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How to Fix Bubble Problem on Your RB2 Drum Kit

How to Fix Bubble Problem on Your RB2 Drum Kit

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Published by Zack Tedder
RB2 kits break a lot! I've already gone through 3. Here's a good how-to on a great way to fix it.
RB2 kits break a lot! I've already gone through 3. Here's a good how-to on a great way to fix it.

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Published by: Zack Tedder on Jul 13, 2010
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How To Fix Bubble Problem on your RB2 drum kit If your one of the few hundred or maybe thousand

people who have a bubble problem on your RB2 kit...Sure, you could send it back, but from what I read so far about this problem on the internet, it just keeps happening again even after getting your new kit as well...so,here is a good fix for thebubble problems...please read on... First, go down to your local hardware store and pick up a few (about three) tubes of WEATHER STRIP adhesive. I use whats called Pit Crew's Choice weather strip adhesive, but I'm sure any other kind should work fine. Now, once you get home, pull off your first (red, yellow, blue...whatever..)drum pad CAREFULLY as to not disconnect the wires from the kit...(you can do a Utube search to show you this being done if your nervous about doing this)Now, once you have removed the drum head from the kit, turn it over and use a small screwdriver to unscrew the silver edge covering the pad...once removed, slowly peel off the entire rubber pad from the velcro type surface...if you happen to peel off the velcro as well, don't worry, you can glue that back on, but try to keep it from coming off though if you can. Take the rubber pad and lay it flat on a table face down ...open up your adhesive and LIBERALLY pour a lot of glue all over the back of the pad (especially the center part the most)I used almost an entire tube on each of my pads...now, once you have put enough adhesive on the back of the pad (make sure it's alot) place the plastic part (with the wire attached) back onto the back of the pad...do this carefully to make sure it's properly lined up with the screw holes and on evenly and centered properly...once your lined up, ok..go ahead and press down for a few minutes onto the back of the pad to create a good seal with the glue. Now, if you have a chair, or use your drum stool leg to place it down on the center of the back of the pad to create enough pressure to hold it down for a few hours to ensure that it holds and dries good and tight....once you have left it for a few hours to dry (24 hours is best)go ahead and screw the silver drum ring back on the pad and slowly snap the drum head back on your kit and your good to go...it should NEVER EVER bubbleagain...if it does, than you didn't use enough adhesive on it in the first place...entire cost of this fix runs about $15.00 and takes about a half hour for each pad when taking your time (excluding the waiting for drying time of course) My pads are as good as new now, and it has been working fine...sensitivity is still there and bounce is still there too on my kit.. Good Luck, and I hope this works out for anyone wanting to try it.. P.S...if you happen to notice that your drum head is cracked on the back after removing... pick up some high grade strength plastic weld (I used PermaPoxy which can withstand about 3500 lbs per square inch) from the hardware store as well..I used this stuff on my RB1 kit after snapping off my red drum after playing too much Metallica one night...and it NEVER cracked again!! this stuff is awesome for fixing plastic breaks!! So go ahead and use alot of that on your cracked pad and it should hold forever. Last edited by DefHoez5150; 12-14-2008 at 12:31 AM..

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