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E-Prime Bible NASB DFM (Part 02) History(Joshua-2 Kings)

E-Prime Bible NASB DFM (Part 02) History(Joshua-2 Kings)

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Published by David F Maas
E-Prime Bible NASB (Part 02) The History books of the Bible (Joshua through II Kings) Rendered into E-Prime by Dr. David F. Maas
E-Prime Bible NASB (Part 02) The History books of the Bible (Joshua through II Kings) Rendered into E-Prime by Dr. David F. Maas

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Published by: David F Maas on Jul 14, 2010
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"!#$ E-Prime DFM

David's Char e to #o%omon


&s David's %&'

time to die drew near, he char"ed 5o*omon his son, sa!in",



+ wi** soon "o the wa! of a** the earth , Remain stron", therefore, and

show !ourse*f a man,


$Feep the char"e of the LORD !our 4od, to wa*k in 3is wa!s, to keep 3is
statutes, 3is commandments, 3is ordinances, and 3is testimonies,


accordin" to what we see written in the Law of Moses, that %/'

!ou ma!

succeed in a** that !ou do and wherever !ou turn,


so that %2'

the LORD ma! carr! out 3is promise which 3e spoke concernin"

me, sa!in", '%4'

+f !our sons remain carefu* of their wa!, %3'

to wa*k before Me

in [a

truth with a** their heart and with a** their sou*, %+'

!ou sha** not *ack a

man on the throne of +srae*,'


$Now !ou a*so know what Joab the %J'

son of Heruiah did to me, what he did

to the two commanders of the armies of +srae*, to %F'

&bner the son of Ner,

and to %L'

&masa the son of Jether, whom he ki**ed( he a*so shed the b*ood of
war in peace, &nd he put the b*ood of war on his be*t about his waist, and on
his sanda*s on his feet,



5o act accordin" to !our wisdom, and do not *et his "ra! hair "o down to

5heo* in peace,


$)ut %N'

show kindness to the sons of )arGi**ai the 4i*eadite, and %O'

*et them

remain amon" those who eat at !our tab*e( %?'

for the! assisted me when +

f*ed from &bsa*om !our brother,


$)eho*d, %B'

there *ives with !ou 5himei the son of 4era the )en0amite, of
)ahurim( now he cursed me with a vio*ent curse on the da! + went to
Mahanaim )ut when %R'

he came down to me at the Jordan, + swore to him b!
the LORD, sa!in", '+ wi** not put !ou to death with the sword,'


$Now therefore, do not *et him "o unpunished, %5'

for !ou seem a wise man(
and !ou wi** know what !ou ou"ht to do to him, and !ou wi** brin" his "ra!
hair down to 5heo* with b*ood,$

Death o* David


:hen %:'

David s*ept with his fathers and the! buried him in %J'

the cit! of



:he da!s that David rei"ned over +srae* added up to fort! !earsI %E'


!ears he rei"ned in 3ebron and thirt!@three !ears he rei"ned in Jerusa*em,


&nd %L'

5o*omon sat on the throne of David his father, and his kin"dom

became firm*! estab*ished,


Now &doni0ah the son of 3a""ith came to )athsheba the mother of
5o*omon, &nd she said, $%A'

Do !ou come peacefu**!<$ &nd he said,



:hen he said, $+ have somethin" to sa! to !ou,$ &nd she said, $5peak,$


5o he said, $Aou know that %H'

the kin"dom + considered mine and %&&'

that a**

+srae* eDpected me to become kin"( %&)'

however, the kin"dom has turned

about and become m! brother's, %&.'

for it came to him from the LORD,


$Now + make one reCuest of !ou( do not [b

refuse me,$ &nd she said to

him, $5peak,$


:hen he said, $?*ease speak to 5o*omon the kin", for he wi** not refuse
!ou, that he ma! "ive me %&D'

&bisha" the 5hunammite as a wife,$


)athsheba said, $Ker! we**( + wi** speak to the kin" for !ou,$

!doni7ah E9e,uted


5o )athsheba went to Fin" 5o*omon to speak to him for &doni0ah, &nd the
kin" arose to meet her, bowed before her, and sat on his throne( then he


had a throne set for the kin"'s mother, and %&2'

she sat on his ri"ht,


:hen she said, $+ make one sma** reCuest of !ou( %&4'

do not refuse me,$

&nd the kin" said to her, $&sk, m! mother, for + wi** not refuse !ou,$


5o she said, $ ?*ease "ive &bisha" the 5hunammite to &doni0ah !our
brother as a wife,$


Fin" 5o*omon answered and said to his mother, $&nd wh! do !ou ask
&bisha" the 5hunammite for &doni0ah< %&+'

&sk for him a*so the kin"dom@@


for he + acknow*ed"e as m! o*der brother@@even for him, for %&F'


the priest, and for Joab the son of Heruiah=$


:hen Fin" 5o*omon swore b! the LORD, sa!in", $Ma! 4od do so to me and
more a*so, if &doni0ah has %&L'

not spoken this word a"ainst his own *ife,


$Now therefore, as the LORD *ives, who has estab*ished me and set me on
the throne of David m! father and %&M'

who has made me a house as 3e

promised, sure*! &doni0ah sha** suffer death toda!,$


5o Fin" 5o*omon %&N'

sent )enaiah the son of Jehoiada( and he fe** upon

him so that he died,


:hen to &biathar the priest the kin" said, $%&O'

4o to &nathoth to !our own

fie*d, %&?'

for !ou deserve to die( but + wi** not put !ou to death at this time,

because %&B'

!ou carried the ark of the Lord 4OD before m! father David, and

because %&R'

!ou became aff*icted in ever!thin" with which m! father became



5o 5o*omon dismissed &biathar from bein" priest to the LORD, in order to

fu*fi** %&5'

the word of the LORD, which 3e had spoken concernin" the house of

/*i in 5hi*oh,

Joab E9e,uted


Now the news came to Joab, %&:'

for Joab had fo**owed &doni0ah,


a*thou"h he had not fo**owed &bsa*om &nd Joab f*ed to the tent of the

LORD and %&K'

took ho*d of the horns of the a*tar,


?eop*e to*d Fin" 5o*omon that Joab had f*ed to the tent of the LORD, and
beho*d, he stands beside the a*tar, :hen 5o*omon %&E'

sent )enaiah the son of

Jehoiada, sa!in", $%&L'

4o, fa** upon him,$


5o )enaiah came to the tent of the LORD and said to him, $:hus the kin"
has said, '.ome out,'$ )ut he said, $No, for + wi** die here,$ &nd )enaiah
brou"ht the kin" word a"ain, sa!in", $:hus spoke Joab, and thus he
answered me,$


:he kin" said to him, $%&A'

Do as he has spoken and fa** upon him and bur!

him, %&H'

that !ou ma! remove from me and from m! father's house the b*ood
which Joab shed without cause,



:he LORD wi** return his b*ood on his own head, %))'

because he fe**
upon two men more ri"hteous and better than he and ki**ed them with the
sword, whi*e m! father David did not know itI %).'

&bner the son of Ner,

commander of the arm! of +srae*, and %)D'

&masa the son of Jether,

commander of the arm! of Judah,



5o sha** their b*ood return on the head of Joab and on the head of his
descendants forever( but to David and his descendants and his house and
his throne, ma! there emanate peace from the LORD forever,$


:hen %)2'

)enaiah the son of Jehoiada went up and fe** upon him and put
him to death, and the! buried him at his own house %)4'

in the wi*derness,


:he kin" appointed )enaiah the son of Jehoiada over the arm! in his
p*ace, and the kin" appointed %)+'

Hadok the priest %)J'

in the p*ace of &biathar,

#himei E9e,uted


Now the kin" sent and ca**ed for %)F'

5himei and said to him, $)ui*d for
!ourse*f a house in Jerusa*em and *ive there, and do not "o out from there
to an! p*ace,


$2or on the da! !ou "o out and %)L'

cross over the brook Fidron, !ou wi**

know for certain that !ou sha** sure*! die( %)M'

!our b*ood sha** fa** on !our

own head,$


5himei then said to the kin", $:he word sounds "ood, &s m! *ord the kin"
has said, so !our servant wi** do,$ 5o 5himei *ived in Jerusa*em man! da!s,


)ut it came about at the end of three !ears, that two of the servants of
5himei ran awa! %)N'

to &chish son of Maacah, kin" of 4ath, &nd the! to*d
5himei, sa!in", $)eho*d, !our servants have come to 4ath,$


:hen 5himei arose and sadd*ed his donke!, and went to 4ath to &chish to
*ook for his servants, &nd 5himei went and brou"ht his servants from 4ath,


?eop*e to*d 5o*omon that 5himei had "one from Jerusa*em to 4ath, and

had returned,


5o the kin" sent and ca**ed for 5himei and said to him, $Did + not make
!ou swear b! the LORD and so*emn*! warn !ou, sa!in", 'Aou wi** know for
certain that on the da! !ou depart and "o an!where, !ou sha** sure*! die'<
&nd !ou said to me, ':he word which + have heard + consider "ood,'


$Eh! then have !ou not kept the oath of the LORD, and the command
which + have *aid on !ou<$


:he kin" a*so said to 5himei, $%)O'

Aou know a** the evi* which !ou
acknow*ed"e in !our heart, which !ou did to m! father David( therefore


the LORD sha** return !our evi* on !our own head,


$)ut Fin" 5o*omon sha** receive b*essin"s, and %)B'

the throne of David sha**

become estab*ished before the LORD forever,$


5o the kin" commanded )enaiah the son of Jehoiada, and he went out
and fe** upon him so that he died %)5'

:hus the kin"dom became estab*ished in

the hands of 5o*omon,

1 3in s (

"!#$ E-Prime DFM

#o%omon's Ru%e Conso%idated


:hen %&'

5o*omon formed a marria"e a**iance with ?haraoh kin" of /"!pt,
and took ?haraoh's dau"hter %)'

and brou"ht her to the cit! of David %.'

unti* he

had finished bui*din" his own house and the house of the LORD and %D'


wa** around Jerusa*em,


:he peop*e sti** sacrificed on the hi"h p*aces, because the! had bui*t no
house for the name of the LORD unti* those da!s,


Now %2'

5o*omon *oved the LORD, %4'

wa*kin" in the statutes of his father
David, eDcept he sacrificed and burned incense on the hi"h p*aces,


:he kin" went to %+'

4ibeon to sacrifice there, %J'

for that he considered the
"reat hi"h p*ace( 5o*omon offered a thousand burnt offerin"s on that a*tar,


+n 4ibeon the LORD appeared to 5o*omon %L'

in a dream at ni"ht( and 4od

said, $%M'

&sk what !ou wish me to "ive !ou,$

#o%omon's Prayer


:hen 5o*omon said, $%N'

Aou have shown "reat *ovin"kindness to Aour

servant David m! father, %O'

accordin" as he wa*ked before Aou in [a

truth and

ri"hteousness and upri"htness of heart toward Aou( and %?'

Aou have reserved
for him this "reat *ovin"kindness, that Aou have "iven him a son to sit on his
throne, as it has happened on this da!,


$Now, O LORD m! 4od, %B'

Aou have made Aour servant kin" in p*ace of m!

father David, !et %R'

+ consider m!se*f but a *itt*e chi*d( %5'

+ do not know how

to "o out or come in,



Aour servant stands in the midst of Aour peop*e which Aou have chosen,


a "reat peop*e who have become too man! to number or count,


$5o %K'

"ive Aour servant an understandin" heart to 0ud"e Aour peop*e %E'


discern between "ood and evi*, 2or who has the capabi*it! to 0ud"e this "reat
peop*e of Aours<$

God's !ns;er


+t p*eased the Lord that 5o*omon had asked this thin",


4od said to him, $)ecause !ou have asked this thin" and have %L'

not asked

for !ourse*f *on" *ife, nor have asked riches for !ourse*f, nor have !ou asked
for the *ife of !our enemies, but have asked for !ourse*f discernment to
understand 0ustice,


beho*d, %A'

+ have done accordin" to !our words )eho*d, %H'

+ have "iven !ou

a wise and discernin" heart, so that there has never *ived an!one *ike !ou
before !ou, nor sha** one *ike !ou arise after !ou,



+ have a*so "iven !ou what !ou have not asked, both %&)'

riches and
honor, so that there wi** not *ive an! amon" the kin"s *ike !ou a** !our da!s,



+f !ou wa*k in M! wa!s, keepin" M! statutes and commandments, as
!our father David wa*ked, then + wi** %&D'

pro*on" !our da!s,$


:hen %&/'

5o*omon awoke, and beho*d, it seemed a dream &nd he came to
Jerusa*em and stood before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and offered
burnt offerin"s and made peace offerin"s, and %&2'

made a feast for a** his


#o%omon >ise%y Jud es


:hen two women who had *ived in har*otr! came to the kin" and stood

before him,


:he one woman said, $Oh, m! *ord, this woman and + *ive in the same
house( and + "ave birth to a chi*d whi*e she *ived in the house,


$+t happened on the third da! after + "ave birth, that this woman a*so "ave
birth to a chi*d, and we *ived to"ether, :here *ived no stran"er with us in the
house, on*! the two of us in the house,


$:his woman's son died in the ni"ht, because she *a! on it,


$5o she arose in the midd*e of the ni"ht and took m! son from beside me
whi*e !our maidservant s*ept, and *aid him in her bosom, and *aid her dead
son in m! bosom,


$Ehen + rose in the mornin" to nurse m! son, beho*d, he had died( but
when + *ooked at him carefu**! in the mornin", beho*d, he did not *ook *ike
m! son, whom + had borne,$


:hen the other woman said, $No= 2or the *ivin" one + know as m! son, and
the dead one + know as !our son,$ )ut the first woman said, $No= 2or the

dead one + know as !our son, and the *ivin" one + know as m! son,$ :hus
the! spoke before the kin",


:hen the kin" said, $:he one sa!s, ':his + know m! son who *ives, and
!our son has died'( and the other sa!s, 'No= 2or !our son has died, and m!
son *ives,'$


:he kin" said, $4et me a sword,$ 5o the! brou"ht a sword before the kin",


:he kin" said, $Divide the *ivin" chi*d in two, and "ive ha*f to the one and

ha*f to the other,$


:hen the woman whose chi*d had *ived spoke to the kin", for %&4'

she fe*t

deep*! stirred over her son and said, $Oh, m! *ord, "ive her the *ivin" chi*d,
and b! no means ki** him,$ )ut the other said, $3e sha** be*on" neither to me
nor to !ou( divide him=$


:hen the kin" said, $4ive the first woman the *ivin" chi*d, and b! no
means ki** him, 5he indeed has proved herse*f his mother,$


Ehen a** +srae* heard of the 0ud"ment which the kin" had handed down,
the! feared the kin", for %&3'

the! saw that the wisdom of 4od resided in him

to administer 0ustice,

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