Adobe- Photoshop: with Adobe ImageReady·

Version 7 for Windows' QUICK REFERENCE CARD

.... Adobe Online

1M) Rectilngu I a, M~rquee ....

.. .. Move IV)

(L) Lasso ...• (ClCropl ....

.... Magic wand (WI -·Slice IKI

01 Healing brush' .•.•

(SI aone stamp .

lEI Eraser .

IR) Blurt .

····Brush (B)

.- History brush IY)' •••. Gradlem (G)'

.. .. Dodge (Olt

(AI Pinh selectlorr .

(P)Pen' ..

. .... Horizontal Type (T) . •.. Rectangle (UI

IN) Notes' ....

. ... Eyedropper III .. .. Zoom(ZI

(H) Hand ....

.... Switch colors (XI

Foreground color ....

(D) Default colo .......

. ... Back9rou n d color

, .. , Quick mask mode IQI'

.... Full screen mode IF)

I Fl Fu II screen mode ; with menu bar

.... Jump 10 Image Ready (Ctr'l +{}+ MI

Additional i,!"ageReady Toolbox Items

(AI Toggle image map' .•.• ~ ... Toggle slices visibility (QJ


(V) Preview Document -. fi., • . ... Preview in default browser

(Cui + Alt + PI

ump to Photoshop (Ctrl+{)+ M)

Toolbarr shortcuts

• Pre~s s he rtcut key lin pa ,emheses) to select 1001 · Ctrl + Tab cydes through open documents

• All + click + tool or {} + shortcut key cycles through hidden tools (except + - r-! •• )

· Select 1001 and press Enter to l1igtdight options bar

· Right + click displays ccnrext-seoslnve menu



"..1 Rounded recta ngul at m arq u e,,~

.) E'lliptical marquee

~ STngle row marquee

..... Single column marque"e

1 ... _ Polygonal lasso .... Magnetic lasso'

. Patch'

.... Pattern stamp'

..... Background eras,," ._ Magic eraser

·• .. ·Snarpent .... ·Smudgef

.. .• Direct selection'


~ Freeform pen'

, Add a nchor po I nt"

~ _ .. Del ete anch or pol n I'

ji) ..... Rectangle image map! ..... Circle Image map§

..... Polygon Image map' ... Image map select§


:,-v ... , Slice select


~ Alrbrush*

./ Pencil IS) ~·""",.I>opl

-- (N) (lmog,R<>dy'


~ ..... Art hislory'

.. ... Radialg,adlent+ ..... Angle gradient4

..... Reflected gradient' D ..... Diamond gradienrf ..... Pain! bucket!

..... Burnt

" .. ·Sponget

"'" Rounded rectangle ::::I ,····Ellipse

_ .. Polygon"

" ..... L1ne

..... Custom shape'

, Color sample,'

& , Measure'

• Nor '" IlTIageReody

tin 0 dIffer." r location on rh.lm09<lleod'! ,,,,,Iixu' ~ T""I. Gpf1mr In Option, IxIr only

§ Im"l1"R",dy only

· .0 constrains dragging or drawing to st,aighiline or multiples of 450

· Caps Lock displays precise cross hair lor brushes

· Enter applies an operation of the magnetic lasso"; Esc cancels the operation

· I toggles shield off and on (crop 1001 only)

'Nor In ImageReady '/mllgeReady only




fIB image in window

100% magnification

Zooms In or 001

em + spacebar, or All + spacebar

Appll~ loom pe.rcentage, and keep! loom '0+ Enlel in Nal'igiltor palelle percentage box active"

Zooms In on specified area of an Image" {m + drag aver preview in Nal'igalor palme

Seleding and moving objects



RejX)sitlons malllUte while selecting'

Any marqu e 10'0'1 (exc~plSingIHolumn and siJJgle rflw) + dJag

Adds to or subtracts from !l!1e-cllon

Any selection l\lol + 0 or All + drag

InlerseC!5 ueJ eclion

Ally selenlon 1001 + 0 + All + drag

{cnstralns marquee [0' square cr drele (if no otherseleclions are active)'


Draws marquee from cenler (If nO' other selectiO'ns are active)'


Constrains shape and draws marquee from {} + All + drag cenle~

Cut (except when or any pen rool', path", shape tool", slice, rem ogle Image map.,drde mapl, or jX)lygon Image map! 1001 Is !electe,d]

Switches from'fl 10 P •

All + drag




Any pa.inilng 1001 + Alt (also any shape 1001 + All)

Selects background (alaI

, + Alt+ dick


Deletes .,. •

Sets opadty, tol eran ce, strength, or eJpoSlrre for painllng mode

Any painting or elUting 1001 + number keys (e.g., 0 = 100%, 1 = 10%,41hen 5 in quid! succe>Sion = 45%)

(.For Airbrush, use 0 + number keys)

Sets flow for painting mode

Ally painting 01 editing 1001 + 0

+ oumberkeys (e.g., 0= l00\l6, 1 = 10%, 4 then 5 in quick succession'" 45%)

(For Aimrush,omit 0)



Saolls Image with hand 1001·

Spacebar + drag. or drag view arel! box in Navigator palette

Scrolls up or down 1 screen

Page Up or Page Down1

Saolls up or dawn 10 unlt1

'0 + Page Up O'r Page Downl

Moves view to upper I eft corn er or lower Hom!! or End

right comer

loggleslayer mask on/off as rubylim·

'Hold down Crr/to scrolfleft (PcJ{je Up) or righ r (Pclge Down)



Switches from 1J 10 ~.

Alt+ click

Moves copy of selection

1-.,., + All + drag selectioni

Maves selection area 1 pix"el

.Any selection + Id [;) [) [J r

Moves selection 1 pi~eI

Moves layer 1 pixel when nothing selected on layer

Increases/decreases detection width'

.,. +1 or]

Accepts aopping or exilS cropping

.. + Enler or Esc

Makes protractor •

+Alt + drag end point

Snap,! guide to ruler lieu

0+ drag guide

Toggles guide orientation

All + drag guide

tHoJd down 0 ro move '0 pil«d5

• AppNes to shope tools



Cycles through blending modes

o-ra g

Ails selectionllayerwith foregraund Of il\tckground color

Ak + Backspace, or (trl + Ba(bpare'

Ak + Ctrl + Bacispace1

Displays Ffli dl~log be>:

o + Ba ckijlace

lock Ira nsparenl pixels onloff

Connects poi~15 with a straight nne

Any painting tool + {H click

tHoJd down 0 to preserve rrtmlPQtency

'Nor 10'1 Imagefleady Ilmllgefloodyanly




T + -o-+Cttl-l- L.(,cr R

Mtves type 10 i mag.!

Hrl + dro9 typ~ when Type layer Is selected

Pllignsleft,.anllr,or right"

Aligns top,O!nter,uroottom'

[T + -o--I-Orl + L,(,orR

Seltru 1 character left/right or 1 line downfup,or 1 wert! left/riQht

SeIf'C1s dllmClers [rom InseItlen point to nwuse dick polTl!

.o+gg [) []. or.o+(trl-l-gg


MOves 1 charactelleftlrigh~ 1 TIne down/up, 0.11 weld lefUri!lhr

g G;;j., ID ltJ.orCtII + gg

Oeslgnates new origlnoverexisling type

.0 -I- dIck or dick + drag

Seltru werd, line, paragraph, or stOl}'

Doubll'-dlc~, triple-click, quadruplHi]cK, or qui ntuplHlTck


Toggl~s Underlining ·on/off'

.0+ (tll+1

Toggles Strikflhrough anloff'

Toggks All UPperGl5e on/off"

Toggles Small Caps on!off'

-0-+ (III+H

Toggles Supersmpronl\lff'

Path editing*



tt+ 0 + dlde

Seltru multlp Ie anchor polTlts

Selects ~ntill! path 1\ -I- A11+ did:

Duplicates a pad! (1-1- AI! -I- {Ill -I- dra.g

[warlcs wittr any pen 1000

5W~ch e5fmm ~ to I:j;+ when over path All

Slicing and Optimizing



Toggles b~er dither fer selected image pane In Optfmlled 'I1~w'


Tcgglestllrough gamma previews fn !elec.t~ Image p;rnel


T ogqles through Optimized! 2upl4u pi Original window!

Toggles between sUte 1001 and slice (\11

selection tnol

OShif! Oney-



Toggles 5u.bmipt nn/off"

0+ AII+(trl -1--1-

Chooses 100% horizcnlal scale'


Choosl'S 1 00% ~eni(aJ stale'

Chooses Auta .Iead In g'

.o+Alt + (trI+.A

Chooses 0 far trackiog'


Justifies paragraph, left a I igns last Hne"

Justifiespal'il.graph, fones last Une'


Tcggles paragraph hYPhenalion cn/olf'

0+ AIt+{lrI-I- H

Toggles singl~evel)'"line composer onloff'


D~ll'ilsl'>lincreales type size of selected texl2 ptS/px


Deaeases/.lncreaS6 lea!!ln 9 2 pt5/px Alt+[] [] II

Decreases/inaeases ~.llne shift.2 plSlp:< 0+ All + II) [J'I

Deaeaseillnooses kern fngltradclng 20/l000ems


I Hold down Air III decretlIeI1nCtetl5e 101( "Holddown Crrlrodecrea5e11nr;reO.le lOx



Switches from to ,t'> when pointer is oVllr anchcr point onfirection poln!


Switches from ~or \1" to t'> when poinler is OVEr ancheroT directIon pclnt



IP +douhle--didc

~ + All + doulllHllck


Draws from (fnter outward Alt + drag sqUilre slice from tenter OUtwa rd All + 0 -I- drag

Repositions ;Iic~ whil~ creating sliCE Spa ceoo.r + drag

Opens con lext-sensitive menu Righ t mouse button on sli(e

'NOlin ImogeP:eody JlmogeReodyorlfy

A(tions palette l TumlSEI on/off"

B. TumHrnon on/off

t r urM command ontoff;

Ak + dick turns curren! {Il m rna nd an and. II otl1moff'

0. Tuml ~rea~utPClrot on/olf;

All + did! tlUllIOO runent breakout paml, anlll~ms off all o(h~r llre.kJJut polnlS In ,naaion'

E. All + doublHUck ch3ng e:! 3Clion oprJ!lns

F. R~v~Whld~1 conl~t

Ctrl + do uble-dido: plays Mrlre a(~nn:

All + dick {lJllaPll'S!~:plnds all rompDnenll olan.ninol

G. Double-di(k set or aaion dlspliIYs O'ptlo ns

dlal09 00x

H. Stops aetlan

I. RffIlrds anion

J. Plays aC!iort;

Cl~ + dl(k plays! rom m~nd It Crwle:! new set"

"B C

History palette

A.Sets.soulU' fur history bru>h'

B. Snapshor";

doubll!"-di(~ lTIapsilol na~ 1l1re,name

C. States olthe imuQe,linm first to mO$1 !«ent; {} + C1I1 + I st~ps forwaJd:

All + ClrI + .Z srepsbackwartl'.:

Alt + dick. dupliQte5 an, stille! except the (llJTPn! sta1l"

IJ:. Dr; g sITder moves selettlon between stales

E. Creates nEW dDcUmerTIlinm rurr~nt ~liIfeQr snapsh.ot'

{1<Shlfi o Key


L Creates new a.aionand bl'glns remliing:

AI! + dick [reatts andbeg'lm Iffilrdlng new anions without (on fi rmatlo n

Other action shortcuts F9 shDWslhides palane

{1< + dick selects non-~~nti9llous Items of the sa me kiM"

(01 ~(lick leleru mn!iguoUl it~rm of the same kind'

rrnageRead)l' Onl)l'

F. UMo

G. Redo

Other history shortcuts

All + ae~r HiltJlt)l (In H iSlJlt)l meIJ~J desrs hlstllry ,permanently (No Undo)·


Pa,ths palette'"'

Path name: {} + CuI,. (lickadtll 'p.lh m 5~eaion;

Ctrl + All + dick sublraru th~ poth from sele.:liD n; {1< + All + (tTl + cDde rttain~ lnltrn'{1ion 01 path ill a selearon;

{}+ (111 + H hides poth

AI! + dick All Path with Fcreground CIllo I butto n sets options

All +(1 i<k Stroe Path with BIII,h butto n lets opOons

All +dlt~ [Dild Path oS iI SelecUon 'butl1ln sets options

Alt + (Iide Makes WOlk Path from Sele.:liDn bun.on sets options

Channels palette*

Alt + dick save Selection ill Channel bmwn sets option!

[01 + dick Create New Channel butl1ln mille a new IPQtdlann~1

{) + I'Ddcwlor ella nnel sflem/deselem in muJtlple oolor-d:tannel.selectlon

{} + dlde aJpha, !hannel select5ldeselects alpha channel and shows{hldes as a QulO! Mask Double-ditk alpha diannel thu:mbnall dllpl~ coo nn~1 option,

- dlspl~ Olmpos~e

(tri + - stlmscomposln!

File browser

-0 + Orl +{I open~ file browse.!

[] mQV~ up a folder (In folder view) or ilroW [J mov~down ii' folder (In folder v1ewl or

a row

Ctrl + [) in mov~ IJj) a I~vel [in fold~ viewl (trl + [] moves down e level (in folder viEW) I;;;]; move5lefi one Item

Q move, right one Item

Tilbmoves to next

Hom e moves to the first 1 tern

End moves III me laslltem F1 rena mes an item

Entu renames!, file Backspate moves up alP'/el

F5 reffl>5h~ lree, nO thumbnall.pone:!

(tTl + click adds 10 seleaion (d.&ontiguous) -0 + ld. or bI adds an item 10 the selmion Alt + C" rotates {lJunler-clo(1:wi5.e

Return or doubllKlick opens a ~Ie and doses the Ale Browser when In !he paJette ~II

All +R.erurn or Alt + dolible-dlck opens a file and keepSlne file Browser open

Brushes palette

Alt + d lIlt brush delele:! brush" CoublNlick brush to rens m e brush· ! ,or I aerreasesfm aea~ brush size'

0+ lor 1 d~a,~~ncreases blush softnessl hamnes5 In 25% inrremenl5·

0+ ,orO >e1ecB~J5t/liist bl\Jsh' ,or 0 selects prev10ulInelt brush'

Swatthes palette

Click In empty are.'. of ,~alette rreares new sWOlth from foregroyndllllor"

(trl + dick swot(n selects background Ollor" All + (lick swotch ~elelescglor

{) + cOd! on, 5elOnd color se.ieill mullJple (cntiQuolIS. {Iller,'

(lrI + dick on multiple [Olors selOCll mulll.ple dis<ollliQuous {Olol"I'

Color palette

F6 sh owslh ides po I ene

All + did! color In (010 I ba mlem bac~l1lund COIOf

RiQhl mouse cUck color bar displays {nloI Bar menu

{} + dick w lor bar t;'(IM throu gh COIOf choi(el

Info palette

Fa shDWslhide, palette

alck eyedropper iOln J" readDulmool'S"

aid: rms .... halr ioon +. changes measurem enl un III"


'Not in ImageReady 'ImageReadyonly

Extract toolbox*

~".Edge hIghnghler rSJ ··-FiII[G)

···Eraser (E)

0·-Eyedmppper (I)

' ... Cleanup IC)

... !Ed ge tOUCh u p (T)

B}"'Zoom(Z) ~".HandfH)

Uquify toolbox

.•. Twfrl dcd<wi~e (AJ

.•. Twirl counmrclockwi§e (l.j •. -. Plle",er (PI

.. ·Bloat (B)

.. Sh 1ft pixels (5) m ··-Reflection 1M) ~.~ ReconwiJc! (El I"j ... fr~eZe(F), ~···TI1awrn

··-Zoom III ·~Ha!"ld ,11-1)

Pattern Maker too I box*

Ibn··- Recll!ngular marquee 1M) ~-Zoom(Z) ~"-HandIHJ

Extract*, Llqulfy,lndPa,ttern Maker· sh.ort,cuts

Pres~lhortCUl keyl,lnp~renthese5J t~!eJ&! 1001

Tab (ycll'5 through mntro~on right from mp; 0- + Tab qdes threuqh CllntrnllM light I~mbotlom

Sp.iKeb.J r lempo rilrily activ,a!es nand tool All (h~nge! Can lEI to Hesel

(btrart* iflld Uquify)

• lor] dKreasesor Increases bl1llh sIlt

(Extrart* alld, Pattrm Maker") On + 0 fruin window

(In + Spi!cebar temporilrilysel ect'!, mom In mol

Alt + Spal!bar lele«s mom 0 til tool

(Extract" only)

Alnoggles betwEen edge hig hlighter 1001 an d emerttlol

(ut with edge hi; hllglTm mol selected toggles Smart HIghlighting

Alt + del ~f remov~ ommt highlight: (til + delete hlghllgh15 entire Im~,ge

0- + click with fill tool~lened filii fureglllUlld ~rNand 1'R!~ieW! ~Itrilrtion

(ut + dl\!9 moves mask when edge Uluchup too.1 IlselKled

Alt + drag adds c pacl!)' w'hi!ll clea nu II teol ls sele<ted

X toggles Show ml'llu optlomin ~I'W betwel!nOriglnal ,a nd blr~ned:

-0 + X enablesdearmp and edge wuchup Ioois bela reprevlew

F cydes through Dllplaymel1u In preview from tcpml!Onom;

o +f C)'des ballom LO top

ID [] In B.rush SI~ tat box ~creaseY increases bru!hllzeby 1;

g [;] with BMh SliP Slider showing d~a!Hl1ncnea~lmlSh~b)' 1; Held d'ownO decreasesJlncreases lilt

[liquify only)

All + tool reverses dlll'Cllcn for 1hift p~Jo; ond refi elliOtt toolS

AI! + dlilg I n preview willt retOnmUCI tool, orsp la~. Amplitwist or Alline mode selernd, continuo Ily ~m pies th e dllmnJ'on

[) !iJ in Brush Size andPrE~ure lext bot de!ireal~nm.a~sbrulhpre;sure .by 1; Id bl with Brush Sile and.lWlure ~ldtr showIng dl'Creasf5/incrml's prelliu re by 1:

Hold down 0- dKreases/lncrellltS lOx (Irt + lm redo last step

(Pattrm Maker" only l

(ul + 0 delell!Hurrenl seJectlon etrl. + Z III undo selection move

Ct~ + G generates or generate, agaIn

All. + 0- + select interSECI:I with current leI1ctJon

X toggle\ view~ origin! I/g.e nelated pa t:tWl Hmn~ goes ttl lint tile In Tile~i~ary

End goes to last tile I n Tile History

lid. Page Up 90610 previous tile I n Tile History: 1;1, Page 1kIwn goP! to nen Ille In Til e ~lstD ry Delete de.letes (Urren! tile from Tile HI~ory g.I;I.ID ,[] nudge:sselectjon when vlewlnq the origin.aJ

o +[;1, Q.ID .or tD Increases 5elWlnn n ucglng when viewing the orlglm I

Layers palette

A. layer lock optionllfmm Ifft 10 right):

Tran,parency, Image. ·Posltlon,AI~

/ (forwardslasl\) 1.0991es lOCK lrallSparenq for to rget layer, or last ap plied kick

B. UnWunlinks lolfmm target Ioyer

C. Indlcatesaa[vepillnt layer (!!rush icon If layer Image I~ active. monk leon if layer miU'k ij acti'le)

O. Shows/hides layer Ot larer let;

Alt + dick lIIggles vi('W: this iayel/loyer II:t only or aUlayenllayer le15

E. Double-did! 10 edit layer eIIectlstyl~ optiom; AI t + double-cllck hfdel effect/style;

0- + d rog e._ffea/style III .nother layerJflJe to add effea to r.It!let layer set;

Ali + dl\! 9 effuctlJlyle to anoth er layer/file 10 copy ell&! and repla(!' target Ii!j'er style;

-0 + AI! + d.rag: effl!ctiltyle toa nether layer/file to capy effOO.l~to tltgellayer Jet

F. Revw~lliid£'S can tenti

A It + dldtrevea15/hlde:s ,JJJ laye~ and effed>

G. PoJnl5 to dlj)~ing I~r

H, Oouble-dld! to edt t layer style

I. ,layer set

J. UnWunUnks layer la/from layer mask 0 r vwor m1!Sk

K, Alt HII.d! dlsa bles/ena bles mlCl ~sk L Dou ble-dJck 10 open layer MaskDllpr~y Op~ons dialog;

0- + dick toggles layN mask on/all;

\ [b< or -0 + All + dick mggle! 11Ib)'lkh mode for layer ~~kon/off;

A It + dick. toggles !arer mask/Cllmposltl! I mage M.Dou ble-dkk selerts all type: temporarily sele«s type tool

N. trufiCil1eS new nil or adjustment la.yel

O. Alt + dick grou!,!, wllWun grou pI fmm previous


P.. Dou ble-dkk ro rename tayer.

Q. Creates layer style

R. Creates la~r ma,ktbat reveals aliiselectio n; Alt + tll(~ for a mask that h Idesaliiselection; (t~ -t- cIld! cre.tes vector mask 1llat Is aJl/~el.ect1on;

AJt + etrl + di~k aeates VOClor mask that hldes aJi/selection

S. Creates new laye/lel:

(til -t- dld! (Teatl'S nEW layer set below runent laye.rllayer let:

A II + dick milles new liI)'er set with dialog

O-Sfrjft OK~y



K l E


T. (reales new fillia djustmentlayer" U.Crea~s n('W empty layer;

Alt + dick ·[R!altl new empty tayeor with dl1log; (trl + dIck 01'8tes nl'Yfli!yerbelow t;lrget layer

Layers men u sh.ort.(Ut5

All + M&rge Down roplescunen! lay~r ttl layer .bel~w

All + Merge V1libJe Il)~ie! ~II v~iblt layers to activ~lay~r

Alt + Merg~ l1nkfd Cllp les visible Itneu la~r; ID artIl'I' ,Iay~r

Othe.r laye.r shortcuts

(trl + dick layer thumbnail to load layer 1lallSp;nenC)' as SlilK1l0!l

0- + All + [ or I activates bonom/top la)'l!f All + [or [~le("15 nen lii)'l!rdcwn/lIjl

(trl + ( or I moves target loyer down/up 0- + Al t + (ll1 + E merges at:o~yDfall vtslble layt'r5 inTO t;lrg,ellay~r

(Ill + E merges down

0- + Ctrl + Emerges visible

0+ (trl + I Dr) brings \il1!I~ layer to b.Jcklfronr (or bolcklfront of setl Rlghl-dickDfl.~ set for laj'er sel properties 0- + Alt + P for Pass through b lendlll9 ;mOO! furlaym~t

'Not In ImogeRmdy 'ImageRmdyorr/y

Common palette shortcuts

A. &pa ndll[l)ll~p>e5 pa~tt~

B: lloublHlIdi to (Qllap5~fl!pand palette t dick to(Qll~pse{9pand palette

ielX@pt Llym palmel

D, (!II + elld( thumbn~ n Icad>aml e<tion; -0 + (I~ + click, III umbna II add5IO' rum"t s~lectloll;

All + Crrl-t dkk thu mbnall subtram, 110m cUITl'n!!~Ie<tiDn;

{} -t Alt -t (Ill + cll ci lnte~m willi nment 'il'lWiDn

E. (reates II ew laye!, style, sWilt,n, odion, tool pill' ~rt', channel', path', brush', color talile! ,roll,o~rI, 0 ra nimatlon';

All + dIck sets options




Blending .Mode

All the Shortcul1 a ~ <Q> -t All + the letter

Other Blending modepaiette shortcuts

+0 + All +0 IlldesaLulille' + 0 + Alt + S tD saturaw'

+ {} -tAlt + 5 Ie dooge/bum !hadoM'

... 0 +O+AI! + M lododgefburn mldtones'

.... ii) + O+Alt + H to dodgelbum mghlights<

{} + M + l~ts blending mooe to ThrelJ10ld lor bitmap Images, Normal for a II alller i mag6"

f, Cele~s 5e1~tarer,, anTon tool preset·, chill1 nel' ,path', brush', file browser", hlslIl ry state' • color table\

!'lllIuv~~. or anlmiUon;

All + dick delete; without {Dnfi rmation

Other commonpillene shortcuts TI.b5howslhide. all palettes

{} + Ti b showlll11des all palette; ~m~pl the tool ba~and o~Uon; ba r



s w



Image Ready RoUover.s palette

A., In dlcates N.orm.a! state a, Indloltesan Image map,

COuble-<lld! Image m~ptoedit name, nd snow Image M.Jp 'pal~ttf

tlndlca II'S a rollCVl!f Slllle;

Double-dIck IIlll.ov~Hlot~ to edit mouse ,etlan

o. ~hDW!l'hldes mlJover states Dranlmadon Irilmes

E.lndlGlles ani ma!l~ !IICE;

Cou ble-dick s~reto I.'dll name a lid show Sib ,pal file

f, Indicates anima Hon frame;

Couble-dick In! m e til ,how Animation palelll!

G. Aae~ flollDI'EI$.palem menu to rlllnon optlDm fur vI~wing, anlmation Ii;!m!'S

H. Inr!ic.a1.esl'ryer-ba5ed slke or image map

I. I ndlcates stat~ with a nlmatl.'d frames; Rlght-c:ITck to IJJggle v15ibHiI'l off/1lmes.

J. Createsanjma.tion framelappeillS il tndude Anlm.nion fra mes 15 5e.l feted In palette ()ptionsl

o Shift

o Key



o ---- -----1!i t'II~.1 • ..... ~


c_~ ~--



K, (r~tes!ed sn ce rollove.r;

-...: "'" did for lilyer-bi8@t1 image map rollover L (reates n~w nlllover51ilt~

Ima.geReady Layers Palette

A. Selem ~~vious fram e in anlrn ation

B. Selects nUl fra me In an[ma~on

C. Appnes IaYef-po.!itlon changes to all sta tesln it rollover and all Irilmes in it n animi!llon

D. Applies layer-vlslblilljofhanges mill state! In it I1lllov~r and it 11 frames in ananimoUion

E. Appn~sl"l'er-5l)'le changes lo,all51ates in a rollQve,r ind it IJ frames :1 n it nanlmation


Color Table palette

All + d1(k on swatch ~Iects bacl!llllund mlor {} + dick on it SI!(Ilnd swaim to sel\'l:t mulrlple III ntlguQUS (Illor!; tast Illto r clitl:ed becomes [o~glll und (010 r

Orl + d I(k on mul~pleswatdles to select dlsrondg,uous mlors; last Ollol dkk:e.d bemmes fclelJm und (olar

AJt + dick 'New Color button or drag (olor pro~y from Too~ paletteente III lor table tD add tunrent ba(~round oolor

(I~ + d Irk New Color bullDn or d rag tolar proxy from iDol paleta III N 1W Color button to Insert

fereg mund colo rand tl!al!! nI5tom palem

r ~~. Adobe,the Aflobe Jogo,lmageReady,;md P"oto~hop are either registered trademarks 01 trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated In the United ~tales andfor other countries Mkro!oft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademaiks of MI(m.~ofl Corporation In the United 5mes andlo.othe, countries

Adobe 01002 Adobe S)"'tems l~co,poraled.AII rights reserved. Printed In Sing~po'e. Part Number 90036794 (04/02WI

Transform. selectio.ns, selection borders, and paths

AI! !flIlI$foJ1TiS from center 0 r fl'flecl$

{} (nom.lns ([~dlslorll

Ehlef applies

(td + 0 01 be tan.CfII

All + (1~ + T free !/1l0>fOTlIll with d upri (ate diLl

0+ Alt + Orl + T tl1nlfoJ1TiS ag, In. with dupllGlte data

ImageReady Animation palette

FI1I me shortC:Ub

{}-"'" dl(k on ruond li;!me selects! deselects rnul dple alntig oow frames ClIl + [nCkon multiple hames s~1 ectsJ deselects mu Itlple dlsoondguous frames

{? + Alt + paste Irames repl.1ces destination fram e with (opi eel frame;

{}- +- CUi! + "'" - drag mG'les amtent 01 s~lmed layer In ,!II !!!lea~d i!1IlmatiM frames

Air + paste fra m e g1Yes most (Kenl seeen cp1ion selected and bypa:;;es dialog box

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