by Ellen Anne Eddy


These are some of the fabulous quilts people shared with me for my Beautiful Beast Lecture. Quilts marked with a star are ones I chose for the lecture. They were chosen for many reasons, for good graphics, great stories and clear photos. But all the quilts were wonderful and I wish I could have used them all. Thanks so much for letting me show off your fabulous work! Ellen Anne Eddy

Guinea Fowls By Pamela Allen

Bobcat At Heart by Diane Lochala

Circle of Ravens by Lisa Quintana

* Coon by Roberta Ranney

Cornered by Wendy L Starn

Drazil by Laura Krasinski

Blue Elephants by Maggie Weyers

* Lightening by Harriet Bertsche*

Great Blue Heron at Sunset by Lisa Quintana

Guest in My Garden by Karen Newman Fridy

Jasmine by Ingrid Cattaneo

* March Hare by Janice Paine-Dawes

Turtle Doves by Jacquie Scuitto

Scrapyard Cats byJacquie Scuitto

* Alluring Fanfin by Susan Carlson

* Judy and Lucy by Delores Hamilton

Lettuce Pray by Sandra Betts

Dawg Tired by Sandra Betts

* The Lion Remembers by Delores Hamilton

Our Pets by Lois Jarvis

Fish Tank by Tobi Hoffman

* The Performer by Nancy Dickey

Pig by Janet Bergeron

Kwuilt Klub Kattery by Sandi Delman

Martin s Lab coat by Ingrid Cattaneo

Wild by Design by Carol Cassidy

Happy Bird day, Rufus by Ann Morrell

Turtle Watch by Ann Morrell

Cornered! By Wendy L Starn

Winter Wolf Reflections by Linda Schmidt

* Winter Wolf by Linda S. Schmidt

Wonky Dog Best by Annie Copeland