ANN ELIZA WARREN LATHROP my father and mother

Prepared by George Martin tathrop, their fifth son, and now their only living child, Nebraska City, Nebraska, 1959,

kiduding a brief sketch of the families of my paternal and maternal grand’ parents, and including a sketch of my father’s family by his first marriage.

The following information I received from Earl H. Lathrop, of The United States National Bank, Portland, 8, Oregon: There is a volume of the “Lathrop-Loihrop” genealogical ard memorial records, works of Rev. E. B. Huntington and his wife, Julia M. Huntington. The Huntington Volume is complete from 1216 A. D. to 1874. The last number in the volume is 3090 lathrop descendants from Rev. John Lathrc~p,and 759 descendants from Mark, the brother of John, who adopted the spelling as Lothrop. The numbering begins from 1634, A. D., when Rev, John lathrop came to America, followed shortly by his Brother Mark. I have not yet been able to locate where the Huntington volume is. l received the following information from James A. Lathrop, 678 Catalina St., Laguna Beach, Calif. James is a grandson of my Uncle Ira Randall Lathrop: Ira Randall Lathrop, born 1824, died 1910. Married Avis Alvina Foster, who was born May 14, 1830, at Ware, Mass. Died April 9, 1879, Berlin, Wis. They had five children,

Marvin Lathrop, born 1851;

Annie Lathrop, born 1853, married Sam Brown, Sheriff of Brown County, Kansas; Frank Herbert Lofhrop, (father of James A. Lothrop), born 1856, died 1911 ,married Mary Louise Jenkins, born 1859, died 1940; Edgar Lathrop; Charles F. Lathrop. Marvin and Charles Lathrop are mentioned in my history of the Jerome

Lafhrop family. George Martin Lothrop 1959

Born Married Hannah Hewes Elizabeth Scudder

REV. JOHN LATHROP, Pioneer SAMUEL, Came to America with his father in 1634. ISRAEL

December 20, 1584 Born in England

Died 1653 February 29, 1700

October, 1659 July31, 1699 June 2, 1722 May 16, 1760 August 18, 1792

Rebecca Bliss Martha Adgate

March 28, ‘1733
February 11, 1774

CYPRIAN ABIAL ABIEL, Father of Jerome Lathrop

Mary Stark Lucy Randall Ordelia Beckley

October 4, 1786 December 28, 1847 April 3, 1867

CHILDREN OF CYPRIAN AND MARY LATHROP Bon Married RHODA MARY JAMES CHARLES AMY or ALMY ABIAL ADGATE JERUSHA ANNE November 9, 1747 June11, 1750 July 11, 1752 March11, 1755 July 6, 1757 May 16, 1760 August29, 1764 June 25, 1767 March 26, 1769 Allen Wightman Never Married Mary Stark Lucy Stark Lucy Williams Dyer Hull Lucy Randall Anne House Martha Moss Cot. Josiah Johnson William Whiting

Died 1835 June 16,1812

September11, 1849

December 28, 1847 April, 1840 June 28, 1825 October 25, ‘1822


July 19, 1790 August 18,1792 June27, 1794 December 12, 1796 November 19, 1798
October 20, 1800 March 19,1804

Married William Smith William Walbridge Ordelia Beckley Erastus Bailey Mary Beckley


April 3, 1867 January 16,1872 August 30, 1860

It is of interest that our ancestor, Rev, John Lath rop, was ~n pnson when the Mayflower sailed. with no one to care for them, so eventually he was released. He settled ~n Scituate Mass there, so we need not be ashamed of him,
I c v~d F f ~c. the rr r g ea


was a dissenter of whom the Church of England did not approve. His wife died leaving several children and preached

r e ~f de or on a I o e o

~norrr at or ron I t o a d Ai

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Mr a War




n nor
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grandfa h~ a i

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at irop


we ore cousms several genera~ons removed. Georg’~ Mar 1959 I hrop

Seated, left to right: Audobon Warren Lathrop, Jerome Lathrop, Ann Etiza Lathrop, Jay Willson Lathrop. Standing, left to right: Carl William Lathrop, George Martin Lathrop, Edith Agnes Latbrop, Mark Nathaniel Lathrop Orin Jerome Lathrop.

Following is a Sketch from my memory of the family of my paternal Grandfather, ABIEL LATHROP, and his wife ORDELIA (Beckley) LATHROP. They had these children:


Randall Lathrop Caroline Lathrop Eliza Lathrop Jerome Lathrap, and Harriet Lathrop.

I think there were one or two other children in that family. I do not know their names, and they never married. RANDALL LATHROP lived at Hancock, Wisconsin for many years, and he died there. His children were Marvin Lathrop, Hancock, Wis., and Charles Lathrop, Algona, Iowa, Charles was Register of Deeds there for many years. After that, Abstracter of Titles, His wife still lives there. Charles Lothrop had one son,

Frank Lathrop, whose address is 2333 SE Market, Portland 15, Oregon. Charles Lathrop also had one daughter, married, I do not know her name or address, Marvin Lathrop had one son, Harry Lathrop. Last I knew of him he lived in California. CAROLINE LATHROP lived most of her life near Tustin and Santa Ana, California. Her husband was Edmond Downs. They were early settlers of California. Caroline Lathrop Downs and Edmond Downs had the following children:

Cynthia Downs,
Edwin Downs, single,

Henry Downs, No information,
Henrietta Downs,

George Downs, No information
Jeff Downs, No information EIva Downs, Albert Downs, Cynthia Downs, married Hiram K.


They had three children. C. Otis Snow (whose wife is

Florence), and their address is Oxnard, California. Otis and Florence have two children, Jane and Helen,
both married. Jane lives near San Francisco, and Helen at Oxnard.

Hiram Snow and Geib Snow. After the death of Cynthia Downs Snow, her husband, Hiram K. Snow married Cynthia’s youngest sister, Elva Downs. They had two children. Elvita and Stilson H. Snow, Elvita Married Albert Petit, and their address is Oxnard, California. They had three children, Clayton, Caroline and Alva, Stilson H. Snow is married and lives in los Angeles. Elva Downs Snow (Mrs. H. K. Snow) is now in her 94th year, and lives at Oxnard, California. Henrietta Downs married Peter T. Adams. They lived at Santa Ana, California. They had three children, Frances Adams, Henry Adams and Cood Adams. Frances (better known as Frankie) married Hugh Plumb, who ~s County Assessor at Santa Ana, Calif.) Address, Santa Ana, They have twa sons, Peter and Hugh, Jr. Henry Adams, and wife Kathryn lived at Anaheim,. Calif. (His wife Bess)~address Tuitin, California. ELIZA LATHROP Married Thomas S. Stevens. They lived on a farm near Plymouth, Iowa, and died Caod Adams (now deceased).

there. They had five children, viz~ .. Ernest Stevens (his wife Jennie) lived at Epping, North Dakota, Frank Stevens lived in Minneapolis, Minn.

Clara Stevens, was married, and died in California, Ella Stevens, was married, and died in North Dakota. Jay Lathrop Stevens (his wife Anna). He lived on the home farm at Plymouth, Iowa for many years. He held most Township offices, was on the County board, Secretary and Manager of the local Creamery for a number of years, was president of Iowa State Board of Creameries four years, was Mayor of Plymouth one term, was on Church boards for many years, and Sunday School Superintendent. Was president of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Corn pany. They had five children, one died in infancy: Nellie McConnell, lives at Plymouth. She has one daughter, Royce. Ethel Armstrong, lives in Minneapolis, and has one boy. Ralph Stevens lives at Montezuma, Iowa. He has four children. Loyd Stevens (wife Amy) live at Mason City, Iowa, and is Secretary of Farmers Mutual Insurance Association. They have one girl and three boys. HARRIET BARBER—Married William Barber, La Porte, Ind. He was a wagon maker, I have no infor. mation positive about her, except I know they had one son, William Barber, who lived at LaPorte, Ind., the last I knew of him, I know she also had one daughter, but do not know her name. She may have had other children, After my mother died Harriet Barber kept house for my father for one year, then she went back to La Porte, lnd., where she lived until she died, Following is a sketch from my memory of the family of my Grandfather (On my mother’s side)—
NATHANIEL WARREN, and his wife Eliza A. (Willson) Warren.

They lived at Newark, Wisconsin, about ten miles out of Beloit, Wis. I visited the home of my grandparents about 1938, They are buried in a well kept Cemetery about 80 rods from the old home. There were four children in this family:
Mary Warren Corbin, Ann Eliza Warren Lathrop (my mother),

Aubodon Warren, J. M. Warren (died single), G. Willsan Warren, a soldier, died inClarksville, Tenn., December 30, 1864, aged 19 years 3 months. MARY WARREN CORBIN lived at Fountain, Colorado. She had two children—Edith and Stanley Corb~n. ANN EI1ZA WARREN IATHROP ~my mother), was born ~n Palmyra, State of New York, Dec 24, Rock

1842 She moved with her parents to Milwaukee W scons~n, ar d from there to Newark,

Wisconsui (about 10 miles out of Beloit) where sI-c es~dedwitI- her parents un’nl her narrioge to Jerome 1 Lathrop. She was wel educated Fo~ he t n~ havma nttpr - ec. .~v A~der iy as ee~o W e, t ld befo ~ he -i-a ooe she ta gh ciool On school

ci- she augle

as n ott


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houso about a i-y as

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m es Northwe t of Neb aska City SI-c i-oct have beer a bus ies~n Nebraska City nary of ny c stoner good o king g~r she was AUDOBON WARREN had two chldren geles Her married name was Esther Crosser e been old th do Ge ieral Wa S f

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I-a i-ne v hw wne

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I-c JEROME IA HROP am~ly the follow~ng ~s copied from a book n-y an of the book

father Jerome Iothrop

s Portr


B~oqa heal




Counties, Nebraska”, published in 1889, by Chapman Brothers, Chicago, My father, Jerome Lathrop, furnished the material for this biography. “JEROME LATHROP, The farming community of Belmont Precinct acknowledges in this gentleman

one of its most esteemed members and prosperous agriculturists He is comfortably located on Section 13, Township 8, Range 13 where he has 160 acres of land, and to which he came in the spring of 1860. The offspring of a good family, he was born in LeRoy, Genesee Co., N. Y., June 20, 1826, and is the son of Abiel and Ordelia (Beckley) Lathrop, the former a native of Vermont, and a millwright and miller by trade, The father of our sublect put up a large number of mills in the Empire State, including buildings at LeRoy, Warsaw and Cattoraugus Falls, He changed his residence in 1836 to La Porte County, md,, and also at the same time changed his occupation, taking up farming, The country was wild and new at that time, and he experienced all the hardships and difficulties of the early pioneer, After the lapse of twelve months his health become seriously impaired, and he was unfitted for active labor, although he lived several years, and until the advanced age of seventy-six, dying in 1874. The mother passed away at the old homestead in 1888. Of their children, six in number, five are now living, The subject of this sketch completed his education in the schools of Kingsbury, La Porte Co., lnd., where he also became intimately acquainted with the employments incident to farm life; with these he has also been since occupied, He came to this county in the fall of 1859, and settled on his present farm the following year. The first winter west of the Mississippi he spent in the embryo town of Osceola, Clarke Co., Iowa, when the settlements of whitemen were few and far between, The country around was wild and new in Iowa as well as Nebraska, Upon coming to this county our subject sheltered himself and his family in a small brick house, around which was broken about forty acres of land. Indians were numerous and often called at their door upon various pretexts, but otherwise than begging for something to eat or some article of clothing which they fancied, gave them very little trouble or apprehension, Mr. Lathrop and his wife endeavored to treat them kindly and they were susceptible to this, Our subject, while a resident of Indiana, had ben married, April 2, 1850, to Miss Mary Angeline Pratt, who was born in Chautauqua County, N. Y., in 1825. She was the daughter of Lyman and Sallie Pratt, who were natives of New York, and are now dead, Of the union of Mr and Mrs. Lathrop there were born six children, two only of whom are living—
Ella J, and Ida M. The former married John W. Gilmore, a farmer of Thomas County, Kan, and has

three daughters._~et~~~, Carrie and Elizabeth
the mothe ed th s I fo her o~ne a Belnort Precinct on

Ida is the wife of Frank Farber of Beatrice Neb


of two daughte s and a son~Faniy Mamie and Jero

Mrc %A y A~~geu Ia hrop aepart~e

5 h a A ause 1864

Ou sub ”ct c-’r ra ed a s n riarrag Ser 1 borr i 842 Ne a Sta e a ci s the daughtii ye ho



~4 A
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ork t e at e N k ~


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f rris

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prietor. Mrs. Lathrop, in her own right, is the owner of 160 acres in Thomas County, Kan,, and a fine
timber claim also belongs to the estate,” Jerome Iathrop was born June 20, 1826, at LeRoy, Genesee County, New York. His father moved

to Kingsbury, Indiana, when he was 10 years old, engaged in farming. His father died and is buried there. April 2, 1850, Jerome Iathrop married Mary Angeline Pratt, who was born in Chautauqua County N Y in 1825. They had six children. Four of them died in infancy The two who lived were Ella Jane Iathrop and Ida May Iathrop. Mary Angeline Pratt Iathrop died August 5, 1864, and is buried on the lath op lo, WyuKa Cemetery, Nebraska City. EiA JANE IATHROP daughter of Jerome and Mary Angeline (Pratt) Iathrop, was born at K’ngsbury
Indian Jan 11, 852. Sic attended the Wu

Conse vatory in Peoria


She mar ied John W Gil

more Jan 9 ,872 at Nebraska City Nebr. A few years after their marrIage they moved to Colby, Kansas, and a few years later bought a cattle ranch nea ‘1916 He ‘s buried n Beulah Cemetery, Coloy Coloy I-Fey a~vedthere until Joh died


Ella Jane Lathrop Gilmore then lived around with her child”en until her death, Sept. 8, 1938, at the

home of her daughter, Elizabeth Fullen, in Oklahoma City, 0kb. She is buried beside her husband in Beulah Cemetery, Colby, Kansas, The following children were born to John W. and Ella Jane Gilmore:
Nettie, Born Sept. 12, 1872. Married Russel James, Colby. Kansas, Dec cerne, Wyoming. They have one son, Allen James. Carrie, born March 31, 1885. She married Walter Goellert Sept 2, 1908 They lived in Filer, Idaho. They have one son, John Robert, and one daughter, Frances.

Ii, 1905, and lived at Lu.

Elizabeth, born May 25, 1 887. She married Earl G. FulIen at Lindsborg, Kansas, and lived there 4 years. Earl died Elizabeth lives in Oklahoma City, 812 NE 20 They had three children, now murried to Whitley G. Fullen, with Connecticut Mutual life Ins Ca, Oklahoma City, Lois Fuller,

Clarence Otis Hunt, Jr Jan 13, 1959, and lives in Oklahoma City Betty Fullen lives in New York City. Graduated from Northwestern University, Chicago, and has beer “Top Researcher” for Time life and
Fortune Magazines IDA MAY LATHROP, daughter of Jerome and Mary Angeline (Pratt) Iathrop diana, June 11 1857 Married FranK M Farber Feb 19 born at Kingsbury, In1842

187/ Frank M. Farber was borr Dec 23

He fought on the Southern side in the Civil Wa died ir 1919 Ida May Farber dcci August 12

Was a e time time Sher ff of Otoc Co nty Nebraska He 94 Bore ir I rbo’ ‘h’ te

er “10 id

do Fra ccc Farber Washingtor State 1

born Dec 14 918 he


at Deoow ad So Do iaX Sc vi e etied ror 5ev ma r e

SI-c a g t Was i g a rre

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te ed th~ rcove is Chi ago So Ju se 0 1951.

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Jerome Farbar, bors Aori ‘-Ia r

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stan F rbcir. A
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ord ‘narriag eb 25 19

y s to Dodie Pc y

n 1915

They had n

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Marjorie Farbor, born Sept. 28, 1891, at Beatrice, Nebraska. Married Lyle Ra Rea Smith April 14, 1918, at Chicago, Ill, He passed away August 16, 1946, at Orlando, FIa. They had no children. Marjorie, Mrs. 1. R. Smith, is now living in Orlando, Florida. Millard Eugene Farbar, born May 7, 1895, at Beatrice, Nebr., died Sept.


On September 12, 1865, Jerome lathrop married Ann Eliza Warren. She was born in New York State, Dec. 24, 1842, They had eight children, as follows: Mary Lothrop died aged 2 years. Audobon Warren lathrop Jay Willson Lathrop Edith Agnes lafhrop Orin Jerome Lathrop Mark Nathaniel Lathrop George Martin lathrop Carl William Lathrop. JEROME LATHROP was a successful farmer and a respected citizen. He and my mother, Ann Eliza Lathrop, raised all of the above children on their farm, the Northwest Section 13, Township 8, Range 13, Otoe County, three miles West of Nebraska City. They were very religious people, members of the Baptist Church for many years, then in later life they were members of the Free Methodist Church. My mother had a Homeopathic Doctor Book, and a supply of Homeopathic medicines which she always kept on hand. I do not recall we ever called in another Doctor for we children. My father raised most of our living, and every fall he filled the cellar with apples, potatoes, squash, pumpkins, smoked and salt pork, and my mother, canned hundreds of quarts of fruits, pickles, etc. We never wanted for good things to eat and wear. We boys wore boots and every Christmas Eve, we lined up our boots in the kitchen and on Christmas morning when we got up we found that Santa Claus had been there some time in the night— without any of us knowing it—and filled our boots with candy, nuts and toys. The old home was two story brick, with five rooms on first floor and seven rooms upstairs My father
and mother both lived in the old home until their death. My mother, ANN EL.IZA LATHROP died at the country home June 7, 1901. My father, JEROME

LATHROP died at their country home March 7, 1907, They are buried on the family lot in Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City, Nebraska. AUBODON WARREN LATHROP, born at Nebraska City, Nebr., Dec. 7, 1867. Married Rosa Redfern at Nebraska City, Nebr,, Oct. 3, 1892. After their marriage they moved to Colby, Kan., where they farmed

a short time, but dry weather forced them to return to Otoe Cot. nty, Nebraska, where he formed for several years, then moved to Oxford, Nebr, where he farmed a few years then moved to Ansley, Nebr,, where he boui.ht a farm and lived as long as he was able to farm, His wife Rosa died at Ansley, Nebr., January 29, 1927. Aubodon Warren lathrop died at litchfleld, Nebr, Nov~ 25, 1943. They are both buried in the Cemetery at Ansley, Nebraska, They had the following children: Je tothe~bo d~dt by Kansas, July 28, 1893. He served as private in World War I, cit Camp Han~o cock, Georgia. He never married.

EIma, born at Nebraska City, Nebr., Febr. 24, 1896. Married Edward W. Larson, Sept. 24, 1919, at Westerville, Nebr. They are now living at Leaburg, Oregon, and have the following children:
Warren Andrew Larson, born April 16, 1923. Married Norma Ray Hart, Warren Andrew and Norma Ray have the following children: Cora Marie Larson, born May 26, 1950; Arlene Ray Larson, born May 15, 1953. Voyle Julet Larson, born June 9, 1926, Married Barbara Maxine Petty, July 23, 1948. They have two children, Leonard Wayne Larson, born May 26, 1950, and Walter Lee Larsen, born May 22, 1955,

Viola June Larson, born June 9, 1926, Married Emil Suchanek June 6, 1945. They live at 45 Ann Court, Springfield, Oregon, and have three children as follows: Gerry Lee Suchariek, born March 19, 1947, Jimmy Emil Suchanek, born July 1, 1948, and David William Suchanek, born July 25, 1951, Mabel Caroline Larsen, born March 6, 1930. Married Howard Ross Mattoon October 17, 1948. They live at Ieaburg, Oregon, and have the following children: Harold Edw. Mattoon, born March 19, 1949, Marilyn Elaine Mattoon, born Feb. 1, 1951, and Marjorie Ann Mattoon, born Jan. 14, 1955. Martin Edward Larsen, born Feb. 21, 1932. Never married. Lives at Leaburg, Oregon. JAY WILLSON LATHROP, born Dec. 24, 1869. He attended College at Peru, Nebr., and Shenandoah,
Iowa, Married Emma Ernestine Redfield at Nebraska City, Nebr., March 11, 1892.

Rev. 0. H. Moulton

officiating. After their marriage they moved to Colby, Kansas by covered wagon, where he farmed for 2 years, but on account of dry weather and crop failure he was forced to return to Nebraska City, where he farmed for many years. He bought the Brady farm in January, 1903, for $11,000.00, which he owned

and farmed for 17 years, and sold it far $48,000.00. While he lived on the Brady farm he helped organize the Farmers Elevator, at Paul, Nebr., and was a director in the organization. It was operated very
successfully while he was director, Then he moved to Long Beach, Calif., where he lived until his death February 24, 1930, He is buried in the lnglewood, California, Cemetery. Jay’s middle name—”Willson” is a family name on our mother’s side. Jay’s maternal Grandmother’s

name was “Willson”. Marcius Willson, a brother, of Jay’s maternal grandmother was the author of the old Harper’s Fourth Reader, Our mother told us if we ever met any one who spelled their name “Willson” with two Ls we would very likely be related. The following children were born to Jay and Emma Lathrop: Vernci Hazel Lathrop, born Oct. 11, 1893, at Colby, Kansas. Reita Glyn Lathrop, born Oct. 17, 1896, on the Ellis farm near Paul, Nebraska. Ted LeRoy Lathrop, born March 22, 1901, on the Ellis farm, near Paul, Nebr. Ruth May Lathrop, born May 7, 1908, on the Brady Place, near Nebraska City. She died Nov. 1957, and is buried in Forrest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, Calif. Verna Hazel Lathrop married Ernest 8. Fricke, Dec. 25, 1916, cit Nebraska City, Nebr. They are both teaching school, Their children are as follows: Hazel May Fricke, born Feb. 19, 1918, at Cortland, Nebr. She married Dr. F, 8. King, and is now living in Missoula, Mont, They have three children: Dick, Nancy and Jerry, Roland Edward Fricke, born Jan, 11, 1920, single. Lives at 2838 Watson Road, St. Louis 9, Mo, Eloise Genevieve Fricke, born ~


17, 1921. Married Robert Wilson. Address 864 So, 44th St., Lincoln,

Nebr. They have three children—Scott, Lynn and Mike.

Clifford Lynn Fricke, barn Dcc, 9, 1923, Married Marge Buckroe Beach, Virginia. Ca.robyn Joy e FrI-eke hotn Au~2 6,




Address 1517 Wiltshire Place,

9•35 J~c~ Stuart Nelson. Address 921 Northborough Lane, rried

Lincoln 5, Nebr, Date of their Marriage Dec. 27, 1953. They have two children—Rickey and Jana Sue,

Rieta Glyn lathrop Married Richard Malcolm Cowell June 18, 1913. 1931. He died December 31, 1942, Their children are:

They separated in January,

Fay La Verne Cowell, born Oct. 12, 1918. Married Joseph F. Zeida August 11, 1941. No children, Address Rt. 1, Box 183, Gresham, Oregon. (Near Portland). Richard Glen Cowell, born Sept. 14, 1914, Died Oct. 13, 1954. He married May Jones May 29, 1936, They had two children—Virginia Dayle, born Jan. 21, 1940, and Richard Gene, born March 9, 1943. The two children live with their Grandmother, Mrs. Mae Jones, at Bowman, California, P. 0. Box 1021. Reita Lathrop Cowell married Thomas Martin Sept. 12, 1935, They live at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Star Route, Ted LeRoy Lathrop, married Margaret Norris, Sept.


He died at Blair, Nebr,, May 3,

1949. His wife still lives at Blair, They had the following children: Betty Jean Lathrop, barn Apr. 30, 1923—died in July 1932. Robert Jay, born Jan. 7, 1925. Single. Address 841 Roble Ave., Apt. 3, Menlo Park, Calif. Margaret Ann lathrop, born March 29, 1931, Married Henry F. Antczak, Sept. 3, 1951. They have two children, Linda Ann, born Aug. 29, 1953, and Donna Marie, born March 27, 1957. Their address is 3 Pelham Ave., Nixon, New Jersey. Ted Norris Lathrop, born Dec. 29, 1934, Married Crystal Stroud, July 13, 1953, They have two children—Ted Russell Lathrop, born March 19, 1955, and James Earl Lathrop, born July 19, 1958. They live in Omaha, James Willson Lathrop, born January 9, 1937. Single. Lives with his mother Margaret Lathrop, 2230 Lincoln St., Blair, Nebr. Jay Willson Lathrop’s youngest daughter—Ruth May Lathrop married Morton 8. High, Dec. 6, 1929, They had the following children: Ruth Marjorie High, born July 9, 1931. She married Terrell Nixon, and they have one girl, Nita Jean, born Oct. ‘11, 1957. They live at 848 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles, 26, Calif. Ellen Genevieve High, born Nov. 18, 1 932. Married Raymond Snyder, They live at 8654 Downs Ave., Arlington, Calif. They have one child, Robert Carl, born Jan. 28, 1952. Kenneth, born Aug.

1955, and Charles Raymond, born April 23, 1957.

Edith Marie High, born Sept. 14, 1934, Married David Nixon in fall of in Altadena, Calif. 2851 Casitas Ave.

No children. Live

Emma Redfield Lathrop died at Nebraska City, Nebr., Oct. ‘14, 1917, and ls buried in Wyuka Cemetery, at Nebraska City, Nebr, Jay Wilison Lathrop married Nellie Redfield Sargent, a sister of Emma, at Long Beach, Calif., in the spring of 1919. She died in the summer of 1922, and is buried In the Cemetery at Inglewoad, CalIf. Jay Willson lothrop then married Henrietta Benard in the fall of 1922, at long Beach, Calif,, and then she died in August 1930, and is burled in the Cemetery at Inglewood, Calif. EDiTH A.GNES LATHROP, born at Nebraska City, July 13, 1871. Married William G.ren n...Ma.rch 6, 1890 ~ th hothe 61 he~j~b~n and Mrs. Jerome Lathrop, 3 miles West of Nebraska City, on the Dunbar road,

William G. Wrenn was born July 9, 1863. He passed away June 9, ‘1950, at Kansas City, Mo., aged 86 years, 11 months. They had no children. Immediately after their marriage they moved to the Preacher Hawke farm, 10 miles Northwest of Nebraska City. Then Mr. Wrenn bought a farm at Fullerton, Nebr,, but soon sold that farm and bought ci farm near Aurora, Nebraska, Later they moved to the Nicholson farm 10 miles Southwest of Nebraska City, then moved to the Van Wyck farm, where he farmed 700 acres, a stock farm. He was a very successful stock man and accumulated a considerable sum of money there. They then moved to Kansas City, Mo., where he engaged in the building and real estate business. tel—the “Wrennmoor” at 35th and Troost, in Kansas City. After the death of William G. Wrenn, Edith Agnes managed their real estate holdings in Kansas City for a few years, then she returned to Nebraska City where she lived in the Gerber Apartment at 112 N. 9th St. for a few years. She then entered the Methodist Home for the Aged, 1135 College Ave., Topeka, Kansas, where she lived until her death, Edith Agnes Lathrop attended college at Ann Arbor, Mich., and at Tabor, Iowa, majoring in music, She gave music lessons, going from place to place on a pony, riding side saddle, Edith Agnes always kept up with her music, She sang in the Choirs of the various churches she attended, and often played the organ. She sang in the Athaneum Kansas City quite a number of years. Edith Agnes Lathrop Wrenn passed away April 5, 1956, at the Methodist Home in Topeka, Kansas, and she is buried beside her husband in Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City, Nebr. ORIN JEROME LATHROP, was born at Nebraska City, Nebr., May 2, 1873. He attended District No. 30 School, Otoe County, also Western Normal College, Shenandoah, Iowa, and Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebr. He taught country schools two years in Otoe County, Nebr. Married Nannie Buchanan Oct. 18, 1900. His occupation was farming. At Nebraska City he raised pure bred Herefords; sponsored several Stock Shows, and Corn Shows; won a number of prizes for best seed corn; bought 160 acre apple orchard
at Brownville, Nebr,, which he operated successfully a number of years; sold the fruit farm and moved to Bayard, Nebr.; was elected to several City offices at Bayard. Was always a member of the Methodist

Mr. Wrenn built quite a

number of Apartment Buildings, including the “Lath rop”, the “Wrenn”, and finally the 70 apartment Ho-

Church, and sang in the choir for many years. His wife Nannie Buchanan, was born Feb. 28, 1875, She died Sept. 23, 1927, and is buried at Bayard, Nebr. They had the following children: Ralph Orin Lathrop, born at Nebraska City, Nebr,, July 23, 1901; Married Lola Ballinger Sept. ‘11, 1923, at Bayard, Nebr, Ralph died March 15, 1925, at Bayard, Nebr., and is buried there. Paul Wrenn Lothrop, born at Nebraska City, Nebr., March 30, 1909. Never married. Lola Lois lathrop, born Aug. 9, 1907, at Nebraska City, Nebr. Married Earl Charles White, May 19, 1932, Address Wheatland, Wyo. They have the following children: Charles Jerome White, died in infancy. Lois Helen White, born June 16, 1935 Jack Charles White, born April 27, 1937 Dorothy Jean White, born Oct. 24, 1939 Wanda Joy White, born Oct. 24, 1943 El•i.en Be hcman Lath ro ho rn d~~t ~I-k.~o Nehr ~ bie br ~ April 26, 1911. July 16, 1939, he married

Kathryn Mary Chestnut, of Pampa, Texas.

Elton works for The Pampa Daily News, Pampa, Texas, He

has been with them many years. His address is 407 N. Puriviance, Pampa, Texas. They have the following children: Jack Elton Lathrop, born Feb. 5, 1940 Lola May Lathrop, born June 30, 1941 Ann Allen Lathrop, born Sept. 2, 1946. On January 29, 1930, Orin Jerome Lathrop married Mrs. Anna Petty of Aurora, Nebraska. She owned the Aurora Laundry, which they operated together for a number of years at Aurora, Orin took an active part in Church and civic affairs, teaching a large men’s Sunday School Class in the Methodist Church in Aurora, He passed away May 15, 1901, and is buried in the Aurora Cemetery. MARK NATHANIEL LATHROP, born at Nebraska City, Nebraska, Oct. 14, 1874, Died at St. Mary’s

Hospital, Emporia, Kansas, July 21, 1951, just one month and one day after his 50th wedding anniversary. He was the only one of the Lathrop boys to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. On June 20th, 1901, he married Winifred Putney. She was born Dec. 24, 1874, at Evanston, Ill,, in the second story of an old red depot. Her father was a telegraph operator. Mark is buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City, Nebr., on the same lot with Edith Agnes Wrenn and her husband William G. Wrenn, After Mark and Winifred were married they lived three years on the Nicholson farm, 10 miles Southwest of Nebraska City, and then moved to the Jerome Lathrop farm three miles West of Nebraska City. Then they bought a farm at Mound Valley, Kansas, where they lived three years, then bought a farm at Lawson, Mo., and lived there three years. Mark then traded for a 320 acre farm Northeast of Burlington, Kansas. He also owned a 40 acre farm 1 mile from Burlington, Kansas, which he later sold and bought a three acre improved place ‘I mile farther out, which was his home at the time of his death. Mark was a member of the Methodist Church for 60 years; a member of the Burlington, Kansas, Masonic Lodge No. 66. Received his 25 year button. Served as Master of the Lodge. Also served as Worthy Patron of the Burlington, Kansas Eastern Star, He was active in civic affairs. Was director in the Farmers Elevator at Burlington, Kansas.
He attended the Buchanan school, District No, 30, at Nebraska City, the State Teachers College at Peru,

Nebraska, and the Lincoln Normal school, Lincoln, Nebraska,
They had three children. Gerald died at birth, and is buried on the Jerome Lathrop lot



Nebraska City, Loyt Leland Lathrop and Dorl Glen lathrop. He married Jennie Pauline

Loyf Leland Lathrop, born at Mound Valley, Kansas, Oct. 20, 1910.

Steiner, Sept. 10, 1933, at Topeka, Kansas. Jennie was born at Fayette, Ark., July 21, 1910. They have two children: Kenneth, born Oct. 26, 1945, at Boston, Mass., and Winifred Blanche, born Aug. 30, 1947, at Mountain View, New Jersey. Their present address and home is now 1100 Monroe St., SE, Albuquerque, N.M. Loyt bland bathrop graduated from Burlington, Kansas, High School; graduated from Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences in 1934, with a B, S. degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1937 he was employed by the New York Power and Light Ca., Albany, N. Y., where he spent four years with that Company. In 1942 he was accepted into the U. S. Naval Reserve as Lieutenant Junior Grade. Was sent to E.rooklyn Pobytechnique Institute for a course in Ultra High Frequency Techniques, then to Harvard University for a course in pre.radar, then to Naval Training School (Radar) M. I. T., Boiton,...Mi.ss.. U.pon completion of th R~a o d he etained as instructor and retained that job until release from the U. S. N. R. In Nov. 1945, At the time of his release he held the rank of Lieutenant Commander, He filled

many responsible and valuable duties while in the U. S. N. R., and was a very valuable man to the U. S. N. R. He is now employed by the Sandia Corporation, Albuquerque, N M., on highly technical and secret projects. Loyt, his wife Jennie and two children are all active members of the Albuquerque Methodist Church,
Dorl Glen Lathrop, born at Lawson, Mo., Reb. 6, 1912. Graduated from the Burlington, Kansas, High School in 1929, He played in the Burlington, Kansas Band. While in school he had the Kansas City Star & Times route, ln January, 1934, he enlisted in the U. S. Navy as Apprentice Seaman. At the end of his first enlistment he had advanced to Signalman Second Class. The glamour of the sea was in his veins and he reenlisted. He was assigned to the USS Omaha, saw his first action while evacuating the Amer-

ican Embassy Officials from Spain. Was advanced to Chief Signalman shortly before World War lb. He was
on convoy duty In the Atlantic, and on one of his trips to the East coast he met Eva Ray Adams. They were married April 11, 1944, in The Little Church Around the Corner, New York City. He participated in the landing on Sicily and the heavy bombardment of Italy. Was transferred to the USS Sangamon, which was damaged by the Japs just before landing on the Phillippine Islands. Near the end of the War he was assigned to shore duty at San Diego. Then he served tours duty in the Pacific, the Naval Air Station at Memphis, Tenn., and then Guam, where his wife joined him. He was then assigned as Commanding

Officer of the U. S. Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in Abilene, Texas. Having completed twenty-two years of service he requested retirement, and in August, 1 956, after a pleasure tour of Europe with his wife he retired with the Rank of Lieutenant Commander, and now they are nicely located in

their own home at 5478 Mary Lane Drive, San Diego, Calif. nothing to occupy his time he

But feeling too young to be retired with

attending San Diego State College, majoring

Attended country

GEORGE MARTIN LATHROP, born at Nebraska City, Nebraska, Nov. 29, 1879,

school Dist, 30. Graduated from Nebraska City High School in 1900. Farmed his father’s home place two years after his mother passed away. Graduated from Gem City Business College, Quincy, Ill, in 1905. Was elected Register of Deeds of Otoe County, Nebraska, Nov. 1905. Took office Jan. 6, 1906, and held that office until Jan. 9, 1915. In 1915 worked For the Milwaukee Furniture Company, San Francisco. Also worked in a Kansas City Abstract office in the late fall of 1915, Bought a Hardware Store in Clarinda, Iowa, in the winter of 1915-16. Operated
it a few months then sold it.

In April, 1916, he went to work

for the Union Trust Co., Clarinda, Iowa, as Abstracter, and studied law under Orville C. Greene, At-

torney. Worked for the Union Trust Company until June 1919. George Martin Lathrop married Carrie Ethelwyn Jacobs at Chickasha, Oklahoma, May 19, 1906, She was born March 3, 1883, at Minneapolis, Minn., the daughter of G. B. and Mary Jacobs, Carrie graduated from Grundy Center, Iowa, High School in 1901. Also graduated from Gem City Business College, Quincy, Ill., in 1906. George and Carrie first met at Gem City Business College. Carrie E. Lathrop died Dec. 11, 1918, atClarinda, Iowa, and is buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City, Nebraska. July 1, 1919, George went to work in the Law Office of Wm. H. Pitzer, Nebraska City, Nebraska, as Abstracter and Clerk in the Nebraska City BuIld ing & loan Association, and in 1923, he organized the First Trust Company of Nebraska City, Nebraska, and managed it as Secretary and later as President, for twenty-five years. He and his wife, Hallie, had bought up all of the stock of the Trust Company and dissolved the Corporation Jan. 1, 1948. ln Jan. 1948, he and his wIfe organized the First Loan Company of Nebraska City, Nebraska, a partnership, which they still own and operate in much the same way as the Trust Company. On June 1, 1922, George Martin Lathrop married Hallie M. Bruce, at Nebraska City, Nebraska, S.h wa harn at Elysian~ I-n Dcc 15 57 rfa ther was a Baptist Minister there. Her father and moth~.

er both passed away while she was very young, and she lived with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs, D.

W. Shinn until she was married. Hallie attended the Nebraska City and Plattsmouth public schools, als:, graduated from the Lessman Business College of Nebraska City, Nebraska, in 1906.
Hallie and I took a little five year old girl to raise, and she went by the name of Lois Jayne Lathrop through the Grade and High School at Nebraska City, Nebraska, and Gulf Park College, Long Beach, Mississippi, also the Weaver Air School, Kansas City, Mo. On August 20, 1955, she married Harold Dear and

Prather, of Thurman, Iowa. He is now instructor of Mechanical Drawing and Physical Education,

coach in the Tabor, Iowa, High School. They have one son, Todd Martin Prather, born June 4, 1957, Harold Dean Prather served in the Korean War in the Communications Division, George and Hallie built their brick home at 219 N. 11th St., Nebraska City, Nebraska, in 1942, They

are bath active members of the First Presbyterian Church in Nebraska City, George having been an active
member for years has served in the office of Deacon, Elder and Clerk of Session.

Also Treasurer of the

Church 10 years. He served two years on the Library Board of Nebraska City, was a member and Secre-

tary of the Cemetery Board of Nebraska City 10 years. He organized the Commonwealth Savings & Loan
Association of Nebraska City, of which he was Secretary for 15 years. Liquidated the Association in

1 943, paying all members 105 cents on the dollar. George was twice President of Nebraska Title Association. Was Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the USA at Buffalo, New York, in ‘1948. He is now (1959) the only surviving member of the Jerome Lathrop family, and lives at 219 North 11th St., Nebraska City, Nebraska,

CARL WILLIAM LATHROP, born at Nebraska City, Nebraska, Sept. 8, 1882. Married Gertrude Henry,
March 4, 1903, at Nebraska City, Nebraska. After the wedding they moved to the Ellis farm one mile

North of Paul, Nebraska, where they lived a few years, then moved to the Schuster farm near Julian. A
few years later he drew a claim near Presho, So. Dakota, and moved there in 1910, where he built improvements on the claim. He sold the farm at Presho and moved to Murdo, So. Dakota, where he bought a farm, which he continued to own to the time of his death. At Murdo, So. Dakota, he managed a Lumber Yard for a number of years, then moved to Rapid City, So. Dakota, where he lived a number of years, then moved back to Murdo where he was custodian of schools For a number of years. In 1936 he moved

to Nebraska City and worked for the First Trust Company a few years, and then went to work in the Burlington Shops at Havelock, Nebraska, where he worked for several years. Before Carl was married he was Brakeman on the Burlington Passenger train out of Lincoln, Nebraska. He also worked for the Milwaukee Ry. at Murdo, So. Dakota. His wife, Gertrude Henry Lathrop, born April 23, 1882, at Nebraska City, Nebr. Died March 14, 1940, at Nebraska City, Nebraska, and is buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City. Carl William Lathrop died at Nebraska City, Nebraska, January 26, 1958, and is buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Nebraska City, Nebraska, beside his first wife Gertrude Henry Lathrop, Their children are: Mrs. Harry (Merle Ellen) Greensbate, born at Nebraska City, Nebraska, Oct. 25, 1904. She married
Charles Salmon

They had two sans, Robert and Donald Salman, Merle and Charles Salmon

were divorced. Merle’s second husband was Eddie Gun, Sioux FaIls, So. Dakota, They had no children. Merle’s third husband is Harry Greensbate. They have no children, Their address is 409 South Williams, Sioux Falls, So. Dakota. Merle is an accomplished musician, and plays the Hammond Organ Churches and parties. Harold Herbert bathrop, born Sept. 5, 1906, at Nebraska City, Nebraska, He married Margaret Judd at M.urdo, So. Dakota, They adopted a boy, Robert Lathrop. They have their own home at Murdo, So. Dokota, whe~eLH~aIS H61bf.~r Ldfh~aperates ~ his own barber shop. Harold and his wife are both active in the Murdo Methodist Church, and Margaret is very active in other M.urdo Women’s organizatIons. for conventions,

Wesley Edwin Lathrop, born Feb. 28, 1911, at Presho, So. Dakota. School. Married Betty Boyd at Nebraska City

Graduated from Murdo High

They have two daughters, Barbara Ann
Wesley is, and has been sales-

and Ruth Ellen. Their address in 4227 Mayberry, Omaha 5, Nebraska,

man for the Fuller Brush Company for a number of years. He and his wife Betty and daughters are all active members of the Methodist Church in Omaha. Besides caring for her home and daughters Betty is

bookkeeper at the Safeway Store, 44th and Center St., Omaha. Wayne LeRoy Lafhrop, born at Murdo, So. Dakota, Jan. 22, ‘1922. Graduated from Nebraska City High School with class of 1940. He and Clara Rader were married at Springfield, Ohio, July 1, 1942. They have two sons, Carl Wayne Lathrop, born Nov. 30, 1952, and David Lathrop, born March 10, 1954. During World War lb Wayne LeRoy Lathrop was stationed in England in the Air Craft Sheet Metal Work—was in France 3 weeks and in Germany 5 months. He is now maintenance Foreman in the Nitrogen division of Allied Chemicals, at La Platte, Nebraska, He with his family live at 2103 Central Ave., Nebraska City, Nebr. Wayne played in the Nebraska City High School Band, and has been a member and played with Nebraska City Municipal Band for a number of years, also serving as one of the officers. He is also an active member of the Nebraska City Methodist Church. A son, Carl Henry Lathrop, was born at Murdo, So. Dakota, June 3, 1916, He graduated from the Murdo High School, and attended Brookings State College, So. Dakota, Was coach in High School at Frankfort, S. 0. He lost his life in World War II. He was wounded in the foot in the Quadacanal region, was being tranferred to an Army Hospital for treatment and died in an airplane crash July 29, 1943. He was buried with full Military honors at Fort Mead National Cemetery, Sturges, So. Dakota, July 20, 1949. On January 1947, Carl William Lathrop married Wennonah Meyer Foster, at Laverne, Minn., She died February 16, 1950, at Murdo, So. Oak., and is buried at Murdo, S.D. She was County Treasurer

of Tripp County, South Dakota for a number of years. Wennonah was born at Alton, lnd., Jan, 20, 1888, The foregoing history of the Jerome Lathrop family is necessarily very brief on account of the number of persons involved, and there may be errors and omissions, I suggest that each family keep this history and make corrections, and carry it on down as much as you can, and especially to your own branch of the Jerome Lathrop family. Nebraska City, Nebraska, George Martin Lathrop, Author. 1959.

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