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E-Prime Bible NASB DFM (Part 02) History(Joshua-2 Kings)

E-Prime Bible NASB DFM (Part 02) History(Joshua-2 Kings)

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Published by David F Maas
E-Prime Bible NASB (Part 02) The History books of the Bible (Joshua through II Kings) Rendered into E-Prime by Dr. David F. Maas
E-Prime Bible NASB (Part 02) The History books of the Bible (Joshua through II Kings) Rendered into E-Prime by Dr. David F. Maas

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Published by: David F Maas on Jul 14, 2010
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"!#$ E-Prime DFM

Jehu Rei ns over )srae%


Now /*isha the prophet ca**ed one of %&'

the sons of the prophets and said to

him, $%)'

4ird up !our *oins, and %.'

take this f*ask of oi* in !our hand and "o to




$Ehen !ou arrive there, search out %/'

Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son

of Nimshi, and "o in and %2'

bid him arise from amon" his brothers, and brin"

him to an inner room,


$:hen take the f*ask of oi* and pour it on his head and sa!, ':hus sa!s the

LORD, $%4'

+ have anointed !ou kin" over +srae*,$' :hen open the door and f*ee

and do not wait,$


5o %3'

the !oun" man, the servant of the prophet, went to Ramoth@"i*ead,


Ehen he came, beho*d, the captains of the arm! sat, and he said, $+ have
a word for !ou, O captain,$ &nd Jehu said, $2or which one of us<$ &nd he
said, $2or !ou, O captain,$


3e arose and went into the house, and he poured the oi* on his head and
said to him, $:hus sa!s the LORD, the 4od of +srae*, '%+'

+ have anointed !ou

kin" over the peop*e of the LORD, even over +srae*,


'Aou sha** strike the house of &hab !our master, %J'

that + ma! aven"e %F'


b*ood of M! servants the prophets, and the b*ood of a** the servants of the

at the hand of JeGebe*,


'2or the who*e house of &hab sha** perish, and %M'

+ wi** cut off from &hab


ever! ma*e person %O'

both bond and free in +srae*,



+ wi** make the house of &hab *ike the house of Jeroboam the son of

Nebat, and %B'

*ike the house of )aasha the son of &hi0ah,



:he do"s sha** eat JeGebe* in the territor! of JeGree*, and none sha** bur!
her,'$ :hen he opened the door and f*ed,


Now Jehu came out to the servants of his master, and one said to him,


+s a** we**< Eh! did this %:'

mad fe**ow come to !ou<$ &nd he said to them,

$Aou know ver! we** the man and his ta*k,$


:he! said, $Aou *ie, te** us now,$ &nd he said, $:hus and thus he said to
me, ':hus sa!s the LORD, $+ have anointed !ou kin" over +srae*,$'$


:hen %J'

the! hurried and each man took his "arment and p*aced it under

him on the bare steps, and %K'

b*ew the trumpet, sa!in", $Jehu has become


Jehoram EJoramF $e,omes !ssassinated


5o Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son of Nimshi conspired a"ainst

Joram, %E'

Now Joram with a** +srae* defended Ramoth@"i*ead a"ainst 3aGae*

kin" of &ram,


but %L'

Fin" [a

Joram had returned to JeGree* to hea* from the wounds which
the &rameans had inf*icted on him when he fou"ht with 3aGae* kin" of &ram,
5o Jehu said, $+f this !ou have !our mind, then *et no one escape or *eave
the cit! to "o te** it in JeGree*,$


:hen Jehu rode in a chariot and went to JeGree*, for Joram *a! there,


&haGiah kin" of Judah had come down to see Joram,


Now the watchman stood on the tower in JeGree* and he saw the compan!
of Jehu as he came, and said, $+ see a compan!,$ &nd Joram said, $:ake a
horseman and send him to meet them and *et him sa!, 'Do !ou come in


5o a horseman went to meet him and said, $:hus sa!s the kin", 'Do !ou
come in peace<'$ &nd Jehu said, $%H'

Ehat have !ou to do with peace< :urn
behind me,$ &nd the watchman reported, $:he messen"er came to them,
but he did not return,$


:hen he sent out a second horseman, who came to them and said, $:hus
sa!s the kin", 'Do !ou come in peace<'$ &nd Jehu answered, $Ehat have !ou
to do with peace< :urn behind me,$


:he watchman reported, $3e came even to them, and he did not return(

and %&&'

the drivin" *ooks *ike the drivin" of %&)'

Jehu the son of Nimshi, for he

drives furious*!,$


:hen Joram said, $4et read!,$ &nd the! made his chariot read!, %&.'


kin" of +srae* and &haGiah kin" of Judah went out, each in his chariot, and
the! went out to meet Jehu and found him in the %&D'

propert! of Naboth the



Ehen Joram saw Jehu, he said, $Do !ou come in peace, Jehu<$ &nd he
answered, $Ehat peace, %&/'

so *on" as the har*otries of !our mother JeGebe*

and her witchcrafts have become so man!<$


5o Joram reined about and f*ed and said to &haGiah, $ + see treacher!, O



&nd %&4'

Jehu drew his bow with his fu** stren"th and shot Joram between
his arms( and the arrow went throu"h his heart and he sank in his chariot,


:hen Jehu said to )idkar his officer, $:ake him up and %&3'

cast him into the


propert! of the fie*d of Naboth the JeGree*ite, for + remember when !ou
and + rode to"ether after &hab his father, that the %&+'

LORD *aid this %&J'


a"ainst himI


'5ure*! %&F'

+ have seen !esterda! the b*ood of Naboth and the b*ood of his

sons,' sa!s the LORD, 'and %&L'

+ wi** repa! !ou in this [c

propert!,' sa!s the
LORD, Now then, take and cast him into the propert!, accordin" to the word
of the LORD,$

Jehu !ssassinates !haAiah


Ehen &haGiah the kin" of Judah saw this, he f*ed b! the wa! of the
"arden house &nd Jehu pursued him and said, $5hoot him too, in the chariot
$ 5o the! shot him at the ascent of 4ur, which stands at %&N'

+b*eam, )ut he

f*ed to Me"iddo and died there,


:hen his servants carried him in a chariot to Jerusa*em and buried him
in his "rave with his fathers in the cit! of David,


Now in %&?'

the e*eventh !ear of Joram, the son of &hab, &haGiah became

kin" over Judah,


Ehen Jehu came to JeGree*, JeGebe* heard of it, and %&B'

she painted her

e!es and adorned her head and *ooked out the window,


&s Jehu entered the "ate, she said, $ Does ever!thin" *ook we**, Himri,
!our master's murderer<$


:hen he *ifted up his face to the window and said, $Eho remains *o!a* to
me< Eho<$ &nd two or three officia*s *ooked down at him,

JeAebe% $e,omes #%ain


3e said, $:hrow her down,$ 5o the! threw her down, and some of her
b*ood was sprink*ed on the wa** and on the horses, and he tramp*ed her
under foot,


Ehen he came in, he ate and drank( and he said, $5ee now to %&5'


cursed woman and bur! her, for %&:'

she has ro!a* b*ood,$


:he! went to bur! her, but the! found nothin" more of her than the sku**
and the feet and the pa*ms of her hands,


:herefore the! returned and to*d him, &nd he said, $:his comes to pass
the word of the LORD, which 3e spoke b! 3is servant /*i0ah the :ishbite,
sa!in", '%&J'

+n the propert! of JeGree* the do"s sha** eat the f*esh of JeGebe*(


and %&K'

the corpse of JeGebe* wi** be seem dun" on the face of the fie*d in
the propert! of JeGree*, so the! cannot sa!, $ 3ere we see the remains of

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