THE DIANE RHEM SHOW Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 10:06 a.m.

10 a.m. (ET) Senator Jim Webb: "A Time to Fight" (Broadway) Listen Guest: Senator Jim Webb is a Democratic Senator from Virginia. He is former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs and Navy Secretary in the Reagan administration and author of nine books, including, "A Time to Fight." Jim Webb, a combat Vietnam veteran and former Navy Secretary in the Reagan Administration, discusses what brought him back to the Democratic Party and the direction he thinks the party and politics should take. ... I spoke briefly with Senator Webb on NPR radio during the “Diane Rhem Show” [40:56] I asked the Senator to meet with Mary Tillman. During his response, Webb spoke of a recent Senate “review” of the Tillman fratricide: “I think what happened in the aftermath of Pat Tillman‟s death was really tragic. I just went through a fairly thorough review of that process at the request of the Chairman of the [Senate] Armed Services Committee [Senator Levin] and the bottom ... I talked to his father years ago when my book „Born-Fighting‟ came out. What we do know, this is what I think is so disturbing, is that the Army knew that this was a friendly fire incident fairly quickly, they did not tell the family, they allowed a ceremony to go forward which implied otherwise, and his own brother, which had served with him, it was kept from him until the ceremony took place. I‟m not sure where responsibility for that decision really lies, in terms of the chain of command, how it was handled publicly, but it was really wrong. Someone like me has to have a tremendous amount of respect for what Pat Tillman did in terms of stepping forward among other things. You cannot help but still feel angry about how his death was used.” ... The following year, I learned Webb‟s “review” was for a secret (“executive session‟) confirmation hearing held on May 15th 2008 for the promotion of Gen.McChrystal to the Director of the Joint Staff. The following year, during McChrystal‟s June 2nd 2009 hearing, this “executive session” was mentioned by both Senator Levin and Gen. McChrystal at the beginning of their remarks. Senator Levin‟s Counsel Gerald Leeling stonewalled me when I spoke to him about this hearing.

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