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Six Panel Jacob’s Ladder

Materials: PVA glue (or craft glue if you don’t have PVA on hand), glue brush, spray adhesive (optional), scrap paper (I used some paint swatches that we had collected over the years), scissors, ruler, 12 boards (light weight book board or mat board) all the same size, 3 ribbons 1/8”-1/4” wide (each ribbon two times the length of six boards) packaging tape (optional). Preparations: Cut out 12 boards (mine are mat board) the size you desire, mine are cut to fit the size of my paint swatches. Cover 1 side of your boards with scraps of newsprint, magazine paper, paint swatches, photos, wrapping paper or whatever else your little heart desires. I used spray glue for the step. Measure and draw three lines in the exact same places on the back of all 12 boards ( one about 1/2-1” in on either side, and one in the middle of these two marks). These marks are guides on where you will be attaching your ribbons. Tip: If you are hoping to attach your boards in a specific sequence you will want to lay them out in two rows. One row for front boards and one row for back boards. You can also assign them numbers with one row of boards being odds and one row being evens. When attaching your ribbons and boards take care that your ribbons don’t twist. Pattern

Jacob’s Ladder from Paint Swatches

Step 1: Attach two ribbons to your first board with strings facing left on the outer marks. Attach your center ribbon with string facing right. You can use either glue to attach your ribbons or tape. I used tape because it is easier to adjust if needed.

Step 2: Glue the second board on top, like a sandwich.

Step 3: Turn your attached boards over so that the middle ribbon now faces left.

Step 4: Wrap the middle ribbon on top of the board, so that all of the ribbons face right. Pattern

Jacob’s Ladder from Paint Swatches

Step 5: Attach the middle ribbon to the bottom of the third board. Step 6: Move the outer ribbons out from under the third board, so they are on top of board one. (The ribbons are moved out from under between the two boards).

Step 7: Place board four face down directly on top of board two.

Step 8: Fold the top and bottom ribbons over board four so they are facing right and tape or glue down, but only on board four.

Step 9: Move both the top and bottom ribbons under the third board. Pattern

Jacob’s Ladder from Paint Swatches

Step 10: Glue the third and fourth boards together.

Step 11: place your fifth board under the two outer ribbons. Attach your ribbons to your board.

Step 12: Fold the middle ribbon over to the left and attach to board 5.

Step 13: Glue board six on top of board five. Wrap the middle ribbon to the right. Step 14: Attach the middle ribbon to the bottom of board seven (see step #5). Steps 15-19: Repeat steps 6-10 to attach boards seven and eight. Steps 20-22: Follow steps 11-13 with boards nine and ten. Pattern

Jacob’s Ladder from Paint Swatches

Step 23: Attach the middle ribbon to the bottom of board eleven. Trim the end of the ribbon so that it doesn’t stick out past the end of the board.

Step 24: Pull out the outer ribbons and have them facing left. Step 25: Place board twelve face down, on top of boards nine and ten. Step 26: Attach two outer ribbons by folding over board twelve so that the ribbons are now facing right. Trim the ribbons so that they don’t stick out past the last board.

Step 27: Glue boards twelve and eleven together. Step 28: Allow glue to fully adhere. Place folded Jacob’s Ladder under a large book during drying. Step 29: Enjoy. Pattern

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