Resolution of a vector The process of splitting a vector is called resolution of a vector.

In simpler language it would mean, determining the effect of a vector in a particular direction. This is explained with the help of an example later on. The parts of the vector obtained after splitting the vector are known as the components of the vector. Rectangular components of a vector If the components of a given vector are perpendicular to each other, they are called rectangular components. The figure illustrates a vector represented by . Through the point, O two mutually perpendicular axes X and Y are drawn. From the point P, two perpendiculars, PN and PM are dropped on X and Y axes respectively.

of A.

Moreover, in the right-angled ONP, Cos

= Ax / A or Ax = A Cos --(1)

Squaring and adding 1 and 2,

This equation gives the magnitude of the given vector in terms of the magnitudes of the components of the given vector. where


= Ay/Ax An Assortment of Fun and Education

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