Vermillion Lakes Watercolor Demonstration By Bob Krysak July 12, 2010 I have been experimenting with painting watercolors on stretched

canvas. You first need to paint on a Gesso liquid layer that allows the watercolor to sit on the canvas. It is an interesting process, but time consuming as it takes longer for the paint to dry. I thought I would take you through the process of how I created this painting. First I choose a size, in this case 9” x 12” pre-stretched canvas on a wood frame.

Then I draw an outline of what I want to paint, usually no more than 5 lines. I either paint en plein aire, or from a photo I have taken.

To begin this stage of the process I create a mix of color with Ultramarine and Cobalt blue. I wet the sky area with water, then add the mixtures of blue, placing more color in areas that I want to be bolder.

The next step is to add Alizaron Crimson to my mix of blues. This changes the tone of the image and is used in the main mountain, Mt. Rundle.

With the addition of Ultramarine blue, I then paint the darker mountains in the foreground.

I paint the first layer of the water in the foreground, then add Sepia to the mix of blue and begin to layer in the trees.

A mixture of New Gamboge and Burnt Sienna is used to create the grassy areas in the foreground.

I finish the painting with layers of blue for the water, detail the grasses with Burnt Sienna and create reflections of the grasses with the New Gamboge mix. To purchase this painting, contact me at or visit my blog at Vermillion Lakes Autumn-Canadian Rockies. 9” x 12” Watercolor On Canvas $200.00

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