Playtesting Feedback

1. Have you played The Three Days previously?

(Yes) (Very) Games?)

(No) (Somewhat) (Not Really) (What

2. Are you experienced with Tactics-RPG and strategy games?

3. How long did your battle take? (Too Long) (Soldier) (Too Short) (Mage) (Good) (Defender) 4. Which character seemed strongest?

5. Did the look of the characters fit the look of the world? (Yes) (Yes) (No) (No) (Too Dark) 6. Did you think the game was too bright?

7. Did the 2D art fit in with the 3D world? (Yes) (Yes) (Buttons) (No) (Too Little) (Skills) (Too Much) (Characters) (Stats) 8. Did the HUD provide all of the necessary information? 9. If you played Exhibition, did any elements confuse you?

Final Thoughts:
10. What did you like least about The Three Days? Did anything aggravate

11. Overall, how would you rate The Three Days? (out of 10)