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Mahabharata - The great epic of India

Mahabharata - The great epic of India

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The Great Epic Mahabaratha in Easy English for everyday use.
The Great Epic Mahabaratha in Easy English for everyday use.

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Published by: scribdmaverick on Jul 10, 2010
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ACCORDING to Yudhishthira's order
Dhrishtadyumna arrayed the Pandava
army in makara (fish) formation for the
sixth day's battle. The Kaurava army was
arrayed in krauncha (heron) formation.
We know, how, similarly, names were
given to physical exercise, asanas, or
postures. Vyuha was the general name for
battle array. Which Vyuha was best for
any particular occasion, depended on the
requirements of the offensive and
defensive plans of the day.
What the strength and composition of the
forces arrayed should be and what
positions they should take up were

decided upon, according to the situation as
it developed from time to time.
The sixth day was marked by a prodigious
slaughter, even in the first part of the
morning. Drona's charioteer was killed
and Drona took the reins of the horses
himself and used his bow as well.
Great was the destruction he effected. He
went about like fire among cotton heaps.
The formations of both armies were soon
broken and indiscriminate and fierce
fighting went on. Blood flowed in torrents
and the field was covered by dead bodies
of soldiers, elephants and horses and the
debris of chariots.
Bhimasena pierced the enemy's lines to
seek out Duryodhana's brothers and finish
them. They, for their part, did not wait to
be sought, but rushed on him, in a
combined attack from all sides. He was
attacked by Duhsasana, Durvishaha,
Durmata, Jaya, Jayatsena, Vikarna,


Suvarma, Dushkarna and others, all
Bhimasena, who did not know what fear
was, stood up and fought them all. They
desired to take him prisoner and he to kill
them all on the spot.
The battle raged fiercely, even like the
ancient battle between the gods and the
asuras. Suddenly, the son of Pandu lost his
patience and jumped down from his
chariot, mace in band, and made straight
on foot for the sons of Dhritarashtra, in
hot haste to slay them.
When Dhrishtadyumna saw Bhima's
chariot disappear in the enemy lines, he
was alarmed and rushed to prevent
disaster. He reached Bhima's car, but
found it was occupied only by the
charioteer and Bhima was not in it. With
tears in his eyes, he asked the charioteer:
"Visoka, where is Bhima dearer to me
than life?" Dhrishtadyumna naturally
thought Bhima had fallen.

Visoka bowed and said to the son of
Drupada: "The son of Pandu asked me to
stay here and, without waiting for my
reply rushed forward on foot, mace in
hand, into the enemy ranks."
Fearing that Bhima would be
overpowered and killed Dhrishtadyumna
drove his chariot into the enemy lines in
search of Bhimasena, whose path was
marked by the bodies of slain elephants.
When Dhrishtadyumna found Bhima, he
saw him surrounded on all sides by
enemies fighting from their chariots.
Bhima stood against them all, mace in
hand, wounded all over and breathing fire.
Dhrishtadyumna embraced him and took
him into his chariot and proceeded to pick
out the shafts that had stuck in his body.
Duryodhana now ordered his warriors to
attack Bhimasena and Dhrishtadyumna
and not to wait for them to attack or
Accordingly, they made a combined
attack even though they were not inclined
to engage themselves in further fighting.
Dhrishtadyumna had a secret weapon,
which he had obtained from Dronacharya
and, discharging it, threw the enemy
forces into a stupor.
But Duryodhana then joined the fray and
discharged weapons to counter the stupor
weapons of Dhrishtadyumna. Just then,
reinforcements sent by Yudhishthira
A force of twelve chariots with their
retinue led by Abhimanyu came upon the
scene to support Bhima.
Dhrishtadyumna was greatly relieved
when he saw this. Bhimasena had also by
now refreshed himself and was ready to
renew the fight. He got into Kekaya's
chariot and took up his position along
with the rest.
Drona, however, was terrible that day. He
killed Dhrishtadyumna's charioteer and
horses and smashed his chariot and

Drupada's son had to seek a place in
Abhimanyu's car. The Pandava forces
began to waver and Drona was cheered by
the Kaurava army.
Indiscriminate mass fighting and slaughter
went on that day. At one time, Bhima and
Duryodhana met face to face. The usual
exchange of hot words took place and was
followed by a great battle of archery.
Duryodhana was hit and fell unconscious.
Kripa extricated him with great skill and
took him away in his own chariot.
Bhishma personally arrived at the spot
now and led the attack and scattered the
Pandava forces.
The sun was sinking, but the battle was
continued for an hour yet and the fighting
was fierce and many thousands perished.
Then the day's battle ceased. Yudhishthira
was glad that Dhrishtadyumna and Bhima
returned to camp alive.

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