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Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

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Published by: Hengleena on Jul 13, 2010
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The third habit of top salespeople is that they make a habit of asking questions and

identifying the real needs of the prospect relative to what they are selling. Most

prospects are not aware that they can improve their life or work situation when

they first meet you. This is the reason that prospects often say things like, “I’m not

interested,” or “I can’t afford it,” or “We’re quite happy with our existing

situation or supplier.”

This is normal and natural. Most products and services that you sell are new,

different and offer advantages and benefits that the customer is not yet aware of.

The more you ask questions about the customer’s situation, and suggest that he or

she could be much better off with what you sell, the more open the customer

becomes to learning about your product or service, and eventually buying it.

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