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Dang!! Am i Inlove With My Mortal Enemy or What?! PART 2

Dang!! Am i Inlove With My Mortal Enemy or What?! PART 2


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Published by VampireCullens

This is the PART 2 people!! Hope you guys like it.. :))

This is the PART 2 people!! Hope you guys like it.. :))

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Published by: VampireCullens on Jul 10, 2010
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Right... After what felt like hours of begging and silent praying, we finally stopped. I guess God heard me then. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. Holy shit! I’m in the middle of no where! The only thing I saw is trees, trees and fucking trees. We’re in a fucking forest! And, the worst part is I’m alone with my mortal enemy, Edward Jameson. What are we doing here? Why is he taking me here? Maybe, here is where it all ends for me. He is finally going to kill me and bury me in the woods. I shivered at the thought and glanced at him. Sure enough, he was staring at me with the same evil grin he had when he’s planning to do something bad to me. I will not going to show my weakness. Because I know that would make him even fun to torture me. “Why are we here? Take me back to the damn school!” I yelled. But, that doesn’t seem to bother him. Instead, he continued grinning and walked closer towards me. I just glared at him. “Edward Jameson! If you’re planning on doing something bad to me here, well, let me tell you something. I won’t hesitate to do the same to you. Only I’ll make it even worse.” I warned him. I’m not bragging but, one of the reason where no one at school dared to pick a fight with me, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl was because they’ve seen me take down a guy twice larger than me, unfortunately for him. And, they all know that I was an eighth degree black belt Karate kid. You must be curious about why don’t I just finish them off at the school parking lot. Well, unfortunately, Edward and some of his gang are also a Black belt in Karate. They are Connel and Jonathan who are now in black belt fifth degree, Riley and Michael in sixth and Edward was in nine. He quit after me.

He caught my hood sweater and pulled me to the deeper forest. So. that would mean wasting time. he grinned widely. Don’t care. And. But. sadly. I got dragged here by that arrogant son of a bitch. Once we’re inside. I just have to wait until the right time to run away. I protested the whole way but he just ignored me like I wasn’t even there.. I just have to follow him or I’ll get lost. So. And. I don’t know any other way to get out of this forest. he is better than me. Finally. energy and even risking my own life. . I turned around to face him. Even if I were that good. I know I wouldn’t be able to fight all of them at the same time. Why is Edward taking me here? I heard him sighed and continued dragging me towards the house. The others were only his back up. In front of us. Obviously. is a cottage house with beautiful flowers surrounding it. all I saw is a room full of trashed everywhere and what smelled like rotten food or.Don’t know why. “What a fucking mess! Why are you taking me here? Take me bac –” he cut me in. he stopped. whatever that is.. As if he could read my mind.

still half on top of me.. “The hell I won’t! Who are you telling me to clean up your mess?!” I practically growled at him. He took out the stuff. “Get up. I tried to punch him everywhere but he dodged it pretty fast. Me. to me? He is and always will be my mortal enemy no matter what happens between us. Then. what just happened? Did he? …. please he is Edward Jameson for God sake! Other girls would think he is hot or something. My iPod. How the hell did he get that? And. when my head was about to hit hard on the floor. It took him about five minutes to snap out of it and sat up. The evil grin returned.” he spoke in a serious tone. you fool!” I tried to push him but unfortunately he’s too strong and heavy. But.Nah. Screw him for being a pro in karate! “Give. Back. That’s how it looks like. Though. I glared at him.“I want you to clean this all up. It’s my cell phone. so quickly that I don’t even noticed. My bag!” I yelled. Then. my purse. Aiden’s iPod. making us both fell to the floor with him on top of me. and last were the one that shocked me. his hand moves to the back of my head to prevent me from hitting the floor. How did it get there?! Did Aiden put it there yesterday? . My eyes widened. He just stayed there while staring down at me with an expression that I not quite understand. He held up his left arm with my bag in his hand. again. He put it down on the floor and went to take the other. I don’t think he’s trying to what? Save me? Oh. with whatever he found there made him smirked. why the hell I didn’t notice it before?! “Give me back those!” I yelled but he just chuckled and raised his hand higher when I tried to jump for my bag pack. he launched himself at me. he’s too tall and I can’t even reach it. He unzipped my bag and search for something in it. Apparently. Umm.

I blinked back the tears. . He loved his mom so much but he had only seen her in years. The iPod is everything to Aiden. I wonder if Aiden will appreciate if I smash his precious iPod into pieces and send it back to him. “I order you. What do you think. Only because he knew that I knew how important his iPod is to him and I would never let anything happen to it. I continued. How did he know all this?! “And. He will not just throw away an opportunity like this to make my life miserable. from this moment on… to be mine. I know Edward won’t hesitate to break it. I don’t want to risk losing my best friend. He treats it like it was his most precious thing. he’d never go out without his iPod with him. “Hmm. “Please – don’t! I promise I’ll do anything you say as long as you return the iPod back in good condition. He smirked. I was beyond angry.In case. Vynnie? You and I both know how much this thing means to him. “Then. Since then. “No! Please – don’t! I’ll do anything. “What do you want.” I was shocked. Nor even scratch it. His mom gave it to him on his thirteen birthday. then?” I asked. He’d be okay if I borrow it.” My voice cracked a bit. you guys probably wouldn’t be friends anymore since you’re the one he trusted the most to hold this.” He raised his hand up. Be my slave. I glared at him. He smiled and waved the iPod on his hand. you don’t know. He was right.” What the Fuck! I snorted. “Be your slave? Hell no! Just give me my stuff back!” I snarled at him. I’m pretty sure if something bad happen to it. you probably wouldn’t mind if I do this. the one holding the iPod and was going to smash it on the floor but I quickly stopped him.” I begged.” I was speechless. Edward seems to know something.

now that you’re already finished some of the room. Understood?” I nodded. I want you to clean up this house till everything is sparkle. again. He drove me home. fighting the urge to punch his handsome face. Edward Jameson! I am your slave!” I said it out loud.” I mumbled. “Good then.” I gritted. Say it!” He snapped. scrubbed. Don’t be late –” he leaned in and whispered in my ear. After that.” He said. washed. vacuum. everything about this guy disgust me. From now on. I cleaned. No matter how good looking he is. You’ll need some rest. “Don’t forget your role.” He patted my hair. I turn around to see Edward smiling down at me. And. I was surprised that it’s already 5:35 pm.His expression went from excitement to a hint of sadness for a second before quickly changed back to grinning like an idiot. “Yes. slave. He seems very happy that I finally lose to him. Woah – I’ve never been so tired in my life. This is a small town so everyone knows where everyone is living. mopped and everything while Edward just sat there on the couch watching my every move while listening to Aiden’s iPod. “I am yours. I swear someday Edward is going to – “Good. I fought the urge to spit on his face.” . He stopped in front of my house. causing his smirk to appear. for that. meet me at the school parking lot tomorrow after school. “Say it out loud or I’ll smash it right now!” he yelled. “Very good. you are my slave. You are mine. “I am yours. After finish cleaning the living room. “Now. Edward. I quickly jumped out of the bike and ran towards the house but something caught my elbow. Let’s go home. “Slave.

“He’s 17 now for God sake! He doesn’t need me to take care of him the whole fucking time! Besides. then. So. What the hell? Aiden’s mom is here too! And it sounded like both his parents were arguing about something.” He winked. Sleep well. “That’s the problem! You’re always at work! You’ve never took your fully responsibility as a father to a son!” Yelled Aiden’s mom back. He smiled and patted my hair. What??? No. “I’m afraid you’ll have to. “Aiden. how about Vynnie? I can’t leave her here alone. “How am I supposed to know that he is sick today?! I was at work the whole time!” yelled Aiden’s dad. I’ll see you tomorrow. and I have goose bumps all of a sudden.” Replied weak Aiden. I’m taking you to my place for now so I can take care of you. you thought since Aiden had a good friend with him then you wouldn’t have to worry about him whatsoever?!” Replied Aiden’s mom. “B-But. he got a good friend who’d help him around while I’m gone okay! ” Wrong fucking move. about Aiden. and walked back to his bike and sped away. so I bit my tongue and just nodded. It was Aiden’s parents.” Aiden probably wanted to argue but his mom won’t have it. “Good. I promise. Aiden. Mr J. they were arguing. you’ll see each other again after three weeks. . I ran as quickly as I can to my bedroom and was about to jump to Aiden’s window but stopped when I heard voices coming from there. I kept my room dark and take a closer look. “Oh.” She said. I was fighting the urge to attack him right then and there. “No arguing. “Please… stop…” That sounded like Aiden’s voice. but only weaker. alright?” said Aiden’s mom. sweetie.Shit! What the hell was that?! It’s like a tingling feeling in my stomach.

After a few moments of waiting. I finally heard silence. raising my hand in defense. Anyway. I sighed. And.” He smiled and ruffled my hair. “But. I know the reason behind it. but you’ve got me worried sick there thinking maybe you’ve been kidnap or lost.” I joked. So. assuring him. We’ll ask how each other days turn out. where have you been today? I’ve been waiting for you the whole time. I really don’t want to leave. Aiden jumped when he saw me. You won’t regret it. “Hey! I’m not that stupid to get lost in a mall. We stayed like that for a while.” He warned. “I guess you heard them.” He said. he loves his mom and he wanted to go with her but he didn’t want to leave me here alone. you can spend time with your mom there. And… kidnap? I would really like to see them try. you’re leaving for three weeks? “ I asked when he started to relaxed a bit. “You should go. and quickly rushed over to give me a big bear hug. “Yeah.” He sighed and finally he nodded. I try to convince him that it is fine.” I tried to smiled. So. “Sure you are.” I nodded. that means Aiden’s parents is out of his room. “We can text or call each other every single day. okay. “What? It was only one time and I was at the mall. how about us?” He asked.” He said. “Okay. He nodded. I swear if you do that.” . “So. Reminding me back to that one time. but don’t you ever ignore me on the phone. I quickly jump over his window and landed in his bedroom. I’ll fly back here to check on you. waiting for Aiden’s cry to cool down. Then. He laughed. “Vynnie.

He seems to buy it. I’ll stay if you want me too. He narrowed his eyes at me. Vynnie. stuttering a bit.” I lied. Don’t make me force it out on you. I’ll fly back here as soon as I can to bite their heads off.” He probably thought that I against him by letting him go.” I lied. “No.. I felt guilty for lying to him so I just shrugged. Aid. I shrugged.” “He’s actually listen to you?” he asked. I was b-busy today. But. Aid. “Oh – Vynns.” I shook my head furiously. he knew I was right. I know you too well. I’m not!” “Yes. “Alright then. I was just thinking about what I’m going to do for the next three weeks while you’re gone. He cringed when I mentioned Edward’s name. “What did he want. I do. I’ll go if you promise to call or text me every single day and… tell me if you had enough of Edward and his gang.” He warned. Let her mom take care of him. “Nothing really.. now?” he asked. And. amazed with the lie. “Vynnie? You’re hiding something. “Really Aiden. He just came over to irritate me as usual but he gave up after I told him to fuck off. you are. He seems to know I was hiding something. “You’re lying. I wanted him to at least spend some time with his mom. I want you to go. I sighed. in a harsh tone. I’ll do anything to see him happy. I–I got detention after school.” He smiled. Tell me.“I – err . I got double detention today because the principal caught me running late to school and arguing with Edward Jameson in the hallway. I know that’s what he really wants.” .” I lied. “It’s true. It’s not always where your mom would suddenly stop by and take you away to spend some time with you. though. Well. He didn’t seem to believe it one bit. again. I won’t be selfish.. “Nothing.” I sighed and tried to smile.

Err – yeah. No longer than 24 hours but we still can’t stop worrying about each other. A car horn suddenly made us jumped and pulled away. He turned to face me. be happy your mom wanted to spend time with you. you can give it back to me. Vynn. At least. Aiden’s mom finally told that it is time to leave. He returned it back by pulling me even closed to him.” . stuttering a bit. stroking his cheek. Aiden. I seem to remember putting my iPod in your bag yesterday?” he asked. no more of that sad look. pain.” I pulled him closer. After another hour of talking and helping him packed. I froze. “What’s wrong.” I jumped and attack him with a big bone hug. Aid.” I said. It’s not like you’d be gone forever.I laughed. I quickly wiped the looked on my face and tried to smiled. I can take care of myself. Aiden mom’s head suddenly pop out of the window. “I guess I should. Why? Do you want it b-back?” I asked. He shook his head.” I silently let out a relief. “I know you can. tthe iPod is with me.” He sighed.” “Awww. I’ll miss you too. “I promise. If I return then.” He smiled. his expression almost hurt. He buried his face in my neck and silently crying. We stopped near his mom’s car. like he didn’t want to go. “Really? A-Are you sure?” He smiled. I want you to have it while I’m away. We both head downstairs. Vynns. “I’ll miss you. He leaned in to my touched. We’ve never separate from each other before. holding hands. One question. What if he wants it back?! He saw the fear look on my face. “I’m sure. “Nothing. “No. “Hey. Hurry up. “Com’on. You don’t have to worry about anything. and nodded. concerned. It’s only three weeks. sweetie. Vynnie?” he asked.

don’t blame me. mom. I admit. Well. I was pretty much bored to death. right? . I was a little startled when his lips touched the corner of my lips. So. I told her I failed on my English test and she decided to take away all of my stuff for a month until I get good grades. When its time for lunch. Now. . The end. I can’t sleep well last night without Aiden’s body to cuddle too.. I watched as Aiden’s mom car drove away before head back to my place. Maybe. I was thinking of a way to how to kill myself. Any suggestion.. It’s probably a new friendship thing to us. I was day dreaming about finding my Edward Cullen. I head to the library not bothering that I was a little hungry for not eating breakfast. again. mom was home early. So. she woke me up for dinner and asked about my test. feeling in no mood to do anything so I just went early to bed. I was trying to avoid Edward and his gang from seeing me today. if they thought I didn’t come then Edward wouldn’t mind to wait for me after school. Okay. I sighed. But. I blushed when he pulled away. so I was still smiling through the whole class. How lucky am I if I had a vampire boyfriend! First thing I would tell him to do is to kill Edward Jameson. Aiden left with his mom for three weeks and last night. people?? Class was the same as usual except in Math class.” he turned and leaned in to kiss my cheek. Mr Robert yelled at me for sleeping in his class. I would tell him to just scare off Edward and his friends away.“Yes.Right. day dreaming is more fun than listening to teacher’s blabbering about something that I already know. I sighed. Not only that I was forced to be Edward’s slave. Funny they both had the same name. we could live happily ever after. right? The plan is brilliant! Okay. Today. Muahahaha! I’m evil! …Just kidding. I’ll be right there in a sec.

I jumped when I closed the locker door. He released me to put on his helmet. Ouch! That fucking bastard! “Com’on. Odd.. I looked down where his hand stretched out holding the other helmet that would only suit for a girl. Yumm. or else. I would probably kill him right then and there. leaning his face closer to mine. Edward was there leaning next to my locker. “Huh?” Abruptly. is he? I mean. unaware of the people who were watching. If there’s no heaven or hell.” He grinned. he does look sexy with the helmet on and his leather jacket. With a cool guitar sticker on it. it is also my favorite color. “No. “That better be true.. Vynnie! “ – put it on. “Com’on. grinning like an idiot. No sign of Edward or any of his gang. Up. Shut.” I snap out of my thought. He didn’t buy this for me. the last bell rang. will ya?” .. does he? Or that my hobby is playing a fucking guitar. he wouldn’t have the idea of knowing what my favourite colour is. Hurry up. in a harsh tone.Finally. “You don’t think I would forget about our little agreement yesterday. I. uhh. right? …Right! He shoved the helmet on my stomach when I didn’t take it. I sighed. I must’ve missed out what he said.” He caught my hood sweater and pulled me all the way to his bike.” He warned. Purple. I admit. I take a peek outside at the hallway. I–I just wanted to put my books back into my locker then I would come meet you outside the parking lot. So much for a brilliant plan. don’t you?” he asked. Good! I head to my locker to put my books back since I don’t have my bag with me.

again. Edward groaned. “No. Moments passed. Five. I turned to looked it was his gang. Edward. I think. I decided to take a little break so I could think of a way to get Aiden’s iPod back. I moved to the first bedroom downstairs. “Yo. I would’ve already done it if it weren’t for Aiden’s iPod in his hand. And. Edward told me there were about four or five bedrooms in this house. 2 downstairs and the other 3 is upstairs. pretending the mop is my microphone. he left me here alone but not without a warning about escaping. Where are you guys going?” Michael asked. Weird that Edward doesn’t seem to bother it at all. As far as I know. still not used to this. “…I sit and wait does an angel contemplate my fate and do they know the places Where we go when we're grey and old 'cos I've been told that salvation lets their wings unfold So when I'm lying in my bed thoughts running through my head . I started cleaning. Edward glared at them. Edward hasn’t return yet. I kept my arms wrapped tightly around his waist.” that came from Jonathon. In fact.” And sped away from there. The faster I can finish this. So. he said he wanted to buy us some food while we here. I didn’t realize how much fun I have right now till I started to sing. the faster I can have Aiden’s iPod back. I heard someone calling Edward from behind us. even rubbed it in a soothing manner. 4 more bathroom. Gahh! Why me?? Speaking of the devil. eh Edward. can we join ya?” Felix asked. It’s really starting to weird me out. Finally what?? “Hey. I felt his hands brushed up on mine several times.Just as I sit down. I rolled my eyes. Since I’ve already cleaned the dining room. “Woah – Finally.

“Okay. “I may be your slave but I’m not your entertainment. Com’on.” Then. So. .” And. anyway! I head downstairs to the kitchen just in time to see Edward settling the pizza on a plate for both of us. It’s in the kitchen. I want to hear more. How embarrassing! Now. he left. Sla-ve. I order you to stop for now. clapping and smiling. Did I just do that?? Yes.And i feel that love is dead I'm loving angels instead [Chorus:] And through it all he offers me protection a lot of love and affection Whether I'm right or wrong and down the waterfall Wherever it may take me I know that life won't break me When I come to call he won't forsake me I'm loving angels instead When I'm feeling weak and my pain walks down a one way street I look above And I know I'll always be blessed with love and as the feeling grows He breathes flesh to my bones and when love is dead I'm loving angels instead……” I was singing from the top of my lungs. Not even bothered to wait for me. It’s good to let out a stress like this. I said. He looked more of himself without his leather jacket. He looked so… so… cute doing that. That is.” I grimaced. I don’t want you to faint or get sick because of me. you did. until I heard someone clapping their hands from the doorway. stick my tongue out like a five year old kid. and it feels good. don’t let me stop you. Shame. Hmph! Who wants him too. You’ll need some energy to continue this. he has a new way to blackmail me! “Looks like you’re having fun here. Yes. then. I turned around to see Edward standing there. I brought food for us. I blush tomato red. putting my hand on my hips.

Edward doesn’t seem comfortable. He smiled.. Down.. aren’t you guys always together like… partners in crime? Aren’t you going to need them to do the dirty work for you?” I asked. he doesn’t know about it. either. I’ll make sure to keep my mouth shut as long as you’ll continue your job as. my slave. “No. I don’t want them to know where we are.I took a seat in front of him and took a bite of my pizza.” “He’s away to his mom’s house. “Sure. not bothering to look at him. smirking. he never will. He frowned suddenly. It was awkward.” I replied. I shrugged. a bit harshly. The silence is unbearable. “Does he know about his precious iPod?” he asked. He just smiled. Hah! I cracked myself up. “What is this? A twenty question?” .” This time I looked up to see him smiling. “Three weeks.” Cool down. “I. “Oh. I frowned. “So… Where’s your friend? I didn’t see him at school today. Cool. Just imagine he’s some crazy sexy lunatic dude that escaped from the mental hospital and probably people all around the world were looking for him. By the look on his face. why aren’t you bringing your friends here?” I asked.” “Why? I mean. he finally spoke. it’s really none of their business. After a few moment of silence. Hoping he could understand my double meaning. “So. probably best to just change the subject before I explode. Whatever he’s thinking must’ve to do with something include me or Aiden. Really? For how long?” he asked. That work… Not! I rolled my eyes.” I replied. a little sarcastic there. and. Vynnie. Besides.

” I said. He smirked.” he replied.. .. He seems to know what my answer is. Yes.I kept my mouth shut in a tight line. I saw him smirked.” I nodded. doesn’t he? “Why would I tell if you’re already knows about it. “Shoot. I looked down.” He smirked. trying not to smile. “Why?” “Just… not used to it. “Why do you quit?” My face fell. No.” I don’t need to answer that. I don’t need them to do anything for me at the moment. definitely not see this one coming. looking at his now empty plate. “Don’t be shock. alright? I quit Karate because of… you. He really love embarrassing me. “I do believe it is my turn now. “No. “Why the hell do you bring that shit out? Its personal!” he smirked turn into a soft smile. again. I wonder… who is your first kiss?” I stared at him with wide eyes. “So… Why did you quit Karate after I did?” He thought about that for a moment. Hmm.” He was about to object but something he saw by the look on my face tells him not to push. “Okay. Thank God. “Me? Why me?” I asked. we’re not together all the time. He’s on to something.” “You seem scared riding the bike with me. “Next please. And. “That must’ve been a hell of a new experience to you. only in school. of course the truth!” He laughed a little. Its does sounded like we were playing twenty questions. it’s my turn. He continued.” I rolled my eyes. I rolled my eyes.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “Alright then. He smirked. I’ve never ride in a motorbike before. “Just tell me. Now. “Hmm – The truth?” he asked. the lie. until yesterday.” I just shrugged.

she’s not! From now on. Believe it or not. shut your mouth then I’ll tell you! Flashback: It was in 1st grade. someone pushed me from the back. I fell to the ground. It’s pretty shocking. I didn’t look up to see who the person is. It won’t be a problem to us. it’s only you two. “Why are you helping her?! Nobody wants to be her friend. If anyone wants to pick on her. I didn’t hear anything except the wind and the boy’s heartbeat.” I replied. I closed my eyes waiting for someone to help me end the pain. she’s with me. he was my first kiss. Look at her! She’s weird!” The boy holding me said. all alone with no one to play with. I heard laughter coming from all around me. don’t ya?” …No reply. That’s right. Then. Imagine how people would think if they find out. “…You. Suddenly. but by the look on the clothes I saw. Okay. The boy rubbed my back soothingly. he or she will be facing me. you wouldn’t mind me having my two older brothers here to come help me up now. What’s the point fighting. . They were loud and they were making fun of me. crying. I felt a hand on mine and started to pull me up. “Okay. Besides. “She’s not weird! She’s just a girl!” “And have cooties. The boy continued to hold me when the other who I assumed the one pushing me said.” “Oh – Really? Then. I sighed.” He answered and I continued to glare at him.” The other boy said. My body felt pain. this must be a boy. The others must’ve walked away now. I was sitting on a swing.” The others laughed. anyway. “No.“I just want to hear it.

Then. I saw blood on her leg.” He said. And. We’d eventually made it there without me crying. He looked almost frightened. I’m new here by the way. she’s 7. cheerfully.” “Oh – So.” he trailed off. “Oh –No! Your leg is bleeding!” I looked down and saw blood running down my leg. The nurse can’t help but smile back. but I think she and I are going to be bestfriend. Edward helped me explain all of it. let’s go. and pulled away from him. cheerfully. Edward Jameson. The nurse saw us and quickly rushed over to help us.” He said. I looked up to see him staring down at me.” “I guess I am. Edward Jameson.“Are you okay?” The boy asked. And. I’m 7. I nodded. “It’s nothing. “My name is Edward. you’re the new kid Mrs Jane told us yesterday. The nurse smile. I gave her a piggyback ride all the way here and you saw us.” He said. And. with me showing the way. I can’t help but smiled back. I fought myself not to cry. I’ll take you to the nurse office. for a seven years old kid. too.” I replied. I also like her. “I’m fine. Then. but I can simply hear it from where I sit. he looked down and gasped. again. Edward told her to lean down so he could whisper something in her ear.” He smiled. “Com’on. I’ve just got a new friend and I don’t want to risk losing him by crying like a baby. “Great! I hope we had class together. But. you can’t tell anyone. The nurse asked us what had happened but I kept silence. “She’s lucky to have a friend like you. Edward sure is strong. She’s Vynnie. too. “I don’t know about her.” He gave me a piggyback ride and ran to the nurse office. I admit. “I’m Vynnie Sullivan. I’m 7. kid?” she asked him. I’m 7. And. Call me Vynnie. “…Then. Promise?” . Thanks for helping me. I’m Edward. What’s your name.

Thanks to you. Edward and I were inseparable.” Stevie laughed. But. Since then. All because of Edward. nobody dare to pick on me. I took the boy to the nurse office. I grab the red one and Edward’s the green one. inseparable as ever be. His name is Aiden Joseph. everyone laughed. I help him up and made him stand behind me. The nurse then said to the boy. Our faces brightened up. “Aww! How adorable! Come here. he didn’t know the reason of it. Edward has told me about it. Mrs Jane informed us that there will be a new kid at our class. “Like I’m scared. I’ve met his brothers. It turns out we do have a class together. who picked on me before Edward came here. I spun my body around and swung my leg to kick him in the face. They pinky swear. trembling. Have yourself a lollipop. again. And. “I’m fine now.The nurse nodded. Edward turn to me and smile. . She asked what causes this and I told her everything. They were all nice but a little protective of us. He will start tomorrow. Not only that Edward and I were always together at school. The next day. He fell.” Edward held up his pinky finger and the nurse did the same. I glared at Stevie. He never failed to make me laughed. handling the bottle jar that filled with lollipop in it. Stevie Fred.” He blushed. again. I rushed to the boy who’s on the ground. I swear Stevie I will kick your butt. Everyone was quiet until Stevie started to cry. Edward and I were still the same. It’s been seven months. I was sitting on a swing waiting for Edward to come when I saw someone get pushed to the ground by the kid. “If I ever saw you picking on him or anyone else. but also in Karate training. He told me his parents are divorced and I almost cried about it. and I was happy to join it so I could spend more time with him. “Promise. We’re always did everything together. yelling for his mummy.” She said. You’re just a little girl and I’m big–” I didn’t let him finish. We said thanks to the nurse and went back to our class. too. “How are you feeling?” I smile and blushed. Until one day. The same nurse came and helped us up.

I nodded. And. so he jumped over his window and landed in my room. I moved away. Thankfully. Suddenly the door burst out open and Edward came running in to me. But. we haven’t introduced ourselves. “Be nice. “Really?” he asked. this is Edward.” I muttered at him. remembering the day. Edward wasn’t happy to know about it. “But. The nurse continued. Aiden was absent. too. shyly. Edward. What happened?” He grabbed my shoulders and examined me. I’m sorry I’m late.” He looked confused. So. “I’m fine.“You’re lucky she saw you and came to help. it continued like that ever since. Edward still refused to even talk to me. I’ve found out that his parents were divorced. “Oh – Him. I’m just helping this boy out. The new kid?” “Yeah. “Hi! I’m Vynnie. So. He raised his eyebrows at me. one day. Aiden was there to comfort me. we grew apart each day.” The boy answered. even me if I kept on being friends with Aiden.” I glanced at Edward to see him glaring at the boy. And. the time when we’re always together. I cried at night remembering him. unfortunately. I’ve tried to talk to him every time but he just pretending like he don’t know me. He has no siblings and guess what! He lives next to my house! He’s my new neighbor! It’s about time somebody moved to that house. “Aiden. Edward saw the kid and frowned. I was upset that he would do this to me just because I’m closed to Aiden. wishing everything had gone back to normal. . thankfully her prince charming came to the rescued. I smiled. he had a cold. I elbowed him. But. Then. “Vynnie! Are you okay? I heard you’re in the nurse office so I rushed over to see you.” The boy flickered at me. His name is –” Wait. Sometimes. she’s the one who has been picked on. And. me and Aiden were closed. He heard me crying and wanted to know what was wrong. I’ve missed him. inseparable. Because before you. yet. Aiden Joseph. “Who?” Oh – I must’ve blocked his way. He refused to talk to him. Since that. so much.” I smiled. I was alone at school.

I felt him . but nod ahead. We stayed like that for a moment. waiting for me. I’m sorry for ignoring you lately. “Close your eyes. So. But.” I said. “Really? Can you forgive me? And. It’s just that… I don’t like it when other boys talking to you. tightly. they said if you love each other then you should do it. why is it felt so amazing yet so wrong. She said we can only do it with the one we truly love. Mummy told me about it. and thankfully she didn’t push it. truthfully. that’s what I saw Edward doing what people call it? …. I walked back to the class to grab my bag pack but surprised when I saw Edward were there sitting on my seat. So. I was a little late because I was helping Mrs Jane putting our class exercise books to the teacher’s room. “Vynnie. none of us wanted to let go. and he was doing the same thing. can we go back to the way it was?” I jumped and hug him.” he handed me my bag pack and we walked to the playground together. We’ve missed each other terribly. I didn’t tell her anything. When I open my eyes.” I did as he said. When he saw me.Kissing. I don’t know why but it makes me angry. I just hope Aiden will approve of this and hope they’ll get along well. like her and daddy. His real smile returned. we pulled away. She noticed about me and Edward’s behaviours around each other. I just let him kiss me.” I’m confused. “Hey. So. “Of course! You’re my Eddie. and she said she wanted to talk to me. can I do something? My brothers and I were watching this on TV last night. Finally. anyway? It’s not like I will choose them over you.” “Why would you be angry. everyone was rushing towards the front door to meet their parents.It was the end of the school day. Vynnie. he smiled. she asked about it. Suddenly. too. He hugged me back. “Vynnie. He’s kissing me. I felt what like a soft and warm thing on my lips. I stared at him. Can I talk to you for a sec?” “Sure. You will always be my best friend!” I felt him smiled on my shoulder.

preparing to run incase anything got in a wrong way. Until like two months after that he put worm in my shirt and stole my bike. Flashback End Yeah. WET and moving shoved into my mouth. And. it’s wrong. Mommy told me that. You’ll end up getting hurt. crashing his lips to mine. it’s not. soft.smile through the kiss. giving me a piggyback ride. that’s how it happened. getting a kick on the stomach or if there’s a bat anywhere around. it’s not.” I back away. The only thing I remember is having fun there with Aiden. He was breathless. Edward. I didn’t even go near him. I’m the one who’s ignoring him. In one big step he caught the back of my head and pulled his face to mine. I cried that night. I don’t know why he suddenly did that. Then.” “Yes. And. “Vynnie. I was with Aiden the whole time and him dancing with me. it does. I tried to pull away from him but he’s too strong. “No. if you said anything that pisses him off. It was really fun until Edward and his friends came and crashed it. too. My brothers said it’s fun and enjoying. he’ll swing it to your head or body countless time until you’re unconscious. I really hate him after that! Remember when I said he’s a happy cheerful kid? Yeah.” He started to lean in to me but I back away. Now. That’s when I realized that Edward is a bad kid and I promised I will stay away from him from that on. I push him away and ran to the front door. suddenly something warm. he used to be. “Vynnie. Maybe. doesn’t it?” “No. I waited when his hand relaxed on the back of my head. laying on the floor bleeding. don’t you want this? Your mom doesn’t have to know this. We can’t do it. I never talked to him. ignoring Edward that was shouting my name to come back. I quickly push him away. thankfully. Since then. . he tried to drown me in the swimming pool when my friends the rich Angelina had her birthday party at her house and everyone was invited.” I replied. Aiden was there to keep me calm so that my parents won’t hear me. Mommy said it’s wrong.” “No. in 5th grade. again. why did you stop? It felt good.

again. “Hey. getting up from my seat and head back to the room to finish my work. Edward took me home just like yesterday. He continued. It didn’t take long for him to answer. “No. I’ve seen it before and it terrifies me. No need to remind me twice! This time.” He said. I had to lean away from the phone. rolling my eyes. I blinked a few times to adjust what just happen. it’s Sally her imaginary friend here to tell you that her mom took away all of her stuff for a month. I’ve found a lot of cockroaches (dead and alive). are you done thinking about me?” he asked. also she said ‘Hi’ and apologized for not telling you sooner. I glared at him. smirking. yada yada yada. he lean closer. in a panic voice. And. Hoping he didn’t see me blushed. Saying. She’s too busy building me a house made of cardboard to put in her room so she can play dolly dolly dress up with me everyday while you’re away. suddenly he burst out laughing. he walked back to his bike and sped away. I quickly pick the phone up to call Aiden. a dead rats and even a squirrel! I know right. Then. And. “Vynnie. I rolled my eyes. I smiled. snapping me back to reality. “If you do then go ahead continue your work. ‘Don’t try to run away again. Edward is a devil masked in human form. is that you?” he asked. only to say ‘goodbye and have a good night’ to me.Ever heard of sarcasm? Who knows maybe I’ll find a dead body in the other room. tomorrow’. His lips almost touch my cheek when I turn my head away.” It was quiet for a moment. I jumped and was about to run but he caught me. Stupid Lazy Devil! Finally! I’ve finished the first room! There’s no need for a celebration now.just leave you there not bothering to do something. That’s when I thought. fun! …. ‘or else’. there’re still plenty of room here to clean. As soon as I enter the house. . So far. who knows what I might find in there. Then.

” I smiled.” What did he mean? He never told me about this.” “Yeah. I miss you! Sorry about sally. Thank God you decided to call now otherwise I would be in a fucking plane by now. Who doesn’t love that!” He laughed.” “Nehh.” I lied. though. though. Mom took away my phone too. how are you feeling? Did your mom do her job pretty good or what? If she’s not then just say the words and I’ll be there to kidnap you back. not here. she’s fine but I want you. I put it back on my ear. how’s it like there? Has any girl capture your heart yet?” he sighed. I can hear a hint of sadness in his voice. “Then. So. “Same old. too! And.” He chuckled. though.” I smiled. I know I would keep this promise. “No. go find your mommy.” “Yeah. “How’s your day so far?” I shrugged. sorry about that. “Oh – Hey there. “So. “Promise?” he asked. Same old. Aiden! I didn’t hear you call. “But. baby.” “Aww. “Promise. I was about to ask him but he cut me in. your crazy jokes. Except you weren’t here. You remember my imaginary friend. Glad to finally hear him. “Vynnie! I miss you. Vynnie. “I love a good fight over me. again. . don’t ya?” I joked.” At least. I can imagine he was pouting.After the laughter quiet down. I promise to call you everyday as soon as I get home. How easily we could talk like this without feeling awkward. I’m in need of your sweet cuddly warm hug right now. We talked until past midnight when I started yawning and Aiden told me to go to sleep before he starts telling scary stories. when one of them happens to be your momma dearest and the other one’s your dorky best friend.

Though I’m sure it’s nothing. right? Okay. Ring! I can hear the school bell rang from where I stood from the parking lot. Please go out with me?” he replied. he must be one of the Edward’s friends. He stopped in front of me. I don’t know what it means. I ran the whole way there. I saw a guy standing there. I admit! Since the time we had the talked – I mean. it’s best for us to stay like this forever. too! …Not that I’m interested or anything. confused. is good looking. we can never go back. I went to school feeling woozy and all I want to do is just crawl back to bed and went to sleep. again! So. Mind you. I stared at him. “Excuse me?” “I really like you.The next day I woke up feeling exhausted and moody. holding a red rose on his hand. smirking. And. He lifts his hand with the rose. . I had already halfway towards the school. I hate it when he tried to remind me of our childhood. But. By the look on his face and clothes. I’ve been having this weird feeling inside me. I sighed. Real talk – yesterday.” He said. I haven’t realized I was daydreaming and it took all my time to get to school. I stopped. “For you. my mind was elsewhere. I don’t know why I suddenly thought of him. He even wears the same black leather jacket. I know it was fun back then but the past is the past. As I ran towards the empty hallway. I can’t deny that I miss the old him. Maybe. I’m officially late. facing me. Just saying… He smiled and walked his way towards me. But. Though I’ve never seen him before. Now. Somehow I kept thinking about Edward and the memory of my childhood. it’s not like I miss him. As I walked.

away from him. “No. I really like you. those familiar smirked. “Is this some kind of a joke?” I asked coldly.What the hell? He likes me? I’ve never even seen him before. Go out with me please?” What the – “I’m sorry but… No. .” And I ran. not really in a mood for a joke right now. He smirked. Please believe me.

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