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E-Prime Bible NASB DFM (Part 02) History(Joshua-2 Kings)

E-Prime Bible NASB DFM (Part 02) History(Joshua-2 Kings)

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Published by David F Maas
E-Prime Bible NASB (Part 02) The History books of the Bible (Joshua through II Kings) Rendered into E-Prime by Dr. David F. Maas
E-Prime Bible NASB (Part 02) The History books of the Bible (Joshua through II Kings) Rendered into E-Prime by Dr. David F. Maas

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Published by: David F Maas on Jul 14, 2010
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"!#$ E-Prime DFM

Gideon's (22 Chosen Men


:hen %&'

Jerubbaa* %name*!, 4ideon' and a** the peop*e who accompanied
him, rose ear*! and camped beside the sprin" of 3arod( and the camp of
Midian was on the north side of them b! the hi** of %)'

Moreh in the va**e!,


:he LORD said to 4ideon, $:he peop*e who accompan! !ou have become
too man! for Me to "ive Midian into their hands, %.'

for +srae* wou*d become

boastfu*, sa!in", 'M! own power has de*ivered me,'


$Now therefore come, proc*aim in the hearin" of the peop*e, sa!in",


Ehoever fears and tremb*es, *et him return and depart from Mount
4i*ead,'$ 5o ##,>>> peop*e returned, but 1>,>>> remained,


:hen the LORD said to 4ideon, $:he peop*e sti** appear too man!( brin"
them down to the water and + wi** test them for !ou there, :herefore it sha**
come to pass that he of whom + sa! to !ou, ':his one sha** "o with !ou,' he
sha** "o with !ou( but ever!one of whom + sa! to !ou, ':his one sha** not "o
with !ou,' he sha** not "o,$


5o he brou"ht the peop*e down to the water, &nd the LORD said to 4ideon,
$Aou sha** separate ever!one who *aps the water with his ton"ue as a do"
*aps, as we** as ever!one who knee*s to drink,$


Now the number of those who *apped, puttin" their hand to their mouth,
numbered ->> men( but a** the rest of the peop*e knee*ed to drink water,


:he LORD said to 4ideon, $+ wi** de*iver !ou %2'

with the ->> men who *apped
and wi** "ive the Midianites into !our hands( so *et a** the other peop*e "o,
each man to his home,$


5o the ->> men took the peop*e's provisions and their trumpets into their
hands, &nd 4ideon sent a** the other men of +srae*, each to his tent, but
retained the ->> men( and the camp of Midian appeared be*ow him in the


Now the same ni"ht it came about that the LORD said to him, $&rise, "o
down a"ainst the camp, %4'

for + have "iven it into !our hands,


$)ut if !ou fear to "o down, "o with ?urah !our servant down to the camp,


and !ou wi** hear what the! sa!( and %3'

afterward !our hands wi** receive
stren"th that !ou ma! "o down a"ainst the camp,$ 5o he went with ?urah
his servant down to the outposts of the arm! that *ived in the camp,


Now the Midianites and the &ma*ekites and a** the sons of the east camped

in the va**e! %+'

as numerous as *ocusts( and their came*s *ooked without

number, %J'

as numerous as the sand on the seashore,


Ehen 4ideon came, beho*d, a man re*ated a dream to his friend, &nd he
said, $)eho*d, + had a dream( a *oaf of bar*e! bread tumb*ed into the camp
of Midian, and it came to the tent and struck it so that it fe**, and turned it
upside down so that the tent *a! f*at,$


3is friend rep*ied, $:his constitutes nothin" *ess than the sword of 4ideon
the son of Joash, a man of +srae*( 4od has "iven Midian and a** the camp


into his hand,$


Ehen 4ideon heard the account of the dream and its interpretation, he
bowed in worship, 3e returned to the camp of +srae* and said, $&rise, for the
LORD has "iven the camp of Midian into !our hands,$


3e divided the ->> men into three companies, and he put trumpets and
empt! pitchers into the hands of a** of them, with torches inside the pitchers,


3e said to them, $Look at me and do *ikewise, &nd beho*d, when + come to
the outskirts of the camp, do as + do,


$Ehen + and a** who accompan! me b*ow the trumpet, then !ou a*so b*ow
the trumpets a** around the camp and sa!, '2or the LORD and for 4ideon,'$

Con*usion o* the Enemy


5o 4ideon and the hundred men who accompanied him came to the
outskirts of the camp at the be"innin" of the midd*e watch, when the! had
0ust posted the watch( and the! b*ew the trumpets and smashed the pitchers
that the! he*d in their hands,


Ehen the three companies b*ew the trumpets and broke the pitchers, the!
he*d the torches in their *eft hands and the trumpets in their ri"ht hands for
b*owin", and cried, $& sword for the LORD and for 4ideon=$


/ach stood in his p*ace around the camp( and %L'

a** the [a

arm! ran, cr!in"

out as the! f*ed,


Ehen the! b*ew ->> trumpets, the %M'

LORD set the sword of one a"ainst
another even throu"hout the who*e arm!( and the arm! f*ed as far as )eth@
shittah toward Hererah, as far as the ed"e of %N'

&be*@meho*ah, b! :abbath,


:he men of +srae* received summons from %O'

Naphta*i and &sher and a**

Manasseh, and the! pursued Midian,


4ideon sent messen"ers throu"hout a** the hi** countr! of /phraim, sa!in",
$.ome down a"ainst Midian and %?'

take the waters before them, as far as

)eth@barah and the Jordan,$ 5o a** the men of /phraim became summoned
and the! took the waters as far as )eth@barah and the Jordan,


:he! captured the two *eaders of Midian, %B'

Oreb and Heeb, and the! ki**ed
Oreb at the rock of Oreb, and the! ki**ed Heeb at the wine press of Heeb,
whi*e the! pursued Midian( and the! brou"ht the heads of Oreb and Heeb to
4ideon %R'

from across the Jordan,

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