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Kansas Wing - Sep 2009

Kansas Wing - Sep 2009

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Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Ad Astra

V O L U M E 1 I S S U E 4 A U T U M N ,

...to the stars
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Congressman Moran Accepting Applications to Service Academies Those selected will enter the
academies in June, 2010

Congressman Jerry Moran is accepting applications for nominations to the United States Service Academies. The academies include the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York; the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland; the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. Those selected will enter the academies in June 2010. Selections are based on SAT or ACT test scores, class rank, grade point average, school records, extracurricular activities, leadership potential, motivation, recommendations and interview evaluations. Applicants must be legal residents of the state of Kansas, at least 17 years of age but not past their 23rd birthday on July 1 of the year of admission, citizens of the United States, unmarried, not pregnant and without legal obligation to support children or other dependents. If nominated by Moran, the applicants then must meet the individual admission requirements of each academy. The academies will make the final decision on who will receive an appointment of admission. Due to limited placement, Moran encourages all interested candidates to also apply to the offices of U.S. Senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts. Moran's application deadline is November 1, 2009. Interested applicants should send a letter requesting application materials to: Congressman Jerry Moran Attn: Service Academy Selection P.O. Box 1128 Hutchinson, KS 67504-1128

assistant. He held every pilot qualification available in Civil Air Patrol. Lt Col Hill had ratings in several specialty tracks including Operations and Safety. He served as the Safety Officer at National Blue Beret in 2003 and also earned the Gill Robb Wilson Award.

The Lt Col Ed Hill Award was established to honor a pillar of Kansas Wing Operations who was killed in an automobile accident in October 2008 en route to a mission. Ed joined Civil Air Patrol in November 1995. He was an aviation professional and became an icon in Kansas Wing emergency services. His qualifications included nearly every position from incident commander to mission staff

At the time of his death, Lt Col Hill served as the Kansas Wing Director of Operations and Counterdrug Officer. He will not only be remembered for the excellence with which he performed his numerous duties, but also for his cooking at the Kansas Emergency Services Academies. He will long be missed by his friends and comrades. In honor of our friend and fellow volunteer, this award will recognize members of the Kansas Wing who exhibit dedication and excellence in Operations.





Transforming Average   Cadets into Superb   Leaders 
By C/Lt Col Mitch Edwards What is the military definition of leadership? The military definition of leadership is as follows: The art of influencing and directing people in such a way that it will win their obedience, confidence, respect and loyal cooperation in achieving a common objective. This is just one of the many things that cadets will learn at the 2009 Kansas Wing Winter Encampment. Encampment is being held from 26 December 2009 through 2 January 2010 at Kansas Wing Headquarters in Salina, Kansas. Cadets can expect to learn important life skills such as how to work in a group, how to make their bed, how to keep organized and even how to manage their time. On top of learning about emergency services and aerospace education, cadets will be exposed to numerous hands on activates to stimulate their minds to aid in the learning process. Cadets will walk into encampment as cadets and emerge a week later as leaders. This is a great opportunity to grow. We are now accepting Basic Applications (CAPF 31 with signatures sent to Kansas Wing Headquarters). Come and experience the event of a lifetime! Questions can be directed to the Encampment Commander, Maj Rick Franz at kswg.cs@kswg.cap.gov or to the Cadet Commander, C/Lt Col Mitch Edwards at kswg.ccp@kswg.cap.gov.







Emergency Services Day at the Kansas State Fair
For the second consecutive year, the Kansas Wing participated during Emergency Services Day at the Fair. The event’s goal, created by the Kansas Adjutant Department, is for the public to learn about the number of Emergency Preparedness Agencies that serve Kansas. Agencies that provide help during disasters in the state were given the opportunity to answer the public’s questions and provide them with information to help citizens prepare themselves for times that they might need help. The participants from the Kansas Wing were Col. Jerome L. Hanson, the Wing Public Affairs Officer; Capt. Danny Phillips, the Wing Recruiting Officer; and 1st Lt. J.D. Spradling, the Wing Disaster Preparedness Officer.

By Col Jerome Hanson

Lawrence Color Guard Members Present Colors for New Citizens
The Honorable John Lundstrum, Justice of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court is flanked by Lawrence Composite Squadron cadets Makayla White, Stephanie Bayless, Geoffrey Bayless, Micheal Bayless and Spencer Kerfoot after participating in the Court's Naturalization Ceremonies held at the Dole Center for Political Studies at the University of Kansas. This marks the 7th year the Court has asked the Lawrence Squadron to present the colors and administer the Pledge of Allegiance to the new citizens. This year's proceedings saw 99 people from 33 countries become new American citizens. Judge Lundstrum remarked how important he views the cadets participation in this event each year.
by Maj. Duane Filkins

International Air Cadet Exchange Comes to KC
By SM Gena Borden Kansas City Composite Squadron (KCCS) proudly hosted this year’s International Air Cadet Exchange. This group of individuals consisted of two Canadian cadets, two Belgian cadets, and one Belgian escort. With this being most of their first times to the United States, KCCS gave them a variety of experiences that included a taste of Kansas City, aviation-related activities, and a little American culture. A taste of Kansas City for our IACE group began on day one with a historical tour of the Steam Boat Arabia at The City Market; day two ended with a Kansas City Royals baseball game; day three was The Plaza, Union Station, and Crown Center in Kansas City, MO., event; day four was spent at Worlds of Fun™ amusement park; and day nine rounded out the experience with a tour of the Merriam Kansas Fire Station where they were able to see the ladder tower in action. IACE also attended a KCCS meeting to meet all our cadets and share differences in our programs. Part of the evening was spent demonstrating and practicing drilling techniques by KCCS and the Canadian cadets. There was an extra send off reception on the last day where KCCS met for cake, and then off to a pool party complete with backyard barbeque pot luck. Aviation activities began on the second day with observation flights out of New Century Airport. On the fifth day, the IACE spent time out at Forbes Field for a tour of the 190th Air Refueling Wing, Kansas Air National Guard facilities where they were given a close look at the KC-135. Then it was off to visit the historical Air Combat Museum at Forbes Field to view 33 different aircraft, aircraft engines, and military aviation artifacts all ranging from WWI to modern day. Day six was the Amelia Earhart Museum in Atchison and a flight simulator in Leavenworth.
Left to Right – Chaperone Kevin Dekroes (Belgium), Cedrick VanGoethem (Belgium), Mel Thyberghien (Canada), Tim Keymis (Belgium), Jordan Bailey (Canada), KCCS C/Col Daniel Metcalf, KCCS

Left to Right, Top – Cedrick VanGoethem, Mel Thyberghien, Middle – Kevin Dekroes, Jordan Bailey, Tim Keymis, Bottom – KCCS Cadets c/SrA Joseph Crockett, c/Amn Daniel Scarbrough, c/2nd Lt Grant Collison

The ninth day was spent at Smoky Hill Air National Guard Range with a public display of military aircraft that took flight for an aerial gunnery training show. Aerial displays included AH-64 Apache, A-10 T Thunderbolt, B-52, B-1, F-16, C-130 and an unmanned aerial vehicle. American culture was fascinating to our IACE team. There were many firsts for the group including the baseball game and the amusement park. KCCS made sure they were exposed to cultural experiences that could only be made in America. IACE was able to experience several different fast food establishments and retail stores in Kansas City. Krispy Crème Doughnuts was one fast food establishment where our IACE team was able to see how the dough was mixed, cut, cooked, and frosted. A tasty sample at the end of the tour was a special treat indeed. Cabela’s was one of the retail stores that displayed vast differences in American culture that ranged from the taxidermy to the weapons that were on display. There was never a dull moment with the IACE group. Including making new friends. Even sitting in traffic gave a burn outs. In the end, IACE left Kansas City in style with a Hummer Limousine ride to the airport. The International Air Cadet Exchange program was a learning experience for everyone involved. The Kansas City Composite Squadron would like to thank everyone who put forth effort to make this program a success. KCCS was delighted to be involved with this year’s event and is looking forward to next year.

Not Your Normal Meeting!
by Capt Sammy Williams and 2nd Lt Pamela Morris
The Flint Hills Composite Squadron’ weekly meeting took a different turn on September 22nd 2009. Colonel Tim Hansen was alerted by LtCol Dennis Pearson that the AFRCC was tracking an ELT signal near the Kansas City metro area and requested opening an Air Force-authorized Search and Rescue mission. Colonel Hansen opened an incident base at Freeman Field Airport in Junction City and the weekly squadron meeting becoming a real hands-on exercise in Search and Rescue. An aircrew and aircraft from the Topeka Eagle Composite Squadron launched to search for the ELT signal, and the New Century Composite Squadron provided an Urban Direction-Finding Team (UDT) for the ground search. The Flint Hills Composite Squadron members comprised the Incident Command staff with Colonel Hansen acting as the Incident Commander and Maj Jeffrey Morris as the Operations Section Chief. Capt Mark Lahan served as the Ground Branch Director, Capt Linette Lahan provided support as Finance and Administrative Section Chief and 2nd Lt Pam Morris served as the staff assistant. As cadets and senior members arrived for the usual weekly meeting, they were assigned various duties and a ground team was assembled to conduct a search in the local area based on the information being received from the AFRCC. Just as the ground team, lead by Capt Sammy Williams, was about to embark on their mission, the Incident Commander received the information that the ELT had been located in Clay County, MO. The aircrew located the ELT in Missouri and notified the airport personnel, who found the ELT and silenced the ELT. The aircraft and the UDF team were recalled and the incident base shut down. Flint Hills mission logs were completed to record the evening’s activities and squadron personnel conducted an after action review of the night’s events The exercise was a real-time and real-life event and provided a opportunity for hands-on experience for all the KSWG personnel involved. Definitely not your normal weekly meeting!

Kansas Wing’s Presence Felt at National Blue Beret
By C/Capt Sarah M. Wildman The world’s largest air show, AirVenture, hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was home to two dozen Kansas Wing members for more than two weeks this summer. National Blue Beret (NBB) is a National Cadet Special Activity held by the Civil Air Patrol to support AirVenture. The activity receives its name from the blue beret members earn while there. Kansas Wing had the most members selected to attend NBB this year, sending twenty-four. Most of them served on staff, filling positions ranging from Activity Director to Flight Leader. This year, cadets were assigned to one of twelve flights. Two cadet leaders and one senior member TAC Officer led each flight. Five additional cadets served as the Cadet Commander, Cadet Deputy Commander, Cadet Administration Officer and two Cadet Public Affairs Officers. Each day’s schedule rotated the flights through several different duty shifts and generally some free time. During the air show week, each flight had at least one opportunity to go watch the air show. Flights were also paired with two other flights on a Flight Night Out, a break for flight members from the long days and a chance to spend time building better friendships with members from other flights. While AirVenture is only a week-long air show, National Blue Beret begins the week before with long days of Ground Team Member and Flight Line Marshaller training. A typical day begins with wake-up at 5:30 am and lights out at 10 pm. The hours in between are filled with opening formation, HQ duty, flight line marshalling along Runway 9/27, ES duty, Warbirds, Ultralights, closing formation and other similar taskings. HQ duty can result in cadets helping cook meals for their fellow members, logging vehicles and personnel entering and exiting the compound as well as doing general barracks housekeeping. Flight line marshalling involves directing taxiing aircraft to their designated parking spots after they land as well as directing aircraft to the runway for takeoff during the mass departures. Flight line operations with the EAA, CAP and the FAA are so smooth that it is typical to have 100 aircraft takeoff in only 45 minutes during the mass departures after each day’s air show is complete. Cadets and senior members working the flight line have the thrilling opportunity to witness and impact this spectacular achievement.

ES duty encompasses several different activities. On an ES shift, cadets may handle radio communications in the Communications Shack on the compound, ride on one of two golf carts assigned to ES in search of overdue aircraft and activated ELTs, or sit at North or South Tower logging each landing aircraft’s tail number. Sorties and Finds are earned through ES duty. Warbirds and Ultralights are somewhat similar activities. Cadets on these shifts serve by ensuring that unauthorized persons do not enter the active taxiway and runway areas located next to the Warbirds area and at the Ultralights’ separate grass runway. The unofficial motto of National Blue Beret is Semper Gumby – “Always Flexible”. The many schedule and tasking changes that can occur in a given day at NBB require that members be flexible and adaptable to the situation while still serving with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. A main highlight for every member of the activity is receiving their blue beret and St. Alban’s pin. The berets and pins must be earned through displaying and exemplifying the attitudes and actions that define a Blue Beret. Professionalism, integrity and service to others are three of these defining attributes. The berets are earned first, with the St. Alban’s pins being earned separately. Excitement and exhilaration fill the air on the compound upon awarding of the berets. The activity ends with a graduation barbecue after the air show ends on Sunday. Cadets and senior members return the following day to their home wings and squadrons with memories of a lifetime, a new Blue Beret family and, hopefully, many lessons in leadership, professionalism and service to others to pass on to those around them.

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Joint NCR SAREX Great Success
by 2nd Lt Pamela Morris

Salina and Ellsworth Team up for Airshow
By Capt Cathy Mages

North Central Region of Civil Air Patrol combined 15 August 2009 for joint SAREX activities. The exercise had multiple tornadoes touching down between Phillipsburg and Belleville, KS. Aircraft reported multiple ELTs going off in the area and damage reported to the local infrastructure. Ground teams were tasked to take Damage Assessment (DA) digital photos of nearby dams, airfields, hospital, bridges, and power plants. After a safety and SITREP briefing, a Ground Team from the Flint Hills Composite Squadron, led by Major Jeffrey Morris, dispatched to check on the towns and countryside in the area for damage assessment. The team used data logging GPS devices to track GPS locations to be matched up with digital pictures taken along the route. Capt Mark Lahan drove the route while Capt Linette Lahan kept the log of the sightings and reported conditions. Cadet Hillary Kebbel operated the DF and searched for any sounds of an ELT along the route. 2nd Lt Pam Morris took photos at each location to later be matched up with the data logger GPS data. The Ground Team arrived at Bellville’s airfield and Cadet Kebbel picked up the sound of the ELT. While the ELT search was being conducted on the ground, a CAP plane arrived overhead and circled the area to land. The aircrew from Wichita had picked up the ELT and DF’d to the same location. The line search was successful in locating the ELT. Photos of the location and the ELT ‘find’ were taken, and the Ground Team resumed their tasking of checking for damage assessment along the route.

On 01 August 2009, the Salina and Ellsworth Squadrons helped with traffic and crowd control as the Det 1, 184 Intelligence Wing of the Smoky Hill Air National Guard Range held their Open House. The Smoky Hill ANG Range is the largest air-to-ground range in the ANG. Over 6000 people showed up for the one-day event. Those who attended were given a show of power with bombs, rockets, cannon fire from AH-64 Apache, Powercet, A-C10 (Thunderbolt), B-53H (Stratofortress), F16C (Fighting Falcon), and B-1B (Lancer). Several members of the Kansas City Squadron were in attendance as part of their IACE experience with cadets from Canada and Belgium.








Captain Catherine Metcalf
Catherine E Metcalf, being a Mary Kay consultant and a new grandmother of twins, putting on combat boots was NOT something she thought of herself doing. However, because of her love for her country, knowing she could give back through CAP, and her love for children and wanting to help cadets, she joined CAP in August 2003 AND put those combat boots on. She started as testing officer, adding Administration Officer soon after. Two years later she, her CAP officer husband and cadet son were asked to help start a squadron. This NOT being on her TO-DO list, she allowed everyone to talk her into it. Little did she know what Kansas City Composite Squadron would grow to be, the friends she would make or the difference that would be made in cadets’ lives through KCCS. Like her cadet son, she didn’t hesitate to further her career; taking all the training she needed for different officer positions to help a new and growing squadron. She also started in Emergency Services, becoming qualified as a Ground Team Leader, Mission Observer and Scanner, and Mission Radio Operator, just to name a few. She was so busy with the squadron the first year her twin grandchildren would call for an appointment to come visit. During her 6 years in CAP she has attended 7 encampments, earned a Master in Cadet Programs and Administration, Senior in Personnel and Technician in Professional Development and served in multiple duty positions. She has multiple qualifications in Emergency Services. Her awards include Yeager, Loening, COP, and has received the Commanders Commendation twice. She also has attended Training Leaders for Cadets and Unit Commanders Course. And of course many squadron and wing events and activities. Captain Metcalf enjoyed and was proud to promote cadets as their Deputy Commander for Cadets. Her greatest joy was being able to promote her own cadet son on several achievements. Then she was able to promote him to Cadet Colonel, with NO crying allowed. Last December, she was honored with the Change of Command of KCCS that put her in the position of Squadron Commander. Captain Metcalf totally believes in the CAP program and enjoys educating people about CAP and promotes it every time she gets a chance. One event that Captain Metcalf works hard on every year and is very close to her heart is the Wreaths Across America program. She was honored to attend the ceremony in Washington, DC, two years and witness first hand lying on of the wreaths and the ceremony. On a personal note, she is married to Dan, who is a Major in CAP. She has lived in the KC area most of her life. Captain Metcalf likes football – Go Chiefs – and wrestling (high school and college). She home schooled Cadet Metcalf, is the mother of three children and grandma of three – her two oldest children are married with the oldest son and daughter-in-law having a 4 year old son, and daughter and son-in-law having 7 year old boy/ girl twins. The twins are already looking forward to joining CAP when they turn 12. If you have ridden with Captain Metcalf, you know her favorite vehicle is a Hummer and favorite plane is the B-2. If you don’t know this, you would soon find out.

Kansas Wing Civil Air Patrol

3024 Arnold Ave. Salina, Kansas 67401-8105 785-825-0009 FAX 785-825-1116 june@kswghq.kscoxmail.com donna@kswghq.kscoxmail.com

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