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Ihe other ni.ght I was sittin' on my barstool enjoying myoo~f and ouna the blue I leaned over and puked. Not a huge puke but Ill. noise did hit the: floor. A mark on the 'carpe-t. As in: I can't sell this carpetbecause it has. a puke stain on the mother fueker,

The worst part is, tOOt it didn't fuze me" Bad s~gn? Nah, Just all age thing. That "been

.;:1.. . "" •• 1'." -lI .. "L ."~ill·""" !,-;I- ~" mere, p W'i.eu, u~a:\t m1J[u SC'I..

I fljpped Dr. Johnts "The N.igbt Tripper'" over to Side B and enj'Oyed the weather. A wonderful night No spiders and. no leopards.

We]come to Nie1z1ne #69


The Strange, The Bizarre, The Beautiful.

Lee ,Zi,nh Poems UntltlH ..

The Hel:erosexualls and the Hla:.o.a)[_ual~I' m!aike out: in upalral. roomsl'

Onll, to, m,e.' In, the, BatbJGol11 tallok, carpet bums and drl:nk C:llaDipallglnirom a shoe.

Cok,. Din their iknuckleaand bump. on thelrheadsi! .. Lae Zlnl

Anne Bon,ny Ibecama' the la,Yer of Canco Jack.

A 'wItness ,at thie' trial saw II gUln in her hand. She, had curs_d aRid crushed ,n1,en',s heads.WUnng 'to d',o ,alnylhlnig., .. Lae ·Zlnll

aealrlnsth,e appropriate motto. "dum spiro. :speroll' l'WhU. I bra,ath I h,ope'n 'Tlhe .hlips, 'Gan;oon·s, nred

Brlnlgllnlgthe [Pirates of the Caribbean to 8; palntedl end!! .. Le. Zlol

IIlY1kea ntHHIle I" IIer"mI_ 8IuI can' sew no mDr& Talks to IIIe maggo,tsantl th. gh,wf tlliis Chasing' ",. dog

DrDtli ,Slid BpI£ ' .. LN ,Zlni

Ne'ff-'" trust bluG' trlmmed'pantlss- Lea Zlnl

.... '7'1




Guslon (Babb[ ~mg Gho~,t #. 11) when r look into youreyes I see noili~nsl nothlngatall/J knowthat something bad is going to happe'l11 I can just tell/ it's a. feeling 1 i,eti I 'can sense ,thingsl M just alway,!) have/ I have been able to do it since I was yourug! it's kind of like the shinning/ not ihosts:~ but impressionsl I see things! but, not when I look into your e,;yes/l see nothing/noth~ng at a.1]1 {Ml]Y bleckness/

the universe is all amlg]esl [fa a, matter of'perspective/ influenced by the confusion/ an absorbing glimpse of an unknown world/ and] the urge cernes over me and I ~Ul1 helpless against it/I have to. submit to tbe. dictates of my urge/ it becomes my master! my focus becomes a personal helll becoming the madman! the lunatic in

t::::§' the' hall/ who screams at midnight waking everyone! I try to. be cool and

t--~ dlspasslonate/ but; obviously .. ' I'm not too successful/ I want to arose you from your


t::: s~umbe.r/ read to you my poetryi watch your face as I read! I want to see the

,J==: reaction on your facefl want to remove the distance between usl in you]' eyes: I can ,--'-'- tell what you 'ch~nkl it's the looking glass alill over again/ you 'think I am a madman!


~ e Deep .P[crcing Cut 2009-


~ .. ~.. (!1ut.. /l


Glen Lantz

Beleth (Bablb~~ing Ghost fHJ)

she C~Vf.lS lousy with rocks/ didn't know what to do with them! mostly they just sat around and collected dust/and she never dusted, she never bad tlmel she wastoo busy saving the world from i~8eW an original personality that takes time to warm up! like soup, you want to warm it slowly! things mix better that way/

- -

she is trying to teach them to sing! I am noC sure exactly how she plans to do Jill but, you know she has it td~ worked out/ very scientific like/ I've seen her notes in a notebook! she's writing itall down like an experiment/ something to do withtreatment groups and control ,gr()·t1p~ I don'( really prd~nd to understand a~ ~ that stuff! but it s,oun~b vre'ry lmportant/ I'm sure It wiU sound splendid once she's done!

she tells me that. it 1 s important not to qlllh! the young guys eventual ~y quitl t·h.ey start out stl'Orlg but soon run out of steam! no matt,er how long they've gone, they quit! when things become too difficult, they blame' ,godl they all have hopscotch hearts/ the ond ladies soon give up also! they can hold out longer than the young gUysl but. soon the midnight hour comesa creeping and. they fall by the wayside! but the professors never ghrB up! she must be a professorl

wondedng aboutthe dreaml to see beyond the IStere!Qlyp~as kids we sho'~ "Jh>gs in th~ creek} fheemel twist of lnnocence/ walk across the~r backs! we stretch for thousands of I11Ues aadmllllons of year,s! we are the wind and the w,arer! 'the earth is our' m,other ~m:d Ilre brings insplmtlonl the fire brings us' all into warmth and light! a special bend if you. go for that kind ofthingl forme, irs white oak charred barrels aged to ei.ght yearsl with the visage of HeW Laeetes follows after, p~cking up the Jasmine!

a scereerowin I borrowed shil1J I promise to ki~~ my demons/ burn them at the stake whh an the other 'frustrationsl she asks me how m do it! in her.' most sedactive voice/except I hear H snpp~:ng clutch/ the gears grinrungllOrwer my voice! stare lnto her eyes! it's all fundamental now! we wHi never grow old/never die on the wheel ofperserveranceJ we know when to give up! we are not professors/ we I,BY down somal the next generation can walk across our bucks!

we are buried with the rocks' they s~ng sweet metodles/ time removes the denominator/ we devote ourselves to the tombl to the markings of dl stance andtime/ chewing. the ImH morsel of' flesh' that 'we once called dignHyl our dignity nowtasteless, o~d~Wldtired/lite. an old bird pecking at rotting flesh in ~he middle of the rood! slide past the cord you use to strangle/ locked inside the coffin/ pretending with the eternal sleep/ she drugs with her roeks/) am helpless against their voice/

© DeepPiercing Cut 2009

Sitri (Babbling Obost #12)

alone and untouched/ the faces of ,strollng'ers/a;fraid to be alone), the world ~s greatin its loneliness! it :ge:[S ynurig:ht between the eyes/' go away as fast as you can/ keep the count! run up the score/ pretend that It matterS!' don" ~ [oak for the suicide ill the p~erl walk right out of here! step out into the street with the devil on your heels/ he owns your soul/ be careful who your friends are! don't think ,~botlt how low the clQuds swingl as 'the world spins off its axis/

sometimes I wish for more grace t.hall a man's allowed! the openingof~. :flQWC1' in sumlightl getdng wet In a doWlJpOur/ uri liking orange j uice on the veranda/ sometimes wanting a. miracle/ shewlng her the wayto Jesus/ saying prayers in your earf betwtiful ears that only wantiC! hear good ~hinp and net had!! so I mOlStl); li,eej, my mouth shut! I can 't sa.yanything g'oodl

yuu nave n 'way of confusing things! with your penect body/ you. launch a thousand :Shipsl they fall upon their ~peafsJ I have erased yQU from my mil'il& you are a ghos:tl a ghost wi.th a perfect body! beyond 'corrupt,i.on/l know I can't save youl you. an: lostajld~ beyond-saving!] try to breek you with my kindness/ but kindness is. a addictive dl'uglwl:lIet1l you want more you, can't bave iV it is no where to be found! the dealer has been locked up ormakinQ: a run i1u the border} kifidill~S is .tIlways out tryi ug to mak¢a score.,f just. one more score -and f will be done' I promise!

once a week )"QU rnm U)~ 1uonkey ,out of his cage al~d, )'O'"u. make him danoe/ ] 0 steps to '~ll~ left and [0 swps totb,e righ'l1:and backhegoee into his ,caS,e/ youfeed him bnnanusand csll him sweet '1lW11Cs! once a week the crowds ,lBother Mod. they maJc,e faces at dte :monk~y/ they say he is such a funny 111O:n:keyf see how be dm:IIJes:! better nnm, mo:s'li yes, the monkey is .qu.i'le .EJ. d,llllcer/

down the narrow degree of forcel 'the lengthening aftemootll turning a:r·Olulid the comerl we went to the blue note and list.ened to a Dominican PEElllO p,layell his l~tl hand was rut boss a nova/ th~ notes ran away ffom him! downlhe stf.urs staccato/ shredding the n.g.tfllti:on/ even now beeeming da:rkl cro'1ilch:l:ng in a sad room! gnth.ered by Utde cares! ready to strike against Mercury's moment! countins the 'U'U:!llS:l~SJ my sharpened .. ,th;:k made ready 'byfi:rel darkened by an evil wi.shl tempted by n plaill faool carried away on :El.W'jde aV!:Itue! cmnp{'~ing .our fiereeness iDt'O unknown fe~tl1j'esl and thetbooshold comes dowW worried soulswith borrowed reputations!

e Deep Piercing Cut 2009

What you readin' Nielzine? Whatever T. can Muster (Magazine) up"

,.,; .s ' ··~bdl - ····-/,T··h·· ... o/20W· ·-·I-I·Olc2-·0'.···.-F:I·d·'O£·2-10·.A···rt·· ist

WWW~SCr] '_. ~com . ,'e IO-:_. e .. JlO'. e 10 .. .IS8

What ya eyeballs staring ,at Nielzine?

- ·_-- .... P-- ...... """'_...... "'_'_'_' ... _ ... _ ............. _.

The lest seance of CINE Mdtande:U. Circa 1920.

Borrowled from the' coUection ofStellen Oot.lG~.as.



.~ ------=- .

.. - ~!Al& ~w .. S1G~,"fP·· ,

'~~f.) '.- '.1. '·t.'l,r-l' .... ~V· ~

DC) \


-----. ---



r I" . j I'CCl(e-

A IZI t1 e. .~d fA~ f)o ~iOMJ-

! IJ / ~" W 6kft. I _g 1'l1 fl./ OI~'"'' ,a, c'

.1. ., •• tee. l, ,.M g._I. '_ .. ' 1 Y..d .. / AJI. .. 'e .. /€ tra ~/'I .;

. lO,O/')' {e.. .... .' . ,~ f,tItlL. '~.' . _.J f "".r. .r

{tv. ..~~. /} ~ r. / ('/lII7· . r: ) I

A' t····· W.:.::. c .- - -'. '. . ···.7... ''' ' . Ii S~.t I. ~ .. (::1. ..•.. ' .. ./ .. !.' ~

/.' ,.. ..... , J'I. • ".~'"

~.. . . t Ie { " I .--J'IV'.

. '-V .( '. __". - tloirlJ. c. . .r: n .

Ii .~ , '~

. ~

• I; _

'.~ .'. ~.

::':'._ .

~ . ~ ~ /i .'

I. .. , ..


~ ~I _Y .. I.' ':-

:'.~~ /l:.:C.

. ,

- - .

~ ..

.~ .. :

i .

.Rock and Rollers, Soapbox Hoodlums, Cutthroats and Whores" Nut ,Jobs, Poets and Mad Men, Mad Hatters, Fixed Dicers and Hobos .. Short Story Yahoos and Carney Men.

Respect your Night Job and write me when you have the lime. xo ... Some Dude,Nielzine


P.,O. iBox 72,,3

Santa IRosa, C,allifornia 95402


Nii~-LZ--I NI~ Q:- .. -F-F-IC- ·IA- -L -M--U-c;.IC- '~"O- -N--T-A- ~r:=

_ . '~l_~ .... _,~ ,1'_:.:,-'1,- :_~' '-._ .'~' . .=,'Q_'.,_- ~fY.l·_·.I>. __ " '~~,

IheLast. R,scord __ Sto·re

Best in Town 11899a :Mendocino Ave

C:aU for that one record you dreamed about last nilght: -

'707 525 1963

"Good runes today. Death wlll come tomorrow.'" -NLZN

I 'til, c· ..... _,J. :~.~.,.

. .


" .-'l_~'1J

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