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Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

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Published by: Hengleena on Jul 13, 2010
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The fifth habit you need to be a relationship expert is the habit of paying attention

to people when they talk. You need to develop the habit of being a good listener.

As it happens, most people are poor listeners. They usually have several things on

their mind at the same time, and are paying attention to several different subjects

while someone else is talking to them. As a result, they do not hear the other

person clearly and often misunderstand and mis-remember the content of the

discussion. This leads to confusion, arguments, accusations and inefficiencies.

Listening is a discipline that you can learn with practice. There are several steps

you can follow to develop the habit of excellent listening.

First, make a decision to develop the habit of being an excellent listener. Second,

begin immediately by practicing intense listening when people talk to you. Third,

never allow an exception until people begin to compliment you on what a good

listener you are.

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