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Do We Work To Live Or Live To Work?

A Study On Do We Need A Work Life Balance?

Author: Sneha Susan George, Batch 16, FK -1631


Advisor: Ms. Rajeswari Menon

Department: Department of Management Studies

Publisher: School of Communication & Management Studies

Issue Date: Sep. 2008

This study seeks to provide insights on the term work-life balance.

Work-life balance is about people feeling satisfied with the way they
divide their time and energy between paid work and all the other things
they want to do. It is important for the organization because employees
who are satisfied with their work-life balance are more likely to bring
enthusiasm, energy and commitment to their work. The main objective
was to study the various work life balance policies of the IT sector in
general and of this leading company in particular. The study also aimed
at finding the reasons for imbalance at the individual, family and
organizational level and to provide suggestions for achieving better
work life balance in the organization.
The high job demands, competition, high female labor force
participation rates, the predominance of dual earner family and emerging
trends such as elder care make work life balance a major personal
challenge for many workers. Exposure of employees to excessive
working hours, shift schedules and high levels of work to life
interference increases their risk of having mental and physical health

Main recommendations for the organization would include introduction

of Hibernation policy i.e. for career break, compressed time options,
paternity leave, further education policies and silent auction for
increasing employee involvement in social activities.

Keywords: Work-life balance, IT, employee satisfaction