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Over the past year, the United States Military consumed 75 million barrels of petroleum oil. Most of the oil was used to keep the US Air Force in flight. Middle East instability or loss of production will ground US Military aircraft.

The US Military uses between 60 and 75 million barrels of oil a year. ‡ The total current market is more than $60 billion per year for aviation fuel. ‡ Department of Defense, DARPA, Department of the Navy and the Air Force are all looking for a replacement for JP-8 grade jet fuel NOW!

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Military jet fuel from available American algae sources. CCA has created a patent pending dry process algae biojet fuel. Pennsylvania State University has designed a powdered algae fuel delivery system.

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Algae with 15% oil content or higher will yield a 90% (of A-1 jet fuel) BTU output. Dry Powdered Algal Jet Fuel can now be produced at volume for price of $2.00 to $3.00 per gallon.

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Made from raw algae materials harvested in the USA or overseas. Industry to make the powdered fuel cheaply Dry algae jet fuel weighs 48% less than liquid jet fuel. The US military will have the ability to creating algae jet fuel in the field. "In Afghanistan . Dry algae fuel can be used for any military aircraft or land based turbine.

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Harvest Raw Algae from: Open ponds Streams Lakes Algae Raceways Algae Photo Bioreactor s.

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Military Drone application: Global Hawk UAV Boeing X45 Predator Avenger Land based Military power needs Ground Auxiliary Power Units

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