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TI'e J.~ """.~ ~t~~ ~~~~, 8ne1!'l 81'1" 1~~ Il'Itorm~~~R e!il;;I~i",e;j 1ierell'l J1~II~~" r.pl*QIO ",or Ii" ilplil~~n11~~ !iili"" ~nd ~!lrliiC. of lP~~dr.~I"·~I· on~~r· P~P8~~ ~'i fQgyl",q ~~··I"'.\!I'. e:;;.c~pl ~~ llfjJ~i~~d bj' 1t<:~1 1lIJ1!;~ or-I!<l~!1. ihi!; iifl!lil., ~~P~'o'O:!I b~ 'lhQ J~ditiii{coni(i.r4im:;1 Qiih~ U niL.u . .s!a:[es I~ .g.9pot1m L>~r 1 ~i~. I~~~hd :~.r .Il~g" Qt moll C I~~k. o] C>D~rt 1« ~ ~~iliQ~~ M

''';iU9~~ ,"" ;;I,viI d1;!C~,?' 1.l1''''.~I.. .

PlJt,U.fTlF'f's ..




A,TTORNEYS' (FIRM NAME:, AODRESS!. ANQ TE.tE FlH.Ol\iE NUMBER Am:itews Kurth lLP, 450 Lexington .Ave., NY;, NY 10017 212.850.2800

CAUSE OF ACT'IQri4 t~irE TH E:.LU , C:J'o'IUITAT~l'E.Ut4IlE.I't.WtrlICW'tOIl .... Fte I"IU~G .At·m WRITE A BRIEF' STATeMENT of C'AUScE)

[DO·.HOT (:toTE: JURIS 01~;!O.tJ .... ~ .~ ~.!( tun;:~ LIN L~S$ j)l'lhE R:!;lhl .



I "] '1Q IN~iJ!:t;fl,Nl;;E" ! ~ 121D W'A'l!NE n.i30 MLlER,ACT

~ ll~l) Nt;GOTIMlLJ;. . INSTI'llI'-'BIT

r j U;jl .~E~Y'{)F OWIlP,IIVliEIff & B\lFOFtCEtEtIT '01" JLJ~EH:T


[ ]152: AEOOVEI'l'f OF OEI'A,IA. lED . STlJ~Jl%~ ~t;XCL'~~~

! 11<:i~ i:ttcoveFlY OF


II ;110 SUIl'l!

~ 1;jJ(j O''rHEJ;I QOM'lRi!.,CT - .

. l ll1Jo5 -CCt-iT.~j PRQOOt;. l.JAIllOTY

I \1.116 FFiANCH~

ita! PROP.Em

[ j"2CI'1l ~Q OOoI"DeMNA-'-iO.H t J ,22.'0 ~~L.OSlil::.E

I, 1;lOO R~NT.l~.1I


l ] 2:40 m~ TO Wi!) [ 1 2'A<l1.·rOFt't i>F!!OII!ltX:T LlAEIll.i'fV

[ - ~ f>U. Qi'HEk.

.. ! "ft;;iL~ROioeRn

!'m~~l'jjUi!'i' L .i :lr'~ Alf!lPkMl!

L :I ~1'~ AlRPI.A<tE PRQ.QUeT

. l.!.I\tiltJT"f·

[ I 3:21) ASSAU(t, LI1a. l1.


(l ~j) FEDEML 'EMPI~RSI' .L~It'(

L J3oi(l w.RWF-

[ ',a:ii5 ;'I,,!,IlI.~ '~Fi>qDlJcr


1 1'350 '~1QWJ'(VEHIClIO i pss ~1!TIOR VEHK"..u;

I 1380. ~~uc~~ &.rJUFtf

[1-610 AGFliC!.JL TURIE [l~ OTl'!auoo!:f&

( uu I'~W~ ~JUI'.'f T .... • tl:1!J.lG

t.a) MA~nCe:i l~)j ~1JIil.REU;TeD

I J ~55· ~~A.SOt{o\t. fjI!~lJ!'IY SEJZUR;;;;oF'


I I ~~ ASBESTOS 1'IER6'ONAI. .2:; l.!&¢:f!~~

-INjURY I"RQDIJC;"f I ,I ~lO' UOOot::i. l,AW'''

U~ILJ1"I' I 1.64~ . AA t '1'iWQ(

I 18M' I!.irul'E ~ [l~ COCtlF'AlJ.'ltW WiETY~J1ot r ]600, OTt;[ff;i

OllER.FRA.u~ TRtltH 1M La-tt:tt«O. OTHSFlI'ERSOtfAL PA~TYO"'~.



t 1 ~10· F.~JIUMl[JR'.

. ST~.;lCT IJno()~'I" REUiilOf4S I.li'3lIu;~


[1~"1 WTIr',I(J'

r1«2 ~~NT [·I.~3<~~·

It,CCCll#-.IDDA'T1{]iN~ t J4H WeLFARE

[ 14'15 AA1"R~Wml .- QIS~ . .nI!l!sB.1P~~l

'[ 1.4<i~ At,1I!RICA~ WIlti.

CISiI\!O.!'-ITIC-S -QTlietl f ' .... 0 QT!::IEFH~I'ilkt:l;l(;H'r$

I 11Ii~ :i;ro~Sc TO

~~!;2'::IENCE iM~fI~N

11~30' f4AilW~PIJS 1146~ I'f.A:TIM.~TIOIt

. , l 5.'>5 OiOA1li PEtMl:J't : APl'UCI>llON

., l ~Q ~QA!LI9 &,OnlS'l I I .f(~ HAi:JEAS ~s.,

! ] ~ CfI.'lL _rs - .l!,i.iEN ~r,l!,Im;E.

I ]~. 'PRISC!j\I oQMlPITIOI'o! . i: 1 ~ QT~FlI~I!;Iti'HION

'ACTIQN~ ... '

,!flet*if(fe"m$Mfed.m compl.1/nl~



I: ].22 Pi'P"EM :lIJU&O'1,se

[ J .423 'MTIicRlw/I!>i. ~ 81fS1;) ·j.57

· PltO"Dl1Y~'


· !18!l!i HIA

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I I $fU S$ID'1"iTlE J('!l]

· I 1,il!l<S Rat('Ws[IIJ}

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il~T1Pl'l1;lIONT I I ~t(i JiNmRll~'

( ! ,c.w 1!.Ii.t=.& ~1t{13 ll~:;Q CO~ERt~

[ 1-4l>O~A:not<l

( 1470' Iilti.CKEl"EEFt 'NFI.I.ic5t;CED.& QOi;I~r ORGMIl.!"liOt.l Acr-

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[ J ,490 ~TIElUTE rv r l(11D SE~'fYE~E

[ I Si5D .s~~<;;i.rTiW .

,e~Mi30mESI EX;o.lWIipE

[ I e'l~ OO&TOMCR.

. Ql:illlJ_ENG:E

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Ileac OT~I\!!!nA~,( .~!Otf!)

!')-B'!I1 ~lt l\iFlJLACT.S i·lm.~VC STAM.1ZI!.1l0H·ACT

I I ~a DI\IIIl.0f\3,4EIoITIII.

. W!:lTS\&

I 1 mM E;tja;:ii'!'"

I ; 895" :c~~~o;"'~!

.. ~ORiWITlON,~

. I: ] 9\l!I Ai' PEfIi. .oFI'eJE IlEJIiFtMINAllOfol , IJNliBtEtlM\L ACCE.SS

T"Q,.R.!S-TlCS; •

[ 1:!G0 COtiI>TI,1UJ!ot.t~JTY OF ,SlATE ,sT:A1\ITES


I:F SO, Sf ATE;' .


0'1 ¢F1gli1~~ i>r<;;~.~dln9

o 2<1, .R.",~yM 'fr~m Sl'!obt!·O.,~rL

o :2b.~~ml;'V!il<i 'from S.b;!l~ C:~Mrt AND ~tkt;~~t Qn~ ~Oi!lf. fi p~ $~"

'ORIGIN D'~ ~~in3~1iIed' IIQri!' 0 4. FI~"tt.~~I~!l Qr'

A~p~lio'(~ C ourc Fi.~pllI~ed

o ·5' Tr~r.rJ~J!~~~m D. SMuilidill.!

tSIl'ti~ifjC DI'!iI.fOc:<.l'I U~g8W~

o 7' AP~'8~lb:l [)i~~,i~l Ju~~~ It9-ri! N!lJ&lI~lr;!!oib Jud~;; jJd~m''''''il


o ,. U .. S, f'I.A!NTIFF 0:2 U,$,·DIEFE~OANT



(lJ .S, NOTA PARTy) '. .


:cmZE.NSHIP or- PRINCIPAL PARTlES (FOR DIVERSITY CASES ONLY) (l!I~ce an [Xl Ln. one Iioiii ro-r Plalntiff aoo cnelJoo?: jb'r DlJfendantl

~Tf ,t'iE~

CITIZEN 0'1' THIS STATE t l' ! 11

Clfl:'.Er,I ~R $,.1J9 . .i~C' ci~ i'o. ~OR!!'IGN C0Utll'R''t'

itt,C.OI'l; P'OI'tA "100 ot P Rlr..OIPc;o'L pl.Ace QF.I>USUilEiS1l5 It.l.THI~ ~:u.:re

pr~ O'5F 11$'1 P

INCCiRPORATED 3i1~ p'mNOIPAL pL:Ac;e; 0.1" a:usINE$S I., ~rt-lEIHiT"'T~

":r:~ DEF ~'l & [1~'

'P'aul GregoryAllen, Trustee ofthe ES.tate or Adrian Ja.eqbs c/o .Andrews Kurth LLP'

45.0 l~ingt.Qn A'Y'erw~

New York, NY '10017 (Ne-w York COlJnl:y) A:lti'!: Thomas R Kline, Esq. '

Joseph A. Patella ~ ~sq.,

Scho!~$tio Inc. 557 Broadway

New York. New VorkOQ12 New York County.




CheCk one; THIS: ACT'ION S.HOUL.O BE ASSIGNEO TO. 0 WHITE PLAINS (00 NOT qh&ek gm,ar bci:.;: if ltiiu Ptl:ISONER F!ETl'nON,)



I .. ! NO . :.. 2003

.kl YES (DATE I'J)MiTTED ~" 1 0 . Yr,_)

,Ailomey !ilarCod~ #JP·3196


........,.. ""'i'I' r ~ I

. • I I ~ •

..,.J:......... --..J.--J...IiI.. ~

Ma.gistrate JJJdg~e. ~ . lsse Oosignatat!;

r F /i ~

II, .! .... 1 ~" ... ...J. •

Ruby J,Krajick, Ci,€rl<, of Cou.rt by

D.eputy C tarki •. ciA TE,D





No. .. _ ~- n;" ~C1\f 533 5




Jury Trial Demanded


._,- - -'.- - - - ,- - - - - ,_ - -. - .- - - ._ .- - - _, - - ,- ._ - - .- .-. - .- - x


1. Thisis an action for 'copyright infringemen! based qnDefendant Scholastie .In~?~ 2O_~

publjcstioncf a. book entitled Harry Potter and the Goblet o/F}1"e (flfoGoblef"),by I·S· R~~lins· -L\

I. • :;: ~~, ;'::

Goblet infhnges the copyright of a book by Adrian Jacobs entitled TIle A.iVeJitures ~[. Wi~tlu~'~?;!:J

Wizard _, No I Ltvid Land C'Willy the. Wizard"), published 'ttl dle United Kingdonfjo i~"7, ~~.

. - .... '. '.._..~.

. _;__?:J_

- ..... ~

before t-li,e' publicaticn .afMy ofthe books in the Harry Potte» "Seri(;ls. Mr .. Jacobs and -, K ..

. .

prior jo the' writing and publication of Goblet, Mr. Li nlehad possession of" approximately 1 ~OOO

copies of "Willy the Wfra.rd. Goble: is substantially simlkir. to the protectahle expression in Willy.

llleWi.~qrd. Accordingly; Paul GregQ;ry Allen"the Trustoe of the ESt-ale ofAdrisn Jacobs, b.rings

this action.


2. PlaintiffPaul Gregory Allen' is 11 ciiizenof the United Kingdom, He sues in his capacity as Trustee of the Estate of the tate Adrian Jacobs r'la-cobs,~1~ who died OIl February 18·~ 1.997.

- r ,_


Jacobs is the author, of Wi/~y the, 'Wlzwd. At 'all. times relevanr to ,this lawsuit. Jacobs resided m Bn.glaud and Wales and ~ a cirizen of the UnitedKingdom,

3 . Upon. i:l1fOIDla:n on and belief Defendant Scholastic Inc, rSc:holastit'j is. acorporation inc..orporated-in the. stat¢- of 'New York, with its,.pr~lci:pal place of business at . .5.57 Broadway~ ·N~wYork)NY~ 10012. Upon information and belief SchoI~tic.lSlhe United States ~tiblisheT of the beck Goblet ..


4. . Tl:iis Court h~ jurisdiction over the subject matter ofthis action- under 28 U,S.c. §§ 133]

'and 13:;B(a),

5. Upon information and belief, this, Court ... has. personal jurlsru_ctiQn over Def.etldant

pursuant to NY c.P.L.R. §·3,Oi because Defendant is dom.icil-eel in Nerw York.

6. IJpon infun:natiO:t1.'and ·b~e]ie4 venue is ·prop~r· in this .. district u:nde:t :2~8 U.S.,C. § 139t(b) because Defendant resides and/or does business in this .district.,.:a. .s,ubstantihlpan of the events giv ing rise to P1iintiff"s claim occurred 111 this district, Defendant' s aets ofinfringemerit nave' occurred in this dis,trict,.a:l'.IdPlailitiffis. suffering harm in this district,


United States C9Pyngh:t in Willy the Wizard

7.. The book Willy tiJeWiz{l:rd: was written: in 1987 by Jacobs. As, a, citizen .qf the United. OCin;gdom and the ~u:thor of an original 1ibmky· work, Jacobs owned 3, copyright ill Willy· the Wizard by operation of'law in the United Kingdom

8. Willy the Wizard WI a!$-. limt published 'ill the United ·K"i:ngd'om [0 :L 987 by,B.3Chmap &; Tumer under 1.S_BN ',085974 l44. 3.; underlicense from Jaeobs, The book eensistsof text 'by Jacobs and illustrations by: Nick Tidnam. Willy the Wizard has not been. published in the United States ..


DAi~~1698J2_! i

9; In 19&9. "J ace bswas -declared bankrupt • .and •. pursuant to the law of th~ UnitedKingdcm, 'control ofthe copyright ·t6 WiNy the . Wizard passed to the' Official Reeeiver of'th~ Insolveney Service, In ;!OQ3t Jonathan Jacobs, the sole b¢l'.leficiaty of the .Jaeobs Estate. was appointed to administerthe esrate, after. w hieh time rlte Offi.ciaI Receiver assigned the: co.pyri~ to Willy tfle WiZ'Clr,d to. him. In 2008'. Jonathan Jacobs appeinted the PIaInti:ff~ Paul Gregory Allen, as trustee .ef'the Jacobs Estate with fun powers. overall assets, 'inc]udiil:g the copyright to Willy the. Wizard,

~Prlor Acces!! :toWiIJy; the Wizard

10. In L987. "after completing the rnan~us~ripl of Willy theWizardl Jacobs approached Christopher Little ('~Uttle")~ a partner at the London-based Christopher Little Literary Agen.c:y~ for help prornoting 'the book: and securing a'publisher within the United Kingdom,

[1. After theirinitial meenng .. Littlebecame .. Jacob's .agenrsnd.Jaecbs provided. little v,,1th

copies 0 f the manuscript.

f2. Oniu:formation. and belief Little sent copies of the manuscript to a number of third

parties ..

13. Little didnot secure a UnttedKingdom.publislier for Willy th(!·W-nard~

14. WithQut Little's help, Jacobs. published Willy theWi:tard through a. United Kin,gdnm publisher, Bachman & Turner} in 19.87 •.

1 $, In 1987 ~ a Her Wi lly tiu~ "Wizarawent' to pres's, J acobs provided Li ttle with. ·approxim4tely

1-,000 copies of the J,:ook WjUy t!1e WlZlU'd published by Bat·htnan &.T,umer.

16.. Jacobs provided these copies So that Little could.seek.a foreign publisher forehe book.

1. 7 . Little did not secure. 'a, foreign 'publisher fot Willy the· Wizard.

18. Upon 'infor;m.atjon and belief, in 19.94:, Li ttie. became Utent.rY agent. to . J .K.Rowling

e':RowIing")~ after Rowling submitted her Initial draft nf what wouldbecome Rowling's first



'book Hany Porter 'aud the Ph:ilosQph¢/, 's Stone C~Stmle"") (entitled Harry Potter and the Sorcere» 's Stone in theUnited States) ...

19:. Upon ·i.ntbrrr.lation and belief Little remained ':RO'W'1:ing"s literary agent during the publication of Stone:in 1997 and. at an times during the writing and publieation of mscqllent books in the Harry Petter ,series . Ineluding Hatry pf)~ter and the Chamber' of'Sectel'$first pul?Hshe4,jn' 1998, Harry Pouer and the Prisoner of 'Azkaban first",published ill.l999", Goblet .first ~puhLish:ed in 2000 and Han')} Poae» and·tI~e; (j'rd?r·qltJr;e.P~enix firstpublish,ed'ln-~200L

20. Upon informationand belief. Stone 'vas edited and finalized, and all the subsequent

. books .in the: Harry Potter series inciud1.o.g Goblet were written after U_ttle.antj. Rowling began to.' work together ~

21.. Upon information and, belief; either Rowling~ Little or editors at Little s agency "had access.to Willy the! Wizardwhell writing an.dloT editing Stone' and all the subsequent bonks in '(be Harry Potter sed es including Gob/pt.

'22. Uwu informa:tion and, belief~ Rnwling granted Defeftdant S(:)lolastic anexclusivelicense

to publish Goble: 'in the United States,

23~ Upon infonn:atioll and belief Scholastic- first pubHsb,ed. ,Goblt;t in the United States in

J.uly 2000' and has continuously distributedthe book since that time.

S Ilbstantlal.Similarity of-the \VpIks

24. Wil~'l {he' Wb:lFd and GO'hlet ate similar in. theme, -plot, characters; setting.. and total. concept. and feel. .The centra] theme of each worlC~ year-long' wizard oont-est-unfolds as similer characters enact parallel plot points. These parallel'pIots take p]~·ein.Patallel.c(intexts,il,fmlm;,y world located in the Teal world where magi.call(:onununicies·.and re~ar pecple.co-exisr

'and where; magical solutions abound to soJve real-world probj¢nis~ from travel to' commerce to


25. Similar 'and identical themes and plots .include those set 'forth in .paragrsphs 26 through 30

herein, and fl:lrlher explained in-paragraphs 32-:5&.,


:2"6. . Both ~Hy the Wizard and Goblet tell the story of 'a wizard oomp:.eti.ti.ou., 'afni the:

protagonis], of each 'book Is a wizard. who takes. part in,-and ultimatelywine=the 'competition ..

deduce the exact nature of a .. cenrra! task in the competition.

28.... Both W.iU'!land,Han'y uneover the nature oftrus centeal task ,covertlyiu a bathroom.

29. Both'Willy and Harry o0111p'l~ the task using information- gleaned from hejpeLS.

~o. The task fot both Willy and Harry involves (-escuing ho~tages, imprisoned by a

community 0 f half- human, haJf-arumitlcreatures ..

- J 1 Throughout WU( the Wizard and Goblet. the similar themes and plot elements are

expressed. in similar WiI,YS,

32.. The two QOoks express th¢ primary theme. ofa wizard competition in similar waY$~

including M self forth inparagrapbs .33 through J 9h.erein.

:1"3. Both hooks contemplate completion of the. contest. in one yesr, Will"y-the Wizar4. Ch .. 1.

:po 3~ 001. l •. ·~ 4. .line -' ~ Goblet, ell. 12~ Pi '184.

34. In. both books. the cempetition is announced iii: a castle. and. in both cases it is in the'

"Great Ba.lI'; of that castle. Will), tfJe Wizard~ en. 1 •. p .. 2~ col :2.' 1:; Gohlet~ Ch. 12 pp. 184,.



DAL:i6933::U ~

.3:5. Both competitions are' su.bject to a, form ofregulatofycont.rolin which the regulators can detect any misuse of mag] c and impose punishment WUly the Wizard Ch. I, p; 2~, 001. 2" t1r 2-4,

Gobiet, Ch, 1,; p. K

3eL T1,'l1;: punishment contemplated in each work 1$ to send the offending wizard to wizard

prison .. Wil(t· the Wlzlird. ell" .I. p. 7; col, 2. , 7; (](Jh.l~t, Ch. 2.·p. 2:3.

37. Bo:thcolnpe~iJion.s involve competirorsfrom real-world countries. Wil~y the Wiur1.'tl) Ch.

1', "".1' '<"I. ro-I~r· ·C' ~ 1""

., p. .);'1: c"O ~.. _" "". Ul'Ju.el~. . u... )"

38. In both.work!?.3 French wizard. arrives in a fan.t.as:ti.cal~ animal-drawn carnage and. plays a

seniorrole in. administering the eompetition. WtUy. the Wilard", Ch l., p~ 3, cot 1. 1; Gobie»,

C~h. 15, .PP. 242';'244~

39. The compedtiolls in both works: use substantiallj' identical s~tems of seod~ and reward. In· Wilty- tl~e Wizard, eompeti tors receive 4trpoirits fur releasing.eaeh hostage. In .GOblet. the

competitors receive approximately the sanie number of" points per' .hosrage-sone competitor

receives 40 points one receives 45. and .one,recei:ves 47. Wil{r ~he Wizard;, C~'" 4; p. 8., col I" I~

. .

4~ Gobl€t~ Ch, 12.· pp, 506~07. Ltkewise, in both works, the wizard who wins' the competition

Wil~y ,the Wizard: ell. 4~ p .. s.eet i, ~'4; G(jblet~ en. 12~ p. 18!t

40" In ,bQ~h books" the maincharacterleams the-nature of the centra] task ina similar w-ay as

set forth inparagraphs 41 through 41 herein.

4L Both Willy, and Harry receive instnlcti.oM'rol' the task in. a form they are not able. to

42.. Both Willy and .Harry decode the lnstructiens in order to learn what they must do. Wilt'y

.the Wiianl, Ch. 4, p. ·S. col. 1. ~ 4.; Gobiel~ Ck 2S. p ... 463.



4c3. Deducing the;' nature of the task set fur the respectivemain characters, winy and Harty,

OCCl.l~ in a similar way as set forth it;L.p~ragrapinr 44 though, 48, herein,

44. . Both W ill y and Harry are, in special bathrooms when they .leam the '.naturebf the ,t.~k,

~J1il:tv the Wizard,. Ch. 4. p. 8. col. I,· .] ~.·Gob'lelJ, Ch .. 25. p. 459.

45,. Each 'wizard uses a teol ;avrula!:i1e'"in the special. bathroem ·lo'1.Ul.OOver the nature of the

centraltask W~lly the JYiza:rq, .Ch. 4:, p" :8:" eel. t, ~ 3; .: GDhl!1tt. Ch_ 25, p .. 462 ..

46. In eaeh work" access 'to the special batbroom, or magical supplies It eontains, is available

on1~r~ohi~er status wizards, Willy the Wizal'd,~ ell .. 4, p. 8; col, 1. ~ 2;· osu«. Ch. ,25, p., 45-9.

47. Both.Willi·and Harry are-able to 'Use colored Willer additives with magical properties that. 'allow them. to focus 1UQ.re clearlyon decodingthe instructions. Willy the Wiz(lrd~ Ch.4~.p, 81 col, J, '2.1i.ne 5:; Goblet, Ch. 25,.p. 46{t

48·. When Wmy and. Harry, respectively, employ the: proper method (if decoding, the previously u:nmtel1igible.· instsuetions, ate presented tn:(he. wimd in 'Ciomp~bensible language. Wlily the Wlzard,'Ch:. 4. p. 8, cot l~.~ 3; GoMet~ Ch. 25, p. 463.

49, fu both books, In order te: completethetess, Willy and Harry rely, enassistance from

helpers as' set forth in .paragraphs 50 thmugh 53 herein ..

50, Both 'WillY. and Harryhave friends. who conduct library research in. order to assist with.

th~ task" Will;p l:lle Wizard, ell" 4 e . p, 9, co), l;.~ 5; C.1Oblet""Ch. 26, p. 485.

5"1. Both rely on elves and others who obtain key pieces of information by eavesdropping,

JViJly·the Wizard, ci, 4 .. p; 1-2. cot 1. ~ 1; Ch. 5. p, 15,-co1. 2, ~l 2~ ,Goblet. Ch. 26~pp, 491.496;

$2. Both receive last-minute intelligence thatproves crncial in-completing the task, Willy the

Wizard+ Ch, 5 .• p. 16'.~oL 1~; 1; G()blet~ Ch .. 26. pp. 49{)~94 .

. _. 7 ~

53, The protest of s~Ine ·of the helpers regarding: their past :w¢rking conditions and their. insistence .. on improved. conditions is a theme in 'both works .. , Wt.lly.the Wizard. Ch, l~ p, 1 I' col. 1,

54, The authors also- express-the tasks that 'Willy· and Harry.must ool~'lete ill a similar way as;

set forth in paragraphs 55 through 57.

55. Both Winy and Harrymust rescue hostages from ,a community ofmagical creatures that are halfhuman and half.animal, WUly the Wizard" Ch .. 4~ :p. 8, eoL:i~ 4~.line 1; ·GQblet.th2:6~


56. In Willy the Wizard, lh.e:f'Kangauatives'· have torsos like·h,umaris.and. legs l~e kangaroos.

In Goblet. the "Merpeople" have torsos like. humans and are otherwise like, fish. Willy.'the

Wizard" Ch, 4,~ p, :8:; col. 2. ~ 4. line 4; Goblet, Ch. 26, '11, 497 ..

5.7. IiI both. cases, the magical communityresides in an. isol:ate:d.·location that is protected by a

physical.barrier that the mala charaetermust overcome. WUly·the Wizard._·Ch~4, p, 9, 0012. ~ 2;

lineS; Goblet, Ch. 2S~ p. 464.

58. Throughout, both books, the shared elemems of theme .andplot occur in substantially.tne

same.sequence, as' set .forth above to paragraphs 2:6 thfo'l,lgh. 57.

59. In addition to iJ.'lCOFIKl'l'stin.g me themes andplot of Wi.lJy Ih? U(iz'fWd reiatedte the wizard

competitica.itself, Goble: includes numerousothercharacter and seningelements that are taken

from Willy the Wizard1 such as those get forth· in paragraphs 6(} through 67. Because f!c!/)Jet copies ·th~ QveraU· plot of wtUy the FViiard along with key features of the magical world created

60. Both protagonists are wizards raised by non-wi zards, who join the magical eommunity in,

~re-jearly;..adolescence. WUl.v the Wizard, .Ch. 2.p:,. 5 ~,coL 2. ~ 9" line),; Goblet, Ch. 2. pp. 1"9 .. 20.

- 8···

61. Each protagonist attended or attends at least one of.several wizard ·schools in 'Europe.

Willy theW'izard~ Ch. 1. p. 3,. eel, 1~~' 6. th. 4. p. 10. co12~ ~ 3; G(}blet~ Ch. 7, p .. 8.5 ..

62. Each pro.tagonist. has studied or studies wizard: hisb:u~y.Willpthe Wi2ard. Ch. 1. p, j~ Cq].

63. Near its beginning, each work describes an .ihtetmitiQnal gathering efwizards who h.ave

. CQID.e togethet from real oountries au' over the world and the :personsl impact t~at 'Ole main character feels knowing he is part of this brotherheed. Upon: seeing' "wizards of all races" in

their native .dress , including "wizards from Ivory Coast. and Delhi, ~Wi1l:y is struckby' "the

immensityof theWizard brotherhood," 'Willy the' ~nzar-d~ Ch. i, p." 3, col, 2. 1 ,2. Likewise,

upon arriving at an international wizardevent. attended. by, among others. "African wizards'"in "long while robes," Harry contemplates "~how many witches and wizar-ds there 'must. be in the

world," Goblet; Ch, 7 ~ p.81-82.

64. B0t11 works feature simila:rmeans of magical transportation that allow 'wizards to travel

undetected through the real world; These means include: ,11 fbrm.oftravel in which the traveler

. . .

touches an object that is apparently unrelated to transportatien aud is, instandy transported to .il;

'7 3- (portkeys); ~tn~:gical train that h used only by wizaeds; Willy. the Wizard. Ch, -4> .p .. 10, eol, 1. ~r 2·; Goble/. :qh. ll, P', 163; a formal transportation. system by which any wizard 'is able to summon "invisible rraneport, Wil~y the WtzClt'd Ch. L, p .. 3·~ col, 2, ~ A (swan. taxi); Goblet~ Ch. 9, .p. 126 (Knight Husk and travel through use of snuff-or oilier pO'wder carried. on .. the wiz.ard's

iJAL ib"t.lSTl .. J I

65, Bath works discuss special. wizard hospitals for the diagnosis and treatment of wizard illnesses, ineludingmenral 'illnesses. Willy the Wi.zard.·Ch.4. p. 10, ooL2~ ~ 2, Goblet. Ch. 30, p,


67. Altbuugh both works are set iu the- real world, both werksfeature commercial' villages,

hidden away from the re-al world, that produce goods .and ,services especially for wi·urds. ill

- .

Willy the Wizard~ Memories Hideaway is athriving community in which the inhabitm:dsen:ga-~e

'iu cottage industries; including producing c,andy withm:agicalproperties and .aicoholespeciaUy

for wizards, Willy. the Wizard, 01. 5, 'p. l 3, '001. 1,,~' 1. Likewise, Hogsmeadein .Goblet is a vilIa~tutl of magical cottage industries. primarily known f<;'lr its brewery and candy shop.

Goblet, eh. 19. p. 318-19.

ffli:anr-.s . theme, plot. characters" setting, and total. concept and. Feel, the two wad,s are

Action hl the pnited Kingdom

69. On June I·~~ 2009; the: r,aoob~ Estatesued BIQomsbury Pu'blisbing. PLC ("B]oomsbury"~ 'Ute British publisher of Goblet, in-the c'lwlc,ery Division of-the mgh CQurt of Justice in England.

forin:fhl'l.gement of the copyright in Willy- the Wizard. On F~bruaty 10~ 2·OlU~·,Rilw1i.ng was

~. 4·--

j oinedas a parry defendant .in that Iawsuit.

70. Applications for Summary J udgment were filed. by B']OOI1lSbu.ry- on December [1 •. 2.009

and. Rewlingon March 1.20U). and are now pendingbefore the High Court.

- 10-


- -

11. Plaintiff repeats and. incorpcrates by' referencethe 'allegatiens set forth 'in paragraphs 1

72. J aCQDS authored. anerigi nat bookentitled WU}ythe Wizard In J 987 . J atolls was a. narionalefand wasdomiciled in the UnitedKingdom.when he wrote Willy/he Wizard, anrlWill'y the Wiz-ard was first published in the United KIngdom. Willy the 'Wizard is protected subjoof

matter uncl,er th~ laws of t~e .United Kingdom

73" The United Kingdom is a treaty party under the Berne Conventicn, within th~'~.eanii1g of 17 U.S,C. § to]. Accerdingly, (he copyright in WiI'ly 'l1utWizani is protected "from infringement in the' United States under]7 U.S.C. §§ 104(b)(1) and (2).

74. Plaintiff" now' owns the copyright :to Willy the W1"zdrdin . his ',eap'a<;ity as Trustee ofth~'

Jacobs Bstate.


J 5. Defendantv withou; Plai ntiff" s authorization or censerrt, has reproduced, distributed,

offered. for sale, sold 'and continues to. sell; copies of the book Goblet, which is substantially

similar to the jantectable expression inPlaintiff's copyrighted work Willy the Wizard, 'thereby

Dnit,ed States C,?pyri ght Act. [7 u.s.c, § SOL

76. Defendant's lnfringement of Plaintiffs: exclusive rights· in Plaintiff's work Willy the

.wizaFdba~. caused.Plaintiff damage.rand has enabled Defendant to profitiUc,gaUy tlie't'eiTom.

77. Defendant's conduct has caused and' will continue to cause irreparable injury to Plaintiff


WHEREFORE, Plaintiff d~~Mds Juq,grtrel1t.. against Scholastic a~,fonows.:

- 11 .~

A . Sclrolastic ancf each of' its, officers!% directors, servants, employees; agents,

. .

licensees, attorneys. successors, affiliates, patents, •. subsidiaries •. and assigns, ·and anIY and all

persons.inactive concert or participation with any .ef them. who receive uetice ,cif such judgment

di recti y. or otherwise, be permanently enjoined. :ftQni infringing tb:~ copyright of Plaintiff:

including; without linlit.atiOn~ by 'pub~ishing, printing, reproducing. distributing, displayin&: advertising, promoting. Qfferin;g far sale, ttodJor seiling, th.e infringing book Gohlet~.oI an~rother materials -co:pied· or deri ved from. Willy· the Wizard;.

B.. Scholastic. at its own expense, he ordered to de1iv~r up to Plaintiff fur destruction .

. all copies 0 f the Goble: in its possession or control in~ludin:ig) 'wlthout Ii1nitation~ ·aU inventory of

C, Scholastic, at; its own. expense, he directed to recall G()ble~ and any other works

that copy j or are otherwise' den ved from. Wilfy the . Wi"zard.as wen as all - advert.ising·. and

pr-omo-tio-nal materials concerning such works, fromany distdbntors. r~qp~s~ vend'o~,. or others ro whom. such works have been-sold ,or d:i-s:tril::mtced, and that 8-cllOlas1ic d.estroy or deUver up to

Plaintiff for destruction all works' returned tethem;

D. That Scholastic be ordered to account to Plaintiff for. and disgorg~ :atid pay to

Plaintiff. all. (he gains, profits, savings, and advantages realized by Scholastic' from its acts of

copyright infrlngement des-cribed above p~r·sllan.t to 17 U.S.C. §504i(b);

E.. )11at Plaintiff be· awarded its costs: pursuant to 17 U$: C. ,§. 505.;. and

- r2.-


· ,

F_ That Plaintiff be ~,ted such: Qther r~lief ~~,.the Co~rt may ~o~~id.et ·eq_uita_ble,

Just and proper;

Date: . New Yo:~k:, New Y~rk .July 13.,2,010

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