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Rabe, Kent Edve Neil T.


Spheres of Influence Divide China

Sphere of Influence
>>> A piece of territory in which a foreign nation enjoyed exclusive rights to
exploit resources and trade. In more extreme cases, a country within the "sphere of
influence" of another more powerful country may become a subsidiary of that state
and serve in effect as a satellite state or de facto colony. The system of spheres of
influence by which powerful nations intervene in the affairs of others continues to
the present day. It is often analyzed in terms of superpowers, great powers, and/or
middle powers.

Countries with Sphere of Influence to other countries

• Russia acquired Manchuria as its sphere of influence
• France acquired Kwangsi, Kwantung, Yunnan, island of Hainan
• Germany acquired the Shantung province
• Britain acquired the Yangtze Valley
• Western countries acquired China

On Sept. 6, 1899, US secretary of State John Hay proposed the “Open Door
Policy”, a state of foreign affairs in which all countries have equal business
opportunities and access to any Chinese port open to trade.