This will be the order of the reporting: A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.

Strategies for improving memory Ivan Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning Burrhus Frederick Skinner’s Operant Conditioning Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory Carl Jung’s Analytic Theory Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology Gordon Allport’s Trait Theory Carl Roger’s Actualizing Tendency Filipino Psychology

Groups B to I: I. Short biography of theorist II. Foci of the theory

Guidelines for PSY 1 Group Report
All students are responsible in researching their given topics after the class has been divided into groups. Each group is required to submit the following: a. Comprehensive report about the given topic (submission date for ALL groups: August 18, 2010) Paper: short bond paper Margin: 1” on all sides Font: Arial 11, 1.5 spacing *On the first page, type your topic and names of members of the group *Comprehensive written report starts on the second page. Include graphs, figures and pictures if necessary. Report is in paragraph form unless bullets are needed. *References on the last page (APA format) *Neatly stapled, inserted in short brown envelope *On upper left hand corner of brown envelope, indicate your section and your topic b. Hard copy of the PowerPoint presentation (submission date: day of reporting) (6 slides per page) c. Labeled CD of the presentation (submission date: day of reporting) (only 1 presentation for the whole group) Presentation: 1. All students are required to present an oral report. 2. All members must be familiar with each subtopic discussed by the group. Individual grades will be based on the oral report. Group grade will be based on the comprehensive written report and compliance with the requirements.

Strategies for Improving Memory

MIGUEL, Marian M. MIGUEL, Marian M. MIGUEL, Marian M. 1H1 College of Tourism and Hospitality Management


1H1 Strategies for improving memory

First page



File name for written report: section_topic.doc File name for PPT presentation: section_topic.ppt

1H1_Strategies for improving memory.doc 1H1_Strategies for improving memory.ppt

If you are able to understand your paper and you think that your classmates will be able to grasp what you are trying to explain, then you have made a decent report.

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