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To Whom it May Concern This letter on the other side of the page and the names shown in the white areas on this list were sent to the Customs & immigration Office in Salt Lake City in April of 2010. So far, we have not cbserved any action. In the meantime, we have been hard at work obtaining additional nqmes of what we believe are illegal immigrants in this state, These additional names are shown in the shaded areas. The total count is over 1300 names. € To the elected officials, we would ask that you remember who you work for in this country — you work for America ‘and for the citizens in the State of Utah. You DO NOT work for legal Immigrants who hove come into our country ilegally and now take advantage of our system. To the media - we would ask that you show the public the names ‘ond numbers and ask the question ~ how much are they costing the taxpayers to continue to support their ‘existence in this country and in this state. {tis troublesome that as citizens of this state and country, we must hid in the background in order to expose those would cross our borders legally and toke advantage of our system. We can’t afford to keep them. We are ‘adamant that they be deported immediately. DO YOUR JOB AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES! WE DEMAND ACTION. CC: Sheriffs in the State of Utah Police Chiefs in the State of Utah (affected) Many of the Newspapers in the State of Utah ‘Associated Press ‘Many of the Radio Stations in the State of Utah Television Stations in the State of Utah House of Representatives ~ State of Utah Senate ~ State of Utah Department of Homeland Security Utah Senators ~ United States Utah Legislature ~ United States Governor State of Utah 04 April 2020 To: Customs and Immigration, FROM: Concerned Citizens of the United States We are enclosing a list of individuals who we strongly believe are in this county illegally and should be immediately deported. This lst is @ result of hard work by @ large force of tax-paying citizens over the course of many months who live throughout the State of Utah.‘ Our group observes these individuals in our neighborhoods, criving on our streets, working in our stores, attending our schools and entering our public welfare buildings.” We then spend the time and effort needed to gather information along with legal Mexican nationals who infiltrate their social networks and help us obtain the necessary information we need to add them to our list. We are not a militia. We are not any named organization. We are not a cult. We are not a gang. We are not terrorists. We are not violent nor do we support violence. We lave our country. We love our state. We love our government. We love our Constitution. We are simply citizens who continue to see the degradation of our country and our state caused in part by the continuing presence of illegal aliens who are allowed to stay in our country. Some of the women on the list are pregnant at this time and steps should be taken for immediate deportation We welcome any person into our country who has come here legally and is totally self-sufficient” But we are tired of seeing our country — and our state ~ continue to allow illegal immigrants to remain here ~ and even worse ~ continue to enable their illegal presence by allowing them to receive housing, food, Jobs, welfare, education and other benefits that should be reserved only for US citizens or individuals who are legally here. We see a direct relationship between these illegel aliens and the escalation of crime in our communities in the form of drug and alcohol abuse, theft and domestic violence. Our ‘country cannot ~ and should not ~ continue to support this type of situation. They need to go ~ and go now. We plan to provide your office with new lists on a continual basis and request ~ no insist ~ that your agency take immediate and forceful action to the individuals on this list and begin deportation now. Hopefully, our continued lists and your immediate enforcment will be all that is necessary to eliminate this situation, IF we do not observe quick action, you will be welcome to explain to the media and the rest of the citizens in the state why you did not perform your duty. We will be listening and watching, Thank you.