BP has been drilling two relief wells since May in order to intercept the leaking well deep under

the seabed and seal it off with mud and cement.

Targeting the oil well
Phase began June 23

Progress of relief wells
As of July 7; relief well 2 is a backup Discover Enterprise containment vessel

Relief well 1 zeros in

Drilling slowed at 16,500 ft. (5,029 m) to take “ranging” tests to plot leaking well’s exact location

Leaking well pipe 9 7/8 in. (25.1 cm) diameter

Relief well 2 Began May 16 5,000 ft.

Well bore Vector magnetometer 1 Electric current sent into leaking well pipe to create magnetic field 2 Magnetometer in relief well reads magnetic field to home in on leaking well

Leaking well

Sealing the well
Well pipe

10,000 ft. To begin in several weeks

13,900 ft (4,236 m) Mud 15,000 ft.

Relief well 1 Began May 2

1 Relief well punctures leaking well bore and casing; drilling mud pumped in

2 At first, mud will flow up pipe with gushing oil and gas

3 Mud’s pressure Intersection is supposed to About 18,000 ft. eventually force oil (5,486 m) or and gas down into 3.4 mi. (5.5 km) reservoir; then well is capped with 18,000 ft. cement Oil reservoir

17,780 ft (5,419 m)

© 2010 MCT Source: BP, Deepwater Horizon Incident Joint Information Center Graphic: Judy Treible, Melina Yingling