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Bangladesh: National Food Policy Plan of Action (2008-2015)

Bangladesh: National Food Policy Plan of Action (2008-2015)

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Published by: Asian Development Bank on Jul 09, 2010
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As noted earlier, the NFP Plan of Action builds upon an extensive review of the NFP
provisions and their linkages with existing food-security relevant national and sectoral
planning documents (see Appendix 1), supplemented by several rounds of consultations with
relevant partner ministries/agencies as well as non-government stakeholders. The main
outcome of this process has been the elaboration of the “PoA Matrix” (see Part II), which
forms the core of the PoA and provides the basic framework for its monitoring. The section
briefly describes the key methodological aspects of the PoA development and the key
elements of the Action Agenda set forth in the PoA Matrix.

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