The Bible in a Year

Old Testament

I Chronicles 14 to 2 Chronicles 1
Read this coming week:
Jul 11 1 Chron 14‐15, Ps 10, Matt 12 Jul 12 1 Chron 16‐17, Ps 11, Matt 13 Jul 13 1 Chron 18‐20, Ps 12, Matt 14 Jul 14 1 Chron 21‐23, Ps 13, Matt 15 Jul 15 1 Chron 24‐25, Ps 14, Matt 16‐17 Jul 16 1 Chron 26‐27, Ps 15, Matt 18 Jul 17 1 Chron 28‐29, Ps 16, Matt 19 Jul 18 2 Chron 1, Ps 17, Matt 20

Reading Questions

For next week you’re reading I Chronicles 14 to 2 Chronicles 1. Answer the following: • Why does Michal despise her husband David? (15) • Why does David live in a palace and the ark in a tent? (17) • Does anyone in chapter 20 remind you of Goliath? • How does David make provisions for his son to take the throne? (21-23) • How many people were in David’s choir alone, not to mention other musicians? (25) • How many divisions of 24,000 men were in David’s army? (27) • Who is the priest at Solomon’s coronation? (29)

Who wrote the Chronicles?

Why does Solomon begin his reign by worshiping at Gibeon? (1)

The easiest answer to the question “Who wrote the Chronicles” is most likely “The Chronicler”. Jewish tradition holds that this book was written alongside (and therefore by the same author) as Ezra and Nehemiah, whom they believe to be Ezra. However, scholarship has presented satisfactory evidence to question if Ezra could have even written this book. The Chronicler was likely a scribe who would gather together the documents from the “Book of Days”, a sort of court diary that would be kept. This Chronicler, we think, may have been a Levite. The Chronicler’s interest in the Levitical and worship aspects of the reigns of David and Solomon is much sharper than what we find in Samuel or Kings. The Chronicler may always be a mystery to us, but the true author of the book is not. This book was inspired verbally by the Holy Spirit who inspired the writing of the whole Bible so that we might see in its words the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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