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COLUMBUS ARTHUR TREACHER’S Chain hopes to set sail on new course roman snes Judy Callahan's fault , iE har Arthur ‘Teschers Hick chips fans In Lancaser no longer eves ied bloga. She ated fo Keep the Indigent mel long 2 eer of hat eum bet fanchnor rufoods LLE sated ferto palm the mene Cat was god thing for mmoe than the heart hall of her ostomere, fier decades of deterioration, the fast-food fish- and-chips brand that got its start in Columbus bi terested in expanding the chain again. That means a uniform ment for its remaining 27 res- taurants, which Callahan sald is a small trade-off to get an over- seer committed to improving and developing the 41-year-old business. “This is the first time in many years that the franchisees can be confident we can grow the brand” said TruFoods Chief De- ‘velopment Officer Gary Occhio- _erosso. Callahan said it may be the first time in decades, after a run of ever-changing owners. left franchisees to fend for them- selves and short of marketing fand product development help. The chain has shriveled from an estimated 800 restaurants at ils late-1970s peak. SEEFISH, PAGES Bryan and Judy Callahan have stuck with Arthur Treacher’ through Some rough seas over the years, but feel the chains prospects areas bright as ever. Their Lancaster restaurants the chains only remaining location in Central Ohio something the company hopes to change. we comra. ono susiess AUTHORITY shabu pte cn ‘aunbabaineriot on sane Fish story Aethreacer trace US istry to lubes where the ts Fanciss fhe ian hope we spark aera: Oe iy proponent, ortdog tesa th Moms Trade lea paper, Indigo fees by Naaru Ince dog 86: of on begs sehng ep ed Sreypedin npn Teron aga seiner ‘aia on pes fmytssrstvanin Gents 1969: Coany beans fencing wh orl at Feed wes Inde’ er oniad Daven oe Bins ta the sanejear 19705 is Dane in ‘aes te cn xd Ingo ate 197: Feats pores. Pusch ca, ‘Fone Luma ads fneiaine aquest sees eves agus wtoagsoa wok el ome At Tada apa ‘hero shop 9s ibicmlaarers ameter “ser a ‘wee taotarnese ge sguitiedaie {war Chances? 200: Copan starsat we siya nas ‘ebsites Dial Geae 27 New i eds ‘gn ey Uae, Fare cel species iGo eosin tes “ufos ens emmes tiecmpary Taf LC aecrestoee gs {wheres fo Aon fn amt: 27 ron ace WHO'S THE B05? cehigrosso thinks is time {b tuen tha trend tn he siness fa feling Colomivae unl ether Shio areas atthe howe of four to ie restarts Hopes to open inthe next The sate reas the ep center of the Arthor Trea crane, where 23 ofa rex Taurnts operate mos Tn hortheest Oe thant one in Cental Obl bx allan More cloned at al ‘Gechiogosso sid Th Feds wants to amore tha habe the cin the net Ive urs adding 25 to 10 restau fans tn Coline, Cleveland, Soungaonen Dap and Samy pls Pitsbua nd tadlanapale “i cid be a strong ginal raed? be “Athi Trechers tne named for ‘fh act boat on the CConsable tn ary Poppins opened Satesde under hat nein (90 Rvrasa gid year fr fafa ah competi Tong fli Sirs Sd Captain an deste that “he chit orginal fanehisoe Fast Fo Corp. whose tests Incl Mtomahs founder Dave thomas ad § Robert Das an seu elestaleinvenorandtormer Preset of Media Source Ine ‘Ownership shite! to Das! Or ange. ne Use oan Us itn Ne Aer tat {tent through seis of ves frou ttl he brand ogo and eipe landed In 2000 with Ni ‘hans Famous hae the 23 shop hala expanded fs menu beyond Tot dogg Nulla then farmed to ‘rufous ~ franchisor of Wall ‘Steet Del ier rozen Casta ad Pugs Fama Chicken = 10 Tend fanchisingetonts "Nathans Ist iatorested in poting tas brended concep! Scchiogrosso ead “they looks ‘5 bane prod Sovwhile Arthur Teachers meals arene ment at abou 100 Ne ‘ha shops, TruFoods, hie had S10 millon i 2009 sas frosts ‘nore than 100 restaurants wil be finding enchisees and bang estar under the fish eatery ‘manele ‘corey seas James Calaland is a ormer on: ratte chain wi bought out {F Chaper Ul bang a 1981 Sd ran uni 19%, phen e sl ‘nto The one-time franchisee seach ts cain deteriorate dr Ing the en of Orangercos owner ship and the bref pofod ‘under ‘Mex, ant Cataland sd there ‘wee leg ates beter ane etand owners fe th fancbi rer arguing Oraige-co. yas too Focusion ts oange-groseng nd felted buxnesso no net ingin the fastfood chain the. disputes then skied to rout and’ operational changes Secret Teschersaresa50 spot such asthisconeted fs hd psrestawant oes Fh ewe ARTHUR TREACHER'S FSH CHS Despina ol sh ands ner its aneasin Fondo ant eden Feud 86 est 2 Website ptjeson ‘edby franchises ‘By the time Catsland acguied the’ busines any ancaces ad ta, bung were culated financial sapport was scare_and ns were on he ve with ishing ‘quotas ary pling cod pees to $i3sa pound esa “tok ocala? Catland seid adit as toh te cme by ming ou of Chapter 11 ‘Cotas ten added baked arid rolled ah ote menu, which ight oninbiger markets aches Gefen it Sead eoenbere He took the band to 90 reall ral food courts but the ese 1990s recession und the chats Il stocescr wih more han ball the shopping conter outlets ds ing ‘Wen atslandsold the business in 1996 he wan planning to spruce the rears an inet pres the next owners pte up Sn thowe plans and ecamed the chain Arthur Treacher Seafood ‘Gail bat ad exch STEADY IN LANCASTER ‘The Lancater Arthur Teachers swat one ofthe chains rst open Ing 1969, and Callahas as seem ‘any ofthe changes est ae {ng worked atthe restaron from TSI unt 1999, when she and er Iusband, yan, bought The 198 i particular were rots rough she sald "We et Mk reryone as out on thet own Callen dectined to dea an ral sales at her restaurant bt ‘ald business bis remained say tote the yearedesie the handoff proach of previous owners Op frag in Soll comma Ielpe se a adrift in doldrums “People Kon we re goad product a «zp price Poin shesala Tratods hopes the work Stas done inthe past wo, years though -saproved Tttetng product deveog- ‘ment and irnchisereatons ‘i ead toa resurgence Calla seknowetged the than ever Theyre doing what they've talked about” she Shige. are gt ‘one quicker This ethe best Teseen in years ‘Gaelogrosso thinks the (Cohanbns aren contd pot 20 20retara the al estate market remains aver of Lemans and Uhe Aas Treacher pproach give ‘tunchises leit frlocalons, esi thy ll also av the abit tocorbrand with Pudge Puno Cie The company ea allo tobe patent hei iGre flycaptalize” be sai “Wedorft have to sl franchisee rep heights on ‘Average use sales range from ‘sig ata $7000 ea “Going fran, like 19 be conantent wilh other fastfood halos around the S750.000 10 SSINODD range he sid. ‘OTHER FSH IN THE SEA Th yeart are been Vidor ta the ompetition. Lang John her ‘owned by Loulou, Ky-bused ‘fim Brut ine the opetlor of KFC. ssa Hut an Tuco el the Aiche’S dormant player with more tha 1300 estaurant ‘Capa "De. Solood_ Kitchen sumed by Nashville, Ten-based Siatarts Brands tne, has oasy ‘to outlet. Darren Tristano, exoeutive veo president at the Chicaga consul fant Tehsomie Ine id sales ‘ain fat in the ish seen ad there are opportunites for the ‘competition “ong fob Sor almost the forgotten brand at Yur he sid “the markt has inyproved, but no ‘one is having great succes in the category Tristano seid Arthur Treachers fan take cues from tho compe: tition, whieh alo. happen tobe tooted in the cht past. Long Joho Sivers as fuse on ad ing healthier options tow predom- tay red menu and sein value fflerings ke Sisk tacox Captain Diss gravitating toward a fstca ‘al model, with bigher pres ba Iealhie higher quality dishes, Tornow, Artur Teachers ment ‘onters around the liye ad tht fant going. away, Gcchiogrosso ‘31, ough Trfoods tr working to deralop other procuct Tristano sald Artin Treacher could make headway becoming fore of w fasteasuahayle ear nd by targeting challenged mar es, of eich thee are pt the ves there mand fr quality he 20 a deuetijaumion

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