Wednesday, August 26, 2009 Menopause Madness Oh the Joys of the "Change of Life"! It is now a little after 4am.

I have been a wake since 3am. Insomnia, night sweats, going back and forth to the bathroom... My cat Sylvester loves when I wake up in the middle of the night. He thinks that either heâ ll get food or its kitty playtime. I throw the covers off of myself and Sylvester finishes the process by pushing the covers off the bed and onto the f loor. Iâ m becoming nocturnal just like my cat. Oh yes and during the day, I have my own personal summers. My t the museum find this extremely amusing. I don't. Being that and am not allowed to take off the jacket and the jacket must ile I'm on duty at times I feel like a Thanksgiving turkey in male supervisors a I wear a uniform, remain buttoned wh the oven.

Oh yes, I have the unexpected pleasure of irregular cycles. Sometimes I have a p eriod sometimes not. Lately it has been regular but last year, off and on. I fee l bloated. My stomach swells up. Now maybe if my breasts got bigger that may hel p my looks. The older I get the more the "girls" begin to sag. I don't have much up there but what little there is, it would be nice if they once again stood pr oud. However Thank God for Victoria's Secret because I cannot afford a boob job! ! LOL!!! Menopause will turn you into a Bitch if you weren't one before. Hairs growing from places on your body where they should not be growingâ ¦like you r chin. Worrying about hair thinning on top of your head where it used to be fai rly thick. And on a more serious note. Women in my family tend to lose body fat and muscle mass as they get older, especially during and after Menopause. I was always skin ny and now Iâ ve gotten skinnier. I wonâ t say how much I weigh but if I lose any more weight I will be the same size as my cat Sylvester!! Now I understand what my mother went through when she was in her 40s, however my suffering or journey began at age 47 and now that I'm my 50s things are really getting into full swing! My GYN has recommended HRT but I refuse. Women have bee n going thru the "change" for centuries without fake hormones and I am just goin g to endure my "reverse puberty". It's a good thing that I never married because right about now my husband would be considering divorce!! LOL!! Any sisters born in the 1950s Holla at me!!


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