Dark and stormy night.

Rain was coming down in sheets and wind was sweeping it around furiously. Doors and windows were trembling against the onslaught of both air and water; as was Nitin because of the resulting cold. It was a dreadful night. The blanket over him was not thick enough to keep the cold from seeping in and the small electric heater next to his bed was too weak to keep anything warm. There was a certain comfort in the red glow coming from the single heating spring, only to be overshadowed every now and then by the bright lightning. He was counting his heartbeats to keep his attention away from the roaring thunder and to occupy his thoughts with something other than the weather. Even at the age of 22, ferocity of nature was unsettling. Somewhere along the way the cold became even more biting. When his body started to shiver in an effort to instinctively warm itself, he realized that the red glow from the heater was no more. Electricity had gone.

He curled himself into as tight a fetal position as he could; wrapped himself from all around to minimize the cold coming inside the blanket and started praying. Night was more than half way over and rain wasn't showing any signs of subsiding. Somewhere between the knocking of windows, clapping of the thunder, and banging of the rain on the doors, he heard a creak. Then a hand shook him through the blanket and he heard his mother saying, "Move over Nitin so I can get in with you." Kalpana was unable to stay in her room after the electricity had gone. She didn't like the noise and the cold. Ever since her childhood, a stormy night had to be spent with someone else in bed with her. There was comfort from cold and there was moral support against the fury of the nature. She had shivered her way over to Nitin's room, despite being covered by her own blanket. She had managed to stay out of the rain, but the wind had made the blanket wet by bringing rain to her. No matter, she thought, we'll just put the wet side on top so it doesn't touch our bodies. She hurriedly pulled one side of the blanket that was covering Nitin. The cold chill hit him like a slab of cement. She quickly got inside and spread her own blanket on top of his and they both quickly sealed off all sides. Her teeth were chattering as she mumbled, "I think God is real angry tonight." They were lying side by side; his right hand keeping the blankets sealed tight on his side. She on the other hand was too busy warming her hands. She blew the warm air from her mouth and then stuck them together and held them between her thighs as is the custom to quickly warm one's hands. He put his hand under her head so as to seal the other side as well. She turned towards him and snuggled into him with her head on his shoulder, her one knee under his left leg and the other over it. Thus in that cosy pose, with whatever little body heat they had, along with the double layer of blankets, they started to feel a little less cold. As they started to feel better and better, it became easier to snuggle a little tighter and feel a lot warmer. In addition to the warmth, there was a lot of softness to her body that felt very comforting to Nitin---motherly comforting, that is. Kalpana also felt safe and secure with him and yes, comforted as well. Once the cold was dealt with properly, it didn't take too long for them to doze off. Somewhere during the night, the electricity came back. Next morning, Nitin's mind woke up before his body did, which was exhausted from the night's ordeal. He stayed in bed, eyes closed, limbs extended, wanting to extract a little more warmth out of the blanket. His mornings are usually very pleasant because he always wakes up with a hard on and the memory of a dream or two that preceded it. Sometimes he even holds it in his hands just feeling the softness of his own fingers and palms through the cotton material of his clothing. This morning turned out to be more pleasant than usual. His hands were feeling softer than ever.

He stretched his body and pushed his dick a little more into the palms, trying to cover more of it, when his eyes opened with a snap. He froze with shock as he realized that he was pushing his cock between his mother's butt cheeks. Events of last night came flooding into his brain. He remembered how his mother had ended up in bed with him so they could stay warm through the cold night. Only he had woken up with his cock pressed between her buttocks. She was still asleep from the look of things. He held his pose, fearing that any movement may wake her up and make her realize that her son's dick was pressed into her ass. It was a mistake though, to hold his pose because her softness was making things even harder. His twenty-two year old cock was wedged between her cheeks, hard as a rock, and now throbbing because of the pressure his blood was putting into it. Slowly and gently he started to pull himself away and his cock out of her ass. The movement of her butt around his shaft felt wonderful as the guilt of rubbing against his own mother overwhelmed him. Finally, after a while, he was out and turned onto his back, thankful she hadn't woken up and realized what was happening. He lay there quiet and still, fighting his brain as it tried to remember the softness of her butt on his cock, while feeling guilty over what had happened. The sky had emptied itself overnight and the sun was smiling through occasional clouds here and there. The day was starting to feel warm as the sun heated up the cement walls and cement floors of their Indian city. Kalpana squirmed and stretched soon after Nitin had freed himself from her softness, and got out of bed, unaware of what he had experienced. Although a slight feel of pressure in her backside did puzzle her, but she was still groggy from the tiring night, so she didn't make much of it. A mother's position in Indian culture is very high, as it is in other cultures. Indians, however, go a litter farther and put her next to God. As a matter of fact, in his religion, God is also a mother. The relationship is so holy that to have sexual thoughts about one's mother is sacrilegious in a very serious way. While Nitin felt embarrassed and ashamed on one hand, he couldn't deny the arousal he felt every time he thought of his cock wedged between his mother's cheeks. Her ass was soft and warm and wonderful. He was torn between guilt and good feelings, between shame and sensuality, and between what would in a nutshell be hell and heaven, well, actually, coming back in next life in a higher form or lower. There was something to be thankful, though, that Kalpana was unaware of any of it. He was fighting his own battle. She decided to play it safe the following night and got into bed with him before they were forced to do so like the previous night. It made sense to prepare for another night of punishing cold and earth shattering rain. Two blankets on the bed, two heaters on the sides, and two bodies to provide defence against the weather. They both felt joyous at the arrangement and settled into his comfortable and warm bed. The red glow of two heaters

kept them entertained as shadows danced on the walls. They made small talk and spoke of many things, with many long periods of silence. Nitin was aware of Kalpana's soft body pressed against his own, but was determined to keep those thoughts out of his head. Somewhere during one of those long silences, she dozed off. He had trouble falling asleep, though, because of an erection that just wouldn't go away. Lightning, thunder, rain, and wind started their rhythm and dance show and eventually lulled him to sleep. He woke up with a hard on; probably the same one that he went to sleep with. Only this time it really were his palms and fingers that were around it and not his mother's buttocks. He felt relieved, and a little disappointed. She was fast asleep but he was awake and some distance away from her, even though she was facing away from him and he was facing her. She was fast asleep and he was hard. The previous night, he had rolled into her and his hard on had wedged into her crack. This night there was no wedging; his cock was clear of her crack. He could have rolled into her and woken up to the same sweet sensations, but he didn't. He could have, but he didn't. The idea came with the same speed as the light show from the night. He could...mind you...still roll around...and find himself wedged in her ass. She was fast asleep and he was fully awake. He decided to keep his eyes closed, keep his breathing deep and rhythmic, and position himself against her so that he could experience that guilt ridden pleasure. Sure he felt like crap for what he was thinking; even ashamed of himself; but still went ahead and slowly moved his body into position. He held his cock and extended it straight out and as far as it would go. Then he started moving his middle towards her with the slightest of movements forward. It took almost an eternity but eventually he felt the tip touch her butt. Only it touched away from the crack and firmly onto her cheek. As slowly as he had moved forward, he moved back, repositioned himself and started that tortuous journey forward again. This time the tip of his cock touched right between her cheeks and as a bonus, at the meatiest part of her ass. He held his breath as he held his cock barely touching her. Just that little contact was enough to make Nitin's blood rush hard. He kept listening to her breathing to see if he had disturbed her. Apparently he hadn't. Kalpana was still fast asleep. After holding it there for a few long minutes, he became a little bold and pushed it in slightly. Her cheeks parted against the pressure and his head moved in a little further between the meat. Still, there didn't seem to be any disturbance in her sleep. He was rock hard and throbbing like crazy. His blood was concentrated into his cock. His thinking became a little skewed and he decided to go a little farther in.

His cock separated her butt cheeks and his head went right in between them. His cock was thick and big so it made her cheeks part quite a lot. She squirmed at this invasion. He panicked. He didn't know if he should pull it out quickly or what. She was waking up. His cock was pressed into her ass. He was puzzled. Kalpana woke up to the sensation of something nudging on her behind. She didn't know what was happening as she was still half-asleep, but it didn't take long for her to realize that there was something pressed between her butt cheeks. The thickness and the shape was clearly that of a penis and since she was in bed with Nitin, it had to be his penis. Nitin's penis was between her butt cheeks; the realization made her tense up instantly. Her son's penis was in her ass. She couldn't believe it. As she tensed, her cheeks clinched and squeezed on the head of that penis. She froze in her place not knowing what to do. She didn't think he was doing it on purpose; after all, he was her son. There is no way a son would be poking his mother with his cock. It must have been accidental, as he seemed to be fast asleep. The problem was that his penis had wedged in so much that if she tried to pull away, it would wake him up. She didn't want him to wake up and find his mother's ass around his penis. What would he then think? She relaxed her body and pulled forward ever so slightly. The penis seemed to slide out easily. She kept pulling forward until it came out from between her cheeks and was free on its own. She breathed a sigh of relief as Nitin didn't wake up during all that. She couldn't believe they had entwined so much during their sleep that such a pose was achieved. She blamed herself mostly because it was her idea to get into bed with him, but what with the cold and all. She was only thankful that he was not aware of such a sexual contact between the two of them. What would he have thought? As she lay there thinking about the incident, she could clearly feel the pressure of his cock on the inside of her cheeks. Even though the penis was out, the pressure made it seem like it was still there. She couldn't help but wonder how big her boy had grown. Then she scolded herself for thinking that way. His penis had felt really warm. She scolded herself again when the thought passed through her mind that he had a one bar heater in case electricity went again. She finally got up and went to her own room. She locked the room from inside and then rubbed the place where his penis had pressed, as if to get rid of the feelings left behind. The sensation of that warm thing just wouldn't rub off. Nitin breathed a sigh of relief when his mother left. He was lucky he didn't get caught. He did wonder, though, what his mother must have thought but then from the way she had pulled herself away and gone to her own room made him think that may be she just considered it an accident. At one time he was awake and she was asleep. At other time, she was awake and he was asleep, even though Nitin was awake both times, but Kalpana thought otherwise. There was a common denominator to both incidents. His penis had been wedged in her ass. This

changed things a little. It was no longer a mother in bed with her son. It was Kalpana in bed with Nitin with a penis. Nitin was no longer her innocent little boy. He was a man with a penis. She didn't know how to deal with the issue. She could no longer hug him or cuddle with him like she used to. He had a penis. It sounded a little ridiculous to her because she should have known, but up until now, she only thought of her boy as a penis-less boy. Now that there was a penis, things had to change. Things did change. She didn't want to get back into bed with him again. His penis would be there with him, and boy, was it hard. She scolded herself for thinking how hard his penis had felt. How warm it had felt. Then...she screamed at herself when she thought how nice it had felt. Shame on you, Kalpana, she said to herself. You are a disgrace to a mother's pure relationship with her son. You are thinking of him as if he was not born from your own womb. The difference between a man out of her own womb and that from someone else's womb was that the first could not enter her womb after coming out of it. That's why she panicked. The thought of Nitin entering her womb with his penis sent her running to the statue of her god and ask for forgiveness for such unholy thoughts. Nitin was going through similar thoughts. He couldn't help but remember the softness of her ass and the nice feelings he received when his penis slid out of it. It wasn't too much of a stretch to think what it would feel like to slide out of her other side. He couldn't stop himself from picturing his penis in his mother's pussy. Then he too ran to the statue of his god to ask forgiveness for his thoughts. Rainy nights came and rainy nights went. Kalpana did not dare go to his bed. They both endured freezing cold weather but they stayed away from each other. It wasn't he who stayed away. It was she who did not come to his bed as before. She was afraid of being in bed with his penis, lest it may come in contact with her again. He knew that she probably knew what he had done, that's why she was staying away. He felt even worst. Another dark and stormy night came to that Indian city and Kalpana had to come to his bed. The weather was just too cold to be sleeping in her own bed. They needed to be together to fight the low temperatures. Both were aware this time of the possibility of a sexual contact and both tried to stay away from making such a contact. Nitin being a young man with raging hormones couldn't stop the erection from coming. She couldn't help but think whether he was hard just by being in contact with her body. Both were thinking of the same thing. He was hard, he knew. Was he hard, she wanted to know. Nitin turned away from her and lay on his side. She didn't want to turn her back on him so she turned towards him. A mother's bosom is most sacred thing about her. Her bosom was on his back. He was terrified of the punishment he was going to receive from the gods because her bosom was causing fire to be ignited in his being.

The softness of her breasts was wreaking havoc on his nerves. He was not only erect as a sword, he was horny as hell. Her breasts were feeling so good that he wanted to turn around and rub them all over his chest. She eventually fell asleep. He kept waiting for her breathing to become deep and even. After an hour or so, she was in deep sleep. He then gently turned towards her, placed his arm over her and moved into a hug position. His cock was preceding him by many inches. Way before his chest came in contact with hers, his penis came in contact with the front of her thighs. He quickly adjusted himself and touched his mother right between her thighs with his dick. She was sleeping, so he held her in his arm, both hugging slightly and his throbbing penis right on her pussy. He almost came with the realization that he was actually touching his mother's pussy through her clothes. Yes, he was in his clothes as well, but there was that contact that was unheard of from cultural and religious perspective. Then came the urge. He placed his hand on her ass and pulled her inward as he pushed into her with the force to impale her through her clothes. It was an urge that he couldn't control. Once the cock was on a pussy, it had to go into that pussy. As simple as that. The pressure he applied on her cunt was strong and she woke up almost instantly, only to find her son pushing his penis into her. "Nitin," She called him. He continued pushing into her. "Nitin, wake up, Nitin, Nitin." She pulled his hand off of her butt and shook him. "Nitin, wake up." Nitin woke with a start. "Wha...what...what happened?" "I think you were having a dream of some sort." What else could it be? "Really," He sat straight up. "What was I doing?" "You were..." She had to think. What was she going to tell him? That he was pushing his dick into her pussy. How could she bring herself to even utter such nonsense. "You were convulsing." That's all she could manage to say. "Sorry, mom. I hope I didn't disturb you." She didn't say anything. She was too busy to calm herself down. Her son's dick was pushing on her pussy, God, what was happening? Was she so strong in her womanliness that even her own son was getting affected? Her body was causing her son to react in a sexual way, irrespective of the rightness or wrongness of the act. His dick was really between her pussy lips. The thin cotton material was not enough to stop it just at the outset. He had actually pushed past the meaty part of her pussy and had succeeded in parting it just the way he had parted her butt. She even felt the pressure on

her clit. She gasped with the realization that it had actually felt good until she came to her full senses and realized that it was her son creating those good feelings. She decided that the best thing for her would be to never sleep in the same bed as Nitin again. She didn't want to temp him with her womanliness and make him react in a manner no son would dare to react. When she didn't come to Nitin's bed the next night, Nitin decided to go to her bed. She couldn't really say no, after having gone to his bed so many times. She opened her blanket for him but kept it tugged between the two of them to make sure there was no physical contact between them. He fell asleep soon and she breathed a sigh of relief. Knowing that he was sound asleep and there was a thin wall between them, she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep herself. It was past midnight when Nitin lifted the wall and reached in to feel her. She was sound asleep and he could touch her without her waking up. Of course, the touch had to be gentle, but he managed to get his fill. First he rubbed his hands gently on her breasts and then on her belly. She didn't wake up. He even placed it on the mound between her thighs. She wasn't disturbed. He traced small lines on her pussy and watched her face. It twitched every now and then but she didn't open her eyes or anything. reached in and undid the cord that was holding lower part of her dress around her waist. Once the cord was loosened, the loose dress opened up and allowed him to slide it enough to expose her pussy and some of her thighs. He then dropped his trousers to his knees and exposed his thick, long cock to the air. Slowly, gently, and methodically, he brought it closer and closer to her thighs. First he felt her hair tickling the tip of his cock. Then he felt the head touch the juncture where her thighs ended and her cunt began. He held it there for a while and slowly, slowly pressed it in. Once he was far enough in where he could feel her flesh around the head, he stopped and held it there. He held it there for a long time and then the urge took over yet once again. He started to move it forward and back slowly. She woke up as a result of his rocking motion. His eyes were closed and his middle was going back and forth slightly to make his cock press on her pussy. She waited for him to stop and when he didn't, she asked, "Nitin, what are you doing?" He didn't answer at first but continued his motion. Then he had to say something. "I am experiencing the pain of heaven." She pulled herself out of his reach. She said, "But, son, I am your mother." "I know, mom, but I can't help it."

She turned over onto her back and started wiping her thighs with her scarf. They were really wet from all the liquid that had oozed out of him. He also turned over onto his back and with the blanket off of both of them, his hard, throbbing cock was suspended in the air in her full view. Her hands slowed considerably as she took that view in. He is quite big, she thought. His penis was still oozing liquid as a drop formed on the top and then rolled to the side. She had this instinct to reach over and wipe it clean, but it wasn't his runny nose anymore. It was something more sinister. That thing could have been inside of me, she visualized and shuddered at the thought. There was this slight chill that went up her spine and it was rather pleasant. His cock was smooth and soft, in a hard sort of way. It actually looked good with the youthful glow she had never before seen. She should have gotten up quickly and left, but she didn't. He was just lying there with his eyes closed, his cock swaying, and liquid rising from the little hole at the tip of it. She almost smiled when she thought of ants climbing out of a little ant-hole, just like the drops were just coming to the top and then sliding to the side. As she moved to leave, he asked, "Don't go, mom." "I have to, son," she replied and then left. She made a firm decision to never get into bed with him again. Next night he went to her again. He got into blanket with her and then gave her a soft hug. She didn't know what to say, so she just let him be with her. Before soon she felt it. His penis was pressing into the side of her thigh. "Son, I don't know what you have in mind, but I am still your mother. Nothing has changed from last night." "I know, but I can't help it. I seem to be under some magical spell." That could be, according to the cultural superstitions, but she didn't want to accept such an easy excuse. She said, "Son, our relationship is very pure. We can't be together in that way." "You are my Devi, mom. There is no denying. But I can't help feel this strongly about my goddess. You represent such a complete woman to me that I just want to be a man with you." She knew there was no arguing, so she stayed quiet. She still had his erection in her thigh. After a while she felt his hand on her left hip and then he turned her towards him. He is

very strong, she thought. Once she was facing him, he positioned himself so that his penis was pressed between her thighs and right onto her pussy. She protested, "Son!" "It's okay, mom. We are fully clothed." They were fully clothed but she could feel his cock pressed right onto her mound and the clothes couldn't lessen the pressure. He is really, really, hard, she thought. His feelings about this are quite strong, she said to herself. She thought for a second of what harm was there in being just that way with him. At least he would get his wish. But then the pressure was on her clit as well and she felt a movement. She didn't like it; she didn't want to be aroused; not by her son. "I am sorry, Nitin. But we have to stop this." Why did she say we, she didn't know. It was he who had to stop it.

Nitin relented after a long pause. Then he simply got out of the bed and left. She felt bad and she didn't want to feel bad. There was nothing else for her to do but to stop his advances. He was her son and that was that. Although, she could still feel the pressure of his cock on her pussy lips even though he had gone. She reached down between her legs and tried to rub the feelings away. Instead she ended up just holding her fingers on her clit, keeping the pressure alive. She was aroused, no doubt about that. There was a hard, really hard, live, big penis pressed on her pussy, only a short distance from her hole. That penis could have entered her and made her feel good. She knew that the penis would have felt good inside of her, only the penis belonged to her son and that was the problem. It was a nice penis though, nice and lithe. She couldn't help but admire it. She also couldn't help but imagine it inside of her. There was some pleasure in the thought, as well as the pleasure in having it pressed against her. Nitin was in his bed, frustrated and confused. It took a while to dawn on him that his mother didn't really fight him off and she didn't storm out or pull away violently. She actually cooperated, willingly or unwillingly, but cooperated nevertheless. A thought started to take shape in his mind. Sometime during the middle of the night, he went to her bed again, determined. He took his own blanket with him and his heater. He found her asleep, although she wasn't in deep sleep. He placed the heaters on each side, plugged them in, and waited for the red warmth to heat up his hands. Then he placed his blanket on top of her and spread it all over. She seemed to be unaware of it all. He got into bed with her and tucked the blankets in on both sides and towards their feet.

She was still unaware of what he was doing. She seemed to be sleeping. Once settled properly, he reached around his waist and loosened his dhoti. Then he felt around her waist and found the cord of her Punjabi dress. He pulled it and loosed it as well. Then he slid his dhoti off enough to reveal his penis, which was perpetually hard and leaking, and then turned her towards him. She mumbled in protest but stayed semi-asleep. He reached in and slid her bottom dress off of her waist, down to her thighs, thus exposing her buttocks and her pussy. Once in position, he pushed his cock onto her cunt and positioned his head between her thighs, throbbing against her pussy lips. She woke up, so it seemed, and asked, "Nitin, why are you doing this?" "To keep warm," was his answer. She tried to pull away; he stopped her. She tried to pull her middle away from him; he put his hand on her butt and pulled her back in. She tried to push him away; she failed. Her every effort to get away from him was countered, until she stopped. "Nitin, this is not right. I am your mother and you are my son." "I know mom," was his answer. He started to caress her buttocks slowly. His hand covered the top cheek and then bottom one somewhat. He then started tracing the line between the two cheeks with his finger. She just let him, with an occasional half-hearted try to pull away, which he quickly thwarted. She could feel his liquid on her thighs and some even on her pussy lips. He was making her wet; and to horror of horrors, she was getting wet herself. She couldn't stop her physical response to having a penis knocking on her cunt. Her cunt started to lubricate itself, as if the penis was coming in. She didn't know what she was going to do if he tried to go that far, but she knew that she couldn't let him in no matter what. Only her pussy didn't care what her mind was planning; it was responding to the stimulation. His penis was stimulating her. It was throbbing so there was a bit of caressing, ever so slight, happening down there. His penis was warm, so the warmth was transferring down the medium and up her nerves. His penis was hard, so the energy of it was starting to arouse her. She was getting aroused despite her prayers to otherwise. She didn't want to like his penis and its hardness on her thighs and her pussy, but she did. She didn't want to get pleasure from his hands on her ass, but she couldn't help it. His hands were warm and her ass was full of goosebumps. His caresses were gentle and firm and were being felt all through her body.

She noticed that his hand was moving down onto her thighs with each stroke and her dress was being slid down even further. Whether he was doing it on purpose, or whether it was happening naturally as a result of his strides, she couldn't tell. Her thighs reacted to his caresses the same way as her ass had. He kept his penis in one place but his hand was covering more and more territory. Thus they settled for the night, or so she thought. He was very patient and kept his moves limited so she relaxed, assured that he wasn't going to go any further. She was very wet though, as her pussy was getting drenched with her own juices. After a while he removed his dhoti, saying that it was bunching up under his body and making it uncomfortable. Then he started to slide her bottom dress off and lifted her one leg and then the other to remove it completely. Then he pushed her onto her back, put his hand between her thighs to separate them and then moved over and between her legs. Oh my God, it is happening, she screamed on the inside. My son is about to fuck me. What should I do? How can I stop him? He shouldn't be doing this. I am his mother, for God's sake. He positioned himself so that his body was leaning over her and his hands were placed around her shoulders. He was on all fours. He nudged her thigh to indicate that he wanted her to pull her knees up. "Nitin, what are you doing?" She had to ask. He didn't answer. Instead he got up into a kneeling position, placed his hands around her legs and lifted them up. She resisted and tried to keep them down but he insisted and raised them easily. "Nitin, please don't. This is not right." She protested and looked down towards the area where their bodies were meeting. His penis was hard and lurking above her pussy. She gasped at the sight, not so much at the size of it but at the beauty of it. He really has a nice cock, she thought in between her fears. He looked at her pussy and then reached with his one hand to touch her clit. She squirmed like he had touched her with a hot iron. "No Nitin. You are not supposed to be doing this." He placed his thumb on it and pressed on it lightly. "Oh, Bhagvan, help me please." She cried. He was very gentle. He rubbed on it for a few moments and then he traced across her cunt with his thumb. She cried with anguish, "No Nitin, please stop. Please don't do this." His thumb found her hole and paused. He pressed it downward until it started to enter her hole. She was really wet so it was sliding down with ease, but he didn't go in, only loitered around the opening. Then he brought his other hand down and pulled her pussy

lips apart to see inside. He smiled when he saw the pink area around her opening. He then used his thumbs and forefingers to simultaneously squeeze and caress across the sides of her pussy. He was very gentle and she couldn't help but like the feel. Even though he was her son, still a man was caressing her pussy. There were certain instinctive nerve impulses that only reached one part of her brain; the one that felt sexually excited. She was sexually excited and at the same time her mind was at war with her body. She wasn't supposed to be excited, but she was. There was a tremendous amount of guilt with the huge wave of pleasure. What was it that he had said, she tried to think. He was experiencing the pain of heaven, yes that was it. Then she was experiencing the pleasure of hell, she analogized. Then the urge took over. He moved down on top of her and stretched his legs back. His cock was pointing threateningly down onto her mound. He moved back and forth while lowering his body right onto hers, until his dick made contact in the right area. It wasn't at her cunt but was in a very close proximity. His top was slightly above her clit and as he lowered himself on top of her, the soft, hard penis pressed on her puffed up clit. She yelled an unrecognizable word, almost like many word got jumbled up in her throat and came out as a mixed up sound. He moved down further and his penis traced on her pussy. "No, Nitin. Please no." She repeated her mantra. He reached between them and grabbed his shaft with one hand, rubbed it around until the head found the area between her lips and then moved it down until the tips wedged on top of the opening. There was electricity running through her body. His hard penis felt quite soft and gentle, for some strange reason. She was overwhelmed by the energy in his body and was almost choking with anticipation of the invasion that she so much didn't want. She did, however, for a millisecond thought of how good that beautiful penis would feel in her vagina and then became overwhelmed with guilt. She put her hands on his chest and tried to push him off. "No, Nitin. Don't do this, please. Don't change our relationship. Stop what you are doing." Pressing on his chest couldn't stop his buttocks from applying pressure to his cock and as he nudged down a little, her wet and slippery opening betrayed her resolve to not let him in. He started to enter her with ease. "Noooo, Nitin. Noooo, son. Noooooo." He pressed down and the head made its way past her opening. He was so energized when her pussy closed around his head that he shoved it all the way in with one quick thrust. "Oh God, help me please." She cried. "Oh Bhagven, what has happened?"

He reached under her and grabbed her shoulders. Then he slid his cock out slowly until it was about to exit and then shoved it down again. Up, in, up, in, until he developed a slow and forceful rhythm. Then he started to fuck his mother with the zeal of a rider on a galloping horse. "My son is fucking me, Lord. My son is having sex with me." She cried. "Help me, Lord. My son is putting his thing inside my thing." She couldn't stop him. Funny enough, the energy that she thought she was going to use to stop him didn't materialize. He was fucking her almost with the kind of ease that he would have had if she was a willing participant. He was pumping at a steady pace. He wasn't in a hurry, but at the same time he wasn't going easy on her. She was trembling against his thrusts. "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, Lord." She could only stutter. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" She could only manage to say those as his thrusts made all the other words go back in. "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, Nitin. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, Son." He was started to say something as well. He was uttering, "Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah." to her "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh." She clenched her teeth as the electricity became more focused. "Umph, umph, umph." Her young, strong, virile son was fucking her and there didn't seem to be an end to his thrusts. He wasn't out of breath or tired. He was just pumping and from the way he was doing it, it seemed like he could go on for a while. All she could do was to let him fuck her, and he fucked her good. His thrusts started to touch a part of her that was not so motherly, but very womanly. She couldn't believe that his beautiful penis was sliding in and out of her pussy. The way her pussy was reacting to it, it was almost like it was hungry for it; like it was waiting all this time for it. She couldn't think of his penis without thinking how beautiful it was. That beautiful penis was rubbing the inside of her vagina. That penis that was rubbing the inside of her vagina was a beautiful penis. To keep her mind off of the guilt, she started to focus on the beautiful penis and on her vagina around it. That then became her undoing. She felt her first spasm. She couldn't believe it. Her muscles were tightening. She was experiencing a wave of pleasure starting where his penis was rubbing and spreading outward like a tsunami. She couldn't believe it was happening to her with her son. She couldn't believe it was happening with so much ease. She bit her tongue trying to keep her screams in. She didn't want him to know that she was having an orgasm. Her body was not completely under her control so it was difficult to prevent her middle part from convulsing with pleasure. It was a sweet and sour

feelings; more sweet than sour. She had to reach and grab his butt so she could at least better direct her spasms, convulsions, tremors, etc. "Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh," she sang as he continued pumping. She noticed the beads of perspiration on his forehead and the trickles of sweat down his chest. He was reaching a critical point. So was she. She had to, even though she tried to stop herself from doing it, she had to jerk upward in response to his thrusts. She pulled hard on his buttocks as she stretched herself upward into him. It looked like she was trying to stop him from going so fast, but she was actually channelling her orgasm into his dick. Then it happened. She became helpless. She thrust into him uncontrollably and then held herself and her pussy tight into his pelvic bone. "Nitin, oh Nitin," she cried. "What have you done to me?" He was unable to continue thrusting, actually thankful that he could at least catch his breath. She said again, "Ooooh Nitin, Ooooooh Nitin. What have you done to me? What have you made me do?" He just held himself in place as she jerked a couple of times and then held herself in place against him. Her butt was above the bed and airborne. "Unhhh, unhhh, arrrrghhh, aaaaaa!" She screamed. "What have you done to me son?" With that, her body eased. He was still busy controlling his breath. Once she touched the bed again with her ass, he collapsed on top of her. She hugged him against her bosom. She held him tight. Her hands were on his back, drenched with his perspiration. Her legs tightly wound around his middle, holding him in place there as well. He was still hard and still fully embedded inside of her. "Nitin, speak to me, son. What have you done?" He tried but was still breathing too hard, so the words didn't come out. She held him against herself tight until he started to get a handle on himself. She just held him as he tried to come to a point where he could say something. "You feel so good, mom. I had no choice." "But son, this is not right." "I know, mom. But it feels so good, how can it be wrong?" "But...but..." "Don't you like it, mom?" She didn't expect that question. He repeated, "Don't you like it, mom? Don't you like me inside of you? Aren't you feeling as good as I am?" She didn't know what to say. She just listened to him.

Once his breathing became calm, he slipped off of her and lay there next to her with his back on the bed, his face towards the ceiling, and his cock midair. She waited for her aftershocks to stop. He just lay there, reflective, maybe even remorseful. She didn't know what he was going to do next. She didn't know what she was supposed to do, or what she should do. She just lay there next to him. Waiting, waiting, and hoping. Nothing happened. Finally she decided to get up. He was lying next to her, still erect, still throbbing. His cock was really beautiful. She looked at it, planning to look away in case he saw her looking. He was staring at the ceiling, his hands folded under his neck. It was that cock that had changed her from a mother to a woman. It was swaying gently, like the cobra in front of a snake charmer's flute. Only she was being charmed. Cobra was charming the charmer. The snake was mesmerizing the swaying musician. She sat up and fixed her long and beautiful hair with her hands. She tied the hair with a hairband and, to her and his surprise, got up and over him and straddled him. She reached down, grabbed his cock and directed it towards her hole. Slowly and steadily she impaled herself with it. She took his cock in, on purpose, and settled on top of him in a high and mighty pose. She removed her shirt and bared her motherhood to him. He was looking at her with a ton of surprise and a lot of joy. She started to move her body up and down, slowly, taking him out and then in. Out and then in. He was incredulous. She let that cock go as deep in her as possible and then lifted herself off of it as high as possible without letting it exit completely. After spending quite a bit of time doing that, she then leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest. She started moving forward and bending his cock towards his stomach, until the top part of the head came out. Then she moved backward, using her pussy to pull his cock back in. This style of having sex was having an amazing affect on him as she could tell from the glazed look on his face. His mouth was agape and his lips were trembling, as he reached up and placed his hands firmly on his birthright, her breasts. The effects of her grinding his cock with that motion and his taking her softness in through his palms worked their magic and soon he started to thrust as well. She had to change her direction so as to keep that in and out motion smooth and hurdle free. He was coming, she could tell. His face was contorting in ways that could only be due to his muscles going haywire against the sensations his cock was spreading throughout his body. She had to move straight up and down to make sure that he didn't slip out at such a crucial moment. She waited for his release as his thrusts became more and more forceful. She could feel his cock enlarging inside of her and she could feel the pressure building. One hard thrust and he held her up above the bed, same as she had done it to him. Then another thrust and his hands grabbing her hips in panic. Then all hell broke loose.

He was thrusting uncontrollably as he tried to hold her in place on top of his cock. He was literally screaming with pain as his ball pushed his sperm out, upward and into her. She actually felt the first shot; then she was not able to feel anything as he was grabbing her all around. He was shooting and he was trying to hold on to her for dear life. Once the storm subsided, she stayed on top of him keeping him down and subdued. After a long while, his colour returned to his face and she prostrated herself on top of him. He held her feather-light body on top of him and lay there with his eyes closed and his face showing tremendous pleasure and strain of that pleasure. She was the first to break the silence. She said, as she lay on top of him, his softening cock still inside of her, "I hope no one finds out what we have done." He just smiled. How on earth was anyone going to find out what they had done? His eyes were closing as he sensed her slide off of him and lie next to him, the back of her body snuggling into his front. He decided to use that position next time, for now he just wanted to have sweet dreams about the woman in his arms.

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