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L This question 'bu(JIJd.etcontams .5 sections, Each section eames SO marks. ,2. F.irstsecrti en'], ls age!netalli5e.(;tjon and U~,~ IcoDlpuh~.ry~

:3:. Secdons .2 mill ,SM~ 8ubJ€cts~clrionsl ,(oulIJthema:uics, pJhys:ics~ cbemis:my andb.~[JI.~!Ogy).. 'CkD~SJe aR,' 'duee. That is" ,o;mil ~aDy one ~)f the :FOUF subiec[ sections.

4.P:('H;J~et ICa1CI!1'~a:t!OI.rSI' log tahlss, cIBH. phnnes etc ,~lle: not permitted in the ,examim;!l,tion


5. .AnsvvcIsmilie questlens ~aJ)e EO be mar~ed, in the OMR sheetprovided, 16,. .Ful' 'q]li,eS!lliDD.booidet ~,'Og :mlUs£ ,lJllswe.r lOB OMR sbeeit.A.

'7 .Ro ugh work should be d.onB' Ion the sheets p:rovided.

B.Rectnrn the OMR sheetm 'tbeiln~gUat!CJ:r at the ,Emd !fif ,examilnaticHl. 9. Cuemlly read and follow tbeins:trucdolls 1iV'le'n in 1E! secufo[J;.

10 Slb"cllCDJUlSi fmmilim'l Qin. OMB ·sheet

I. Wrrnle YOW" niime~[OU number and other I,e'qu~n3d~nfloFmatlon witbbail:.l;Jloinl pen. iintbe iSJ.pip:rop,rj;a,t;e beses prorvId.ed. Sisn your name Mth ball prom,tperru, ~iI1 the box pi.n.:rvided.

2. mtb.e F,e'fuaining part Df tOMB sheetuse ,HBpelldJ onl, las, im:s:tru.credL, .M~e sllife thi. tile bubhles iue: & Cas, sho"flD in OMR sbee/fl ..

3.. Eacb que~t~!cfn h~,lo,lU' opnon$". Fm d119 ,app~i(Jpda:w bubbiies. SOime questluns (as, specw1ed m. the Iq,ll.u~'8d@n palJe:r) have more than 'one correct I(;bojoe'.

4. ,Read. and :fo,lil:owtbe ,rn.sUu.c:tlOtns~jvlen Q1nm!e OMR sheet

5.. Fruin the anSW,ElIS Ornly 'when :y.ou are sarethar JOu do notneed to ,cllliange the ial)J.swer .. As fu as, pessible, avoid eratcsmg theanswer, 10 ease you have to erase the answer, dOl so propedy so mat them 15, no bbud;: spot ins~defue bubble,

6r. ,Bmsurethal JOli aIle :6IUn;gmpdle buhble,! ,ooluespon.dlng~o CO,irllBcl sectionJS.

'"!/',. VOUf r-Ol. nmnhe'l" QPven mD.ilbe admilt 1cani)1 MUST IJE ENTERED COR_BE,CT.LY~lf ,entalled Wl'om~y o:r .omit lentered~ 'dle OMR,twiD. lIof be pad.e •.

'Vota[ marks fbr SeeMan 1:: 510

Tllti,S 8octiQ,n,. iOOntain,;5 22 q'Ued'~Zaij - .

For' den flU ,tio", only one 01 tJ.l 4 opt'DlM . 'a corred ll'lStDer. For fJ1rstioM /rem? 1 .. 1

- -

to 1. (], 'Il ea fft'C~ an w ., Mlt BfTL 3 fnafi:s~ For i'lll!st II!Jj-fl£e 'I'J'l.u!scfi,on ~ ~ ea ch 'CO"";e', t, answ~r

wiU '!'!lam S'1fMErb. RIOt thiJ '. ,edi~ro. t1, Wf;Oil'll9 answe,"' 011" ~:R 'tI!:nQtt~!I'!"t,ed q'llU3'6rt~m:p., irnil~ earn o 'mark",

Passage for 'QueB' 1.1. to 1..3

Read t'~e fO'I~Dw-i'n9 ,/Ul,s.;'JUg .carefully ,and d~,()a '. ~'h.e OOctToc'to,ption Jir(R~~ ;~,~ op't.icns tJ~o.t /oUOtlJ,

According to t,b~ rh', ' .:L.,,\w of the[nu]l(!y]]lam~-;, 'bt! 'bo!'f,al e:n,e'rg;y 0:[ am: isoltl' ed Sjrsb~,m. ~ UI:U;; ant, If the sy' tern is not isola '(but can. ex:cban~e' ,e'l1ermr andl r ma Uer with L~viro~nL. 'th~ Fir'5tLa"\f.~n', beapplied "0 'h ~i\_'r~l. tha! is 't:n tbe'.· stem I plus ~'m emru'Onmen . Bu~, the First Law cannot det' mnne the dlrection of:spon 'aD ow cb,ang,e. TlU· Us, gOlll,re:rned,by the 'S' c'Of.!ld, L ",1rI' ,0'£ Th>eTil]l'lodynamiC5~ wh~,ch ,inr.oduces HI il WW ia.bID of the system. called, D~rolV. Enhopy, rQ'~g;hlY' s:p~g is a m,!ll3SUN 'Of mole 'War dis rder, un ing ito the' e~lJndLaw,. ' h :II ropy of the universe a1wc'ur ., m.cretW: ' for spo,ntanfl't:lS pD, e ' , f nil;~-lf . This'restrk ion, hm;\"(w,er~ ays uothwIT about th 'f,at of the spo:nto\ll ens Pl:IQ(lOOS.

\ pro cess, is reversibl if a~_'Vi ry stage the s n m j. mtherm iynml1ie' eqIIillbrium and ,.he ,chang .fr· Ul one equilibrium sta to another is. iLnfinit· I) ~O\V. Fur her . 3 reversibl PIt 0088 IDV1 lves nn di55iPfi Iv ,efI'c s {:suCh as ~&iction vi!roosi~, • '1:.)1. The

:rw ":!:,Q'py o:f'the, 'llmive:rse oornm.:m.s ccnstant in a rever ible' p,rUCe8B., s.[~onta.ne0lt'8'!Ilro0~ are irreve sible,

Th F'usand Second LaM, of Tberw djifi.Q11li~g ,are :tl ver violat-du'1 n ',ur, It Is :possilble '~O exp:r,e&'ji the Sround Law (mder certain conditioru;) in' _nus of he \l3Jiabl s (,If the :system, elone. FOIl' ~llO:pb::, .forr S1POill ,a;n.eoUj :Pl'O' es IClccmriru'g 8:t ,com:s:l;ant temperatm (T) and ,PlfeSS11J:ID:e (lP) the GilDb. Fr·oo Erler' (G) [whl-h iss combmajQI11, 'of o·h· _. 'tbermodynamic. \i'l\[iab~c~] of ~h y 18lTc1. never increases, bing 'CollStant 101' r~\~!!:' tble pro ~Se5. Som,e bi logi.cai pl~OC..e' as ,lilt cons'tan, T a.tIId p, hm~tev, r are :mqmred. tiC' go :in the d:lrncMou !(lit 111Crea:liing G.

1.1 For all revel "ibl PIOce .. €S A. (~S)~!l'tm1l = O.

'8) (fii,G)., oom > (1

C) (&8) yste-ml = -1"'~B')~~lm'i~t.

D) (c6S1Grvrn,rnn nt = o.

",8:I',e the symbols 88 and .o.G mean chang1l! in ,~m' r,py 'and Gibbs .Fr ,Energy tesiP,ectiY1:!~Y. ]


l.2 G~)n\Side-r ·the pro~. of nd_dI1!DcO,Q,dEIDSaiU(l(UJ @f a.gieven mMS 'o:~ snperoooled :B'~enm. :ixoo, wtltJwr.mtms process

el, (4S;)'llmi~!;cel'Se =: a D)i (A8)'~~meut -c (II.

[[Here: ·tbee symbo.~. II I d€' nUl;pit:udlR: of ·Eh.~ qUlaoru.ity imlide 'tbe~bDl.l 1.3, A. bio'lnglca1J. PfiOCfiiSS 8ft 'CcrasE(\ut T ancmp in. wbim.G irnc:n~~s is

A) uellJe8sa.r:uy an' slowF,e!lJlprsjJble .PfQ.c:ess.

G) A\ [J)on:-~poot,ooooUI p~OCesB :[eq,wlin.g exwf.nwl ,ag13-DCY. :D) om.e :run whioo, €IWtJ;10py £If the m1liv-erne decreases,

1.4 Two p]Jm:aes A amd H, imIcJ:inOO :a,t 16()Clto each, ,otbe[ :wJters€ct in ,BI we l:~. An,other p]Jane C O(}>t pM,aJ1el tio II. .intersects ,th,El P~M,~ A mld .8, in Unes, l'J and Is rces:peetiVl.dy. Th,eu.

Il) A. in£! :pe_rpmlmcWl.v toplan(! A malres an 1W!1e: of' 31[1~w],th. a Une p erpen,dicular to


:8) ·the lin~ ll!" 12 and 'concmfiQint.

C) ewry- .line in .A maJms a.n .angle of 1600 wrutb. ,ever, line: in B.

'D'--:'-'!i, .il.lj..,.. ·~I.';'"'''''' 11.-. '1", ''',rid~ ~I .... ·~~;.D in "',n,l;:;,"''''

, . J 11;.1:1,,,, W!l~ '~'i! ~ ._ '" <;II!&I. ,w,., u... . 'DI~" ........ ow ••

1.5, On ~. certainjp.adlf;Ulllentary OOl1llmiUee, 2/3 me:illllberlB are men, O~ the men, ,m/s a;re ffl'DD.

R~b;a Si8bh8.PUrthe.r~ 2'l5,o:f~h€~ot~, oowlfllttoo _membe-f'\~ ,are .from Rwjya Sia,ibha" ' fI!"oot~,fi1nl ,olth,a ·total oommj,ttoo 'members axe \Wlm€.nRomlL,ok Sia.ibma, 7

- - - - - - -

A) 1 C) -f!
il . 2~
B) ~ :1;»), u.
12' 001' 1,,,6 Oon:sid,er 1W eq:nUo,tm:a1 tdamgle ' lel1lth Qi. Ciicw.lar. ,~IQf tooiw.~!, 1Q,/2~~e drilY/n, mom IEl'2!icb of thetlmee 'verti~, The are£!! of th'el' l1egIDan [nrmed, try ·th,etivoo' ares ;a,s

bQondariss (8~lown 01lS, aftad,ed, ,we-tl.inthe' figm:e) is '

A) ~: (2V3 = ~ l.

B) !~ (w-·v!).

C __ · •.. ). ,aP T"

D).' :i!~~ 16

1.'7' or tbefour~[iangWa.r ,shaL\p~ (iw) to (\I'JI ( ~hU!'Vll inaccompMryWl' Bg:lD"e )" 'those whiCh eanbe :rotB;t~d. ,~o eXllcUy EfSemble sb~:pe 0) ~e

(i) A) lunty(ill, lB)1 owy(Hi).


I(ill] I(iv)

C} (ill) ,~dl (hI)., .n} (ii)and (v).

::e:6:::~,a~ ~e : .ep0Mti:, i at r mm of G'D~ 2 Is o IN)~


11L.9 Ob~~ethe givelil, sequmte 0.1 :n1J:mbe~!1 wMob b~ hVCl :missin:g nl]mibf3[s a;t~h~ end,

20 18 1'7 llH, 14 14 U 12 '1?

'Themost appfop:ri81tepm gi:ring th,emi~ing mnmbemm

.A) S, 10. c:) 12" ]:]1.

B) 13~ fJl, D) 9, HiI"

l.10 Ohse:rvethe ,g,iveil1 ~qUe:t1;C8 of numbers, ' ~ing l!utmbels ,at;tlte md .. ,

? ?


A} 50, 6,1. Bil' 434,"1".

C) 4T~ 519.

D) 5:2,15.

1.11 Obsenr.e ·tlm figures of 'Gr'onp 1, Group, 2 and Group, ,3.

- -. 1-:1 (--

GmiiWlP .~ GmiiliP' ... OmlhW~ 3,

Tbe m.oot appropriate figure to reP! e '}JIj qumtion. m~k iJ tthe and o;f' GrolLlp .'1 is

A) Fig(i).

B) Jfi ~ (ij).

C) ,pi,g,(m).

D) :Fig(hr),


r··, 'li.m.l'

A} the Ibig ban. 'thoory oftbe univee e.

B) tbe steooy s;' ate t.b ory oftbe uuhrer;·

C) Ute wlh"twfiary phl\~ ~ of Ute big bi1l'.tlg 'tbeor-y.

D) the static m.iJd.e~ of "the universe iUIo'Ol:vi;ng a nmlt ooBm['ilrigi~. 'MflEbl[ID",.,

1.13, The quark model of matter m. DOW\\f" U established, Accordiro,g to thismodel,

A)a pm!ton oonsists of three fundamental'liO!ustitU! nt6 '(quMks)"Vir':hile an electron i .. ' an ,-l-mentary :parUcl'!3 '!I\ri'th. no :htrtbel' constit,llen~s.

:8:) a proten eonsists D:f I moo qrua.rbj wbi~' 1..11 IsI'edroo consists or a quark ,and, ,811" kl1J.aik pair,

e'l both pro, on WId. Iectron are etem ntory parljcleswit.b :00 fur.' bel' constituenW!.

D, tboth proton and. electron consist of I 11:f1C quarks each, the 'qu8r:u inpro 'on a.l, ' ,P .' . i'th~ c.l'tRfg-d. ''i'lrhUa those in de troo are J:U:gB -ive13r dUlfg d.

A)' 2a5U :mlucl'i:1i. were :lililadetQtilIndergc,issiom by ,MO,W' 'n~lltr()'m!"

H,. neutrons were bombared on earbon nuclei 1"0 produce radioactive ~.' C.

C)I 'two 'tri_itun nuclei were made to Imdel:,go, fusilon llemJlting'in. 4Ef,e.

1.1,5, Chades: DI~~ w.hosebice.u,tenruy i~be~ng oetehra:;ted this yea:r, m Down for miS: theory of e\folhm.'tioll 101£ species 'by fu;i'tunilJ] seleetion, The Sd€H&~8~ ('iOn1rempofliryc'o Dalliwinwho wnde'Pe:l'l!delTtli~t ,RTli\'oo 8:~the S3JITne theory was

A) Th.omw:;MdUILlS.

B) Al&ed "\iVa,[la.ce.

C) Louis P~em.

0) Gu:f;a;v

A) 3 bmUi()n ye.M'S, a;gp. 11) 5, 11'ruUl1omyea:mago.

C) H10lO(]O years ~go.

D) 1,[1,000 yearn ago.

l~l?' Th.I1J' fatmGM H8,ber [~rOOOS5 ofiuvoID'Iocii}g irou 1!lt'3, a C8!tdySt.,w, ~Clrnce:l:n,edwiththe IDIU'IIHf~~tu!re of

A.) ;t!lJm!11.0nl.a.

B) h_ydm,g,eu swphlde,

Ie) l'IJra:rliinm bexaBuoride... D) .lIDYdm"l'.n~hlor:id€ :lridd.

A) gas r:1mJuilJ],uogrmpby"

B }electmtf:l .. p 08itronmmihila;~ion,

C)I struc;twrle ofiJI:s;u~illl ,. 'D) masetB.

:iIl.l.9Eruexsfhlrrouru.aV -.E +.F' = 2: 'I wbereVl,E'l Fare .FMpecUvely ]]~ru:rib~r of' Vm-tic.e5;l edges and faQ~, Oil ~ simillepolyl'itedooll., WM one of 'theeru:ly ba_s:ic Ieswts of

A) Com~iD{tto'r~rn. B:) ~polQgy.


C) Chaos"

n) ,grometry.

1.20 The Unit ,cemtury sci,entrnt \\'00 !.al!;l!:l WO'llth.ellIDoitical fm.mmation. of~h.€!ki)letil(! d~,e()![y of gases was


B) Jam~ Clerk. N[~]l

C) Lord Ke:b~n.

D) AJbert. :Em~t:ei~l.

B) cells :trl:'om a. steIn wie.groW11II. intiMue 'cMtu.r,e tlll,8.,t ,g):01IIr:!'5 into" fu1]-gr,owuphimt.

C) s~em, cellsare t~kenlroDl,an. animal and 'tr,BnSplan~oot,o replMe ~ts defeethre t,wssue.

D) 50mB sp€e!la~ st~emoe1ls ~~ bEing cliscovm,~dtbat GaD rise '~ob(lthiUThimal and. p:lBlut ooUs .e

A) a h~gh ,power b€aJm. of f;'~dia:Ucm.

B) II) oomponmdof :rOOjum.

C) a medium wQ.\feleI1gtb rMio saw:ee. D') .an :~nem't!:a:s.

Tiis Sedlon oon~liins14 qu,u:tiom.

,'br '~SR"M fJ.l :t(ll 2'.J{)~, IO'D1!y OJl.€: 01 thee 4 opt'ioncs ic8 fh~ loornct ansW~r. .A oonu:t ItlmfW€f' 'tYilt' lIOO,m fi ma,ksJ ,g tm'Ong answer ~t eam ( .. 1)i martt and ,an, ~fta,ttemp;~·ed quesKoR lUJif~ iOOlm (J n;r,af'k.

A) (I) Qmld (mIl)! orm]j~r.

B) (MI) ,and. (lIV) 'onEy.

C) (mj find U") only. H) aJlt.i1efolD'cUf'\i'eS,.

:2,,,:2 Let J¥ = ft. '2"3",, . II 9}Md A= {a'l 5~ St 91}. The mwmber of S:ubsel_i!B E: 0:[ Xwmm sa,t~sfytb.e oondiUDiEI, A \ B = '{3,~ s,} is A)zerQ ..

C) 2~;. DJ 2~'.

2:. S; A fair :die .ts·tbJI:o~"D sU~(lessivelyt.\\rice ood.the Bum of UruJ!l 8 tilalt sl10w up is noeed, FiOf: any. gobset T of {:2, 3, 4J • • • ! 12'} l Let .P'(T) deB.o:~€t t~,epfobability that is E l'. T.hesmal1Eit possible size (cOO':dil1an'~y): 10:£ 'T 8ulfl,tnat PI(T) >- i is

A) 4. el' 16.

B:)15. D) "I.

2.4, A :spherical ice ·baH. 1..;; m.e~ting lID. such. a W1lYtha .. t, its Iad,iUS is decf€uing ad; .3" OOlls~a;nt [:ate. '~j':buI:~ showd. b~~he r8lw.'us R 01 the b~l 80 thai~tbe ,[a:~e oj d~eu'e ,of its vo~.lJl:me is numericmI;y eCJ.1iol to, druBl'ote of ooclleasem i·ts surfaoe M18a?

A)R ,=2. C) R = 4w'.

)8,) R =2w. DJ 11. cannot be d.ete:nmnw. wit:h UlI';' hapl of the data,

2.,S A. cillde tOmlcihes a. pa.:rab{!hal ,at ,two disitm.clt: pO'i1;f1i!'i'lS, P Mld IQ'. Till@: rustanoo b@t1N{len t~lweoonitel Df t];m c~c1 ' andUtemidpowl'W,m the cb.Cf[(d PQ

A) Is m, wl1abie q,uantit,y that dlep .ndls on.'ther~diu ,ofh,e circ.le. 'B) i5!l:i1 oonste!t and eqruaJsthe' smmlBJtmsrootllml. lo:fUIDepm::tl1bo~:a. C) ~ a eonstatil:i. MId requ~ the~a~1B rectum 0'£ ,th,e pmab (Ita.

D'~, ~1IJ-' ~ 1,..,. ~ .. ,D1t"'1.' ) ·-'!.III I~' :2 .Jl, ~'~,

2~.'6, Le ABeD be a trap zi,llm in '~~mm ABiBi p,ar"nel,to CD'. FUrUID,e:r AC and B'D lnterseet Ult O. If 'thfl- area of th 'triangrne COD is 110 'cw2, ~1'1~~ of the ' rilliD,!~%O AOB is 40 cm2' ud T deaotes 'Ih ' Mea ,of th 'trapezium ABeD; then

,A,) T 'CamlO't he 'ca[cruat d as ·the de: ,a alie .iinsuf!licient.

8, I T can be ealculaeed bu'~ i' wilrnbal!;fg two. diistmctpWiiliv real wlu, ,

C) 'T' leqtu~h70 ,cm'~.

D) T' ,equ~'lh, '90 em2•


2.'1' Suppose f($) = -x2+b~+1 oo.dy(x) = :t;2 + 2a:+c a:rEHl:uch, "ha't maxi a;) :s :milmg(~) as x varies over ,the' e' ,o,fall :n,mm u~,mb rs. T11El IDesst 'possible' wlue of c is,

A) 0" C) 2.

B') 1.. D)V5.

ax - J'+ ~ ~ [D,
if) + (1;, + ;2:' _. {)1
.'t' + '" +a~ -' '0,
l' bas infimtely It.~y sohmtioms. The set of v$]u$S, of arC(£ 'tbis, to b&p'pen is,

A) {t, ~1}. C) {2- -2J.

Bo) {=11 2}. D" {lH -2}..

oi'II rIIi TL 'I~~" t L. -c . " 1,;,,,,,,,,, idf.i (:r,:l'1I'/2.) •

",>'!' . ne llWl.~'t Qill "(;ne ex,p:OOSSlton. w~_DI (*"(iI1'i1,/2I))::j IS.

A) O. C) ~.

B) 1. D) i

lor x' " OJ, fhr x ;> (]I.

Then J(x) is

A) nat ICon:twuolLlS at o.

B) ooutiDUUW, at 1lI~ but not difii!r,l'flU; bhble' Ullere~

C) dillerecntwabie ,at O~ 'but [UJ·t twice! diffm':euti8.Jble there, D)I 'twW:cei dlilJe:renM,able ~t O.


For [question ,2.1 J to 2.14 moroetban ODe: 0/ fJu~ 4. optiofU rnay: be oof"'roc,t.K~ur [!UlBWer is ~arn,ed Otniliisd o:nly if you cboOSti a1Jtoo oorreet option( s) ,and.o incorrect OJ:!l,t,iO:_O.(IS.). A. co~t a'nswef' w~lle!ll.m 5 'm ar.ksand (i, 'wrofll1 ans,wiC'r 0'1' [~ni 'l.n~attempt6d' que~tio~ M~'~' cam tJw~~r.k'.

2.11L Gonmd" r Ute rUll.coon / ~1R ---4. f( ') = X -sin it, x 'E Ii.

A) The function is, ,SlL[icUy in ':f'e~mg ,1:1 Ie, erypomt ,cmR '~~001P' at z equal to an. odd mul 'ip~e oi 1f wher,e Ith@ dleriv:t.hre of zero and wh rethe func i'n I L nQt stdcdy increasing,

B) The: flilDcUon is bouncfud :m. erwry 'bonnded int~enmJlbl1t naheunded .011 'whole: real. line.

e) The' g;ra;ph of the' fun~i~D 11 - J(x): liM mthe m,st aDd[ thlrd quadranli!, only.

D), Th 'gra.pb orth function y = J(:E euts the line: y =, s: II iWiniely mans points.

2.12 A c.UrmIi&rtaMe :is placed so tha ii' tOiU'l'" two p,erpendimd.lttwaDs., A pomt on. the' "dge of ' he 'a'b:L is, ,a em aW3Iy mOnTI Olll!'wall and ,b, em ,aui'ay from '. h ~ -0 ~ her. II .is required. to :iliud. (Ill - ,oUpooshhle \11\jues of be r,arlJiuB r of Ulle table. Choose" be OOrI'ect sitatem,e:m:t(s) .

A) nu~' daB. is, imn:dicim'lt tiD .find an;y possi ble value of the rflidius.

B) T OODt be found ou: .~m any POSitiVi' rei! ~.ues of' eand b.

C) There win ahviJ; s be two ills ind positive values of 1'. D): If T 'eXists"tben:~.J(J -c T -c hta + Vb) 2 .•.

2.1.3 Let l(n1\~ n) = IfJll X~l(l-l:)!IIdx, for all nOllmnega;tht~ in't-eg}ers 'WI, n,. Then A)[l'(m, ~)I < l~or ~ruI ('m, n) -F (O,JJ).

B) l(mt n) < l(r~ + 1. n - I): for all m 2: Q and ft ?' 1. e) [(2',1) = -t:z'

D) I(m,:n-) is, ill decr,easing ~functi()n of m.

2",14 Let ,R binary ,o~p er:n:'l;;io:n * ib@ d[~fil'll.ed on t,he set C of rom:p~e:x numbers by z '" 'iII = .'1: W for ,aU? 'I r~m, C" The.n

A) ,tbe iopenLtion 11= is, aasociath',· on IC.

B) giwn any 1: in C, 21= n [ the equaUoD. z * W' = 1 is wllQtUruy solvable foil' w in C. G) ~+JW!!qV ~ vf(z+w) >I< (:I:+~.

D) 2{z *' Z + 1iIJ lI"lr) = (:e + w) t (~+ w) + (z- lj))t (z - w).

S··· t'" '!ii' ···.eC',10n .,


'1lbtal 'marb, :(01' Section, :3:: 50

TIA is sedzorn con~ain-8 J.j, t2uesnmUi.

FIo,r que1l~;~(' 3'.1 ttl! 3'. Ul only 'ome lJl ti~ 4: optious: is the OOfTiei!;t an. weT. A COfTe'Ci: ,am wer will ell"," 3 nark. 11 :umv 9' ,anSill r tV'll eu,m (-1) 'mark, ,and an 'Un_att~mpkd gu'" ' ion 'luiU ,oo.nt {} m4f'k.

3.tApby~ical qwmd ,A,,(x is '.~pec. ad. to behave" accorcIDm,g to heervaa A.(a:)- . b+cxr;1 '\I heir,e,b C u. Me unknown 1)0. j'tivc ,constants. hlleasur meuts. are made for A(,3i)foif" ,8 numb r 'Of valuM of ,]i, including X= O. The' b t W,R· tn proceed to verify h ('€.~at:ion modo de, ermine 'n W1,lid c is

')1 t - fin [A(.) - A.)) fur each nieasurem n; • Plot In[A(x)- J\(O)] . In x and, i5t ,La a sl~r,aigbt line. SIO'pe of HIE! line will give nand "'nt [O"pt wiIIl gm."\i'i. IJn c.

B)I itop]O' A(x) vs ,Sl:":~llr 'lifm':i£:l1ll.1 \raJues ,of 11 tUI lille prt a 8t;r,!iI.~gbt line graph" T.hen. ·h slope of be' ~ue gID""reg, c .

..• ) '0 plot A(x} ". ,. EDlplo~he r lation c = A(~\~:~~?)~or some n. . ak the ~wrag, value or c.

D)ooplo ln A(~) _ ln.e, Slope wiU gt1lfn.

3,.2: Consider' wo !!Ii· na ion~: (a.) A eapa.ci1tor of eapacitancr C is char ,00 Qy' battery 0 voltag 't, and tho n Ul IdmcOiDm.l- ted ... (b) The same 'capacitor i cl~HXg,.'d by same hs.t:ery wbicl1l1 Thlow:evef" ... is, kep,' ,(lo11l1'lJeeL d. Nm, in bc)'t~, esses, a thin di le-tFi- 'lab is inserted 1 tween 'he caps. i or p~ es (Earner there was only M_]'). Let U. and Ub d notetheEe '~r stati: en rgw{"~ in the I we ,.' lUljolC ViThich of, ,he fOUtHlting i tru€!';

A) Boti~ U~ and [lb, decrease,

B) Both U; and Vfj, inCX' as. '.

C) rU.. inereeses wblb~ UI), decreases.

D) u; increases whi~, U~ decreases,

,9".3 An wlpolarised mOtlio<Oilromtl'b·- beam of lrugb is in -'d nt on a planarmt,edace oftwn medici, ol'n~fr.8ic Ive index DJM' DJr r peetively; ,. .. an mgle of'incidenc· rio It i5 found tha· '11· r:efJected. beam :m rompl le:Ufy 'pollarisoo .

. From ' his, '''-'~ can eenelude tbat

A) n, > 'ltu and ,. > 45:0.

E,) nu::> Ttl and + ~ ,S"in-i(ndnu).

, ) i = tan-1(nJlnn}. In)i i = tan-1(nu/ni).

3,.4 A radioac ,i\; seurc I. h8l1nug a. hall';..}]fe of five minut as, was havea counthag fa' of 1'20' CClIDlts/se ,at R ' m'taiu poh~ Intime, Fiftee'l1l, minut ·8"811; r this o;bservatit!1IJ 'be oounting m·, e is

.A,)I 1.51[101 oo1l:~l.iIt5/Sl€c. e)1 lij(][lO countl3/sec.

B)I 4000ccmnts/sec. D) 750ootmtslsec.

3.5. Two idelltio-al dn:;Rlliar aUITlent, canying oons :1 and :2

'e'· ~cllli)f tadius R are placed, ,adja~~jl_lY' ,6 '-.' ranee d apart

d' «R),. They carr~ equal IClm',emt1;!S .1 in oppositJ-

s . Let L',b L'2J ,J1'lu!"and lU:lH_egll'tc-, ' he self aDd.


"\Vmch ,(lIthe followmg is at .1eMt apm¥'oxinml ely true?

A) lq = -L2• C) IL1111 = 11!~11·

,8)1 .Af"(2 = -M:u.. D) )1121 > Lit-

,3.18 A C3']J'. _ i or C is, CbM, ,.d 0-;1 a, oonstftD.' 01 ng,e source. Let R 'Ie, tbe ne resistan ·e iathe' 'ohargiQ;g ,circuit. As fJ cha:rg,es~1 'be:re is a ,JuRLd:e hanting lo~ dill'S' to R:,


A} IfR is smalTh!, CUrImt J(t I imth ireuit ls lliug,e leading 00 0. 'lug~ low'~ hea,:tmg


:8,) UR is luge. be clilmgml 'lakes ~cluger ~v,hi!ch mneas lS Ute llet Joub~ lle~til1g loss. C) Jo;td~ b,eatmg loss is, over infuriteperi ed, mid ~;'heref~re in_finite-.

D)' et J'onle ,11e~L'iI1g loss isind.epend1!ttt of R.

S . T' :Fbnowmg is a gr,apn of ve~locity ( ,) versus ~

t.ime () fur a par i le, Cllim, .he eon t IMI'I!-----+---~- ........ , staiteme:nt ,8JI[onl' 'the fol!lowing s: aM'men't.,.

) S'pood a.t P i~ rn:ul'l~etban, a; Q and dlsplaoo]i1:mut at !P is m~,tharn .at Q.

B) Aooelera: iou at IQ is; less ,tb:mrlt'na at P' and dmpilWemeJl1t at q 18 mar thana!


C) With -time! acCo m'a ion a\t P' ii, in reamng Ylfl,i!ie ,:1'isplace:meu is decreasing.

D)I \lV,ith time 8! celerat~on at, Q is inc:r,easing 'whit' dL'iplo aDIent is also incr,e~in_g.

3.,S; "rllllte-f mops of equal sl2e lIlt-e drip~ing' al't a eOOO'Mlt [at@ ,frmu it ,top ,at he.Egbt H.

The 'C(JJlr:e of mess ofh€ll(loluFn____ll!, IOf drop' ata\ 1 ~ven iimitant is loca:ted at a, hffigb.t of

A)I 38/4 'from ,Uu:~ ground. G) H /:2 fr-gm the ,g;fOlmd.

B,) 2H/S, &om tl\J,e ~oWld. D)BI3,frem. 'the' grolllDJdi.

3.9 11':1, II, 18lbota:bor lPoojec [[eli of m,a8S mll ooUid· with 8\ t~gt of mass ffi2 at DBS:, It is Ob,~f1i'ed that ,tlle<f;€! a>r-.ti!I,pr-{)j etHers; hudoom.:t la:r~e I5cattelin~ mgl (> 150~)" JPlo,r 'tbm to happen

A) the :impa.(\lt pmamelr.e:r of m~ mu t be lB1l"Ie!' and m'l -< 'nl2. 13,)1 the impact, fJm:mue~er of ""1 mmr[ be .s.mllH Wid. m~ -e 'm2· '.-) ,'"he impact para met r of mol mus't b ~M~- and m.!l, :> tl'I.'2. D) the impact par,Mnetet' 'Of nll mus be mall and 'finl ;:. m2'

3.l0 A,l;;bm tm~foml tube' in the shap ,of jJfW" OOD~Bhj:. ilJl! 0j!J,I U,qubi.~s rotated about the '[le:tltral ~-e:r:tical oolnoo,[iJJwith. (:,enstam; aoogWu iSpood w.

If the separnt:iUll bll!t~m tw~ ~d1jal;le~lt co]JUn:IlS ts d,t'hen






,A) Ule: liqJ[~d, iu tl1l,e oonttal oolwnn rises a beigbt l(dW)2Ig ;ubm:rethwt of the Olllt,I::'t ,co11llll.Wl:S"

8) IUleJquid. in the {lut"el' oolmrm!Si r~es ~,:h~ig'bt (dt.tJ)'llg a.h~ tha~ of the;r,~~, eolmU'lD.

C)tl1'l~'liq:rnd in ,tbe (Juter lClJlum.m:I:B,rm,m, heh~~t (dw)Z! 12,~above~bat Q~ the ,c~ntraill. cobmm"

D) tJU3 nqmd. ln the c:emItra~ oo]tlmU Irises 8. heigh$ 2'(dW)21gabCiv€ fb,at of the outer' ,column:s:.


RjJ!rq~e~tio'1U :},.11 to:J.14 .mOore 'than one oj' tfte4 optjl)ftS m~y ~eeo~.~t:r~~· ammer is ~'§I,a1d'ed ,OO'n'fct on~yif you, chaoseaJl 'the cor,rect o,pUoo(s" and DO ~noo'fr,ea,:t,oll:t,~o:n,(,~.). A '~Q~~l ~,;~lW W:it'~ e~m ,5 ma,rbl,a,ni a. 1WfO'flj ~Mwe:r or ~ft u,:uliltempted il'U estiaZi. WiUOO1"n: () 7'l\u"ilrk ..

TWOS~DJiso·id&Th ~'ilru¥es.1 whgse dJi:s:pjRCelOOnrlts~e' gi ~ll by i'l .~ A~ln (2n VI t - kl~) 3IIDid U2= AsiD(2";r~:t - ,k.:i!x)" ail'B sm~ul"t.Mif3C1us:m.y p::I.'~ent .in 1\ m.edh.lm.. Glven thalt 1I1= ~U}D Hz. 112 = 200 Hz, 1\1 = '~~ 'm-! cm.d k'2 = 4; ro-11 am obsen'!iffi'~oc:&t€d etU1ieo:riglD fh~ds

A " aUm'oomsw'ty nuaoo:mn;um ait 'f: = 0 aad ml .intsmo;;;i'ty L!IlbdwllI.mat it- .. t. s 81& 'th~.

) '!! .. I~


B) mt,eeity mimma~t t := ~ IS and at .~. = :2~' S at tb,e orig,iJl" G) 'Ute sp eed iQfthe \va,~s: in ,the mEmum ~s 30()i 'm. a-t ..

IDJiJIUme maxinnun inbe'lm.ty 8.' It he orwgID,n is, :~ 'tlmC1, the mBlxbIWlmD mt'Bll.mty due to ~tdl 'Wit~ i~ Ulie ~b~~»(le (Jfth~ Qth~r.

3.1.2 In ,M, a-deeorr cI' 8., nucleus !of A=:!OO Sl"t r,oo~ m.tbe labor,nltozy~ the 'Q~W1UB is; ,5 MeV, Cho()SetJle ,carooct sta;terne:D't (:a;) •

.1'\.)1 '' Oil! 'Sro,sHe \\'1l;ve]~n.sth:R of U'nIe em:itted aparUde and OrUlla' reC:J:JI~l nueiens ,Me' ,tlqnal.

19 Tbe ki.n~Uc ~~I'IY ,oithe' (F pMticle' and tl'ler'OOoU nueleus (aJS :l500U inthe laboratory]1 e.r,e~ IlMllJ,1' ,equa.'t

C) Th@kilnot~.c eneI",~y Qf t.hea pa;rtide' i.sapl).l·mcim.8Jte~y 4.'9 Me.v.

D) The de Eb:ogfie'wBvele:1liIgd~, of 'the ,ll1pmicle .1s ,Rpp'roxim!l:te1y lA,

,3.J1,:3, A c1J:bi.caJ ~eg;iiQ]]j '(sjdes o:~:2 umt~)rnIhGl1l!n:ui.Gd

bf~be' sbi:. 5UIEact'.'3,; ,x = .±l,. Y - ±l,l ~ ±1l1 whicll 'ticgetlliler ,cunstitute a elosed SlI.ttfOlllE' S. It is faUIID,dlUul't tu__e .net elootrostwtIcBux tlr:lf.Gugb 13.., 'IS = O. The 'v,cdume oftbe eube w~ divided, :~nto 4: eqnal r'8<,giomli:

0,) (]I -c ,tt -c 1 ~ 0 <ti' < l~ - ~ <~ < 1,

eU)' -l<~< °10 <: Y <: 11 ~:~ <: z « lj (UM) -1 <: ;}; <: fJ~ -]l <: 11 < (]I -1 -c .Z <: 1; Bud.

(IV) 0< ~ -c 1. -I < y -c o, -1 -c z -< 1.

'[t is fa' t1aa:t ~'(bI[[ 'fI:. :Iilu I.l\~~ can. !(lCi~dudtba:t

Ii) th~e ue:lD.ochm~, ~nywhef\e in 81 sJH'ce .s = O.

B) ~t, illea.9t lane of th~ F',glU1::l.f:! I Ellud U blJlve c1:Nn:,g~;pf,eOOJ1t ..

C) ilt ~~ust one of 'im ,w:ui4)'rv is nOm),-zem.

D) ! ~:m 1 + ~ >ilb:1 rn ~ +- 1.]"[:1' ~ + ~'tP.J:ll,r ~ :> 0,

3,,14 A eeetain dI;a.b:m1Lic' ga!S lU1S the 8:fl'1:m.e specific beat.s as ~r1I.!!! gllS hu~, a. sUghtl~t diW'eren ' (rlila;t~Q]] at !!ltll'te: ,PV = R (T +aT2), lJI]= OAlOl :}<:....:1.. 11t.el2empe:[',a~liI:m:' of tiruBg'fWii' IDs ra.i:Eed '&mnl'i = aOIJ l{to T':ll! g(Jt cousphun IJr~SMe. Ttl is .rotmd ·tb,M "Wtiiil:k done ,D'D Ute gMm 10% mr;her UUtD, wba i would be' on am, ideal gao;; .. CboQ5e! 'Ule! ICG'UJ!!ct st;ate::Qleot (s j .

A) T~! = '.lOU K, internal n.ergy ino;~ues by 2.30R per mole. 8) T2: = 40;1) x, ~nte:rnal energy ineeeases by ,350R ,p~r mole, C) Thea;[ :hea ,. ,absorbed m 'Lhe~n[ice:$Sls 4",~Olil permole,


D) T.bta.!: be~~,absorbedmMleffi1lf1)~ :is 5,2JO.R p,er nulle ..


SeetioD, 4, 'Clfu.emistry

T,o:ta~ Mar.1m 'for ledi:oD, 4: sn

,F():l'q~feB<lion;s, iI .. 1 to 4~ 10, ollill.)" IDe t]fl/j~ /rmr (}Pli',~,s is ,'f~'(J ro:rn~ct ,'U~81Vt'lr; .A ,oorrecl'

tTl.v; ..... · ... 'i'Oiitl eaat"ti' J .: ' ,i.llU··r.,.,., ... '"'.1""''''0'' ... "" -",f .• no· w""~ .... "' /: l) .-~~~-~~ -;-~._,ji. ~. - . ---.n. ... ," .~~

...... ',".'''''' ._ '._. __ ,_ . __ ' .'1'!H. ' .. ' ' __ '''''''',\5. ,.. .. !.Y, •. ~ .... " __ ,i~~ ."" '1'"4: ,marl'\:~ U,l~(Cj: ffl,~ "1~1,~~~?~.~,e~

,q~e.Ji'lion witl ,ean~ {} ,~,I'ark.


A) hOlllOillliW:S,

B) ,djuterel)Mets,

C) 'mImlil:iO:ml,eJ$.

D~, geo.~mcal '~somers"

4,,:1 UonoC:hlorinaticij) ofM.etylcyelopen,tane 'by ,cldortasc, in tile prelSienoo 'llIfUghit: at low~e:mp~m,mm~ gi~es m:fl:j'tlrpm!lliilct as



l( .. -



. ~


'i' ,~

A) 4";~eXJe~~3'''ODl!i. D) 2~hex.e:lU,>4~.oile.,

C) 3';~e,X!e:ntHle.

D") h9:.,-3~@\n4-e~!e~

>!L'II,1I!.1IQ'_ n,n_:l!

C) NOl!;" D}NO.l

4.5, A1uminum,~s;~tract:ed lily 1~~ecl1llQl~ls tmmBau)[i1e and, ~:s, 'p1:00ess; Js b01W1li as Ha1.~,-M!eocul..dt, In ttis extmcm:iD,it~s adVatrlaigcDM, to use ,I miltMr,e Oii' 'balS:~~e ,(AJ20],.2,Qll,O) wd,Na'3AfFiIJ. The, .iinthi8!if.j,idi'!1m.~S'


. A) ltD mc:r,eue~ mehiD,!lpomf, of'tbe mixrJil!R~

B) I~G ~RI:pmovli!!'eltQtricallcDI!D!d1!Jcti~:tyo:ftlrt6 >CJe~t

C) ~'OI fionved Ib!atl~rn!t\e £11:1)0 :!IJ~um~nium miU.Qlid:e.

D) to' mulch. m~ ,8!~WJi],inUDlloQn~l~ni: 'of~e(lre.

,!I.' 'l'b,e mem:1 men w~oS!e, bydm!lied .fo.m'I, wwU be Ihn,ost colcude:sl3isi

A) ci+ IC}Mnllo-

BI)I 'Na1'tD) CiJl~"

4.' p"o.r an ldea1l?ias~nde~mg i;sG~e.~. expamsio:n. (E: ,m~, en~J'g1~ S:; cnrm"" A) ,AE ~"CltI ~'S,>O.,C) AI "'" IO~.aS=O.

4.81 T~,e: .wxtwe I@f tile Slol!utllomi itMtwln bmd ill! f~mla!tmQn olf Cal":2 P[ec;i,Pi.tat:e is,


(se:l1l1,mily '!proottc~ Oif 'Caf:!."'" '4J(MJ~~ !)

A) 1[10 mL 0;f2~O .>1 H]14. M Cu.1'F ~S,m:iMIOO w~. ] CUl' mL ('If 2JJI )( 1~r4 Mr" Bi) SCl'mJL olf .a~D )( m 0-'" M Call"'is;mix.ied with ]O~l' mL of 2.,0 )!; lO'~ ,~. M :F". C) :1 OOmL of2J) )( :~. O...'! M C' mi~X!oo: wii&SO!mLof 1 .. 0, ~: 1 (r"'*MP- .

D',' ~II'II(II, - ,-'iii' (~f: ""_""I x 1,'oI'lI~::!·'.iIf "...._1 ... :,~ ,-;; ,-_~.,.' ... ",; ...... 1- 0"0' ,---o'L' (; ,~,~ ~I .:.!: .~ ~-~ ~.~ '1':'""' 1 w.""ij!M~ 0" ":'.!IlI ,.!!JI IV.!! '!...!J""(:!i .mDl,~.",.I!.Y~_m_ f1I!~: Y.!>I "UJ l'l':1!.I".,


4,,9 COJ:lsid~er .~~soo:U~f>eacbDn. ,~i: eqtlUi,hlillOO; H2 ,(:S) .... :~2 I(S)~' 2. m (g).. The fbn~wirilg Ii~_re' ,c,mwmt:i.'!,1\e~1 :imd~mItes: Ipr,essmce fr()lr 'tiles,e gases at l6qjuiml:1milllD 'in a ,c!l~$limer.



·.:=l'~me =t


"fo' tllis 'eqruhll1iurm Sc,s'~m~ a~ lime[~ ,.~£fam~(g) ~Sj added. T.mru,e set. ,()f curv,es.tJud ,Ipp.w,dateil:y .mWeatesdterroo:p0l:l:le c'!fti!es,ys~em kI 'the :aibl,)t'v~ :si'iuadO:!1I . Is


p 11i--_·:::,.;oL_.....!11 -




I~~I"J~. ~,..I!f'..



I~_:=h~~ .



A)I [H.J:Ol ~ ~O~' B:)lpH=8

C) I[OBll: lr 0) I[B~O*], = lO"'~


Fop q~leslion'S 4. U ti'J1 4. }'4i InQI('e(bam one af l/~e jiJur ,fJP:U()'n.;Y mCllY be fio;ut' a'l8~ver ,~' rego'ffled' loon~~' ~~ly If yOU! ,Cb!QtliSlil :8IJ11I11e '~Olf;',r,ed ~p'l~llJ,g($)' ($~d n~, oog~{n:"r,. IOptliO:U's). ,.41, tm~eclcU~.Sc~'V~r w,ill earn $' nWJ','ks;, (Jluj i1 w,i!'l(m~,g ,fI~,f,~,~' GW t1'n

Ullot'lC,mp'lie(/ q~~'~.rJo!J,!' wi~llJa.rr~ ,0 m~r:k. .


LII J""~;' .1ilI't I:~:~J



. ' CH~~


(~ili'l' HNOy~i!.so'~,

, ,

C ~N~OOC~1 CHJ , l

("''V)l'~ OH H~O

II •. iI "~ ,2

f ~.'J

I®-... tINo:.:,SO" 0 NI\.:

C~]I' . '.' (:H,~,

N N~;


iNH ..

• CJil.


x*Jl~,~.m~Ia.mlme:{,X)1 can be p'lIt,paredi mom ,M -.d. N via, FO'I!I.te-1: I a.m1 II. respootffiveity. S®eps (O~:o (vi) &it iWl!i'omved. inl:litese 'ro~t~, Ooose 'lie oomoct ~t1tem,~n~(s)1 C.or thi IIDbov~ :!l,c,lu.ueB"

A)I $te,ps (H) :md. (il1)iIn mute is])€: pilioleetio.m: ..,ecti,on S(.e,ps. B) ,Enl mum I" :St. (li) and (iii.), can. no~ be :interehl!JJ:lg,~d.

C)Iml: [i(!Iut0 ,n:. 8~~p (vi] ,c3I!flI,be c~rned. out ~3;!lUJ (~'rru N. :D)N~Cmd'~n '!lfM wmgj.v'e ,2.S"dlinitrot'tl,t~~ID:~.

41.~,2Chco!5)e tb~GClnec1:SmJeme,l'[~, [ioirLile seri!uBHJ, ctt., NH] Imd, H20.

A)18rons:rerl. a.cicWiry ~m~ooases [Kim. left :~OoF:i:!~t

B) The! c;e..:n:!ll!11 armm in ea:cih,molecuffi.e cmJ,t:tillrvem'wdmum. of' ,8 ,e:~eC:Im., :bl!. its valencesh~U.

C) pK.8 v.a~~e:s; d:ecreMle :lim)'l,fiiGffiTIi~ '~~) me:A., D} LewiSRlJ~d~~,W' :fmRl ,I~:ft :liO,nlllirut

P'.E I T

'Cheo~lethe COlli:ld :stateme:lll{s) ,for Illie aborve sys:te:m. •

.Al' COnYeR"mon, air p! ~ Rils mJle ra.te ,dete:rmJim1!ljg s;lep ef th:~ Oi\l",emU [,e:aelroliDl. ,8) S .bui,cllI,ttspre,semruoe o:f a:1,klJtlUD.~dia,te.

C) ErD!trnlipy (!If tlte :reac:tioH '~l:! l'livenby Z, + X.,

D) The reac:tiolllI?' =d) 1" i:Sail e~d!o~eml~c .reaction.

4,.14 AS'cliwemati.c; diaJgJi:ll1mI Qf,-crrt\aie. esll :IU 25GC~s. sbawD ba~llw I(A1IDwe ms!&s ofCr·~ S2 1iJld ~~; of.Ag: '''''i~'Oll

Cheese ~e OOfl!'CC~ is'tatement(s) for the albo~esyste:m,

.A): Ib,(lj 'pc.udl~,e! ions in ItmesObJtioD,w.rU Bljwa.'temwa:r& .Ag '-aU c!eU.

B) Vlhmt'WtQmo,~,es of clecWro.~s Me p;I's8edi,ifumu:gjh, 1I:,e S£l,t~rttiO~ t1inle Cw: ,e~,oouode w~1iIIo:Sieiltsma$sbYQIi:u:t~~ 35 g,

C) If~looi(!;emua~ly s!O,:~idN,mlS nllUS, m~iji AI"" elootrodJe' ,and l1al"bidl~ty is :Dbsewed in ,silv,e:!" bi;llfcelt 'tb:e~m ~p(l,t~ltd.wm di~ooe.l~e"

D) The: snv~re:[6crtmd!cw:il]1 show :mcRaS~ :m .• 8ISS,.

'0:1"' Q.u:e8Iimm 5.1 to J. UJ ,o'nly 'OD!e of me.'4option'S i's tAe: 'C€),",e;C'I(1.~mue~. A! CQFr1'f!>CJ answer' ~rilr earn! 3' mQ"k;~ ~ W'iQ~g Qn~e1" 'wJili 6Qn:l! (~.l)mQrlt ,aMi Q',", wUJ.tll!mp,red q~Ullan ',ll eanti f) '~'I!.Q'r~

5.1. 'Tbr hae1:eri~E~.cherit;:hia' co'li hail a :lingle IcimUID!f DNA as its gmOla,c dIlil.ilt has 4 x ut"b;,. HOr\\, 'many jmo~s IDfDN~A, ,are preSel1 in , &[r:hm:~iiQ cs,U ~d1?

A) • mole.

D) 6,.O~3 X;, HY) mll~~.

C-, OC, "'1'5' ']'0' -tJ, -c ,1'-i ,', I..o:.,~ ,x ,_, _ m,o,LIi}S.

D)[ l .66 x m .0-'1 ' mo~es,.

5:.2.. ,&du'[iu ,coli cells we:re groWD for man,:y gmerntionsi m, ~~Cl as: sote mtrogen souro~. 8[ubs q,uendYl,~ese oollls were ,gm;v{ll, exactly fur '[OW" ~tiOIlS, W moedtow [~o~mIDi~e I4-N~rCl. 'Jl\Ie DNA bm. these 'Cie.llls were iSQlated and, se C - ted. If nN,t~S:N're1i'lfJgelJbl; Ilhe I~·~' --"dls [of DNA WIIiI:ere ooth s:i:-nds: ,- '!..,.ow

sepam-a .,-lI"'------- ~,nu !lh.l,w", .. y!w.~ ua

heavy :Mwog~n;, 1~/I!lN as iR~,emtmia:le ,D'NA.; ,e, l4Nil4N ml, DNA con'tainirnl light niih:-o'gen., ,t!li~ ranos for hClny., mte..nllll~dlaJtie; !ight. DN~ (Iespecdvely would 'be

A) 1.:0.:7 ell 0:1:7
B,) l:b6 0) CNI;O 5.3~, The: Darw:iimmfilm,§s 'emil. b _' e,stitRlatedl by

I' (A)I documentiJlg: how tOD,g' diJf"mieD' indh,rjd!Jllllis in s, populiattoD Sllli'V.i,w.

(8) counting the :number IOf ,offspriPgs 'produ-oed by dift'me:nt indi'!lidlum in. ,Ii population.,

ole) detl0mJimJing w[lWili~ndliv:idlml8[~a,¥e mSe sizem a poptmlatron. (D) 'Mlmrmit'IDma: w,hieh p'henro:uype is ·Itle: must 'OOMIllOIll, 'OfIlC1 m. a,mve:n

ifV!Im II~"'''''''' - _ ,11'-"',Ii".~_g.Y..,n.

(A), Specllltrn:ffiO:ll O~tml ,ex,tremcl,Y mpidIJy. :.d [des,'Oe:Rde.n.t pOJIuuti,ons are 'oonfm.ed '~D ,1ft! small ,goo"graphicftil. area,

(8) Asm;l.e 1:ineage dliVCfS,Wes :rapidly~[ [and descendent p0jpnlations occupy 'IIDmJ". h-''''·ta-

-'--,--'1." g]1li1_JII4li.

(e), Na;hJm1 s.e.l,ec~ion. il p.micruIDmdy tlloonse sim:c!lI dlismptive Sie.~eeti.on eeesrs .. (D) Spee1;.s :~Over [~fter Ii lilais ,e::lIl.tinction.


:S\.5.Wbtcb ~Jf the fe,:n(!lw:iEig ,gFap!!ils: oo:m:cidy demJiats, :tlhlerate of fie~pimiliJ)n eif' anoft;-

biben:u!litin:e;: :mmmmBl. 11i,Y-G .ib. oo1.d, oliroate:? - -


; II

~ln (II Ull ][11

Air~6lf.1pe;mtue o,e

5.6, Wbat. wil. be Ike dfiu:t ,ej ood C4 p~-ms, i1IJ ,1mJ ,env.utOIlimeDt ~fi!v:b,s: 'lS% o:xY;,n(?

(A) lRa;te:ofpho,tDSYDiIh§~s, o£'lKItb 'me P~Hts will. be reduooo. 1(18,) Rate ofphot:o,spllhilSlS, ,of o:nl;y :t&:e :Cf(l,LamI wwU .mcllease. , iCC) Ra,le IlJ!,f.photiGs,p~s, ,ef only lthe: CJ,P,bmtwiUinQease. leD) Rau: Ofp~OtoiSYml!.ni5i ,()fTbQ~ :d't~, ,~.~ wil m~.

s.". I;ela,li~e :amOIUl19, (mo.Wc %) ofl!!!i~tfo:a!ll'lOUiSbases .in 0 g:enoDHc :DNAsampJ,~ a:ri~ as, :m,~I,G'Ws:

A~ 24.1 G~ 24·JT; .32,.1 c: ]8.:5

A) V[rnS"

B) .Bacteri1llllll~

C)I y:~~.

D) S,aJlllon s,mJerm~

S.8. D i 1i!i'ydmK"lceton~ p.~,ospm.[e. mnd ,gl:yl:l~[(illd,e1tyde ~J-pbag-p~a;~e ·aM ~evers;ib~y b:l;~e:l'OCln\(enilbl!e.

IA "". nlW !'l12·_",. -y~

ill 0'=0 ~I


I "",:==!~. Hll-C -·C:FI

.. (Ji

I n




1111 H~-.C -rO-r-OH


Tfuej enzyme tlJ!~t ~ala]yZ'es tIw above, .react~Dn i~ .A) .Al,do~.ase: ..


C) fllcspho .gffi.yccflOkm"5e . .D)P.'hos,pmo gWyce;.lioU1iUl.tarsie.

5\.'9.. :Du:ring m:~u!tboHc: [prooess [be !rnl~o of Ii1illJlllber (lI,r Diet ATP :.ol~l.l~e.s produced

ru.."' ..... I":>"' ...... ~''''''',,]. ",0;0,4 ·~·:.·>:"""h' "'n~":"''F'' 'I\",ii' """'''':11<. '''''''i'O'J'''''''~''' ,c"Ii".o·I""",,,,,,,,, """I'I''''''''''''~''' ;'" 1~'W,i'n ~'W,u "".J '1!'1i.J'~U j IUl.IIJ.IjU .U.uJL!IWI'!I.!: - ,u . .Jj:I,,=·IJLI,lL,i!\u. ~1u\1I! ~j;~ .... ,~I, .~,1iIJ"'L .. ~~,U_~'!i!J' "":r.L~ . .o1J~'I!'~a ~ 'I!oI-"'bi!I' • 41;.L~·~~ ~ ,~~I

A) :W ~8, e), IJ.
13,) 0:] D) '~!18 5.~O'. MitOC~OmlM3J .a;retibe sU:ecs of o:d.da'tivephosphmyla(j'OlI1 and e1e:e!!t~'fi 'traIITlSpOFit.

RenDe., rb,ey Mekl'U;0V!111 as itt:l,~ !p~o'wemGuse of LtIe, (leU. s.e~ec;t~he CO:r:RlQit :!lt~J:I~!W!!~:!l~ ,ab[lulil:b~!J or:ga:Il~lli1~s ..

A) T~~y S_!fie pr~I~J:1I[ in. 'aU pm':~ot~c~~d ~l!Lbryo'~~c or~n~~rns. ]3,) They are p:r~~n~ oillll.,im :nal'il)bic lu'O.kml)"C!:rues .dlaU ewaryoims.

C'l~ -.'V. - ~iC '-res,etlt I. al]'l~v]n - c -] II - e'M! ~e:nr ''';'''''''-es

I .WiilI(\i,l ~-!:it --.--- .. ll--- _, __ ·I_edi ~_I'" '~"",~:l!._.

D} 1'be~' ,Ife p,ro:s;e;nt o~lJ in '~u.k:uyQ·~;"s ..

For g,ue· ti,fJ.~ S.ll to 5 • .J 4 .mOl"e one of the 4 aptiami I1my beeorree« ,f;'a't.F tlnsn~r .ill rl~g~ltid,t!~1 COI7(!C.l (JRJ~V if ,'O'D I~holse ,all th,le eo:riltetlt optblIiU(S,)' ,~md .DO 'i 1iIC!ll'irm opf1t1FD.~S). A correct ,ami'\' 'IJ'- 'LtJi/t 1t!(Jr:1I' 5 111:(;100, and Q' wt:ong WMr11)'er ,or ~m ,!'t1f6lt'U:1nl'iJf!d ;rJu~/itm 'w,it/ e.anJ 0: nftu'k"


,5~'~ I. The fu Uow:ingvapb, depleta tbe ,effe~t Qr temp,e:mtlJ'fl• IDiIl the nc:tivru~:y of tllfin\Vo enzymes, A ,atld H, 'thnt caudyzc the same reaC:liolli.

C~~D(lSe tm:. C(lUQct ,iita:tlem.~l1t(s) folD: these r===~----~~~--===-"""""'I (i~u[ts .

.A) TI,~ nU1e o,f fenc11n:n i u each 'case: increases with increase hili u~mpemmIe and declines ar~ higher tempem.tures due '~(!J' dm.al1l'mtlOii'W 'of 'lJile ·i:lIiJi:illymil:U;l •.

.10, ,B:am.t;he enzymes, A and. B a(i·· 1l1:e:ooollJlbil.e.

C) At bigher tempe:mfUre'-. :dlSfeac'tants become hISl'lilll.y ell,e(~cdMl.dI fillm ~i)1 ~1i1I~:emet with th~ activ€!: iSi~e.j, 'Ih~s; dOOFeii?lsiing. the rate: of RacU...on.

:;;,112. Mutations in N(J.I!tmspo~~1; v. ere generated and screened to fwd OII.:Ilt if ~Olllil!e antirno ,acid 'were :mqu.~ed ItO suppo.rt ttleir ,growth.· oUOWtQ! [.able depi,cts. the resu]ts 'of scr,eenmJ! of tluee !Such m.uta.:~ts, (M!;I,t I. 2, Il!Ili1;d 1) [nat mapped to [tbree genes genes. I 2: and! 3,,!I'espc:cti.\rely):

MUrltant lV..:~

+ ,A1tGlN~ 111(1lli1m:'gi:ml'le

no onlli(h~ne + ORNI1'~

Genii j

A) .AU 'the three g,{}nes code fer e:11ZJm!es 'irr.JJ a. paEhl!l,"~Y 'res:po:lls~bl0 fOf sYflm:hsi of arginine,

BI) F,of '[lIe synlthssi:s OIf a ginine. lO,mw'mlne ,ind c'ibullline CliIi@ 'the intefm,ediat~.

C) Gene l r'Q:li ani emYluclhai:. c-3J~;~dyzes, cOml'er~~on of e.i~mmneto rugwnine.

D') Gene ~ codes :WIf Wl 1!:'.llZyme lJba~, catilllyzesliumation o:r 0 flilii thine 'from a.preC!Jf3ilr;,

:5.,I3~,H'aemgtobm and Mytlst~D~, am protein mo,leCJ;jts 'lJlaJ~ can bi~iU;iI. ~6 ro;)[me!i1.

RaeM,ogl(llbin. 1 • the sra,pk is ::fto~1 [.I]ami!JJ - :~ lmootmm, ,Ilhtimg ~ij h(gbal:ti~tude: aiild,~ae'm{),gWf)bln :2bel.ongs tob~mrul. C.ltoo:S1e$e:CI1R'ec'~m'tfiP.retaJtill.l(S:) of th~ gr.a,h.

A) MY(!I:globin, ~s a be~w: II'leseNo.i.rohlx~en 0 iBes:pGctiv'e: ofll.e o:x,y~gnreMion In (Qet tlSS!le',

Bo). U~der .~educedolx;y!,enp,~ssm~~, lmemClllo:bin.ism.ofC 'efBe~ent in iS11"p,~,y:mg e'xyg;ell to' th61 tiss:1.:J.eS.

C) H'lulman, .. ba,emaglobm Wn~.nfWer become m~~y sa:IDm-a:le{l w~m ,o:x)1lelJil,~lIt bigh ,alItimdes"

D) lJama.hJe:mc,&dobin MS a, .bigh\,:f a'ffinj~ for 'o:xy:ge:l!I!~b:a1J! human,

.'-'~~~, H~e]liIl,osl~b.,:I

""'IF~~ ·H-· .. , ... """,:l ... fI.;,-:,. , .F"!I ,_ L 'Y'1!ijiiJ.i.IIWj.u.:Br1'~!U\llIllJjJ ._l

o :00

pOl (miD, O;d

5.1,4. I.~~pemD is an, mdUcibl~e lopeMIii!JIFh.3!! ~ym;.es~e~p-g~,~c:tosid!ase:, !Mle~e HS'O:D_sib~,e :[@ifi'breakdo:WD. Onllcw®eimto !?)~lae{llse ad. gE!coSJe. 'l;sopmJlylltmlOl galact.or 'p,mnO\side '(EPT6), Is ~B!, :struc;l'I!ra1; ~aM!logu:6IO:r laetose dais!! a1JS0 :i1itduce.s l~e'lqc---OiPem:fI_,~M!m w~ CWEO~ beb(['OUn, do'lm b, p~ga,hllc!tQ,gi.da;e.l'be ki~ed,ci!!:of adw.~ado.noli ]:a{;tm;eMdi. WilD H~ sh.owm,beJ.orw.

Allliiou:liitof ~e:I1I~chmdlM'e


It'. The: IdIrn·ft'e[ ·"tm...l.,.er"c~' "'c ,-1.:11 be ~ ~ ~ - 1 •• .,i~·!Ii. • 1jll!l'I'~ '~,R -,'"1- __ , .. 1'I ..... ~.;I " I

_ -l~ -- ~ - -~ -~ - ~ - ~L ~.JJ~~ "'~U_ i.!! '"' ~ 1!;I!:ooai,._e me IE, , !!,J1 ,_5 l!lJelMl. IiUl,U.l~ ,m.

v,Sty hi;gh loo:~oeDlnrti;01i]j whereas :130[0. :lSlulJded iD li.lWilIl:oog, C):IDm:rnlty'.

lB) Saee t~~e~6Sf; is ~I~SOI the ~mbs[mte .for p .. gaJae~osw_ei~ 'me fJ.. galac-1osi~elthat. 'ism.dl!Jc~d d~gmdes .~;a.elOs·e.. Oo.!Ill!ie:q'i.l{m~lJ~, rlhe Ciln.ormtmtlom ~fla~to{!e decweasesand heImclle d~[me in 'Che indJu:cuol. ()f t.a~-{)~efOn,

C) SinOB' .• 110 is~n.o1 :aJ :subsmat~: f'O:!' p'""'ga~actoiS~das'e!1 itsoo:ncentra.tilllilll I-.~-~' i51ijj!!i~!I!maffoo~,OOI bv.' !tmme~-i~:/1leilIDIle: ,,,,,Il" ~..,.""C:-'le c. 'I.e mer:-Hli:IiiI·lU. _ fibe

[~ ~ ~if -~-_ pJ'le~~~ "', e,_.y.mH_ •. O_~~_Qi ~IIi-!i",. __ '-

opeml1i~s, oonlmuoWi~Y .moll.!!coo.

D~ tact{l~eb:ind:s 'NJo the 1iep~OOf' 'lmnSient\11)'~. WBtUe;as IP'T,Ob.ds: ,pefmlm!e~t~.y.