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Equine Multilingual Dictionary

Online unabridged PDF Edition

ISBN 978-2-9811094-1-5

This edition, made available online in 2010, included all of the detailed entries of the “Multilingual
Dictionary of the Horse = Dictionnaire multilingue du cheval - English / Français / Español / Deutsch /
Latin” Second edition, ISBN 2-9804600-4-4 published in 1997.
As of 2018-08-24 I pulled it out because a very big lot of changes and corrections have been made
since the 1997 edition. I was uncomfortable with this content being still available as if current.
Thanks to those who appreciated it over the years and especially to those who did cite it as a source
when using it.
ISBNs for current (5th) edtion:
Hard cover: 9782322077373
Soft cover: 9782981109460

Jean-Claude Boulet