderssoft.co m / ts / msrt / Site EQUIS (Metastock ®): http://www.equis.com DDE-BR is a software distributed by ADVFN. METASERVER is a software developed an d marketed by RT SOFT - Real Time Engineering. MetaStock ® is a software developed and marketed by Equis International. 15/15

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