Liquid of Life- The Most Basic of Drinks

Appeals to an increasing number of health conscious consumers and is the fastest growing among all beverage categories

By-: Akhilesh Jain Udaydeep Singh Neeraj Gatiwal

Growth of Bottled Water Industry

‡ Parle Bisleri ‡ PepsiCo's Aquafine ‡ Coca-Cola Kinley

‡ Brought Idea of Selling Bottled water in India and Introduced Glass Water Bottles in Mumbai ‡ In 1969 Switched to PVC non returnable bottles. ‡ Finally advanced to PET Containers

‡ Started in Whichita, US in 1994 ‡ It Uses PepsiCo·s Own Seven Steps Purification System ‡ Their newest development is called the Eco-Fina Bottle; it uses 50% less plastic than their 2002 bottle. Aquafina will now save 75 million pounds of plastic each year.

Coca Cola Kinley
‡ Kinley is a brand of still or carbonated water owned by The Coca-Cola Company

Future of Packed Water
‡ No More Plastic

‡ Stainless Steel water ‡ Eco-friendly water bottle ‡ PepsiCo Launches Industry's Lightest Water Bottle

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