The figure below shows the speed-time graph for a journey of a boy from his house to school. Look at the shape of the graph and describe the type of motion in each stage.


B C D G E F H Time


Your answer must include journey at O, A-B, B-C, C-D, D-E, E-F, F-G, G-H and at H. 2. Ali leaves his house and jogs north 300 m to the street lamp on the corner. He runs west, jogs another 400 m and gets to the Angsana tree two minutes after leaving home. a. From the description above, draw a figure to show Ali¶s whole journey. b. Which of the three distances given in your figure from (a) is the displacement? c. What is Ali¶s average velocity? d. What is the total distance (not displacement) run by Ali? e. What is his average speed (not velocity) during the two minutes? 3. A mass of 8 kg is given an acceleration of a. 5 m s-2, b. 40 m s-2, What is the force acting in each case? 4. Forces are applied to an object A of mass 5 kg as shown in the figure below: a. Find, by scale drawing, the magnitude and direction of the resultant force. b. With what acceleration does A move?

60 N 150o A

70 N

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