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Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

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An important key to personal productivity is for you to develop the habit of

determining the constraint that sets the speed on the achievement of a particular

goal in any area of your life. Begin by identifying a goal that you want to achieve.

This can be a financial, personal, or health goal. You then ask, “What factor sets

the speed at which I achieve this goal?”

Million Dollar Habits – Page 225

For example, if you want to increase your sales, the constraint or bottleneck on

increasing your sales could be the number of prospects that you talk to each day. If

this is your key constraint, focus all your creativity and energy on alleviating this

constraint. Focus on organizing your time and activities so that you increase the

number of people that you see each business day.

In your business, your goal can be the attainment of a particular financial result.

What sets the speed at which you achieve it? It is essential that you identify the

correct constraint before you focus on alleviating it. Jim Collins, in his book Good

To Great, points out how important it is for you to identify the correct “economic

denominator” in your business. This is the critical number that determines the

success or failure of a particular activity, or of your entire enterprise.

For example, your limiting factor in increasing your sales might not be the number

of prospects that you speak to, but the quality of each of those prospects. By

applying the four marketing principles we discussed earlier, you could identify

prospects who have a far higher likelihood of buying sooner than other prospects.

Perhaps it is your basic sales skills that are at issue. Perhaps the critical constraint

on increasing your sales revolves around your ability to make an effective sales

presentation and to get the customer to take action. If this were the answer, the

solution would be for you to focus your creativity and energy on upgrading your

sales skills, rather than frantically flailing around to get in front of more people.

Million Dollar Habits – Page 226

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