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Published by: The Antler on Jul 14, 2010
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With seasonal events in full swing this occasional Carradale festival had none of the charm of ‘Glastonbury’, the ‘Duck Race’ or the ‘Summer Fayre’. The 87 supporters at this year’s event were physically incapable of the traditional ‘arm-waving’ in tune with the music and although the emotional response was far from ‘T in the Park’ standards, enough extra organisational volunteers were found to plan next season’s events. Last year’s performers will be hard acts to follow, but if those who plan to make coming events even more attractive do not attend planning meetings on a regular basis, the success of the 2010-2011 season will be hampered, once again, by events being planned at very short notice and with little advance publicity. Those who like a bit of heavy metal were disappointed that ‘Tantrum 6’ didn’t make its presence felt, but other groups like ‘What a thankless job’ will no doubt step in next year.

SOUNDING OFF - It still seems absolutely ridiculous in a hall equipped with speakers and a microphone system that residents had to strain to hear what was being said by the platform party. While this is certainly not a criticism of the hard-working Hall Committee, but many residents complained after the meeting, and after the recent plays, that those with good hearing in the middle of the hall could not follow the constant repartee at the stage end - notable exceptions were when Shelagh Cameron at the back of the hall, Tony Leighton with an equally persuasive voice closer to the Chair, and Alan Walker restated the obvious and traditional case for increased organisational representation. With some simple technology the thirty minute meeting, which seemed like an hour and a half, could have been over and new committee members appointed in ten minutes.


Thursday 5th August at 7.30pm in

Usual stalls and competitions

AUGUST 13-14-15
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Summer Craft Fair
in aid of hall funds,

Saturday 7th August 10-4 Sunday 8th August 11-4

Lots of quality local crafts.
Soup and sandwiches also available. Anyone wishing to book a table please call Valerie 07826116823.


Garden Visit & Afternoon Teas
Sunday 15th August 2-4.30

CAMPBELTOWN MOTOR COMPANY Snipefield Industrial Estate, Campbeltown Telephone 01586 553200


Superb self-catering accommodation in Castle or Cottage in absolutely fabulous surroundings Ideal for a relaxed holiday. Bird watchers paradise. Colour brochure from:

‘Where people matter’

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Despite continuous checking the number of Antler ‘slip-ups’ remains doggedly in single figures. Page 1 of the July issue promised a picture of an envelope from the Council with a first class stamp, and a second class franking, addressed without a post town or post code to a Geozzny Page, who must have skived off to his home area of the Chechen capital, hence the unsupported reference to the standard of education among young female Council employees on page one.

For those who, for one reason or another, are escorted to the new Campbeltown Police Station, they will find the non-slip flooring will enable them to stand by their principles and protest their innocence. Once the self-opening doors close behind them and they are taken through the entrance foyer into the charge room, it will be immediately clear that they are to benefit from the best that Strathclyde Police can offer. Wide corridors, a suite of 6 male cells, 2 female cells and a separate section for those with a an established physical mobility. Each cell has a low fixed base with a non-tear plastic mattress and a stainless steel toilet, which can only be flushed from outside the cell! Supervision and contact is by video camera and a wall mounted speaker system all the comfort of home without the clutter of everyday living, giving its occupant a chance to consider the error, or otherwise, of his or her ways. The multiplicity of rooms and services available is impressive and a vast improvement on the old police station. Finger-printing and breathalyser equipment are in separate rooms and the requirements for religious observance are available for Muslims in the shape of prayer mats and a compass. Those with a bit more time to spare might like to take up the offer of a small library, but TV sets in cells are noticeable absent. Rape accusations are dealt with in specialist rooms for the alleged victim and for the alleged perpetrator, in different parts of the ground floor facilities. The administrative offices are upstairs and include an air-conditioned room built to house exercise machinery, but with staff enjoying free use of equipment in the Aqualibrium building, it now houses a table tennis table for PCs and administrative staff. Although at the time of a recent visit no cells were occupied, the 4 male cells and the 2 female cells have been, on occasions, fully used. The cells are now ten months old but there is no evidence of vandalism. On the other hand it seems that Northern Irish contractors who were responsible for building the lower floors, used specifications matching those in Ireland. As a consequence the extra weight of concrete has made the traditional settlement signs appear somewhat earlier than expected. Would I look forward to a night in the cells following an evening of binge-drinking, or an exacerbated public order offence? No, I would not, but waking up to these pleasant colour schemes is certainly preferable to the possible alternatives in a less colourful morgue or a blood-red enhanced hospital ward. G.P.

A submarine marker buoy was discovered by Eric Norman on Wednesday, the 10th of June near the ruins of the Carradale ‘shark factory,’ and blown up by a Bomb Disposal team from Faslane the following evening. Photographs courtesy of Johnny Durnan and Martin Mears.

The reference on page 3 to Lucy Maud Montgomery being unfamiliar to most readers should have made it clear that her readers might be familiar (not unfamiliar) with her books, especially ‘Anne of Green Gables’. The left hand column of Page 7 didn’t exactly slip-up, it slipped-down causing the final sentence to dive below Allan Reed’s invocation to put a ‘Shine-on’ your car. Finally, until others are found, on page 9 two sentences were missed from John MacMillan’s July article. The sentences were - “I exited the Customs Building into the sunshine of the New World. My mother with four sisters and one brother crossed from Southampton to New York on the Queen Elizabeth three months later”. The Editor apologises for these mistakes and exclusions and will severely reprimand the copy readers – himself and his wife, Mary

MINUTE OF MEETING ON 24TH JUNE NOTICE OF MOTION: STANDING ORDER 13 Proposed Cllr Marshall, Seconded Cllr Hay. “That Argyll and Bute Council include in their submission to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Draft Marine Nature Conservation Strategy, a request that a ban on the use of trawled equipment be implemented around the coast of Argyll and Bute extending to one mile to allow the conservation of fish and shellfish and their habitat and to encourage sustainable fishing methods and that this area be designated a Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area.”

10/00901/PP Conversion of outbuilding to bunk-house, Ifferdale Farm, Saddell PA28 6QZ. Mr Andrew Gemmill. Agent Tom Grant Partnership, Development type 03B Housing – local. Grid Ref: 177113-633823 10/01033/PPP Site for the erection of two dwelling houses, Plots 2 and 3, Dippen Farm, Carradale PA28 6QU, Agent Tom Grant Partnership. Development type 03B Housing – local. Grid Ref: 179860-636977

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tional introits often had more than a flavour of the public bar than of the kirk. With the advent of Google’s ‘Street View’ - a commentary on which appears on page 5 1944- 2010 - he became an inveterate pedagogue; insistDonald was the only child of a primary schooling that everyone should know and underteacher and a customs officer living in Skelstand the opportunities of changing morlie. As a schoolboy he attended Greenock technology. Academy where his musical interests led him to sit ‘Highers’ in the subject and to play the As a non-driver, he was also an avid readorgan at local churches and the crematorium. er of public transport information, demonstratIt was while he was at the Academy that he ing his knowledge and understanding of met Ruth who became a close friend and, inter-connecting services to apparently a genmuch later, his second wife eration of reluctant bus, ship and StrathclydeTransport timetable planners. On leaving the Academy he went into further and higher education but found the One of his main concerns, since the formal atmosphere not to his liking. Campbeltown to Ballycastle service At one time he joined the staff of a ceased, was to challenge timetable Donald and Ruth’s wedding at A’chleit on the 3rd September 2003 music publisher, but in the early planners to countenance the difficul1970s an inheritance from his aunt ties likely to be encountered in the allowed him to purchase North Channel and of keeping to Skelmorlie’s Hayward Hotel and timetables in foul weather. start to enjoy the social facilities British Telecom also came in for associated with hotel ownership. critical comment when it failed to In 1976, he sold the Hayward keep to the legal agreements under Hotel and bought the Bellochantuy its public obligation. He was acutely Hotel. Although Donald was in his aware of where there were pockets of middle years he soon grasped the poor or non-existent mobile cover nettle of historical and vernacular and argued strongly for ‘red-box’ reexperience, and began amassing a tention - not simply as non-working wealth of knowledge about the pedesign artefacts. ninsula and its people. Will the man in the street appreciDespite a punishing self-imate the work of a ‘Donald’ who posed literary schedule, Donald’s wouldn’t be cornered by authority, early death at the age of 66 has left who went his own way, failed to toe us a wealth of published articles and a great He was always prepared to work with any the traditional line or whose specialism was deal more of unpublished research, which group or individual interested in recording the writing long articles - I doubt it, but he will be future historians and researchers will un- local heritage. The anniversaries of the Sec- sincerely missed by his many friends and by doubtedly use as starting points for their own ond World War gave him the impetus to pre- those who benefited from his knowledge, his Kintyre studies. pare the CD which remains on sale under the help and guidance. His ability to gather information from a auspices of the Kintyre Antiquarian and NatuHowever, I am sure that he will be a greatvariety of sources, was richly enhanced when ral History Society. In addition he managed to ly appreciated reference point in the recorded the Freedom of Information Act was passed, persuade the ’Courier’ Editor to indulge him history of Kintyre as his articles become more but even he could not keep up with the rush of and on a number of Fridays his lengthy arti- widely known. G.P. valuable resource material and interesting his- cles started to spread across its pages. torical debris that became available Never one to let go until he had squeezed LETTER TO THE EDITOR My personal association with Donald was every bit of value out of a contact or a referalways at a cross peninsula distance; we met ence, his articles appeared and remain on the Geoff, Sorry for delay in giving you more info each other accidentally In the town and on publishing web-site ‘Scribd’ and were begin- on the Lithuanian saga. Here now are a few each occasion a flurry of information was ning to appear on his own web-site ‘Kintyre on facts. Tonight, Friday 9th July, I got an email transmitted for use in the Antler. Introduced by Record’, but as the Waterfoot gravestone re- from Marius's sister stating that the £3,235 Duncan Ritchie and Hamish Mackinven, the minds us ‘time is short’ and, regrettably, the has been received by the family. This is the only real conversational inter-change was prepared headings on KOR may remain sim- third time that the money was sent, it was returned twice due to wrong spelling of over the phone, by e-mail, or when Hamish ply as headings. held one of his ‘get-togethers’ over a meal in As readers will see on page 6, his musical recipient’s name. The family have asked me a Campbeltown hotel. interests were wide. Apart from playing for to pass on their appreciation to our community It was clear from the Minister’s tribute at Sunday services at A’chleit, he assisted at for welcoming Marius and showing our kindDonald’s funeral service that apart from his churches in the town and frequently carried ness and concern during their difficult time, extensive knowledge of powered sea-going out duties at Carradale, being collected and part of the money raised was used to erect a vessels, he had an interest in sailing and a delivered by a number of willing drivers. He gravestone. I am delighted that there was, at technical knowledge of racing handicaps. It was equally fascinated by theatre organs and last, a satisfactory conclusion, showing that more popular music to the extent that tradi- the community once again can rise to the


was said that he could work out the winner of a mixed keel-boat race well before the race steward had sharpened his pencil and the eventual winners had still some way to go before crossing the line. In consequence he would be waiting in the bar to join them in a celebratory drink. Like most of the older generation, he came late to computers. Always surrounded by periodicals and specialist magazines, so much so that the Council refused to upgrade his heating system and described the house as a fire hazard. However, his purchase of a computer opened the gates to an avalanche of information and literary work about Kintyre, that didn’t constitute a risk to central heating installers.



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Kilbrannan Catering

17-19 SADDELL STREET CAMPBELTOWN Tel: 01586 552954
Last month’s story entitled ‘Eat your heart out Barra,’ with pictures taken by Johnny Durnan and included on the Carradale Goat web-site, has stirred other memories. Beth McKinven, now in her late ‘eighties’, telephoned from Campbeltown to say that she remembers a ‘biplane’ landing on Carradale beach was she was a girl in the early 1930s. It created quite a sandstorm when it lifted off. She believes that the passengers stopped to greet other holiday-makers staying in the village.

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Telephone Anne on 01583 431581 or Jennifer on 01583 431632


SURGERY COMPLAINTS INFORMATION The Editor wishes to make it clear that the inclusion of details about the complaints procedure in the July Antler was solely for information; advice was taken from the Surgery’s own newsletter. There is no reason to suggest that its inclusion was an indication that there had been any, or more, complaints about the service than is normal throughout NHS Highland.

Martin Mears sent in this photograph of a stone which Margaret McBride found in the faeces of a seagull that frequents her garden. It must have been a ‘oo-ar’ experience for the gull in ridding itself of the stone, and well outside its normal melodic call. While there is still speculation about the value of small stones in the gizzard as an aid to digestion and as an element in diet, one wonders about the dietary value of the objects found in the young albatross pictured below on the ‘boingboing’ website. (trademark of Happy Mutants LLC in the United States and other countries). ‘The large Eucalyptus tree beside the Network Centre was felled this week. (28th May). It had become unstable looking for some time leaning over towards the buildings. It was decided to take it down and local tree feller Ewan McCormick (Trees Ability) along with his dad Dougie did a fine job of dropping it limb by limb with the help of a cherry picker.’ Report and picture by Johnny Durnan on the ‘Carradale Goat’ web-site.

The Carradale Goat also received a ‘blog’ from Forbes Ferguson, commenting on a picture of Bob Jeffries of ‘Corran Mhor’, Waterfoot, the retired Communications Editor of the Glasgow Herald, standing beside a sea-plane on Loch Lomond. Commander Forbes ‘blog’ was “Good to see Bob’s aviation quests highlighted. Bob’s quite an adventurer maybe when you track him down if he’s got a couple of hours he can give you the run down on one of his other quests. When he was chief ‘Plane Man on Vanguard Nuclear Submarine’ (Like myself on HMS Spartan and plenty of photos to show) His trusty companion on both occasions”. “Forbes Ferguson, MBE.,Cmd.,CSC.”

A NEW CALLIGRAPHIC SERVICE The Antler welcomes a new craft enterprise ‘Offering a calligraphy service for weddings, celebrations, corporate events. Bespoke gift service, in shabby chic country style , wooden plaques, hearts and door hangers, peg fridge magnets, wedding favours and much more’. Tel: 01583 431446 15th 22nd 29th 5th 12th 19th 27th 3rd May May May June June June June July WINNERS Donald McAlister Hall No Winner Janeta King Bill McMillan William Semple Mary Macalister Hall Frank King Sarah Semple M.O.

ERSKINE BAKING SALE AND TARTAN WALK RESULT A magnificent £176.62p was raised from baking and plant sale in the Network Tearoom in June for Erskine. Irene, Joanna, Heather and José would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who turned out for the Dawn Tartan Walk on Sunday 27th June 2010 at 5am. Many thanks also to Cheryl Strang who donated tea, coffee etc. Money raised so far is in the region of £1100. Thanks again to everyone, and hopefully see you all next year on Sunday 26th June 2011 at 5am! José


Kilmartin Church
18th-21st August
Wednesday – Friday 10-5pm & 7-9pm Saturday 10-4pm Theme: ‘Songs of Praise’.


Sweaters, cardigans, belts, handbags, slippers, mugs, soft toys and so much more. A sheepskin rug is a touch of luxury at any time of the year. Try one on your new wooden floor, beside your bed, in your favourite armchair or in the car - ‘pelt up & belt up’ at the same time!



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STREET PHOTOGRAPHS OF KINTYRE AND GIGHA ONLINE: An update by the late Donald Kelly The Google 'Street View' technology, used in 'Google Maps' and 'Google Earth' and providing panoramic views from various positions along streets and roads around the World, was launched on May 25, 2007 and on, March 11, 2010, over 99% of the United Kingdom's roads, covering a total of approximately 238,000 miles, both rural and urban, were added. The peculiar advantage of the new technology is that one can now see, at least from a nearby roadway, the whole area around many of the rural locations, before setting out to explore any 'local features' and also enabling one to make some reasonable assessment of the difficulties of reaching some of the seldom-visited parts of the area and the technology vastly adds to the understanding of the locations from the links given in the 80-page long "Kintyre and The Kintyre Way Linked to Geograph Photographs and Google Maps" document which can be found on line at http://www.scribd.com/doc/16932276/Kint yre-and-the-Kintyre-Way-Linked-toGeographPhotographs-and-Google-Maps Google 'Street View' technology is indeed something of a 'double-edged sword' and, for many different reasons, though it will delight some, it will also appall others, some of whom will argue that it breaches their 'privacy rights!' 'Street View' provides a unique view of 'the way we were' round about 2007 - 2009 and gives us an extra-ordinarily comprehensive look at places we live, places we grew up in, places that our family and friends live in, places that we like to visit and places that, having seen them, we will never visit! But beware! Users of dial-up internet connections will find that the pictures may be slow to load and slow to respond. The images have been taken from a fleet of specially adapted cars, each car fitted with nine directional cameras, for 360° views, positioned at a height of about 2.5 metres above the road, the cars fitted with GPS units for positioning and three 180° 'panoramic' laser range scanners for the measuring of up to 50 metres in the front of the cars and the patented 11 lens camera system simultaneously takes photos in 11 directions based on a dodecahedron geometry Where available, for not everywhere is covered, the street view images can be accessed after zooming in to the higher zooming level in Google maps and satellite

cursor, or by 'right-clicking' the computer mouse. Too, by going to the right of the picture, one can enlarge the pictures to 'full screen' size or exit the 'Street View' and return to the originally selected Google Map. Further options, some using 'beta-version' trial tools, can be found by clicking on 'New', at the top right of the Google Map page. More about the history etc. of Google's 'Street View' can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Street_Vi ew and a World Map of Google's 'Street View' filming, which, for those with family and friends in America (though Canada is presently somewhat patchy in coverage), Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan and much of Western Europe can be found at http://gmapssamples.googlecode.com/svn/trun k/streetview_landing/streetview-map.html and there is a 'Help' page for Google's 'Street View' at -http://www.google.co.uk/help/maps/ street view/ To capture pictures, the Screen Hunter 5.1 free at http://wisdomsoft.com/ products/ screenhunter_free.htm and, to crop the results the free Irfanview program (plus all its necessaryadd-ons) at - http://www.Irfan view.com/ will be found 'ever useful'. Donald Kelly. images, a little yellow ‘pegman’ icon, on the left hand side of the map, dragged, by holding down the left mouse button, towards the desired location on the map. As one drags the ‘pegman’, the Google-filmed roads light up in blue and one simply drags the ‘pegman’ on to the desired location, so that the little green 'cloud' below the ‘pegman’ sits on the coloured roadway. Then, using the computer mouse and the screen controls at the left of the picture, one can change the horizontal and vertical viewing direction through a full 360°, change the view upwards or downwards and zoom inwards or outwards. A straight or broken line in the photo shows the approximate path followed by the camera car and arrows link to the next photo in each direction, more arrows are shown at junctions and crossings of camera car routes. With a little patience and practice, one will discover that, by placing the mouse cursor in the roadway and, generally, about half-way up the picture, a little, from big-to-narrow, elliptical 'circle' will appear and, by 'doubleclicking' on that, one can proceed along the road - If one goes too far along, one simply turns the view round 180° and goes back to an earlier point ! One can also zoom in to areas of the picture by means of a 'shadowy' rectangular screen which overlays the area around the

HOW TO OUT-GOOGLE YOUR PROPERTY Are you surprised that everyone can see what’s on your washing line, admire an expensive vehicle outside your house or on your drive or worry that a possible thief may be sarching for an easy way into your house, then you need to follow the advice by ‘Nigel by e-mail’ in the monthly magazine (MMM) Motorhome and Motorcaravan Monthly. Concerned that itinerant traders may have already arranged for your car, boat or caravan to be boxed for transit to an overseas market, he offered the following advice: “I have asked for my ‘van to be removed from ‘Street View’. Other readers may wish to do the same. It’s pretty easy; just get a view of your vehicle onscreen, and click ‘Report a problem’ lower left of photo, then follow the instructions. Note that this process will have to be done for photographs taken from all angles.”

A ROYAL QUOTE “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” W.H.Smith ‘page a day diary’: Quote of the day for Saturday 26th June by Philip, Duke of Edinbugh. Born 10th June 1921, now in his 90th year (a father of four children.)

J. H. Hooper B.Sc., B.V.M & S., M.R.C.V.S

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Round £7.00 £16.00 Daily £10.00 £20.00 Weekly £35.00 £75.00 Two weeks £45.00 £95.00 Country Membership - £119.00 (May play in Club Competitions) Affiliated Club Members £10.00

Now that the Antler is appearing on the web-site ‘Scribd’, thanks to the late Donald Kelly, it is possible to add colour to pictures and adverts, but the extra cost involved in printing the Antler in colour is still a financial pipe dream. While 460 monchrome copies are printed in Campbeltown with 90 going to subscribers, the ‘Scribd’ coloured Antler is attracting even more readers. On Saturday July 3rd, for instance, when the July issue went on-line, 79 readers decided it was worth increasing global warming and risking permanent damage to their wrists and eyesight by reading online.

For further information contact The Secretary, Dr R. Abernethy The Arch, Torrisdale, PA28 6QT Tel: 01583 431321

A MOVER AND SHAKER For those who have little knowledge of the New World’s history, Loofington-Wash was one of the founding fathers of the ‘TISWAS’ movement which arose after clearances in Dippen Bay and at Creag Creamha At various times, before considering a move away from his idiosyncratic isolated home, he distracted locals from traditional heathen forms of entertainment horse-stealing, ‘plashing’, piracy and the development of private ‘stills’ - and encouraged them to express their feelings in darkened communal buildings by shouting ‘boo’ and invoking the local deity to ‘look behind you’. He also helped support and distribute a proscribed undercover magazine which challenged the traditional obeisance to village elders. In an earlier incarnation he was involved in populating a local ‘gorge’ with strange trees, hoping to deter walkers from offending the local metal-workers. At the same time his special interest was in rearing wild pigs and invoking mice to give up their evil ways and pose for a Sassenach chair carver. His move to other parts will be welcomed by those who wish to continue following traditional tribal patterns, but his efforts to improve the cultural environment in East Kintyre will be fondly cherished. 'Tiswas' - a state of confusion or commotion, or as children’s TV used to insist ‘Today Is Saturday, Watch and Smile’.

A photo from Johnny Durnan’s ‘Carradale Goat’ web-site of ‘Healthy Eating’ club members ‘testing’ Carradale Hotel’s extensive menu.

The Carradale Camera Club Annual Exhibition will be held in the Village Hall on 13, 14, 15 August 2010, 11am-4pm. Entry fee as always is £1.00. As well as the Camera Club photographs, the Craft Club will present a display of craft work. We hope as many people as possible take the opportunity to view local talent. M.R.

Not often does one see a catamaran or a trimaran in the river at Waterfoot. In days long gone the late George Lang had a Shark 5 trimaran and enjoyed its unusual design which was similar to a sailing canoe with outriggers. However on Saturday 10th July some thing with two rudders shot past the Editor’s window. Further information came from Molly Dodd whose house at Tormhor was housing the sailor and his unique ply sailing catamaran. The owner, Bill Jones of Glasgow, had spent eighteen months on its construction using a James Wharram design - inspired by the sea-worth iness of simple Polynesian craft.

Cancer Relief Competition - 17 June Winner - Margaret Richardson - (36) 33 pts Melfort Quaich 24 June - Winner - Margaret Campbell. M.R

The latest Companies Act declares that small private companies no longer need to have AGMs. Over the past few years Campbeltown Community Business Ltd and The Picture House (Campbeltown) Ltd have held their AGMs in The Picture House on a Friday evening at this time of year. However fewer and fewer people have attended, sometimes the numbers have barely reached a quorum, so The Board of Directors has been decided not to hold one this year. The Annual Report and Accounts and a Chairman’s Statement, however, will be available for Members to read, should they so wish. Appointments should be made in advance by telephoning 01586 553657 Jane Mayo, Chairman, CCB., 12th July 2010.

Please contact the Editor at Benbecula, Waterfoot, Carradale, Campbeltown Argyll PA29 6QX

Tel: 01583 431281
e-mail: geoffreyf.page@homecall.co.uk

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RAINFALL IN JUNE Statistics revealed that the exceptionally dry conditions already experienced in 2010 have continued into and throughout June and more records have been broken. The total rainfall in June was just 20mm (not even one inch). Rainfall was recorded on only four days, with significant falls on just two occasions with 6mm on the1st June and 12mm on the 9th. 1mm (just a trace) on both the 13th and the 28th brought up the month’s meagre total. June was the driest since we have been keeping records, the 20mm total being well outside the previous range of between 56mm (2009) and 172mm (2002). Statistics for the first six months of the year are equally dramatic. The total rainfall for the first half of 2010 is just 492mm that is less than 20 inches. Our normal annual rainfall is 1750 -2000mm, with therefore a half yearly total of between 875-1000mm, so this year’s rainfall to date is only half what we might reasonably expect and easily the driest since we’ve been living here. They say ‘comparisons are odious’ but they make for interesting reading in this case. HALF YEARLY RAINFALL TOTALS (JAN-JUNE) IN MM
2001 609 2006 845 2002 1225 2007 782 2003 784 2008 692 2004 1058 2009 706 2005 1021 2010 49

OR AN ‘INDIAN TIMES’ HOAX? Did you received this e-mail in July from a ‘friend’? “Star Aderoid will be the brightest in the sky, starting 10 June. It will look as large as the sun from naked eye. This will culminate on 21st June when the star comes within 34.65M miles of the earth. Be sure to watch the sky on June. 21 at 12:30 pm. It will look like the earth has 2 suns.!! The next time Aderoid may come this close is in 2287.” Susan Murkowski. If you did and spent some time looking at a cloudy sky on the 21st and are now suffering from the after effects, do not feel disappointed. You won’t have to wait another 277 years for it to happen again because it was a hoax printed in the ‘Indian Times’

TREE FERNS SURVIVE A HARSH WINTER The tree ferns in Crow Wood looked particularly unhealthy a few months ago but are now showing signs that they will recover enough to add a distinctive New Zealand flavour to this well-used gorge. Not the same can be said of the rhododendrons, which Jonathan Hooper and his associate planted to enhance this route between Carradale Village Hall and the Forestry Commission tracks. Some seem to have disappeared and others have been overtaken by rampant undergrowth - a story which is equally true of the War Memorial and the Broomfield gardens - does no one care?

ABC ‘CARE & REPAIR’ HELP FOR THE OVER 60s & THE HANDICAPPED Since a copy of the surgery information about Argyll & Bute Care and Repair Service appeared in the February Antler, the specially trained engineers have continued to meet the needs of the elderly and handicapped through the Housing Support Service. Surprisingly, although the free service is well used by those needing help with items in list 1, the services in list 2, for which the first hour is charged at £10 and £5 for each additional half-hour, are not being used in Kintyre as much as other areas of Argyll & Bute. LIST 1: Replacement of light-bulbs, replacement of alarm batteries (smoke and CO), putting down threshold strips,rewiring plugs, installation of peepholes, replace locks (external), installations of key-safes, Installation of blinds / curtains (where none in place), installation of security chains, LIST 2: Fitting telephone extension cables, replace blinds, replace curtains, erect curtain poles, fit shelves, ease doors and windows, flat-pack assembly, change tap washers, plumb in washing machines, mend toilet/bathroom fixtures, small plastering/filling jobs, minor decorating – ie touch up, and tiling. When current labour charges for unsubsidised craftsmen and women are often double these rates, and call-out fees three to four times, it is strange that calls for List 2 Care & Repair services often terminate quite suddenly after a £10 charge is mentioned. Having seen how efficient Care and Repair engineers are in dealing with the loss of an alarm pendant, and coding it into the telephone system, it would be difficult to imagine an independent company acting so swiftly and with more sympathetic care. G.P. The local Housing Support Officers are Raymond Harvey: 07786 545886 and Paul Huckerby: 07786 545030

These figures appear to reveal a trend to drier conditions in the first part of the year, but it is too early to say whether this is a ‘blip’ or a permanent feature. The weather always has us guessing! Certainly we have had very little rain this year so far, and the word ‘drought’ has even been mentioned. If things do balance themselves out in the remaining months of 2010, we are in for some very wet weather! However, even average rainfall would be helpful for farmers and for those with private water supplies. M.L.

The announcement said “This resource contains information about Star Aderoid - Watch Brightest in the Sky Online as a photo graphs which is the most waiting for 21st June 2010 to witness a wonderful vision and which may appear next time this close, is in 2287 only. Watch Two Suns Brightest in the Sky Online story”. The ‘Indian Express’ carried a somewhat different statement “The truth is that no star named 'Aderoid' or any other star, not even the Sun, will certainly be within 34.65 million miles from the Earth in June 2010 or in near future. The distance of the Sun from the Earth is around 93 million miles. Thus it is ridiculous to suggest that another star is about to come much closer to the Earth, than the Sun. If a star, even one smaller than Sun, was to come that close, we would be resoundingly dead along with all other life on the planet. The discussion forums state examples like our neighbour, Mercury, is far too hot and inhospitable to host life as we know it is around 36 million miles from the Sun. Thus, if a second sun was to really come within 34 million miles closer than Mercury is to our Sun then our cool, green Earth would be much more like our hellish and lifeless neighbour. In reality, aside from the Sun, the closest star to Earth is Alpha Centauri, around 25.8 trillion miles away. The gravitational consequences of the sudden appearance of a second star in our solar system would likely be catastrophic to say the least. There are no references to a star called 'Aderoid.'

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FOOTBALL: OTHERS 9 CARRADALE AFC 35 Left to right Craig Lang, Young Player of the Year 2009, Argyll McMillan, President of Carradale AFC, and Keith Mitchell, Player of the Year and Top Goal Scorer.
Photo by Dave Mercer

Saturday 10th July also saw ‘Wennol Mór’, thought to be an Irish craft, assisted into Carradale Harbour by the Campbeltown lifeboat and by Coastguard Officers, after running aground, damaging its propellor and drifting in the Sound. Information from Martin Mears and a photo by Euan Headrick.

IN THE VILLAGE HALL A weekend of musical contrasts!

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CARRADALE AFC continued their good start to the season with another five league victories. The first came when they travelled to Ardrishaig to take on ‘Kilmartin’. The home side proved to be difficult opponents, in the opening 35 minutes of the game holding a 1-0 lead after an early scoring start, but 4 goals in the last 9 minutes of the half for the away side gave them the confidence to go on and win the match by 7 goals to 2. The next game they played at Kinloch Park against ‘Meadows’, Carradale never played at their best but still gained three points after a 5-3 victory. With the next three games at home Carradale wanted to take advantage at Wellpark. They took on their nearest rivals, ‘Kintyre Athletic’ in a close first half the home side took a 2-1 lead but a blistering opening 18 minutes of the 2nd half the home side scored 6 goals to end the game as a contest ‘Athletic’ pulled 2 goals back but went down 8-3. 48 hours later, ‘Southend’ was the next team to travel to Carradale. In a very close match ‘Dale’ managed to score 2 goals in the second half and ended up winning the match 2-0. In the final game Carradale took advantage of a weakened ‘Tayinloan’ side scoring 8 goals in the first half and running out comprehensively with a 13-1 win. D.McA. JUNE MEMBERS DRAW 1st, Darren Anderson, No 47, £25.00 2nd, Tom Lee, No 11, £15.00

First Half: Sneak preview of multi media fringe review featuring Malcolm Le Maistre, Stann Schnier and Graham Forbes visuals -stories from the road and music from the hazy, halcyon days when they toured the world as part of the Incredible String Band NB this performance combines speech and music and requires a listening audience! Second half: A laid back concert of acoustic music featuring Macolm Le Maistre and Emily Scott, Chris and Bob Adams from String Driven Thing, Short Trowsers (Davie MaCallum and pals unplugged) The Dooflickers (Hanning and Oman reunited) and young Campbeltown song smith Adam Fortune.

Saturday 24 July 2010 for 6 days at 7.00pm (2D) (U)

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For further details please call 01583 431 650 compound permits welding all joints which gives a smooth quiet ride. The train crossed into Canada at Fort Erie, Ontario where the crew changed. The engine received coal and water and Canada Customs with Emigration Officers came on board to examine passports, landing papers and luggage. After clearance it was on to Toronto where I arrived in the late evening. I detrained into Toronto Union Station with no clue of what to do next. It was pre-arranged by letter that I would stay with an Aunt and Uncle but only an estimated time of arrival was given. When I think back a telegram could have been sent from New York as I did have the address. With only about five Scottish pounds and no Canadian money I was in quite a dilemma. Telephones were few and at that time and I don’t think that I had even used one. I was debating what to do when I saw in a far corner of the Station a ‘Traveler’s Aid’ sign. When the fellow behind the counter heard me talk he asked where I came from. After several more questions he told me that, as a teenager along with his parents, he emigrated from Glasgow and returned to join the Army when war started. He arranged and paid for a taxi to take me to my Uncle’s house in west Toronto. As I was getting into the taxi he wished me good luck and said “make sure you drop by and let me know how you make out”. Several years later when employed by CN Rail, I worked from an office on the fourth floor of Union Station and frequently visited and supported Traveler’s Aid. As a coincidence, many years later my wife was a volunteer for Traveler’s Aid at Toronto, now Pearson International Airport. It was getting quite dark as we drove through the streets of Toronto. The taxi was a large Ford car which reminded me of the Chrysler owned by Major Hall. When the street lights came on, I could see quite a few large cars, makes and models all new to me. Some of the newer ones were equipped with white side wall tyres which were very visible under the street lights. There were also a few older cars that I later found out were model A and T Fords. Some had a rumble seat in the back. That was a seat for two passengers that folded out behind the back window, with a step up on the back bumper, the same location as the trunk or boot on today’s cars. Later on I had several rides in the rumble seat of a model A Ford owned by one of my cousins. The taxi driver made sure we were at the correct address and said good bye and good luck.

(4 Dollars & 22 Cents to the Pound) ARRIVING IN TORONTO, CANADA. The hustle and bustle of New York was a huge change from the quiet serenity of Torrisdale. As there was very little automobile traffic on the Carradale Road a convoy of Yellow Taxi Cabs ‘whistling’ past on the right hand side of the street seemed extraordinary. There was very little time to see the sights as I had a train to catch. My Aunt Mary met me but how we found each other I don’t remember. She was born at South Dippen and emigrated to the U.S. as a young lady, returning for a visit when I was about four years old. Any resemblance of me from that time would be of no value. However, after a very long conversation over lunch we drove to New York’s Central Station where I boarded a Canadian Pacific train for Toronto. The passenger coaches seemed large and the steam engine huge compared to the ones on the Glasgow-London train. With some anxiety about the journey ahead I sat back as the train pulled out of Central Station. As speed increased the rhythmic sound of the coach wheels striking the rail joints was ‘out of time’ to the sound on the London train. It took a while to realize that the difference was in the coach wheel arrangement. Four wheel sets each end instead of two which gave eight ‘beats’ instead of two. The space where rail ends join was to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature change. However modern rail design and

Although I was expected it was a bit of a surprise due mainly to the late hour. For a while you would have thought that I was back in Hamilton, Scotland. My Aunt and Uncle lived in Toronto most of their lives but never lost their Scottish accent. After meeting all of the cousins and a long conversation it was early the next morning when we all went to bed. Sleep came fast as it was such a relief to be at journey’s end. I woke late the next morning to the sound of bells ringing in the distance. They did not seem to be timed with the clock and their ‘on and off’ duration varied considerably. I found out at breakfast that they were train engine bells. All locomotives in Canada and the U.S. are equipped with bells which are rung to give warning when trains approach at a level street or road crossing. Gates at level crossings are also equipped with bells and flashing red lights which are activated when the gates are lowered. This is done automatically also when trains approach a level crossing. As all the family worked, I walked through the area that first afternoon and came to a main street and shopping area, about five blocks away. The variety and quantity of goods for sale was overwhelming after the rationing in Scotland. All sorts of breads, cakes, fruits, vegetables, clothing and shoes, etc. I remember in particular the bananas and tomatoes, I’m not sure but I don’t think we ever had bananas in Torrisdale. After exchanging several Pounds at 4 dollars and 22 cents each I sampled quite a few in the following weeks. Banking and Canadian Dollars was another new experience! John MacMillan.

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crosses the page - The tune, by the way, was once used as a signature tune for the BBC Children’s Hour series “Jennings At School” and this is one of the neatest MIDI arrangements of any. Click on File/Close and then you will return to George Pollen’s list of other media arrangements - Click on Exit, then File/Exit to shut down the MidiNotate Player. Next - Click Here on Saint Andrew’s Church Blantyre and, click on whatever you want - though these are all MIDI files, they’re only audiophiles (without the sheet music) until you go back and open up MidiNotate Player again and, as before, Click on Search the Internet For MIDI files and, in the fourth paragraph of How To Find MIDI Files you will read “You can choose the Search for MIDI Files option to visit some websites that specialise in searching the Internet for MIDI files by song title and/or composer” - Search for MIDI Files and in the second paragraph of “Midi files search engines” you will read “If the specialized MIDI file search engines below are not able to help you find me the MIDI file you are looking for, then you should try using your favourite general search engine such as Google or Yahoo. For the search keywords type “MIDI” followed by the name of the song or artist you’re looking for, such as “Midi Yesterday”. If the specialised MIDI file search engines below are not able to help you find the MIDI file you are looking for, then you should try using your favourite general search engine, such as Google or Yahoo. For the search keywords, type “MIDI” followed by the name of the song or artist you are looking for, such as “MIDI Yesterday” Click on Google and Type in Saint Andrew’s Church Blantyre Worship Midi Files (its proper URL Internet address is http://WWW.standrewsblantyre.com/midi.files. htm and Click on Saint Andrew’s Resources: MidiFiles in the Google list and the MIDI file list appears again - Click on whenever you want to play and, after following the same procedure as in the case of ‘The Old Clockmaker’ simply Type in Tune title/save and click on the Green Arrow to play. Now that you discover the whole new musical world all you need to do in future is to open up the MIDINotate Player and, when you open up the Google page inside the MIDINotate player simply type in MIDI…….. whatever the tune title is and away you go! Just remember that you cannot get sheet music from MP3 files only MIDI files. One of the problems of MIDI music files is that they are nearly always display like proper

Residents of Kintyre who knew David Heft, might have caught his appearance on an STV programme - ‘Homes from Hell’ on Thursday 8th July, when he recounted the problems he had in building a house in the Portugal. David is now living in a residential caravan in Boston, Lincolnshire and serving as one of three organists at the Parish Church of St Botolph’s. His beloved Blüthner grand piano is used in the church. The bell tower of St Botolph’s is popularly known as the ‘Boston stump’


Boston ‘stump’.

Organists Fee Scales) and are becoming increasingly aged”. Even where there are organs, but no organists, there are ‘karaoke’ digital organs such as the British made HT-300 Hymnal Plus and the American Gulbranson Digital Hymnal (Owner’s Manual and Hymn List) but the truth of the matter, if one reads the latter’s manual, is that not only does one need to know something about hymns and hymn tunes but, too, one needs to know how to arrange and play them and it is essential to get the right tune for each hymn and to play it over and hear it to make sure it fits the hymn verse(s). So here are some essential tools for everyone. By searching both The Cyber Hymnal and Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary’s Hymn Tune Archive, one can quickly mix and match most (but not necessarily all) hymns and tunes by meter and by title and other useful sites are at the Hymn Site and, for those with a sense of humour, the Ship of Fools - The next resource tool is essential for all musicians, especially those who are clueless about the science and art of musical arranging. MIDINOTATE PLAYER Download a FREE MidiNotate Player which will not only play tunes but will also display and let you print out the sheet music for any MIDI - though not MP3 - music files. Once you have downloaded the program, you simply doubleclick on the MidiNotate icon and open up the screen. Click on Search The Internet For MIDI Files and, in the second paragraph of ‘How To Find Midi Files’, you will read “At the left menu, you can choose to search for MIDI file websites by Musical style, by Composer, or by Instrument. Click one of the links and you will see subcategories, such as Classical and Folk under Musical Style. Then click one of the sub categories to see a list of specific websites that specialize in offering MIDI files in that category - Click on Classical - Scroll down Midi Files of Classical Music and Scroll Down to and click on The George Pollen MIDI Collection and then Scroll Down that page and Click on (WILLIAMS, Charles (1893 to 1978 British) The old clockmaker. The “Save As… Songs screen opens with ‘gp_clock.mid’ highlighted in blue - Type in Old Clockmaker.mid then Click on Save and you now have the sheet music for Charles Williams’ “The Old Clockmaker” in front of you, albeit in “Midi Orchestral” format. Click on the little GREEN ARROW on the upper toolbar and watch the cursor as it

THE LATE DONALD KELLY OFFERS ADVICE TO CHURCHES WITHOUT A RESIDENT ORGANIST As a tribute to the late and much respected Donald Kelly, the Editor includes in this issue a copy of ‘Church Music and Organ Links’ a document which appears on Donald’s own web-site ‘Kintyre on Record’ and also on the well-known literary depository ‘Scribd’, used also by the Antler for non-subscribing readers outwith East Kintyre. It demonstrates Donald’s ability to look ahead and turn quite complicated matters into something which few other than the ‘Donalds’ of this world can read, understand and use to enhance their understanding and abilities. For once I have restrained the Editorial tendency to remove italics, single inverted commas, ‘too’s, blue Internet links and underlining, leaving Donald’s text in its original web state. Donald begins – The links and tools on this page should be of interest to anyone who is interested in music of every kind, to those who have any particular interest in church music, church and theatre organs. In an article entitled ‘A Kist of Karaoke’ (June edition of the Church of Scotland’s ‘Life and Work’ magazine, page 43) Alan Taylor, writes “Church organists are becoming increasingly hard to find, like truffles and plumbers. Those there are do not come cheap (Scottish Federation of

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full orchestral scores - base cleffs above treble cleffs and so on and, sometimes 18 or more separate music staves to read all at once just like an orchestral conductor. Don’t worry download of FREE 30-Day Trial of MIDINotate Musician (it costs about $50.00/£30.00 if you do want to buy it). This wonderful programme has two very useful tools on it – The first tool makes s “PIANO REDUCTION” of the MIDI Sheet Music Score File, reducing everything down into two staves, just like ordinary keyboard music ( In doing this you will learn from and by experience, that you will need to IGNORE ALL PERCUSSION AND DRUM etc.. PARTS) The MIDINotate Musician programme also has a tool which SPLITS STAVES - some ‘piano’ MIDI files appear with both the left and right hand parts written on just one music stave instead of two - for right and left hands and again you will have the music displayed as normal. A MUST HAVE BOOK FOR CHURCHES & ORGANISTS ALIKE Everything Else An Organist Should Know by Robert Leach and Barry Williams published by Organists publications Limited, 19 Chestnut Avenue, Ewell, Epsom KT19 OSY (£15.00 plus £2 post and packing) ISBN number 0-9550749-0-8 was written by Robert Leach, a chartered accountant who is also a church organist, choirmaster, dance-band musician and a member of the General Synod of the Church of England, and Barry Williams, Head of HM Revenue and Customs Appeals Unit in London and an organ recitalist and choir director. The writers even give advice on a surprisingly common problem, especially at Midnight Mass and other festive services.. If a service is stopped by hecklers, protesters or drunks, the organist should drown out the disturbance by playing at full volume, choosing a hymn that everyone can join in until the vicar has his church back under control, and they also urge organists to be realistic about the abilities of the their choirs, asserting that “four old ladies, three children and a grumpy old man cannot sing the Hallelujah Chorus”. On a more serious note, they include a code of practice for organists and legal advice should relations deteriorate to the point where court action becomes unavoidable. Though The Scottish Federation of Organists does offer a training scheme for would-be or inexperienced church organists, not everyone, dare one say few, people, especially young people, are prepared or even financially able to take part - the fees alone for a proper ‘classical’ course of organ instruction can exceed some £3500 in the present time and that

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with a meeting taking place in July regarding a ferry service from Campbeltown – Ballycastle – Troon. Councillor Kelly expressed his disappointment that Andrew Banks was willing to take on this service 4 years ago and no further action was taken to reinstate the link. Councillor Kelly intimated that the harbour master has concerns with the harbour being so busy with Skykon and Timber-LINK and that he is not being consulted on matters. Councillor Colville intimated that he was sure the Harbour Master’s views would be considered at the CHORD Risk Assessment Day. A83 – It was reported that £100,000 is being spent on the A83. (A copy of the report was attached to the minute for information). WINTER MAINTENANCE CARRADALE – CLAONAIG Councillor Colville advised that there has been a meeting arranged between the Roads Department and all Councillors. Shelagh Cameron stated that there has been a 230 signature petition given to the Council from residents in the Carradale/Claonaig area. It was agreed that this item should be on the LACPG agenda. SUPPORTIVE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT GROWING BUSINESS START UP RATE A report had been received from Kate Fraser which Mary Kennedy stated was self explanatory. Councillor Colville stated his disappointment with the numbers who attended the recent workshop in Campbeltown. Jim Martin stated that the problem was that Business Gateway can not issue money for someone to start up a business. TAILORED TRAINING LINKING A report was received from Argyll College. Councillor Colville stated the importance of people receiving the proper training. Shelagh Cameron advised that in Benbecula people were obtaining Standard Grades in crofting. Councillor Colville reported that the schools are working closely with Argyll College. SKILL DEVELOPMENT SCOTLAND Councillor Colville welcomed Anthony Standing and Rob Orr to the meeting. Anthony gave an update to the Group on the working of Skills Development Scotland a copy of which is attached to this minute for information. School leavers were discussed and the Group were advised of the pilot scheme which is taking place in Oban where teachers and pupils are in contact with Career Management Skills which is proving very successful. Councillor Colville stated his surprise that Oban has been chosen when Campbeltown/South Kintyre were now concerned Centres of Renewable Energy Excellence. The issue of 100+ European workers being employed at Skykon when there are locals applying for jobs was discussed. Argyll College stated that they have great difficulty in contacting Skykon. Councillor Kelly stated his

guesstimate does not include the cost of travelling, accommodation or ‘sustenance’ which will additionally be incurred if one lived in and had to travel from any rural area. Donald’s final words of advice were Click on the links below and Teach Yourself How To Play the Organ for church services. – read “The Organised Pianist” and download a ‘Virtual Organ’.

EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING on FRIDAY 11TH JUNE The minutes of the meeting of 23rd April 2010 were approved as a true record. Matters Arising – Donald Kelly expressed his disappointment at the lack of representatives from the Scottish Government after the meetings had been changed to a Friday to suit them. INFRASTRUCTURE Machrihanish MOD Site – Councillor Rory Colville introduced Tom Millar from Machrihanish Airbase Community Company who gave the Group an update on the purchase of the MOD site. He intimated that there were a lot of items to address since the very successful ballot. He stated that there were 5949 voters eligible to vote in the PA28 6 area with 4007 returning their vote. There were 3903 yes ballot papers returned, 96 no ballot papers returned and 8 spoilt papers. He stated that the Company is now working hard to go forward with the Business Plan and to get an increase in the timescale as originally everything needs to be signed off by 11 August 2010. Councillor Donald Kelly intimated that he had received an email from Andrew Robottom MP advising that the extension has been granted. It was agreed that the Group would write to Rosanna Cunningham showing their support to the MACC. Jim Martin stated that this is a great potential for Kintyre and that all Departments require to work together to achieve this buyout. Robert Millar emphasised the need to put pressure on HIE. John Bakes congratulated all the team in all the work done to get the ballot done in such a short timescale. Skykon – David Rogers reported through an email that the Skykon factory extension is progressing well and on programme. Jaeger Site – David Rogers reported through an email that this sites disposal is now complete and it has become a matter for the private owner. TRANSPORT Councillor Colville read out a letter from Peter McKerral & Co regarding the current Government funding package for the Timber-LINK service. After discussion it was agreed to write to Rosanne Cunningham regarding this issue. BALLYCASTLE FERRY SERVICE Councillor Colville reported that a private company is in talks with the Scottish Government

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back up the LACPG to resolve this issue and get it put on the next agenda of the LACPG meeting. Furthermore it was agreed to invite Scottish Water to attend a future meeting to give answers on the figures. Councillor Donald Kelly intimated that he has been very proactive to get this resolved. He stated that Scottish Water is running at 100% capacity at the Campbeltown water treatment works so they therefore require to find a solution for this problem. Ideally Scottish Water could take on water and sewerage at Defence Estates Machrihanish and build a new treatment works to supply infrastructure on the base and any outlying villages which surround the base e.g. Stewarton, Drumlemble, Kilkenzie etc. This would take the pressure off the Campbeltown treatment works thereby allowing additional capacity for the benefit of the whole community. It was agreed the importance of keeping pressure on Scottish Water and to write to the MOD, the Scottish Government and Scottish Water and negotiate with John McCall and Jamie McGrigor MSP. This item will be kept on the agenda and Scottish Water will be invited to the August meeting. A.O.C.B. Jim Martin requested that a letter be sent to congratulate the Mull of Kintyre Run Committee on another very successful event. Ian Macintyre intimated that the lack of affordable housing was declined, He raised the lack of parking issues with Councillor Colville agreeing to seek if a parking survey could be carried out. Date of Next Meeting – Friday 27th August at 10am in Campbeltown Town Hall

appreciation of the overview from Skills Development Scotland but advised that HIE has a Call Centre empty which could be used for Skykon training. He stated that during the takeover from Vestas he was given assurances that apprentices would be taken on and suggested that pressure be put on Skykon. He intimated that given the fact that money has been spent Skykon should supply local employment. CHORD PROJECT Councillor Colville intimated that ACHA have agreed to allow Scottish Water to put a sewer through the Park Square site. He advised that things are moving forward with the CHORD project. FOOD AND DRINK A report was circulated from Fergus Younger on the Argyll and Bute Agricultural Forum. Fergus Younger gave a talk on Argyll and the Isles web-site (a copy was attached to this minute). He also gave an update on Food from Argyll. Councillor Colville stated that this was very exciting times and the whole of Argyll is being promoted. Councillor Kelly advised that he has been in dialogue with Machrihanish Dunes Golf Course with a view to engage with local people to get formed to promote Kintyre. This meeting should take place in a few weeks and it was agreed to put this item on the agenda for the August meeting. KINTYRE WAY John Bakes advised the Group that the Kintyre Way has been approached by Scottish Power regarding rerouting the path at Lussa Loch while work is being carried out. He stated that

the path at Amod is being upgraded. John intimated that there had been people assisting the Kintyre Way through the Future Job Fund who were working well with the Ranger. It was reported that the counters were not working and causing problems but it is hoped that these counters will be upgraded. There is 60 miles of marked posts in the route. The web-site is receiving a good number of hits. UK SURF TOUR UPDATE Councillor Colville advised that there would be a meeting this afternoon to decide if this event would be going ahead. He stated there has been funding received from the two local WindFarm Trusts. ENERGY (RENEWABLES) An update was circulated to the Group from Audrey Martin . Malcolm McMillan gave a brief update on energy renewables from his report he had previously issued. John Bakes advised that there is a lot of anger amongst the local residents of Machrihanish concerning the Machrihanish Wind-farm. It was reported that a scoping study is being carried out and full public consultation is required. Councillor Kelly intimated that he has requested a meeting with the residents of Machrihanish. SOUND OF KINTYRE REPORT Andrew Hemmings gave the Group an update on the water and sewage situation at the Sound of Kintyre. A copy is attached to this minute for information. Councillor Colville read out an email which was received from Scottish Water which is also attached to this minute for information. It was agreed that this issue is fed


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