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B.Sc. Courses Offers

• The B.Sc. (Pass Course) Examination shall be of two years duration.

• Users shall be a University Examination at the end of Second Year.
• Each written paper shall be of three hours duration.
• There shall be five subjects for the B.Sc. (Pass Course) Examination.

Every candidate shall be required to offer "English Language" and

Islamiyat / Ethics and Pakistan Studies as compulsory subjects carrying 100
marks each and any one of the groups of three elective Science subjects,
each subject carrying 200 marks

1. Math A , Math B and Statistics

(200 Marks Each)
2. Math A , Math B and Physics

(200 Marks Each)

3. Math A , Math B and Economics

(200 Marks Each)

4. Math, Statistics and Economics
(200 Marks Each)
5. Math , Statistics and Computer Science
(200 Marks Each)
6. Botany , Zoology and Chemistry
(200 Marks Each)
Subject Paper Course Outline Marks Teacher
Paper A Calculus 100 Prof. Mumtaz
Mathematical Method,
Math A Paper B Inner Product Space, Lap 100
Prof. A .
lace Transformation
Mechanics, Collision &
Paper A 100 Prof. Mumtaz
Vector Analysis
Math B Mathematical
Prof. A
Paper B Method,Calculus,Group 100
Theory , Metric Space
Calculus (Differential Prof. A
Paper A 100
and Integral Calculus) Rehman
Methods: (Geometry,
Infinite Series,
(General) Paper B Complex Number, 100 Prof. Mumtaz
Vectors, Linear
Algebra and
Differential Equations)
Mechanics, Waves and
Paper A 50 Prof. Saira
Oscillations, Optics
Thermodynamics and
Paper B Kinetic Theory of Gases, 50 Prof. Adeel
Physics Electricity, Magnetism
Electronics, Modern
Prof. A
Paper C Physics, Atomic and 50
Nuclear Physics
Paper D Practical 50
Statistics Descriptive Statistics, Index
Number & Time Series,
Simple Regression &
Correlation, Probability,
Paper A Discrete Probability 75 Prof. Umair
distributions, Continuous
Random Variable &
Continuous Probability
Paper B Sampling & Sampling 75 Prof. Umair
distribution, Statistical
Inference, Inference about
variance, Analysis of count
data, Regression and
correlation analysis,
Analysis of variance and
basic experimental Designs.
Paper C Practical 50
Micro Economics &
Paper A 100 Prof. Babar
Economics Mathematical Application
Paper B Macro Economics 100 Prof. Babar
Paper A
Computer Paper B
State of matter, Quantum
Mechanics and Atomic
Structure, Chemical
Thermodynamics, Chemical
Paper A 50 Prof. Imran
Equilibrium, Chemical
Kinetics, Solutions and
Colloids, Electrochemistry,
Surface Chemistry
Periodicity, Theories of
Chemical Bonding, Acid-
Base Concept, Chemistry of
d- Block Elements, Nuclear
Chemistry, Solvent
Extraction and
Paper B 50 Prof. Nadeem
Techniques, Evaluation of
Chemistry Analytical Data and
Essentials of Chemical
Analysis, Spectroscopy,
Chemical Industries
Basic Concept in organic
Chemistry, Nomenclature
of Organic Compounds,
Hydrocarbons, Isomerism,
Alkyl halides, chemistry of
Hydroxyl Group containing
Paper C 50 Prof. Yasin
Compounds and Ethers,
Chemistry of Carbonyl
Compounds, Chemistry of
Carboxylic Acids and their
Derivatives, Chemistry of
Amines and Hetrocyclics
Paper D Practical 50
Paper A
Text Books
1 – Text book of Physical Chemistry for B.Sc. students by Ali Mohammad and Ghulam
Rasool Chaudry, Ameen Publishers, Urdu Bazar, Lahore
2 – Text book of Physical Chemistry for B.Sc. students by G. Nabi, Publisher: Ilmi Kitab
Khana, Urdu Bazar, Lahore

Paper B
Text Book
Text Books of Inorganic Chemistry for B.Sc. students by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Ilmi
Kitab Khana, Lahore
Reference Books:
a. Inorganic Chemistry edited by Dr. Badar-ud-Din and Syed Marghoob Ali, Feroz
sons, Lahore
b. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Van Nostrand Company Limited, London
c. Fundamental concepts of Inorganic Chemistry by Esmarch S. Gireath, Macgra Hill
d. Inorganic Chemistry by T. Moellor, John Wiley Interscience
e. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by F.A Cotton and G. Wilkinson, John Wiley
f. Systematic Inorganic Chemistry by R. M. Cavan and G. D. Landay, Blakie and
Sons Ltd.

Paper C
Text Book
1. M. Younas , “A Textbook of Organic Chemistry” Ilmi Kitab Khana, Lahore.
Reference Books
1. T.R. Merrison and R. N. Boyd, “Organic Chemistry”, Aliyon and Bacon, Inc. USA
2. T.W. Graham Solamons, “Organic Chemistry”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. USA
3. A. Streitweisor, Jr. and C.H. Heatcock, “Introduction to Organic Chemistry,
Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc. USA.
4. I. L. Finar, “Organic Chemistry”, Longman group Ltd., U.K.
5. P. Sykes, “A guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry”, Longman Group
Inc. U.K.
Paper A, B & C
• Holiday,Resnik and Krina Vol 1 & 2
• Floiyd Elecronics
• College Physics

Paper A & B
• Chaudhry S.M & Kamal S, Introduction to statistical theory Part I & Part II, Ilmi
Kitab Khana, Urdu bazaar Lahore
• Clarke G. & Cooke D.A basic course in statistics, Arnold Publisher, London 4th
• Chase W Bown General Statistics 3rd Edition, John Willy & Sons, New York

• Calculus (S M Yusaf)
• Mathematical Method (Q K Ghori)
Reference Books:
1.C.W. Evans, Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Chapen and all, third edition, 1997
2. C.W. Edwards and D.E. Panney, Calculus Analytic Geometry (Prentice Hall Inc. 1982,
1986, 1988)
3. E.W. Swokowski, Calculus with Analytic Geometry (PWS . Publisher. Boston,
Masscuchoseted, 1983)
4. H. Anton, Calculus, (third edition) (John Wiley and Sons, New York).
5. G.B. Thomas, Jr. and R.L. Finney, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, (9th Edition)
(Addison Wesely Publishing Company, 1997.)
6. L.D. Hoffman and G.L. Bradley, Calculus for Business, Economics, and the Social and
Life Sciences
7. E. Kreyszing, Advanced Engineering mathematics (J, Wiley)
8. D.G. Zill. A First Course in Differential Equation with Applications (PWS. Publishers)
9. W.E. Boyee and R.E. DiPrima, Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems,
(J.Wiley, 5th edition 1992)

Books written by
• Cokoutyonsis
• Abdul Hameed shahid
• Prof. M Akram
English Language (Compulsory) for B.Sc.


(Outline of Tests)

There will be one paper carrying 100 marks of three hour's duration.

Paper: 100 Marks

(i) Prose Part : 50 Marks

(ii) General Part: 50 Marks
1. Comprehension 15 Marks
2. Report writing : 10 Marks
3. Translation Urdu into English 10 Marks
4. Essay (200 words) 15 Marks


(Syllabus and Courses of Reading)

Paper: 100
(i) Prose Part : 50
Text Book:
A Secletion of English Prose : by Dr. Nousheen Khan and Prof. Ghulam
Sarwar Qureshi

General Part : 50

1. Comprehension 15
2. Report writing 10
3. Translation Urdu into English 10
4. Essay (200 words) 15