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NURSING CARE PLAN Name of Patient: _________________________________ Patient’s Health Profile: ________________________________________________________________ Age: _______ Sex: _________

____________________________________________________________________________________ Occupation: _____________________________________ Initial Complaint:______________________________________________________________________ Date of Admission: ________________________________ Diagnosis: ___________________________________________________________________________ Status: _____________ Religion: _____________________ Needs/Nsg Dx/ Cues I. Physiologic need II. Ineffective breastfeed ing r/t flat nipples s-“wa pa lagi nakatotoy akong anak. Flat mn gud ang ako nipple wala siyay masupsupan” as verbalized by the patient. Scientific Analysis Ineffective breastfeeding is the state in which a mother, infant, or child experiences or at risk on experiencing dissatisfaction or difficulty with breast feeding process. flat nipple is a nipple that cannot be compressed outward, does not protrude or become erect when stimulated or cold. That’s why it becomes a problem when breastfeeding because the baby cannot latch-on and obtain milk. Objectives After 6 hours of nurse-client intervention the patient will be able to: Nursing Interventions Rationale Evaluation

1. Teach and
help the patient, with her husband, on drawing out her flat nipple with the use of breast pump. 2. Teach mother breastfeeding techniques A. Demonstrate to mother how to hold infant B. Teach mother correct latch on techniques. C. discuss to the mother and father the baby cues

a. The flat nipple will protrude.

Using breast pump can facilitate in erection of the nipple. Different feeding positions will prepare the client on breastfeeding. Proper holding of the baby reduces accidents and injuries. Correct positioning and technique for latching on can prevent nipple soreness and allow the baby to obtain enough milk alert Knowledge on

Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet, Nuring Diagnosis: application o- nipple is flat. A to clinical practice, United big syringe, w/o States of America, J.B. the hub (serves Lippincott Company, Twelfth as breast pump), Edition, 2007,pages 99-102
was used to protrude or erect the nipple but still it will collapse. -baby has not /pregnancy/glossary.htm

b. Patient can breastfeed her baby properly. c. Knows the different latch-on technique and ways on holding her baby. Determine that the baby needs/ready to be feed. d. Report confidence in establishing satisfying, effective breastfeeding

been breastfeed.

that shows readiness to feed (the baby). 3. Discuss the advantages of breastfeeding for the baby and mother.

advantages of breastfeeding encourages the patient to breast feed her baby, to provide him with best nutrition; reducing the risk of cot death, infections, etc.