*** (21:17:41):Welcome to the True Blood in Dallas Chat Room. True Blood in Dallas says (21:17:58): Welcome !

alainanoelle says to (21:18:15): Yay! Chat room is up! Hi Dallas! sookiebontemps says to (21:18:20): Evening! alainanoelle says to (21:18:24): Hi Sook! LafayettesTribe says to (21:18:26): Yay! ChoChoMojo says to (21:18:33): Missed you Sookie!! alainanoelle says to (21:18:33): Are you mad at Bill Sook? sookiebontemps says to (21:18:38): Hello EVERYONE! sookiebontemps says to (21:18:46): Hey, Questa! Miss y'all too. sookiebontemps says to (21:18:52): Alaina: Should I be? sookiebontemps says to (21:18:54): LOL alainanoelle says to (21:18:58): I am!

txladyjane says to (21:19:13): howdy howdy all!!!! alainanoelle says to (21:19:16): I'll be mad on your behalf. alainanoelle says to (21:19:24): Hi txladyjane! sookiebontemps says to (21:19:25): LOL. Thanks. arianwyn says to (21:19:27): hello everyone sookiebontemps says to (21:19:32): Hello, TX LadyJane txladyjane says to (21:19:33): hey there alan txladyjane says to (21:19:37): hey there Sookie ChoChoMojo says to (21:19:38): I thought it was a great episode! alainanoelle says to (21:19:38): Hola arianwyn. txladyjane says to (21:19:41): howdy Dallas LafayettesTribe says to (21:19:42): What an episode! Season three has really begun! txladyjane says to (21:19:46):

howdy Lafa txladyjane says to (21:19:49): howdy Cho alainanoelle says to (21:19:50): It ws a good ep. txladyjane says to (21:19:53): howdy Bill BillIsMine says to (21:19:54): Hey all!!! I'm a Truebie but also a newbie (as far as True Blood in Dallas goes) lol LafayettesTribe says to (21:20:00): Howdy all. txladyjane says to (21:20:00): howdy aria alainanoelle says to (21:20:03): There's so much going on. sookiebontemps says to (21:20:21): We've got some great guests tonight! Meredith Woerner from the io9, and JefWithOneF from the Houston Press. alainanoelle says to (21:20:26): Welcome BillIisMine True Blood in Dallas says (21:20:29): NO jef -family emergency! alainanoelle says to (21:20:38): Looking forward to it Sook BillIsMine says to (21:20:42): cooool coool

arianwyn says to (21:20:43): for the first time since the series started i have no idea where they are going. sookiebontemps says to (21:20:43): BUMMER! I love Jef! sookiebontemps says to (21:20:46): Oh, well. True Blood in Dallas says (21:20:47): He'll be with us next week! Pamspumps says to (21:20:52): Hello! alainanoelle says to (21:20:59): Hi Pamspumps. True Blood in Dallas says (21:20:55): We love him too sookiebontemps says to (21:21:01): Hello, Pumps! alainanoelle says to (21:21:08): I am feeling bad for Pam! arianwyn says to (21:21:15): me too alaina BillIsMine says to (21:21:16): awwwww Pam BillIsMine says to (21:21:18): lol txladyjane says to (21:21:18):

hey there Pam alainanoelle says to (21:21:20): The magistrar is sooo nasty Pamspumps says to (21:21:26): cry for Pamie LafayettesTribe says to (21:21:27): Pam will get revenge arianwyn says to (21:21:29): i really don't like him alainanoelle says to (21:21:49): Pam was quick on the draw to blame Bill LafayettesTribe says to (21:21:49): Were Eric's eyes digitally enhanced in that Pam torture scene? ChoChoMojo says to (21:22:00): As much as I love the southern gentlemen Bill, it's nice to see another side of him. alainanoelle says to (21:22:02): Maybe Laf. sookiebontemps says to (21:22:08): I'd agree, ChoCho. BillIsMine says to (21:22:08): I was surprised to see that Kristin Bauer (Pam) plays the mother of one of the kids on Secret Life of the American Teenager!!! I was like LMAO!!! alainanoelle says to (21:22:20): Bill was BAD sookiebontemps says to (21:22:20): Dare I say it. . .but Jackson Bill = HOT.

BillIsMine says to (21:22:25): poor Bill arianwyn says to (21:22:28): i'm kind of sick of the whole poor tortured bill ChoChoMojo says to (21:22:29): INDEED Sookie!! LafayettesTribe says to (21:22:31): I think Bill is being tortured as much as Pam! BillIsMine says to (21:22:31): Bill gets all the blame for everything arianwyn says to (21:22:33): he was hot Pamspumps says to (21:22:40): I am liking Bill now! sookiebontemps says to (21:22:42): I like seeing this side of him. BillIsMine says to (21:22:42): Bill is being mind-raped by Lorena BillIsMine says to (21:22:45): so not fair sookiebontemps says to (21:22:46): Just saying. LafayettesTribe says to (21:22:52): Mind raped! alainanoelle says to (21:22:57):

Bill is just trying to survive right now greeneyegirl says to (21:23:02): Hello ! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:23:08): i agree sookie - he is alot hotter when he isn't whining sookiebontemps says to (21:23:09): Evening GEG! BillIsMine says to (21:23:14): and he doesn't want Sookie to get involved and get hurt alainanoelle says to (21:23:14): Hi GEG! ChoChoMojo says to (21:23:20): Well he still has that connection to Sookie as we saw.. sookiebontemps says to (21:23:22): The opening scene was heartbreaking. alainanoelle says to (21:23:29): I know he doesn't but he's going to anyway LafayettesTribe says to (21:23:33): I'm loving it. Have you ever seen two characters torture each other more? We're seeing the complex Alan Ball more tahn ever. sookiebontemps says to (21:23:39): Talk about saying every possible ugly thing. . . greeneyegirl says to (21:23:40): Alainna alainanoelle says to (21:23:46): I felt so bad for Sook

BillIsMine says to (21:23:49): Alan Ball is my homedog greeneyegirl says to (21:23:51): Questa! ChoChoMojo says to (21:23:55): Hey GEG I talked to BUNNY!! alainanoelle says to (21:23:57): Anna did a good job BabyVampsucker says to (21:23:58): Hello every1!!! sookiebontemps says to (21:24:09): Hello BabyVampsucker! greeneyegirl says to (21:24:10): Questa alainanoelle says to (21:24:11): Hi BabyVamp Pamspumps says to (21:24:14): Alcide sure was a d*ck to her tonight greeneyegirl says to (21:24:15): she chatted me on FB sookiebontemps says to (21:24:19): Alright: SOUND OFF! What was your favorite moment tonight? greeneyegirl says to (21:24:26): I have to call her alainanoelle says to (21:24:26):

Speaking of baby vamps..Jessica working at Merlotte's LafayettesTribe says to (21:24:28): Alcide cooks up a mean breakfast. ChoChoMojo says to (21:24:28): Well online anyhow, yeah me as well. :-) arianwyn says to (21:24:28): i felt bad for sookie also. i have never really like alcide Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:24:35): the fantasy scene with eric and sook greeneyegirl says to (21:24:37): how long was she gone Questa? txladyjane says to (21:24:37): I feel bad for Hoyt BillIsMine says to (21:24:45): me too ladyjane!! arianwyn says to (21:24:46): i loved that fantasy scene Pamspumps says to (21:24:53): can't believe that was Eric's fantasy!! ChoChoMojo says to (21:24:57): GEG.. not sure exactly. Was just happy to hear from her. BabyVampsucker says to (21:24:58): me too alainanoelle says to (21:24:58): Alcide was a jerk tonight..sort of..

BillIsMine says to (21:25:01): Bill doesn't even have free will anymore BillIsMine says to (21:25:03): lol TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:25:03): *waves* Hi, all! greeneyegirl says to (21:25:11): Me to happy tohear from her sookiebontemps says to (21:25:13): Evening TruebieDoobyDoo BabyVampsucker says to (21:25:24): Hey TDD TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:25:26): SOOOOOKIIIEEEEE *pounces* arianwyn says to (21:25:27): i think it is showing that eric wants Sookie to know the real him and is starting to want more from her than sex txladyjane says to (21:25:31): I wasnt impressed with tonights episode as i generally am alainanoelle says to (21:25:32): ChoChoMojo..where is Bunny? greeneyegirl says to (21:25:35): Truby doo be doo bee txladyjane says to (21:25:44): hey there GEG ChoChoMojo says to (21:25:46):

As I LOVE Sookie + Bill I am starting to warm up to seeing her with Alcide and... even Eric. arianwyn says to (21:25:48): i agree txlady i don't think it was as good as the previous three Portia Bellefleurtw says to (21:25:50): Hello everyone TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:25:54): *blushes* you sing purty LafayettesTribe says to (21:25:57): This is shaping up to be the best season ever -- so emotionally complex. alainanoelle says to (21:25:58): Hi Portia greeneyegirl says to (21:26:05): hey there Lady jane ! sookiebontemps says to (21:26:06): *wind knocked out of her by TruebieDoobyDoo. . .coughs* ChoChoMojo says to (21:26:08): Bunny has been away working. She is back though. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:26:15): *grins* alainanoelle says to (21:26:17): Oh boy..Franklin is so damn scary! BillIsMine says to (21:26:19): i don't get why Sookie can lock lips with whomever she pleases and yet everyone is all like "Oh, that naughty Bill! Shame on him!!" lol Portia Bellefleurtw says to (21:26:20): why hello Alaina!

alainanoelle says to (21:26:21): I love it! sookiebontemps says to (21:26:24): So. . .the Hot Shot guys are dealers. . .who knew? Pamspumps says to (21:26:27): franklin is soooo creepy greeneyegirl says to (21:26:33): hi Sookie! sookiebontemps says to (21:26:38): Evening GEG! LafayettesTribe says to (21:26:42): That guy playing Franklin is a great actor. arianwyn says to (21:26:45): i don't like how ab is portraying hotshot and especially calvin sookiebontemps says to (21:26:51): Anyone shocked that Calvin was a dealer? I was. . . BillIsMine says to (21:26:54): yah I keep trying to think of other things I've seen James Frain in ChoChoMojo says to (21:26:58): I am not liking how they potray HOTSHOT but I guess it fits. alainanoelle says to (21:27:15): yeah..I don't like what they've done with Hot Shot so far Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:27:15): yeah - i am not a big an of how they portray hot shot either LafayettesTribe says to (21:27:16):

James Frain was the weird Duke in The Buccaneers. alainanoelle says to (21:27:31): James is doing a great job Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:27:33): the calvin in the book seems like a more straight up kind of guy lafemmetopaz says to (21:27:34): Hola Pamspumps says to (21:27:37): didnt someone buy pot from there before?? sookiebontemps says to (21:27:39): Frain is creeping me the EFF out. txladyjane says to (21:27:48): Bill Where the Heart Is alainanoelle says to (21:27:48): Franklin is so creepy MerkyViews says to (21:27:50): Hi everyone BabyVampsucker says to (21:27:51): 2 mins till show time ChoChoMojo says to (21:27:52): Sookie doesn't Tara sort of fall for Franklin? arianwyn says to (21:27:58): i really like calvin in the books so it is difficult to see him portayed that way ChoChoMojo says to (21:27:59): Books anyhow?

sookiebontemps says to (21:27:59): What's with the vampire bride business? Why do you guys think he wants Tara? lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:02): I agree Frain is rocking it LafayettesTribe says to (21:28:03): Frain is super creepy. Love it. Poor Tara, man, she has been through the ringer. sookiebontemps says to (21:28:07): Because to be honest, I'm not so sure. lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:09): Did everyone enjoy the show txladyjane says to (21:28:17): sookie leverage over Sookie BillIsMine says to (21:28:22): Grey's Anatomy and "Where the Heart Is" is where I've seen him and remembered him alainanoelle says to (21:28:22): In his own creepy way he likes Tara lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:25): Can't believe he sit her on the toiler arianwyn says to (21:28:26): hi lafemme i liked certain parts True Blood in Dallas says (21:28:21): Hello all Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:28:26): not sure but fear Tara is doomed Pamspumps says to (21:28:28):

Franklin is just WEIRD lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:34): toilet.. how thoughtful alainanoelle says to (21:28:35): Hi lafemmetopas LafayettesTribe says to (21:28:38): LOVE taping teh flowers in her hands. arianwyn says to (21:28:39): hi dallas kevat28 says to (21:28:43): hi dallas lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:45): hey alaina kevat28 says to (21:28:47): hi everyone True Blood in Dallas says (21:28:47): Hey ari sookiebontemps says to (21:28:54): TXLadyJane, you could be right. . .but there's something more going on here. . .after all, vampire marriage is forever. Til someone bites it. BillIsMine says to (21:28:56): I saw a minisode or something where Frain and Rutina were talking about how much Franklin "loves" Tara BillIsMine says to (21:29:03): like he's legit in love with her or will be arianwyn says to (21:29:07):

i think the franklin in the show is crazy lafemmetopaz says to (21:29:23): Had to change my font Pamspumps says to (21:29:49): Franklin is abusive in the book as well LafayettesTribe says to (21:29:58): Frankln is crazy. And we keep being told that Queen Sophie Ann is too. Something to do with all those years on earth, perhaps . . . BillIsMine says to (21:29:59): i've only made it to book 4 BillIsMine says to (21:30:07): the books are ok sookiebontemps says to (21:30:09): Franklin definitely has a power over Tara. . .and then he sells her off to Mickey. .. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:30:10): book 4 is the best Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:30:15): then 10 LafayettesTribe says to (21:30:19): Ball is setting us up for Book 4 next season . . . True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:22): sounds ? sookiebontemps says to (21:30:28): Do you guys have sound? kevat28 says to (21:30:29): i'm likin the franklin story line

Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:30:29): i am hoping mickey will be lft out sookiebontemps says to (21:30:29): I do. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:30:37): no ChoChoMojo says to (21:30:39): I have sound sookiebontemps says to (21:30:41): DALLAS: I HAVE SOUND sookiebontemps says to (21:30:47): :) Pamspumps says to (21:30:47): sound! yes True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:43): sound arianwyn says to (21:30:49): pamspumps i don't actually think franklin in the books is physically abusive, but he does sell her to mickey. i think franklin in the show is a mixture of franklin and mickey in the books alainanoelle says to (21:30:52): Sound! BabyVampsucker says to (21:30:55): YaY sound sookiebontemps says to (21:30:58): Alrighty! So happy you all here with ust tonight! lafemmetopaz says to (21:31:02):

Did anyone notice the change with Debbie Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:31:04): YAY sound!!!!! lafemmetopaz says to (21:31:07): She's a wolf in TB BTJessica says to (21:31:09): and here we gooooo!!! sookiebontemps says to (21:31:18): Shoutout to Alaina, to Brandy, to ChoCho, TruebieDoobyDoo, GEG Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:31:30): hey sookie ChoChoMojo says to (21:31:31): :-) sookiebontemps says to (21:31:32): Hello to PamsPumps, LafayettesTribe arianwyn says to (21:31:32): i have sound BillIsMine says to (21:31:32): i have sound too alainanoelle says to (21:31:33): Hey Sook! Pamspumps says to (21:31:35): I noticed Debbie's hoohaa when she was laying on the stage SheiroQ says to (21:31:35): *waves to sookie*

Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:31:35): :) sookiebontemps says to (21:31:42): HELLO KRISTINA! sookiebontemps says to (21:31:43):

HAHA. anelson53546 says to (21:31:46): yay-it;s on Pamspumps says to (21:31:48): *** wave greeneyegirl says to (21:31:48): Hey Sookie! We have sound! LafayettesTribe says to (21:31:49): Who is this Dallas person? SheiroQ says to (21:31:52): Hahaha! Love ya!! sookiebontemps says to (21:31:54): Hello GEG!, Alaina! alainanoelle says to (21:31:56): Dallas..I'm in the cue..3375 TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:32:00): Hey, Stina! sookiebontemps says to (21:32:01): SOrry if I"m doubling up.

ChoChoMojo says to (21:32:03): :-( BillIsMine says to (21:32:03): anyone know any of the "areas" in the Kingdom of Mississippi? anelson53546 says to (21:32:07): hi, sookie SheiroQ says to (21:32:09): Hey Sheri! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:32:12): LMAO Artist formerly known as Sookie sookiebontemps says to (21:32:14): Hello, ANelson! Marleneemm says to (21:32:15): I simply lovedc tonight's show!!! Bill's babes I'm so sorry that St. Bill's fallen off his pedastal!! But I so GLAD for that!! OH ERIC, come and get your lady LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alainanoelle says to (21:32:20): No BillIsMine sookiebontemps says to (21:32:23):

TruebieDoobyDoo: Damn straight. sookiebontemps says to (21:32:33): Loving smokeycokey's name. BillIsMine says to (21:32:37): St. Bill is still on a pedestal TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:32:39): *shakes head*

alainanoelle says to (21:32:47): Marleneemm..Bill is big trouble Marleneemm says to (21:32:48): Alainanelle: YOU Can have BILL. LafayettesTribe says to (21:32:49): Bill has to take the Limo back to the rental agency!!! lafemmetopaz says to (21:32:53): Dallas lafemmetopaz says to (21:33:04): Debbie is a WOLF.. go figure alainanoelle says to (21:33:05): No...I want Eric! ChoChoMojo says to (21:33:05): Dallas rocks! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:33:12): TEAM BILL *ducks* BillIsMine says to (21:33:13): I'm not blaming my Bill for being controlled by a she-demon succubus Pamspumps says to (21:33:16): Rupaul!! Loved the way Lafay smiled at Eic Marleneemm says to (21:33:18): YOU don't have to tell ME I've been waiting for this!!! anelson53546 says to (21:33:19): I miss you on twitter, sookie alainanoelle says to (21:33:26):

That was funny Pam! sookiebontemps says to (21:33:26): Hello, LouisianaGirl, Marleenmm! LafayettesTribe says to (21:33:29): Get in teh car, RuePaul!! sookiebontemps says to (21:33:32): Aww, thanks, Anelson. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:33:35): billismine - you are cracking me up - succubus sookiebontemps says to (21:33:35): I miss you all too! BTJessica says to (21:33:41): I usually listen to the one done by crazy beckah LafayettesTribe says to (21:33:43): Funny that Eric knows who RuPaul is, EH?? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:33:46): do you watch "THE GATES"? sookiebontemps says to (21:33:57): Hello, BTJessica! Thanks for listening in! lafemmetopaz says to (21:33:59): Of course Eric would know.. he's a modern vamp alainanoelle says to (21:34:04): Sook..you rocked the biker babe outfit! lafemmetopaz says to (21:34:04): lol

ChoChoMojo says to (21:34:05): I just started The Gates but hard to watch and do this too. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:34:06): *whispers* you should just tweet on the sookiebontemps2 acct. we won't tell arianwyn says to (21:34:07): eric calling him rupaul was too funny BTJessica says to (21:34:10): hello! an yvw! :) Marleneemm says to (21:34:11): Sookie Bon Temps:Hi lady I'm having trouble typoing as I'm still in shock at tonight's show! ChoChoMojo says to (21:34:16): Yeah Soookie! Pamspumps says to (21:34:20): Sookie was hot tonight sookiebontemps says to (21:34:25): @BTJessica: I listen to CrazyBeckeh and @Sookeh's podcast after. BTJessica says to (21:34:26): but I will be cuttin away in half an hour, The Gates is on :) alainanoelle says to (21:34:27): I loved it Sook! LafayettesTribe says to (21:34:33): It was Sookie does Chicago the Musical!!! sookiebontemps says to (21:34:41): TruebieDoobyDoo: HAHA. No. alainanoelle says to (21:34:43):

Too hot for the weres! alainanoelle says to (21:34:52): LOL Laf! anelson53546 says to (21:34:55): this is my 1st time live Pamspumps says to (21:34:57): Not enough naked were's tonight :( sookiebontemps says to (21:35:01): Marleenem: Can't say I blame you. BTJessica says to (21:35:04): HAHAHAHA@ Yes, Sookie was TOO hot for the dawgs greeneyegirl says to (21:35:06): chicago the musical Sookie= velma BTJessica says to (21:35:11): and who who let the dogs out?!? arianwyn says to (21:35:14): i was afraid that coot and debbie were going to have sex on the stage when he started taking his clothes off LafayettesTribe says to (21:35:18): Velma!! Daphne!! alainanoelle says to (21:35:20): GEG! So funny TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:35:21): LMAO GEG! I tweeted that! BillIsMine says to (21:35:28): Sookie is so BA

greeneyegirl says to (21:35:30): did u truby! alainanoelle says to (21:35:35): I loved it! The tatoos and all! Louisianagirl29 says to (21:35:41): Great episode! alainanoelle says to (21:35:46): Debbie Pelt is so scuzzy sookiebontemps says to (21:35:50): Paging Dr Dallas. . .come in Dr. Dallas. . . BillIsMine says to (21:35:54): Sookie is gonna be BALLIN' this season TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:35:54): Yes!!! LMAO. I said she was auditioning for Chicago. lafemmetopaz says to (21:35:55): lol alaina lafemmetopaz says to (21:35:58): she's a v addict LafayettesTribe says to (21:36:01): We need a trashy Sookie paper doll! lafemmetopaz says to (21:36:02): lol Pamspumps says to (21:36:03): Sookie needs to visit Eric dressed like that and torture the crap out of him BTJessica says to (21:36:07):

LOVING Alcides sis! sookiebontemps says to (21:36:10): GOT YOU. True Blood in Dallas says (21:36:06): every one here LafayettesTribe says to (21:36:11): Sound? sookiebontemps says to (21:36:13): Can you hear you now True Blood in Dallas says (21:36:11): sound BillIsMine says to (21:36:16): yah Dallas I lost sound LafayettesTribe says to (21:36:17): No BabyVampsucker says to (21:36:17): Question -did eric's daydream come from him feeling her saddness about bill? True Blood in Dallas says (21:36:13): ? sookiebontemps says to (21:36:18): GOTCHA greeneyegirl says to (21:36:19): wheres the sound??? arianwyn says to (21:36:19): i lost sound

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:36:21): lost sound again. stupid interweb sookiebontemps says to (21:36:23): I CAN HEAR YOU LafayettesTribe says to (21:36:23): Lost sound alainanoelle says to (21:36:23): Oh Eric is having Sookie fantasies! True Blood in Dallas says (21:36:19): sound now BTJessica says to (21:36:26): yaaa lost sound Louisianagirl29 says to (21:36:26): No sound Dallas arianwyn says to (21:36:27): there it is True Blood in Dallas says (21:36:23): ??? LafayettesTribe says to (21:36:28): Back on BillIsMine says to (21:36:30): Sound is back Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:36:31): back on Louisianagirl29 says to (21:36:35):

back on greeneyegirl says to (21:36:37): Eric is fantasizing lafemmetopaz says to (21:36:37): I don't think.. I think it was "foreshadowing" BabyVampsucker says to (21:36:38): Yay alainanoelle says to (21:36:38): I have sound! BTJessica says to (21:36:40): there and yes folks we have sound! BillIsMine says to (21:36:41): *waves* I hear you BillIsMine says to (21:36:42): lol LafayettesTribe says to (21:36:45): sound back BabyVampsucker says to (21:36:45): Sound TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:36:51): comes back when i refresh lafemmetopaz says to (21:36:52): Sookie must remind him of someone LafayettesTribe says to (21:36:52): it's back

Marleneemm says to (21:36:55): Dallas: I know that you said not to call~ But I HAVE TO!!!!!! SheiroQ says to (21:36:56): We hear you! ChoChoMojo says to (21:36:56): Sound is fine now risabeth says to (21:37:03): the magister confiscated the server in a raid. alainanoelle says to (21:37:08): Why not Marleneemm? sookiebontemps says to (21:37:10): HELLO! Pamspumps says to (21:37:17): smak the magister!! Marleneemm says to (21:37:18): Sound is fine, all is well with the world!! alainanoelle says to (21:37:19): Hi Sook BTJessica says to (21:37:21): I cant believe Bill sold Eric out BillIsMine says to (21:37:22): you know that South Park episode where Chef marries a succubus? Bill should watch that lol alainanoelle says to (21:37:26): Oh, hate the magistrar BillIsMine says to (21:37:30):

or Sookie should, rather Pamspumps says to (21:37:31): hello lafemmetopaz says to (21:37:33): I refuse to believe that Eric would have the blood at fangtasia alainanoelle says to (21:37:36): He's another scary one TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:37:37): *waves* lafemmetopaz says to (21:37:41): its a complete set up by Sophie Anne greeneyegirl says to (21:37:42): Hi Dallas! BillIsMine says to (21:37:42): Bill is a bad, bad boy alainanoelle says to (21:37:44): I agree lafemme SheiroQ says to (21:37:45): *waves!!* kevat28 says to (21:37:46): lol billismine Louisianagirl29 says to (21:37:48): Hey Dallas arianwyn says to (21:37:48): i agree lafemme

LafayettesTribe says to (21:37:51): I prefer bad Bill. alainanoelle says to (21:37:55): I love how fast Pam is on her feet Pamspumps says to (21:37:55): me too Portia Bellefleurtw says to (21:37:56): Hello Dallas ChoChoMojo says to (21:37:56): Another shoutout! <# KathyD55 says to (21:37:57): Hi Dallas TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:37:58): I prefer naked bill ChoChoMojo says to (21:37:59): Whoops! arianwyn says to (21:38:02): pam is great BillIsMine says to (21:38:05): me too Truebie alainanoelle says to (21:38:06): But Eric only has 2 days t save Pam BTJessica says to (21:38:07): and Bill going to a strip club. HAHAHAHAHA! LOVE it! BillIsMine says to (21:38:07):

lol Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:38:09): i prefer naked Eric TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:38:09): *grins* Pamspumps says to (21:38:13): pam is fast cause she has nice pumps Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:38:14): :) arianwyn says to (21:38:17): :) brandy Marleneemm says to (21:38:18): Dallas: Mark Blankenship's column is going to be SO HOT on Wednesday!! I can't wait to read it!!! sookiebontemps says to (21:38:23): If you're hoping to win one of DAllas' goodiebags, than you better call in. . .and/or tweet @TrueBloodDallas OR simply say something insightful here! alainanoelle says to (21:38:25): She needs more than pumps now kevat28 says to (21:38:28): nice to finally see a harder side of Bill LafayettesTribe says to (21:38:38): The Magister is RUINUNG Pam's pumps. He better watch it. sookiebontemps says to (21:38:42): OMG. .typoville. sorry sookiebontemps says to (21:38:48): LOL

alainanoelle says to (21:38:50): Is the Magistrar keeping Pam? TES2008 says to (21:38:53): Evening Truebies. sookiebontemps says to (21:38:57): TES! Marleneemm says to (21:39:00): We'll get ERIC nakked again~Just be patient! ChoChoMojo says to (21:39:01): Rusty tonight Sookie? ;-) arianwyn says to (21:39:03): TES KathyD55 says to (21:39:04): Boy! Did Eric sell Bill out to the Magister!! anelson53546 says to (21:39:04): This was a very good episode TES2008 says to (21:39:04): :) sookiebontemps says to (21:39:05): Just a touch, ChoCho alainanoelle says to (21:39:07): Til Eric proves Bill is the V seller greeneyegirl says to (21:39:18): truby doo yousaid Caberet ! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:39:20):

Major rite of passage: First episode of the season w/ no dirty tighty whities greeneyegirl says to (21:39:23): I like that analogy greeneyegirl says to (21:39:34): TES! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:39:38): I did! alainanoelle says to (21:39:40): Hi TES! sookiebontemps says to (21:39:40): LOL arianwyn says to (21:39:41): :) trubie thank goodness lafemmetopaz says to (21:39:42): I think Eric is gonna find out stuff from Sookie and use it to frame the King of Mississippi TES2008 says to (21:39:44): Hi everybody! Louisianagirl29 says to (21:39:48): Bill sold Eric and the Queen out to Russell BillIsMine says to (21:39:52): I'm reaaaalllly excited to see what happensa with Sam and his fam this season TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:39:58): TEASE ChoChoMojo says to (21:40:01): Me too BillIsMine

Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:40:03): i hope Eric brings him down. ChoChoMojo says to (21:40:06): Yes!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:40:06): *CLAPS* alainanoelle says to (21:40:07): I don't trust Sam's family sabby77 says to (21:40:07): sookie y havent u been on twitter lately alainanoelle says to (21:40:15): Sam is getting sucked in! ChoChoMojo says to (21:40:23): I am still calling her SOOKIE! :-P SheiroQ says to (21:40:24): *gasps!!* She's outed! LafayettesTribe says to (21:40:26): Wasn't it weird that Alcide and Sookie were the only ones in teh bar not participating, and no one seemed to notice? alainanoelle says to (21:40:28): Hi Sook! Marleneemm says to (21:40:29): Kathy: Eric is CORRECT~ Bill's "NOT what he SEEMS" he is a MAJOR LIAR!!! anelson53546 says to (21:40:35): can we still twitter @sookiebontemps? TES2008 says to (21:40:36):

Sam's family are Trouble and I'm sick of all of them already. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:40:49): we miss you on twitter lafemmetopaz says to (21:40:54): lol TES2008.. kind of like I am with Hoyt and Jessica TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:40:57): *in denial* BillIsMine says to (21:40:58): ok wth? can't Bill get a break? lol LafayettesTribe says to (21:40:58): Sam's family are the Mariannes of Season Three arianwyn says to (21:41:00): i am too tes although i don't mind his borther SheiroQ says to (21:41:00): She's ALWAYS gonna be Sookie! alainanoelle says to (21:41:02): Me too TES ChoChoMojo says to (21:41:04): In Denial toooo BTJessica says to (21:41:06): thats next week Lafayyetes ChoChoMojo says to (21:41:06): :-( KathyD55 says to (21:41:09): Bill has his own agenda.

sookiebontemps says to (21:41:11): Awww. . .thank you guys. lafemmetopaz says to (21:41:13): I loved all the diggs to Sookie about it being her first relationship BillIsMine says to (21:41:13): I'm defending Bill to the death over here TES2008 says to (21:41:21): Wanted more of Franklin. Frain plays creepy, slithery vamp perfectly. Marleneemm says to (21:41:27): Sam's family will be gone~MOM & DAD will Leave BT, lafemmetopaz says to (21:41:28): TES.. AMEN LafayettesTribe says to (21:41:34): Frain needs a spin-off sitcom BillIsMine says to (21:41:35): although what was that crap Franklin found in Bill's drawers? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:41:36): it's ok BillisMine b/c he needs a little defense lafemmetopaz says to (21:41:37): I hope they keep him. I love James Frain alainanoelle says to (21:41:39): Yeah..TES,,he is the scariest thing lafemmetopaz says to (21:41:39): he is killing me Louisianagirl29 says to (21:41:40):

I've met Sookie and she in Shreveport. We did shots at Lucky Liquor! Marleneemm says to (21:41:42): Tommy will be working for SAM. ChoChoMojo says to (21:41:51): Yes! KathyD55 says to (21:41:52): Poor Tara--she keeps picking the wrong guys! TES2008 says to (21:41:58): It looks like Talbot doesn't like Franklin being around. TES2008 says to (21:42:10): Those 2 have a history I guess. Hope we'll find out. lafemmetopaz says to (21:42:13): who knows... FRanklin may give her the "boost and confidence he needs Marleneemm says to (21:42:14): NO Sequel for Franklin Mott!!!! LafayettesTribe says to (21:42:18): Talbot likes 'em pudgy. BillIsMine says to (21:42:22): I need to watch that episode again and pause it on Franklin rifling through Bill's drawers so I can see everything Louisianagirl29 says to (21:42:23): Franklin is acting like Mickey! sookiebontemps says to (21:42:27): That's right, @LouisianaGirl. And those were damn good shots too. LafayettesTribe says to (21:42:27): FRain gets a spinoff

BillIsMine says to (21:42:28): it's not like the books obviously lafemmetopaz says to (21:42:29): he's crazy.. his cheese has fallen off his cracker.. but he does care lafemmetopaz says to (21:42:33): and he's tender at times Pamspumps says to (21:42:44): Talbot doesnt like Franklin cause he was the one who broke the dessert plate KathyD55 says to (21:42:50): I wonder if Sookie will end up rescuing Tara, like in the book TES2008 says to (21:43:00): Sookie looked great as a motorcycle momma tonight; Anna looks much better as natural brunette IMO BillIsMine says to (21:43:09): I like her blonde alainanoelle says to (21:43:11): Oh, Tara is going to be a vampire bride?? BillIsMine says to (21:43:16): I also LEGIT love that gap in her teeth BillIsMine says to (21:43:19): it is so darn cute alainanoelle says to (21:43:20): So crazy! arianwyn says to (21:43:20): i agree anna looks better with darker hair BTJessica says to (21:43:20):

what about the new ones? will they enjoy it? TES2008 says to (21:43:21): Debbie from books has come to life. What a nasty skank. LafayettesTribe says to (21:43:25): Anna looked like Mrs. Michael Douglas in Chicago. alainanoelle says to (21:43:30): I agree arianwyn lafemmetopaz says to (21:43:41): They changed Debbie up lafemmetopaz says to (21:43:48): She's not the same.. not totally from the Books Marleneemm says to (21:43:50): Yes,YOU love Team Sookie!!! But You know I'm TeamERIC all the WAY. USED TO like Bill I HATE HIM NOW ~HE'S A REAL TRAITOR!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:43:50): Are you still doing the chats for the rest of the season, Sookie? Louisianagirl29 says to (21:43:52): Two long weeks lafemmetopaz says to (21:43:54): She's a wolf and v addict Pamspumps says to (21:43:54): debbie needs to wear pants if she is going to crowd surf the were's arianwyn says to (21:43:55): i didn't like janice ChoChoMojo says to (21:43:57): Sookie come back anytime!! ;-)

BabyVampsucker says to (21:43:58): Thanks!! TES2008 says to (21:44:05): Not the exact same from books, but we'll hate her just like in the books Marleneemm says to (21:44:10): I loved Janice!!! arianwyn says to (21:44:17): i like janice in the books KathyD55 says to (21:44:19): Janice was nothing like I pictured her from the books alainanoelle says to (21:44:19): Janice was great LafayettesTribe says to (21:44:19): Less good one-liners in teh episode tonight, though I liked it. BillIsMine says to (21:44:20): wait, Marlene --- are you the same Marlene who was on the show a few episodes ago? The Bill show?? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:44:21): debbie in the books is a better foe than a blood head in the show anelson53546 says to (21:44:26): ughh-I was listening to episode 3's talk Louisianagirl29 says to (21:44:32): I liked Janice! lafemmetopaz says to (21:44:33): TES.. I changed my mind about Lorena lafemmetopaz says to (21:44:38):

I like her in the series Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:44:39): alcide always runs hot lafemmetopaz says to (21:44:40): lol Pamspumps says to (21:44:41): alcide is hot TES2008 says to (21:44:42): Eddington speaking German was weird. greeneyegirl says to (21:44:44): HOT! Can Isay ALCIDE = HOTNESS LafayettesTribe says to (21:44:46): Lorena is FUN! greeneyegirl says to (21:44:52): holy CRAP BillIsMine says to (21:44:57): Lorena is a GREAT character. But I still hate her guts. lol alainanoelle says to (21:45:02): Oh, I love Joe! lafemmetopaz says to (21:45:05): Calvin Norris is gross in the show BillIsMine says to (21:45:06): I love to hate Lorena alainanoelle says to (21:45:08): He's a great Alcide

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:45:10): Lorenas's a ho Marleneemm says to (21:45:12): BillisMine: YES. Sorry, I used to like Bill till I read the books 4 times and found out your betrayals Pamspumps says to (21:45:12): Eddington is the leader- WTH!! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:45:13): i agree about Calvin alainanoelle says to (21:45:18): Me too Bill is Mine TES2008 says to (21:45:20): Lorena is very dangerous, but it sounds like Eddington may want to get rid of her. I do hope we see Sooks stake her or cause Lorena's death thought. LafayettesTribe says to (21:45:22): I'd like to go out in teh Limo with Sophie Ann and Lorena and PARTY! risabeth says to (21:45:30): I would've thought Calvin a bit more attractive from the books. lafemmetopaz says to (21:45:31): why.. TES Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:45:33): he speaks german b/c that is who eric and godric were looking for in the nazi uniforms Portia Bellefleurtw says to (21:45:35): The Magister scares me! lafemmetopaz says to (21:45:37): I like Lorena TB Pamspumps says to (21:45:41):

That wheel gets a ton of use BTJessica says to (21:45:41): Will he learn his lesson now? TES2008 says to (21:45:52): Nah, I don't like Lorena. ChoChoMojo says to (21:45:54): I hope they let Sook kill Lorena too TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:45:56): Sub basement lafemmetopaz says to (21:46:00): why... she calls Bill on his BS BillIsMine says to (21:46:07): nope I still like Bill, Marlene. I've only read up to Book 4 but so far I think TB Bill is far more developed than CH Bill Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:46:13): i hope they let sook kill her too - b/c that is an awesome time for her Marleneemm says to (21:46:13): Pamsumps: Russell Eddington's the MAIN VAMP who's involved in Operation Werewolf that Eric is looking for. alainanoelle says to (21:46:13): Oh the wheel. Came back to bite them! LafayettesTribe says to (21:46:22): How is Russell going to marry the King of Nebraska if he's a Nazi??? BillIsMine says to (21:46:22): yah Sookie MUST kill the succubus Harley Dickerson says to (21:46:26):

ohhh pammy TES2008 says to (21:46:26): It goes back to Lorena turning Bill against his will. He didn't want to become a vamp. greeneyegirl says to (21:46:34): TRubby Doo alainanoelle says to (21:46:35): I hope Sookie does kill her alainanoelle says to (21:46:38): Hate Lorena lafemmetopaz says to (21:46:45): lol TES.. that was over hundred years ago Louisianagirl29 says to (21:46:47): Wait til you read book 6 TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:46:47): yes? Marleneemm says to (21:46:49): BIM: I've read the books 5 times and I'm on book 7 again BTJessica says to (21:46:52): I thought the selling the V was ALL Eric's idea :S Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:46:55): janice in the show is awesome lafemmetopaz says to (21:46:55): move on...Bill needs to move on ChoChoMojo says to (21:46:58): Lorena looks well dressed this season though.

Pamspumps says to (21:47:02): Janice was lovely!! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:47:05): they brought her to life perfectly greeneyegirl says to (21:47:06): I just read your tweets..i need a depends TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:47:16): awwww. thanks, sweetie! LafayettesTribe says to (21:47:20): Lorena wears DESPERATE well. greeneyegirl says to (21:47:23): crying here EricsBlackAmex says to (21:47:25): Janice was grand ChoChoMojo says to (21:47:25): LOL TES2008 says to (21:47:26): I know, but I just don't like Lorena. I just cringe when she's on screen. Harley Dickerson says to (21:47:28): i love janice BillIsMine says to (21:47:33): I don't think the books are that great, I mean they're like a really huge pumpkin seed that grows a giant prize winning pumpkin at Halloween....that giant pumpkin being TB lol alainanoelle says to (21:47:34): Me too TES lafemmetopaz says to (21:47:34):

lol greeneyegirl says to (21:47:39): dying here: alainanoelle says to (21:47:39): Lorena has to go! greeneyegirl says to (21:47:42): I think it's more likely Mickens dirty drawers makin his ass itch. Just sayin. #trueblood alainanoelle says to (21:47:45): I think she will too lafemmetopaz says to (21:47:46): you guys just can't let the book Lorena go TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:47:50): *beams with pride* BTJessica says to (21:47:50): I agree, Lorena has to go! lafemmetopaz says to (21:47:51): lol EricsBlackAmex says to (21:47:54): Zhee books and dont hate me are tres campy Pamspumps says to (21:47:54): @bill- blaspheme! greeneyegirl says to (21:47:55): not done BillIsMine says to (21:47:58): LOL greeneye

Marleneemm says to (21:48:00): BTJ: NO the V Selling things was ALL SOPHIE ANNE"S ~and ALSO BILL COMPTON"s Seems he worked for her for 30+ years. alainanoelle says to (21:48:00): If the King doesn't do it then Sook will TES2008 says to (21:48:02): We really didn't know much of Lorena in the books. arianwyn says to (21:48:06): i love the books BTJessica says to (21:48:18): K where was that? missed that :S greeneyegirl says to (21:48:24): Franklin and Tara need a safe word, like fluffernutter, or cartwheel. They are seriously not doing this bondage thing right. BillIsMine says to (21:48:28): wait, just because Sophie Anne was in on the V...surely Bill doesn't know all of the Queen's goings-on Pamspumps says to (21:48:31): lol KathyD55 says to (21:48:31): I love both the books and the show!! Marleneemm says to (21:48:32): LORENA WILL GO~ AT SOOKIE"S HAND!! alainanoelle says to (21:48:36): Looks like Sookie is going to be visiting the King LafayettesTribe says to (21:48:37): I loved Lorena cracking her neck and talking about how great sex with Bill was!!!!!

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:48:44): HOTSHOT: A GAME THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN PLAY Harley Dickerson says to (21:48:50): holy crap it is only episode four sookiebontemps says to (21:48:59): LOL truebiedoobydoo greeneyegirl says to (21:48:59): Sookie and Debbie look like the before and after from RuPaul's Drag Race. #TrueBlood EricsBlackAmex says to (21:49:01): I loved how nice he was sitting her on the toilet incaseshe had to go LOL alainanoelle says to (21:49:05): I really don't like what they've done with Calvin EricsBlackAmex says to (21:49:05): :D ChoChoMojo says to (21:49:10): Bill phone call to Sookie was sad..... Sookie saying STFU... Eric's dream... lots in the episode!! alainanoelle says to (21:49:10): So far Pamspumps says to (21:49:17): Bill is the procurer for the queen and now the king- hmm procurer like in telepaths???? lafemmetopaz says to (21:49:18): Calvin on the show ... Marleneemm says to (21:49:23): BIM: Bill's "NOT what he really seems" there more to him ~ He's hiding things. greeneyegirl says to (21:49:26):

my favortie is daduh! Miley Cyrus works in a Jackson titty bar? risabeth says to (21:49:26): yeah, poor Calvin Norris' character and Hotshot. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:49:30): GEG! Are you gonna RT my whole evening? I'm not worthy! LafayettesTribe says to (21:49:35): Eric'sBA: I never thought about that! Franklin IS such a gentleman to tie her up on teh toilet just in case! anelson53546 says to (21:49:35): I don't like the show Hotshot as well as in the books, wither greeneyegirl says to (21:49:40): yes I just did Louisianagirl29 says to (21:49:41): MICKEY arianwyn says to (21:49:43): thank you geg i so thought that it looked like her Harley Dickerson says to (21:49:45): Rupaul greeneyegirl says to (21:49:47): you are worthy Garth! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:49:50): Thank you so much! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:49:50): really really sick of tara's character TES2008 says to (21:49:54):

I'm not sick of Franklin. I'm sick of Sam's family. lafemmetopaz says to (21:50:02): Amen TES Harley Dickerson says to (21:50:04): me to Brandy Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:50:06): sam's family sucks smokeycokey says to (21:50:06): i like tara BTJessica says to (21:50:07): Im REALLY sick of Lorena and LOVE Franklin Pamspumps says to (21:50:09): Tara is getting her tears worth!! LafayettesTribe says to (21:50:09): Sam's family is the Marianne of this season lafemmetopaz says to (21:50:13): I like Tara too greeneyegirl says to (21:50:13): those tweets are courtesy of trubie doo BillIsMine says to (21:50:17): he's not what he seems --- OK that can mean anything lol Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:50:27): yes lafayette YES BillIsMine says to (21:50:32): Eric's not what he seems either

Louisianagirl29 says to (21:50:34): He is good! BTJessica says to (21:50:34): lol so the truth comes out, Bill is gay?! BillIsMine says to (21:50:34): obviously kevat28 says to (21:50:35): Lorena makes Bill nuts, that makes her great alainanoelle says to (21:50:41): Just how b ad is Franklin? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:50:50): bill gay? NO sookiebontemps says to (21:50:52): Alaina: Pretty darn bad. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:50:53): never Pamspumps says to (21:50:56): you could do worse for a husband anelson53546 says to (21:50:58): can't wait ti see how they get rid off Lorena LafayettesTribe says to (21:51:00): Eric knoes a LOT about things gay. RuPaul? He he ChoChoMojo says to (21:51:00): LOL Dallas BillIsMine says to (21:51:06):

haha arianwyn says to (21:51:07): i didn't think that the writing was that great for this episode alainanoelle says to (21:51:07): I hope Tara gets away from him Harley Dickerson says to (21:51:08): hahaha LafayettesTribe says to (21:51:25): I want to watch TB in a theatre and hear the cheers when Lorena is offed!!! Louisianagirl29 says to (21:51:26): Loved that Eric dreams of Sookie while Yvette dancing BillIsMine says to (21:51:34): yeah Louisiana that was weird Pamspumps says to (21:51:36): """v""""""v""""" Portia Bellefleurtw says to (21:51:39): My brother is sheriff now! alainanoelle says to (21:51:39): Eric WANTS Sook! BTJessica says to (21:51:41): LMAO I am w/ u on that one LafayettesTribe! :) Marleneemm says to (21:51:41): All Vamps are bisexual!!! alainanoelle says to (21:51:46): Pam knows it too.

lafemmetopaz says to (21:51:56): we found out that Jessica is underage alainanoelle says to (21:51:56): She knew he was fantasizing Harley Dickerson says to (21:52:04): not really bsexual they just are really limited lafemmetopaz says to (21:52:10): how old is Hoyt.. Jason's age so around 28 or 30? Louisianagirl29 says to (21:52:13): I guess we will have to wait for season 4 for the real thing! TES2008 says to (21:52:13): Yeah Eric's "night" dreaming instead of day dreaming, but I'm tired of the dream sequences. Season 4 better be full of Eric & Sookie sexy scenes that ARE NOT dreams. Enough already. Harley Dickerson says to (21:52:17): arent Pamspumps says to (21:52:19): trysexual is my game LafayettesTribe says to (21:52:23): Poor Jessica will never be of-age, and her hymen will always grow together. Marleneemm says to (21:52:24): I'm still in shock~i was screming sookiebontemps says to (21:52:34): LaFemme: Around same age as Jason, so 28-ish. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:52:36): HA alainanoelle says to (21:52:36):

They've already starting Season 4 planning TES arianwyn says to (21:52:39): i'm with you on that TES Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:52:40): HAHAHAA lafemmetopaz says to (21:52:40): she needs a vibrator Lafayette Marleneemm says to (21:52:46): All I need is more ERIC & SOOKIE BTSookieS says to (21:52:49): Hi Topaz Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:52:52): i need to read this column lafemmetopaz says to (21:52:54): and start her day/night off .. using the vibrator BillIsMine says to (21:52:59): Alan Ball also said he's planning to continue the Bill/Sookie ship BTSookieS says to (21:53:00): And all Harley Dickerson says to (21:53:00): ohhhhhh BillIsMine says to (21:53:03): for a while at least TES2008 says to (21:53:08): I want to know why Talbot responded that way when he saw Franklin. What's up there?

lafemmetopaz says to (21:53:09): hit BTSookie BillIsMine says to (21:53:12): hopefully more into Season 4 than Book 4 allowed ChoChoMojo says to (21:53:18): Good point Tes LafayettesTribe says to (21:53:18): Did everyone watch the You Tube of Alexander Skarsgaard this week????? lafemmetopaz says to (21:53:20): he seems afraid of Franklin Marleneemm says to (21:53:24): Can't stand Franklin,! EricsBlackAmex says to (21:53:24): I zhink Talbot knows Franklin comes with baggage Pamspumps says to (21:53:24): Tara will survive and come back and open a wedding dress store- called Taras Togs EricsBlackAmex says to (21:53:29): and not Tara as it greeneyegirl says to (21:53:30): love the duct tape boquet scene lafemmetopaz says to (21:53:34): and because Franklin does stuff Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:53:36): no - i need to watch Skars greeneyegirl says to (21:53:38):

nothing says romance like duct tape TES2008 says to (21:53:42): Love Debbie Pelt? EricsBlackAmex says to (21:53:42): Mar, Franklin is great TES2008 says to (21:53:43): Blech... LafayettesTribe says to (21:53:46): I LOVE Tara's Togs. I don't know what togs are but I want some. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:53:47): still think Debbie looks like a drag queen arianwyn says to (21:53:49): i am as sick of bill at this point in the show as i was of him at this point in the book. EricsBlackAmex says to (21:53:50): 8-| Louisianagirl29 says to (21:53:51): Alan said that Eric will lose he's memory sookiebontemps says to (21:53:51): TES: You didn't like Debbie? Harley Dickerson says to (21:53:56): hahaha Marleneemm says to (21:53:56): I was screaming and thanking Alan Ball for tonight's show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TES2008 says to (21:54:02): Nope...pure SKANK through and through.

sookiebontemps says to (21:54:05): Well. . . Louisianagirl29 says to (21:54:07): SHOWER SCENE!! Pamspumps says to (21:54:11): Togs= evil ugly wedding dresses BillIsMine says to (21:54:15): Bill must do Lorena's bidding EricsBlackAmex says to (21:54:16): The casting for this season seems to be spot on vs last one LafayettesTribe says to (21:54:24): Alan Ball is finally bringing togetehr all the story lines and the characters are geeting complex. BTJessica says to (21:54:28): Im LOVING Janice and Franklin....im thinking Franklin is gonna be the best char this season Harley Dickerson says to (21:54:31): skank? alainanoelle says to (21:54:33): I think the shower scene will be better on the show! Portia Bellefleurtw says to (21:54:41): Hello Camille! Andy is Sheriff! arianwyn says to (21:54:44): i hope so alaina alainanoelle says to (21:54:49): Debbie is pure skank alainanoelle says to (21:54:56):

Oh Cooter is so gross too Harley Dickerson says to (21:54:56): oh yes Pamspumps says to (21:54:58): Debbie sookiebontemps says to (21:54:58): How can you not LOVE Lorena? ChoChoMojo says to (21:54:59): Cooter LOL Marleneemm says to (21:55:06): TES: YOU"RE RIGHT Deb's a real SKANK. Debbie Pelt was good~I wanted to see Fairuzia Balk as Debbie BillIsMine says to (21:55:09): love to hate her, Sookie BillIsMine says to (21:55:13): love to hate her LafayettesTribe says to (21:55:13): I want Franklin and Coot to shack up and have a spin-off sitcom called, yes, "Franklin and Coot"! lafemmetopaz says to (21:55:16): Sookie.. so do I Pamspumps says to (21:55:17): 'Why did they waste all that blood?? sookiebontemps says to (21:55:17): Exactly BillisMine. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:55:17): i can't wait till Lorena is dead.

lafemmetopaz says to (21:55:20): I love Lorena.. sookiebontemps says to (21:55:21): Makes her fun to watch. BillIsMine says to (21:55:29): indeed BTJessica says to (21:55:38): AMEN! to that Brandy! alainanoelle says to (21:55:39): Hate Lorena! Harley Dickerson says to (21:55:43): WHAT? alainanoelle says to (21:55:47): Hated her in the books and on the show too TES2008 says to (21:55:50): Debbie looked like she needed to be dipped in a tub full of carbonic soap and bleach. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:55:51): and sook puts her in the pool Marleneemm says to (21:55:51): Let them match Franklin with Lorena!! lafemmetopaz says to (21:56:03): One of favorite lines on TB ever.. her line about Bill's domestic abuse.. when he through the TV on her head Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:56:03): franklin and lorena would be a good match alainanoelle says to (21:56:05):

The actress is doing a good job with Lorena though Harley Dickerson says to (21:56:12): Bill's gettin broody ChoChoMojo says to (21:56:13): yeah they would Brandy hah LafayettesTribe says to (21:56:17): I love to hate Lorena! The ultimate, deserate, jealous lover!! She ROCKS. BillIsMine says to (21:56:18): Bill hates that biotch anyway...he's ALWAYS hated her...I'm telling you, it's vampire mind-rape BTJessica says to (21:56:26): NNNNoooooooooooooooo! keep Lorena and Franklin aprt, Franklin is TOO good for her Marleneemm says to (21:56:39): Lorena is Pond S***!! Can't stand her! TES2008 says to (21:56:43): Yes, Mariana Klaveno is doing well making me dislike Lorena. Good acting on her part. Pamspumps says to (21:56:47): remember Bill was turned against his will- he vamp raped kevat28 says to (21:56:48): gettin.............harley, he's been broody for a season and a half Harley Dickerson says to (21:56:50): hahahaa lafemmetopaz says to (21:56:58): TES...lol BillIsMine says to (21:57:03): and since he's always hated her, I'm not buying that he *wants* to be with Lorena and that he's "betraying" Sookie, that is such BS

LafayettesTribe says to (21:57:14): I'm so happy that romantic Bill is gone! Too sappy and whipped! BillIsMine says to (21:57:17): like he's not getting screwed over too?? BTSookieS says to (21:57:20): So what do yall think will happen next? Harley Dickerson says to (21:57:22): anybody else totally get scared for Pam BillIsMine says to (21:57:22): i mean come on BTJessica says to (21:57:31): I thought Bill was doing that to protect Sookie :S Andy Swist says to (21:57:31): Alcide needs to take some pinters form Bill and grow some hair on that sexy bod! Louisianagirl29 says to (21:57:33): He cheated, bottom line lafemmetopaz says to (21:57:33): Lafayette.. but his heart is not in it BillIsMine says to (21:57:40): he is, BT EricsBlackAmex says to (21:57:40): agreed Emo Bill is gone aka BT Edward Now he is a vampire Pamspumps says to (21:57:40): Loved the way Sookie cried and Alcide busted her nut on why she was crying alainanoelle says to (21:57:48):

I was feeling Pam's pain! sookiebontemps says to (21:57:50): Well, who isn't sort of relieved that he admitted to it early on? lafemmetopaz says to (21:57:54): Pams.. me too ChoChoMojo says to (21:57:55): Hey Andy! sookiebontemps says to (21:57:56): It's an interesting twist. TES2008 says to (21:57:59): The Magister enjoys dishing out pain. alainanoelle says to (21:58:01): Man..that Magistrar is so evil Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:58:03): sam - poor sam Marleneemm says to (21:58:03): BIM: Neither am I~Bill pledged fealty to RE just to save SOOKIE~ He;'s doing it for love. Cavalavalier says to (21:58:04): I think the scene with the Janice and sookie in the kitchen was an eye opener for Sookie. The discription of Alcide and Debbies relationship was great and identical to Bills and Sookies. TES2008 says to (21:58:04): SICK of Sam's family. LafayettesTribe says to (21:58:05): Yeah, Bill is still sappy Bill pretending to be BAD BILL. He's just protecting Sookie, the wimp. Louisianagirl29 says to (21:58:06): I don't have a nut sack

Harley Dickerson says to (21:58:09): ugh enough twists Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:58:11): sorry he found that fmaily Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:58:13): family Cavalavalier says to (21:58:17): It seemed like she was taking it to heart. Andy Swist says to (21:58:17): Pam was brilliant in framing Bill! But now she's got only two days! YIKES! anelson53546 says to (21:58:24): That famil is f's up Pamspumps says to (21:58:27): Hoping Tommy becomes a redeaming member of the family TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:58:28): They are charicatures Andy Swist says to (21:58:28): "I don't have a nut sack" LOL lafemmetopaz says to (21:58:29): Cavalvalier... I liked that comparison too BillIsMine says to (21:58:30): If I had outlived everyone I'd ever loved I'd be fighting like hell to hang on to my Sookie, too -- no matter how whiny and whipped I had to sound lol Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:58:33): i like the family in the book better - no issues till later TES2008 says to (21:58:37):

Sam's family makes my a$$ itch... sookiebontemps says to (21:58:37): AndySwist! BTSookieS says to (21:58:37): Pam will be Fine shes always Good SheiroQ says to (21:58:39): Sookie will be shocked when she meets Bill - he looks soooo good now. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:58:45): HAHAHAHA!!!! BillIsMine says to (21:58:47): I love Pam Harley Dickerson says to (21:58:49): hahaha BTSookieS says to (21:58:52): Same here LafayettesTribe says to (21:58:56): Can't wait to see Franklin and Coot go at it!!! ChoChoMojo says to (21:58:58): LOL he does Stina Louisianagirl29 says to (21:58:58):

That's the south! Andy Swist says to (21:58:59): I love Pam too! sookiebontemps says to (21:59:06):

Who LOVED Jessica in the Merlotte's Waitress Uniform? Pamspumps says to (21:59:07): Andy!! Marleneemm says to (21:59:08): Sam's family is somewhat boring. get rid of Mom/Pop and keep baby bro. ChoChoMojo says to (21:59:11): ME !! TES2008 says to (21:59:13):

Want more Franklin and I wonder why Jesus is visiting Lafs. What happened to his momma? sookiebontemps says to (21:59:14): That was FANTASTIC! ChoChoMojo says to (21:59:15): Love Jessica TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:59:16): everyone from Sam's past mooches food arianwyn says to (21:59:17): i love jessica working at merlottes Harley Dickerson says to (21:59:18): jessica LafayettesTribe says to (21:59:19): Pam is going to KILL teh Magister for ruining her pumps! BillIsMine says to (21:59:20): they're not boring so much as mysterious Harley Dickerson says to (21:59:21):

ehh Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:59:21): baby bro is hot BTSookieS says to (21:59:25): & Jessica alainanoelle says to (21:59:27): Did Momma die? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:59:27): absolutely! sabby77 says to (21:59:27): poor tara Andy Swist says to (21:59:28): Jessica is a hostess NOT a waitress (yet) lafemmetopaz says to (21:59:28): Jessica makes me sick Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:59:30): jess is hilarious alainanoelle says to (21:59:31): Lafs mom BTSookieS says to (21:59:31): Remember To Smile BTJessica says to (21:59:32): me!! I wish she had done more to the guy from her bible study group Pamspumps says to (21:59:40): jessie and arlene should redo mel's diner

arianwyn says to (21:59:46): jess is so great Marleneemm says to (21:59:47): LaFayette's mom will pass next week. EricsBlackAmex says to (21:59:49): LOL a hostess that is w=right she cn nor ever willbe able to sell alcohol Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:59:50): HA Pam Harley Dickerson says to (21:59:52): i thought she was gonna kill the bible study guy BTJessica says to (22:00:02): alright time for my show will b back next week lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:05): Does anyone else .. notice Jessica is underage and Hoyt is around 28 BTJessica says to (22:00:07): night y'll!! :) sookiebontemps says to (22:00:08): Jess wil never be old enought to serve liquor BTSookieS says to (22:00:10): Wooohooo ERIC Pamspumps says to (22:00:13): ERIC Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:00:14): ERIC & PAM - whew! arianwyn says to (22:00:15):

jess and godric are two of alan ball's greatest changes from the books Andy Swist says to (22:00:16): Loving Eric ...I hate to say. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:00:17): Why does a Vampire have a sunroof LafayettesTribe says to (22:00:18): Hoyt acts around 17. BTSookieS says to (22:00:18): Nite Jessica LafayettesTribe says to (22:00:30): Eric knows RuPaul! lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:31): acts and chronological are different Marleneemm says to (22:00:31): Eric: What is there to SAY about someone who's perfect????????????????? BillIsMine says to (22:00:31): AMEN arianwyn sookiebontemps says to (22:00:31): LOL! Andy! TES2008 says to (22:00:33): Andy...you loving Eric? The world is coming to an end. LOL! sookiebontemps says to (22:00:34): Change of heart? alainanoelle says to (22:00:34): I love Eric

Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:00:35): hooka Pamspumps says to (22:00:41): Eric and eric BTSookieS says to (22:00:43): s EricsBlackAmex says to (22:00:43): yeah ring ring Hookah BillIsMine says to (22:00:43): Godric and Jess = <3<3<3 Harley Dickerson says to (22:00:44): FREE PAM BTSookieS says to (22:00:46): lol Tes Andy Swist says to (22:00:49): RuPaul=Laffy !! LOL Pamspumps says to (22:00:51): Andy we knew you would come around BillIsMine says to (22:00:54): i'm changing that to my ringtone Louisianagirl29 says to (22:00:56): my six figure car BillIsMine says to (22:00:58): not even kidding TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:00:59):

Andy! *waves* TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:01:06): Brother/cousins arianwyn says to (22:01:06): you gotta have eric greeneyegirl says to (22:01:15): TrubY its called a moon roof! LafayettesTribe says to (22:01:17): Lafayette and Eric could be Bonnie and Clyde! Pamspumps says to (22:01:23): lol TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:01:31): but moonroof isn't as funny *eyeroll* Pamspumps says to (22:01:32): they are cute together LafayettesTribe says to (22:01:32): So many spinoffs, so little time. EricsBlackAmex says to (22:01:42): Eric KNOWS by now were Bill is Marleneemm says to (22:01:43): Congratulations Andy!! Magister is going to kill ???? TES2008 says to (22:01:43): Really enjoy Lafs & Eric's intereaction. Would really enjoy seeing Lafs, Pam & Eric together more. greeneyegirl says to (22:01:52): I cannot be as witty as you truby

sookiebontemps says to (22:01:52): I would, too, TES. Andy Swist says to (22:01:54): I still am buring brite for Bill... It's gonna take a lot for Eric to win me over. BillIsMine says to (22:02:04): isn't Eric being a bad sherriff by letting Bill runoft? LafayettesTribe says to (22:02:06): The Magister is a BIG wet blanket. Whomp - whomp Andy Swist says to (22:02:07): TruebieDoobyDoo HEY!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:02:07): Bill is just getting hotter alainanoelle says to (22:02:17): I agree Dallas sookiebontemps says to (22:02:19): LOL. @AndySwist: How awesome is Bill in Jackson? Harley Dickerson says to (22:02:20): I will revolt! LafayettesTribe says to (22:02:21): More story lines than Big Love -- I hope not. alainanoelle says to (22:02:25): Lots going on ChoChoMojo says to (22:02:26): He sure is.. but but Eric looks nice too. LafayettesTribe says to (22:02:30):

Big Love went over the top. Louisianagirl29 says to (22:02:32): Eric's tight buns won me over! Andy Swist says to (22:02:34): Sookie's abs were almost in competition with Alcide tonite!! OMG! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:02:38): there is a little too much going on arianwyn says to (22:02:42): i do think that there are too many storylines SheiroQ says to (22:02:43): Bill can stay in Jackson. LafayettesTribe says to (22:02:45): Sookie had *** gutters! greeneyegirl says to (22:02:49): Sams family = SNORE EricsBlackAmex says to (22:02:50): Oui oui I dont want to see zhee Mickens until zhee end TES2008 says to (22:02:52): Alcide's looking great as well. So much eye candy on Sunday nights. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:02:59): I'm still waiting to see Jane Bodehouse alainanoelle says to (22:03:01): I think all these story lines are going to connect BillIsMine says to (22:03:03): poor BILL omg bill just gets zero love anymore lol

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:03:04): the saga of the finger EricsBlackAmex says to (22:03:04): Snore and nasty dirty underwear Marleneemm says to (22:03:04): Andy: How could you like a guy like Bill who's such a traitor and who hurt Sookie SO bad tonight. I would want to chop his head off and feed it to the dogs sookiebontemps says to (22:03:07): I gotta say. . .I'd like them to start giving Eric a little more depth. His lines are great, but it's verging on caricature. BillIsMine says to (22:03:08): it's all Eric this and Eric that Harley Dickerson says to (22:03:13): more sookie less sam Pamspumps says to (22:03:23): eric eric eric BillIsMine says to (22:03:23): i don't have anything against Eric I'm just saying, Bill needs love alainanoelle says to (22:03:25): I agree Sook TES2008 says to (22:03:26): why do you think it's all Eric this and Eric that? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:03:34): It was interesting that we got the bloodbond dream from Eric's perspective alainanoelle says to (22:03:35): We need more ..I think it's coming

arianwyn says to (22:03:40): i feel like that has been a problem since the beginning of the series. too many side stories alainanoelle says to (22:03:41): He's out for revenge Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:03:43): well this is the time that Eric starts being more prevelent in the books EricsBlackAmex says to (22:03:44): I say less Sookie more Eric/pam and laf greeneyegirl says to (22:03:48): does sams dad look like the guy from the old show david carridine lafemmetopaz says to (22:03:49): TES....and everyone BillIsMine says to (22:03:51): yeah I know Louisianagirl29 says to (22:03:53): Sometimes you get yellow water in the south and it stains clothes LafayettesTribe says to (22:03:54): I think Sam's brother is into dog fighting -- which explains the scars -- like teh Tiger. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:03:55): wait, he hasn't had sookie's blood, has he? Harley Dickerson says to (22:03:55): kess sookie?? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:03:57): the books are so much better sookiebontemps says to (22:03:59):

TruebieDoobyDoo: You thought that was a bloodbond dream? lafemmetopaz says to (22:04:00): so you do think Sookie reminds Eric of BillIsMine says to (22:04:01): Eric's a great character TES2008 says to (22:04:06): Because Eric IS THE $HIT! Plain and simple. :o~( Andy Swist says to (22:04:09): I think all these stories will tie together! Keep the faith! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:04:16): I'm wrong. He hasn't had Sookie's blood in the show yet alainanoelle says to (22:04:17): Oh..good point Laf arianwyn says to (22:04:17): i think it was a true eric fantasy Marleneemm says to (22:04:17): BIM: Sorry Bill~ I don't like Traitors. And YOU betrayed the person who you supposedly loved!! YOU broke her heart all for LORENA!!! BTSookieS says to (22:04:22): Very True TES2008 says to (22:04:30): Eric makes me sweat and pant whenever he's on screen. Can't explain why. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:04:30): but he has had it three times by book3 alainanoelle says to (22:04:33): Mee too Andy

Andy Swist says to (22:04:38): Bill and Sookie will get back together! Trust! LafayettesTribe says to (22:04:41): Love the books AND the show arianwyn says to (22:04:45): alex is so great that he needs more screen time BillIsMine says to (22:04:48): Bill didn't do squat for Lorena ChoChoMojo says to (22:04:52): You think so Andy?? alainanoelle says to (22:04:55): No..I don't think they will really Harley Dickerson says to (22:04:58): paragraph 4 actually ChoChoMojo says to (22:05:02): I dunno.. even though I want them too. alainanoelle says to (22:05:07): I think Sookie is going to give him b ack the ring lafemmetopaz says to (22:05:08): I like the books.. but harris is losing her touch Andy Swist says to (22:05:08): Bill punching Lorena= YEAH! (I think?) Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:05:12): i like both the books and the show - but the books to me are more linear alainanoelle says to (22:05:14):

That will set up for Season 4 Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:05:23): i hope they keep eric;s memory loss TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:05:26): Andy: I don't think so. I think Ball will draw out the angst of Bill mooning after sookie for the next 7 seasons Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:05:27): ME TOO!!!!!!! lafemmetopaz says to (22:05:30): I've read other vamp and urban fantasy writers/series who just kick major butt Harley Dickerson says to (22:05:33): well the books only focus on sookies point of view Cavalavalier says to (22:05:34): I am really looking forward to the Sookie staking Lorena scene LafayettesTribe says to (22:05:36): I love that all the domestic violence is deserved and therefore somehow ok.. Marleneemm says to (22:05:42): ANDYS: That will NEVER HAPPEN. Sookie IS MAD at him~She doesn;t want BC back in her life again. Pamspumps says to (22:05:44): yes Book 4 BillIsMine says to (22:05:47): Ball will stop when things get bad Harley Dickerson says to (22:05:54): next season Harley Dickerson says to (22:05:57): ohhhh yes

TES2008 says to (22:05:59): What? Harley Dickerson says to (22:06:05): more Sookie Eric! Marleneemm says to (22:06:10): BIM: Alan Ball won't stop! TES2008 says to (22:06:10): Eric gets the great lines in the books too. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:06:13): mickens BillIsMine says to (22:06:24): Marlene the show and books are a lot different!! lol alainanoelle says to (22:06:26): I think we're just at the tip of the iceberg Louisianagirl29 says to (22:06:30): Eric gets my rug wet! LOL Andy Swist says to (22:06:31): TrubieDoo: Ball will drag it out, but Bill + Sookie = ultimate happy (for me, anyways)! alainanoelle says to (22:06:31): More with Eric to come alainanoelle says to (22:06:40): The vengance thing from his past ChoChoMojo says to (22:06:44): Me too Andy!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:06:51):

yeah, but if they get together, ratings fall lafemmetopaz says to (22:06:58): Andy.. Bill and Sookie to date more.. other people that is sookiebontemps says to (22:07:02): TES: I agree. I just want some balance. Show his character. Not a caricature. Andy Swist says to (22:07:04): Sookie still believes Bill is covering something! Pamspumps says to (22:07:21): Trueblood fans want bill/sookie, book fans want eric/sookie lafemmetopaz says to (22:07:21): Why have Sookie fall and marry the first person she's ever dated because she can't his voice Harley Dickerson says to (22:07:21): i think the situation with Pam will fix it LafayettesTribe says to (22:07:25): Sookie is right! Marleneemm says to (22:07:29): BIM: I know the show /Books are separate. But I like both~Just so don't like Bill's betrayals. So Sorry. TES2008 says to (22:07:42): So what would make Eric less of a caricature? kevat28 says to (22:07:46): i don't think ratings will fall that much truebie lafemmetopaz says to (22:07:48): nope. DAl Andy Swist says to (22:07:49): I know SOokie dates other men, but let's just say I'm burning a torch for Bill+Sookie!

arianwyn says to (22:07:50): exactly dallas TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:07:54): Sookie: Agreed. Especially since they made such strong Eric choices in S2: torturing Laffy, etc. Now that's been replaced w/ soundbites LafayettesTribe says to (22:08:08): It's Lou Pines, rather than Club Dead. I like Lou Pines. It reminds me of David Lynch. smokeycokey says to (22:08:11): that is not true im not a book fannever read it and i still prefer eric/sookie Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:08:17): boo soundbites, ready for the real character to show up Andy Swist says to (22:08:28): Word Dallas! Pamspumps says to (22:08:37): agree ChoChoMojo says to (22:08:37): What Trueby.. soundbites? They changed the violence? alainanoelle says to (22:08:45): I think Eric is headed for Jackson lafemmetopaz says to (22:08:55): Eric is older than Bill LafayettesTribe says to (22:08:57): Eric is def going to Jackson TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:08:59): Questa: No, but he goes punchline to punchlijne TES2008 says to (22:09:04):

So what would make Eric less of a caricature? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:09:05): eric needs to take his butt to Jackson and get his girl smokeycokey says to (22:09:08): i am glad i never read the books Pamspumps says to (22:09:09): eric better go to Jackson!! alainanoelle says to (22:09:13): I think he's going to show up at the club Marleneemm says to (22:09:15): BIM: Bill's Betrayal's in the Book's have soured me on YOU. I know what it is like to be betrayed. BillIsMine says to (22:09:16): we've only seen one "betrayal" so far for sure and it's hardly a real betrayal alainanoelle says to (22:09:17): Maybe?? arianwyn says to (22:09:19): i think more time on the screen TES lafemmetopaz says to (22:09:23): Bill is a baby compared to Eric.. he ain't seen the stuff ERic has and Godric didn't teach this to him Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:09:23): oh smokey -the books are good, just very different alainanoelle says to (22:09:26): Didn't he do that in Club Dead? LafayettesTribe says to (22:09:32): Yes

sookiebontemps says to (22:09:36): TES: A little more screentime. And a a little more focus from teh writers. They need to pick and choose the stories -- too much going on ChoChoMojo says to (22:09:37): Bill isn't the only one to betray.. a few are guilty. Andy Swist says to (22:09:38): Debbie Pelt is NASTY! EEEEEEEEEEWWW anelson53546 says to (22:09:39): sookie won't get staked, allowing Eric to save her and form the blood bind BillIsMine says to (22:09:46): yah me too Marlene, trust me I'm a 22 year old single mom who got knocked up in college and then dumped by a BF of 3 years ChoChoMojo says to (22:09:49): I agree Sook Pamspumps says to (22:09:55): I liked the way Eric was teaching Eric- like Godric taught him Harley Dickerson says to (22:09:56): Hardly a real betrayal BillIsMine? BillIsMine says to (22:09:59): i'm over it Marleneemm says to (22:10:00): BIM: No, we've seen three betrayals. LafayettesTribe says to (22:10:01): "You can't have any bloood, Debbie. Your brand will heal." BillIsMine says to (22:10:01): lol

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:10:06): Miley Cyrus at the titty bar LafayettesTribe says to (22:10:18): Sookie said F**** on teh phone with Bill!! Andy Swist says to (22:10:21): LOL TrubieDoo! greeneyegirl says to (22:10:23): truby you are killing me sookiebontemps says to (22:10:24): LOL TruebieDoobyDoo sookiebontemps says to (22:10:26): LOVE IT. Pamspumps says to (22:10:29): well that made no sense. Eric was teaching Lafay Marleneemm says to (22:10:31): BIM: I'm over mine but it's a touchy subject with me. Pamspumps says to (22:10:35): nutsack Andy Swist says to (22:10:39): Sookie says "STFU"! Harley Dickerson says to (22:10:43): hahaha TES2008 says to (22:10:44): With so many characters, there will always be too much going on. Harley Dickerson says to (22:10:53):

"i don't have a nutsack" Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:10:56): i think that is demented arianwyn says to (22:10:58): i've always thought that was a problem with the show TES lafemmetopaz says to (22:11:08): Marleneemm and BIM.. take my advice don't like control your future relationships alainanoelle says to (22:11:08): Alot is going on TES..I hope they tie it all together sooner rather than later LafayettesTribe says to (22:11:22): Is it weird that Bill wouldn't take teh cigar? What a goody-two-shoes! Pamspumps says to (22:11:23): they are tieing it togetheralainanoelle says to (22:11:25): Not like last season when we had to wait.. BillIsMine says to (22:11:28): what three betrayals? lafemmetopaz says to (22:11:29): YOu gotta live and love to fullest.... someone breaks your heart.. learn from it and move the F on Marleneemm says to (22:11:32): TES: all the characters make for a better storyline. smokeycokey says to (22:11:37): i love villians too never liked the good guys Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:11:52): thank you meredith

LafayettesTribe says to (22:11:55): And it's weird that Russell is an "Antique Dealer." Like Midnight in teh Garden of Good and Evil. arianwyn says to (22:11:55): i don't agree marlene, sometimes it just gets to be too much alainanoelle says to (22:12:01): Bye Meredith Marleneemm says to (22:12:03): Lafemmetopaz: I'm married for 32+ years/ robi says to (22:12:04): what makes the villans great is the good guys...and SO a fan of the villan too Pamspumps says to (22:12:11): we know that Russell is the head of Nazi wolves and he has done something to piss Eric off sookiebontemps says to (22:12:12): Good catch, @lafayettestribe sookiebontemps says to (22:12:17): CALL IN! sookiebontemps says to (22:12:22): 6469290825 LafayettesTribe says to (22:12:23): Thanks SOOK!! Marleneemm says to (22:12:27): Laftri b: Loved In the garden of Good/Evil alainanoelle says to (22:12:29): I'm in the cue! alainanoelle says to (22:12:35):

3375 robi says to (22:12:37): When Jef is back, we need to catch up on 9 Crimes...such a great tune for the epsiode GetemGirl says to (22:12:49): I can't wait lafemmetopaz says to (22:12:49): that's great ...Marle.. 32 years... wow you must gotten married at 18... :) TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:12:59): *misses BillohBill* sookiebontemps says to (22:13:00): ROBI: I agree TES2008 says to (22:13:02): Good night ChoChoMojo says to (22:13:09): me too Truebie Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:13:11): alaina!!!!!! lafemmetopaz says to (22:13:13): lol sookiebontemps says to (22:13:14): Have a secret love for Damien Rice. That was Damien Rice, right? Harley Dickerson says to (22:13:16): loved the last scene LafayettesTribe says to (22:13:21): I grew up in Mississippi, and Russell DOES remind me of some antique dealers down there.

Marleneemm says to (22:13:23): Nope got married at 24~ I'm 56. greeneyegirl says to (22:13:28): miss MK too! BillIsMine says to (22:13:28): I live in Mississippi Pamspumps says to (22:13:30): Sounds like Eric is trying to prepare Lafay for vampirism robi says to (22:13:32): Yep, and I too share that crush. But it is the touch of Irish I think BillIsMine says to (22:13:34): hehe robi says to (22:13:36): He's irish right? sookiebontemps says to (22:13:37): LOL sookiebontemps says to (22:13:39): Yes. lafemmetopaz says to (22:13:40): wow.. congrats Marleneemm says to (22:13:42): How could you be done with VAMPS???? LafayettesTribe says to (22:13:43): Grew up Biloxi here BillIsMine says to (22:13:51):

I'm in law school in Oxford LafayettesTribe says to (22:14:00): I'm a lawyer in Brooklyn NY now. BillIsMine says to (22:14:04): but before that used to hang out in Hattiesburg BillIsMine says to (22:14:09): where'd you go to law school? LafayettesTribe says to (22:14:12): Cornell BillIsMine says to (22:14:16): cool lafemmetopaz says to (22:14:16): lol Marlenee.. I understand her I've read some really good witch and were urban series that wonderful LafayettesTribe says to (22:14:24): Ole MIss!! ay? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:14:30): MK is not allowed to leave again. The whole world goes to hell Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:14:33): anyone read Cassandra Clare? Pamspumps says to (22:14:33): Sam's dad was dressed for once that is a + lafemmetopaz says to (22:14:34): Me to Alaina ChoChoMojo says to (22:14:35): LOL

Marleneemm says to (22:14:35): They had something to do with his parent's deaths Hellosidnie says to (22:14:39): hell yeah! i'm here...hi to y'all lafemmetopaz says to (22:14:51): forshadowing.. Sookie reminds him of someone Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:15:00): Eric is just fabulous sookiebontemps says to (22:15:01): PamsPumps: Thank God! No dingy undies! robi says to (22:15:02): That day dream was cheese stupid in my opinion, just saying Marleneemm says to (22:15:05): I'm also worried about PAM greeneyegirl says to (22:15:06): the ocean in on him is the sunlight on yoru skin from season 1 Louisianagirl29 says to (22:15:08): I think Russell killed Eric's father! Pamspumps says to (22:15:16): eric wants sookie to get to know the real him robi says to (22:15:16): Would it be a "day'" dream? sookiebontemps says to (22:15:22): Why do you think Tara is at Russell's? LafayettesTribe says to (22:15:23):

I CAN'T wait to see if Lorena gets laid again!! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:15:27): i am worried about Pam too! sookiebontemps says to (22:15:29): Looks like bait? Pamspumps says to (22:15:39): oh noes not the shoes GetemGirl says to (22:15:40): yeah pam's in trouble Marleneemm says to (22:15:42): L129: Yes, Russell was behind Ulfirck's death Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:15:42): bait - nice thought TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:15:46): yeah. sookiebate TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:15:48): bait Louisianagirl29 says to (22:15:50): He is hated in every role he plays sookiebontemps says to (22:15:53): Exactly TruebieDoobyDoo Hellosidnie says to (22:15:58): me too BRANDY.. LafayettesTribe says to (22:15:58): Pam is gonna kill that magistrate

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:16:11): loved the Franklin ventriloquist greeneyegirl says to (22:16:11): What about Arlene?? any thoughts?? Hellosidnie says to (22:16:13): HI SookieBonTemps robi says to (22:16:13): I love Franklin, but loving the background of why Tara would be in Jackson....I like the twist Marleneemm says to (22:16:22): She was BAIT LafayettesTribe says to (22:16:22): Franklin is my favorite new character. He's the Jessica of this season. robi says to (22:16:26): Blah on Irene Pamspumps says to (22:16:28): Lets hope they turn tara and she ends up a vamp alainanoelle says to (22:16:29): Hi robi! Hellosidnie says to (22:16:32): Franklin is the best character so far! greeneyegirl says to (22:16:32): hey robi! sookiebontemps says to (22:16:34): Hello Sidnie! Hellosidnie says to (22:16:45):

awww i miss u, i'm so happy to see u here. robi says to (22:16:46): I love the sad scene with Hoyt watching Jessica...my fave few sec. of ths show Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:16:47): tara turns out good in the books - let's hope for that alainanoelle says to (22:16:51): Franklin is going to use Tara as bait robi says to (22:16:52): Hey GeG Marleneemm says to (22:16:55): Can't stand franklin~Bill WON"T help TARA Cavalavalier says to (22:16:55): Tara was such a strong character in the first season, it is sort of disappointing the way her charater has evolved. I think they could have done much beeter with her story line. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:16:57): hoyt is like a puppy ChoChoMojo says to (22:17:03): Missed that Robi alainanoelle says to (22:17:06): That might be it Harley Dickerson says to (22:17:06): ahhh robi i totally forgot about hoyt ChoChoMojo says to (22:17:08): Will rewatch robi says to (22:17:09): But an adorable good hearted puppy

LafayettesTribe says to (22:17:10): We need a person with the handle Franklinsbabe on here. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:17:12): i agree cavalavalier Marleneemm says to (22:17:14): Lorena is a PIG TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:17:20): Miley Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:17:22): she was strong and confident and now not so much Pamspumps says to (22:17:25): I saw a pig alainanoelle says to (22:17:29): Russell wants Sookie LafayettesTribe says to (22:17:31): PIG! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:17:31): HAAAAHAHAHA TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:17:35): she has no table manners ChoChoMojo says to (22:17:37): LOL Sookie Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:17:38): OINK Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:17:40):

! greeneyegirl says to (22:17:42): hey Truby #MileyisSookie TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:17:46): hahahah Marleneemm says to (22:17:46): BILL IS A PIMP!!! Pamspumps says to (22:17:53): they all are messy eaters smokeycokey says to (22:17:55): lol alainanoelle says to (22:17:58): LOL! greeneyegirl says to (22:18:00): or #Sookieis Miley GetemGirl says to (22:18:02): nasty eaters alainanoelle says to (22:18:09): Poor stripper GetemGirl says to (22:18:16): (6) alainanoelle says to (22:18:18): Bleeding out Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:18:21): i like the vamps that are really old and the language they use

robi says to (22:18:23): I love these chats, but I am so far away from the rest of you...I really was sort of BLAH on this episode. Harley Dickerson says to (22:18:24): who does look good with blood dripping out of there mouth? Pamspumps says to (22:18:25): he procured Sookie for the queen alainanoelle says to (22:18:27): Messing up the limo Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:18:32): that was a nice reference LafayettesTribe says to (22:18:36): Can't wait for Andy and Jason to me cops together! More buddy movies! (like Mel Gibson but less racism and funnier). BillIsMine says to (22:18:37): oh man The Crucible is SO awesome BillIsMine says to (22:18:43): wtg Dallas Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:18:43): a lot of people probably didn't know that Marleneemm says to (22:18:44): PAM: BILL IS A PIMP! ChoChoMojo says to (22:18:46): really Robi? robi says to (22:18:47): It had good parts, love the character build, but overall cheesiest so far (well, let me think...) Cavalavalier says to (22:18:48):

Brandy Lee-It osrt of seemd like they were stuck on what to do with her crachter and thought, lets keep her sad and manipulative. alainanoelle says to (22:18:54): Jason is getting desperate BillIsMine says to (22:18:55): Pimpin' ain't easy robi says to (22:18:59): Yeah, not a fan of this epsiode. Love the song though. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:19:07): Cav - she is so much better than that alainanoelle says to (22:19:07): Pushing Andy to make him a cop LafayettesTribe says to (22:19:07): Bill is a Procurer. ChoChoMojo says to (22:19:10): Loved seeing a diff side of Bill though Hellosidnie says to (22:19:21): poor PAMI! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:19:24): If by Procurer you mean HOTASS, I agree robi says to (22:19:24): i did think Ana Paquin did amazing in the "bill phone call " part though. Those were greatly acted scense Marleneemm says to (22:19:29): BIM' Ever seen the HBO shows about PIMPS on the Point Harley Dickerson says to (22:19:32): oh yea

alainanoelle says to (22:19:34): Agreed robi ChoChoMojo says to (22:19:41): I liked the phone scene too alainanoelle says to (22:19:47): She was really crying! BillIsMine says to (22:19:51): I've seen American Pimp, the do***entary sookiebontemps says to (22:19:51): The phone scene was heartbreaking. Hellosidnie says to (22:19:52): this episode for me was the best...too much things, drama,..luv it. hate the ERIC DREAM! Harley Dickerson says to (22:19:53): the phone call scene was so sad it had me in tears BillIsMine says to (22:19:56): it's a song, Marlene, calm down lol GetemGirl says to (22:20:05): yeah the phone scene was great Marleneemm says to (22:20:06): James Frain is a scene stealer robi says to (22:20:09): she looked torn up..not acting crying but OH MY HEART HAS BEEN RIPPED OUT sort of part...thumbs up Harley Dickerson says to (22:20:10): but the fact it started off the show was like alainanoelle says to (22:20:14):

I'm pissed at Bill Pamspumps says to (22:20:15): what did the 5 fingers say to Lorena's face- slap Tiera Graham says to (22:20:21): Frain rulz all! Pamspumps says to (22:20:23): or punch alainanoelle says to (22:20:29): I know he did it to protect Sook but still mad at him TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:20:31): I loved seeing Bill knock Lorena across the room. I could her the NOW bloggers running to their laptops robi says to (22:20:36): OM - Frankin my fave character righ tnow...notice he had her tied to the toilet? OMFG. LMAO lafemmetopaz says to (22:20:37): Were we talking about the HBO do***entary Pimps UP Hoes Down LafayettesTribe says to (22:20:38): Franklin reminds me of Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet. I'm seeing lots of David Lynch stuff. robi says to (22:20:41): clever though BillIsMine says to (22:20:42): in book 3 didn't Eric explain to Sookie how vampire/vampire relationships were a "perversion" Pamspumps says to (22:20:42): duct tape alainanoelle says to (22:20:43): Lorena loved it

Cavalavalier says to (22:20:45): Thw wads of toliet paper on the bed was great, brought back memories of my first break up. LOL lafemmetopaz says to (22:20:47): that was sad but very inciteful alainanoelle says to (22:20:48): She's so sick ChoChoMojo says to (22:20:49): He sure likes to beat the mess out of Lorena greeneyegirl says to (22:20:49): as i said nothing sasy luvin like duct tape to the hands! BillIsMine says to (22:20:49): do they ever delve deeper into that? CH I mean? Hellosidnie says to (22:20:50): lmao, yes robi ChoChoMojo says to (22:20:54): I think Lorena likes it! Pamspumps says to (22:20:57): nutsack!!! Marleneemm says to (22:20:58): Eric is going to rescue PAM~he won't let his 'Child die" robi says to (22:21:00): Good compairsion with Blue Velvet alainanoelle says to (22:21:04): And Lorena keeps coming back for more Hellosidnie says to (22:21:08):

chocho, lorena luv it! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:21:09): duct tape is fine. just need a word. LafayettesTribe says to (22:21:11): Lorena is a masochist! Tiera Graham says to (22:21:11): actuallyi like TOmmy. he reminds me of me. he feels obligated to stay with his family. like me and a lot of others Marleneemm says to (22:21:22): CHO: Of course Lorena likes Rough Sex LafayettesTribe says to (22:21:26): Lots of S/M in this show Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:21:28): i hope she dies harsher than in the books - sophie ann needs to go even though i love ERW Hellosidnie says to (22:21:29): yep lafayettetribe..she luv all robi says to (22:21:37): I wasn't buying it, I would hope a vamp wouldn't hee hee Pamspumps says to (22:21:41): nope he knows the queen is behind it BillIsMine says to (22:21:47): my perfume smells like rubber and leather. needless to say, i approve. lol Pamspumps says to (22:21:52): Russel called him and tipped him off alainanoelle says to (22:21:53): Bill telling Sook he and loren just F'd like vampires

alainanoelle says to (22:21:57): So cruel Marleneemm says to (22:22:03): We don't know any of the rules of the Vamp Hireachy ChoChoMojo says to (22:22:04): that WAS cruel lafemmetopaz says to (22:22:04): alaina.. true dat Hellosidnie says to (22:22:05): yes LafayettesTribe says to (22:22:05): Yup TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:22:06): maybe it reflects poorly on Eric that Bill went missing TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:22:12): doesn't want attention lafemmetopaz says to (22:22:20): that was unforgiveable and he knew it would be BillIsMine says to (22:22:20): it does, doesn't it Truebie? Tiera Graham says to (22:22:20): i was like O.O when Pam (desperetely) yelled Bill... i think Eric can work it that he forund out Bill was th eone when he found that he was missing. Eric can say he was on to Bill Marleneemm says to (22:22:29): QSA won't do anything ~she hates following rules TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:22:29):

yeah Hellosidnie says to (22:22:37): can't wait fo' next episode.. LafayettesTribe says to (22:22:39): QSA is insane. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:22:40): thinking back on basement convo w/ Sookie BTSookieS says to (22:22:47): Thats what Im Thinking to robi says to (22:22:47): good point sook - cause a sherif would be under her...she is the deciding point right? Marleneemm says to (22:22:50): Mag. doen'st trust QSA alainanoelle says to (22:22:52): The Magistrar isn't stupid Tiera Graham says to (22:23:04): and Bill sped away. see, so Eric has his scapegoat alainanoelle says to (22:23:06): He knows they're all in it Tiera Graham says to (22:23:09): sux for bill tho BTSookieS says to (22:23:23): Bill isnt the same anymore alainanoelle says to (22:23:28): No matter what Eric does, he's screwed

BTSookieS says to (22:23:37): I dont think so Hellosidnie says to (22:23:44): SUPER ERIC! ChoChoMojo says to (22:23:54): Liking Alcide! Pamspumps says to (22:23:55): Russell wants Louisiana so he has set up the queen by leaking to the magistre that she is selling V Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:23:58): i think that Alcide in the books is a little kinder- but i am hoping he will soften up BillIsMine says to (22:24:00): you of so little faith alainanoelle says to (22:24:02): I like Joe as Alcide Tiera Graham says to (22:24:02): i hope they have more of Talbot andFranklin and their relationship. it's very funny. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:24:08): i love JOE BillIsMine says to (22:24:11): obviously everyone is just ignoring this Maker/Child relationship Marleneemm says to (22:24:13): I'm working on a story about the Vamps VS The IRS! I;ve written 11+ pages so far alainanoelle says to (22:24:13): Alcide needs to get over Debbie LafayettesTribe says to (22:24:14):

Maybe Franklin is working for Sam's family? That would bring it all togetehr BTSookieS says to (22:24:21): Alcide is 6'5 Harley Dickerson says to (22:24:23): the blood in russel is giving away is just for the weres LafayettesTribe says to (22:24:23): (Kidding) alainanoelle says to (22:24:25): He doesn't do it well in the book either sookiebontemps says to (22:24:26): LafayettesTribe: LOL Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:24:30): no shirt PLEASE alainanoelle says to (22:24:35): Getting over Debbie that is BTSookieS says to (22:24:35): lol Tiera Graham says to (22:24:37): Janice > Debbie greeneyegirl says to (22:24:38): NO SHIRT EVER ! Pamspumps says to (22:24:41): Alcide is hot but kind of a douche tonight sookiebontemps says to (22:24:43): Loving Janice Herveaux.

ChoChoMojo says to (22:24:45): RIGHT! sookiebontemps says to (22:24:46): Can I just say it again? Andy Swist says to (22:24:47): grow some hair on that chest. Alcide! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:24:50): agree PAM Hellosidnie says to (22:24:51): right TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:24:51): still waiting for male full frontal. equal opportunity Harley Dickerson says to (22:24:54): yes sookie you may ChoChoMojo says to (22:25:01): I agree Trueb Pamspumps says to (22:25:01): he was mean to Sookie :( LafayettesTribe says to (22:25:02): Alcide is hot. I love his wok. sookiebontemps says to (22:25:03): I LOVE JANICE HERVEAUX. Tiera Graham says to (22:25:03): andJanice looks just like Alcide! i love it! Hellosidnie says to (22:25:04):

Janice hair? crazy..she's crazy Marleneemm says to (22:25:05): Shala: Vamp RE Supplies Werewolfs and is head of OWW. Harley Dickerson says to (22:25:07): hahaha BTSookieS says to (22:25:14): lol Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:25:17): it works for me robi says to (22:25:21): Janice is great...a fan Harley Dickerson says to (22:25:22): Janice was just totally unexpected Andy Swist says to (22:25:26): We're chatting away! Pamspumps says to (22:25:27): great casting for Alcide BTSookieS says to (22:25:35): Janice was cool Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:25:36): he does nail him - and i think alot of people think of nailing him alainanoelle says to (22:25:38): I like Joe as Alcide TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:25:44): naked alcide

Pamspumps says to (22:25:45): he just needs to be sweeter to our girl Sookie greeneyegirl says to (22:25:50): great ABS! kudos to who cast his abs! LafayettesTribe says to (22:25:52): I wanted Alcide to be a little bigger, but he'll do. Tiera Graham says to (22:25:52): Janice> Debbie alainanoelle says to (22:25:54): Joe is adorable Harley Dickerson says to (22:25:59): I was waiting to see if they used the character or just threw her away Hellosidnie says to (22:26:01): grrrr! *howls* ChoChoMojo says to (22:26:08): Father too alainanoelle says to (22:26:16): He cares about Debbie too much Harley Dickerson says to (22:26:21): YUUUUMM Harley Dickerson says to (22:26:28): so what robi says to (22:26:30): word...agreed...sookie not the best in her first trip. LMAO Tiera Graham says to (22:26:34):

i actually like the Franklin / Tara story line. dont hate. Harley Dickerson says to (22:26:37): he was still a jerk Andy Swist says to (22:26:39): Oh... Sookie knows what's on Alcide's mind. HELLO! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:26:39): i hope sook gets to kill debbie robi says to (22:26:41): that bugs me...agreed Dallas Pamspumps says to (22:26:43): he just needs to throw down with Sookie and get her into the furry side of life alainanoelle says to (22:26:46): Do you guys think that Eric may show up when she runs out of the bar? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:26:51): Can't remember- can Sookie hear Sam on the show? robi says to (22:26:56): show is sort of like...I am a telepath when it fits. :) smokeycokey says to (22:26:59): i do too tiera Andy Swist says to (22:27:00): Yeah. I think Eric will save her...! LafayettesTribe says to (22:27:00): I want to see Sookie kill Lorena, then Franklin, then Debbie. Andy Swist says to (22:27:03): HeyyyyyY!

ChoChoMojo says to (22:27:04): So you think Sook and Alcide will "hook up" this season? Harley Dickerson says to (22:27:07): yes trubie arianwyn says to (22:27:09): i think that's possible alaina Pamspumps says to (22:27:11): no cho Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:27:13): i agree she shouldn't be able to read that well - it kind of ruins their air of supernatural Tiera Graham says to (22:27:13): i think it's just easier for the writers that she can hear them Andy Swist says to (22:27:15): Heyyyyy Dallas! Thank YOU! alainanoelle says to (22:27:18): Maybe ChoCho ChoChoMojo says to (22:27:19): Yeah she hears Same ChoChoMojo says to (22:27:22): Sam ChoChoMojo says to (22:27:25): but avoids it LafayettesTribe says to (22:27:26): Is it over? arianwyn says to (22:27:28):

i hope the writing is better next week TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:27:28): I think Sookie will hook up w/ everyone this season. village bicycle greeneyegirl says to (22:27:34): waving Dallas! robi says to (22:27:36): DALLAS!!!! Hellosidnie says to (22:27:37): poor Eric need to deal with Sookie and BIll anelson53546 says to (22:27:38): she can;t hear Sam real clear Louisianagirl29 says to (22:27:39): Going to watch the episode again and go to bed. Night Dallas and Trubies! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:27:40): *waves* alainanoelle says to (22:27:41): Nah..she still loves Bill ChoChoMojo says to (22:27:43): *claps* alainanoelle says to (22:27:44): Poor Sook LafayettesTribe says to (22:27:46): Woo hoo Dallas!!!! Pamspumps says to (22:27:47): Sookie needs more exp n her sex life

robi says to (22:27:47): NIce....excited ChoChoMojo says to (22:27:48): Bye SOOK :-/ KathyD55 says to (22:27:51): Thank you Dallas! alainanoelle says to (22:27:51): I can't wait for next week Andy Swist says to (22:27:52): No faeries yet! BillIsMine says to (22:27:54): I know. Bill got Sookie addicted to sex arianwyn says to (22:27:58): that's the packmaster in shreveport not in Jackson BillIsMine says to (22:27:59): now she's doomed Hellosidnie says to (22:27:59): packmaster greeneyegirl says to (22:28:00): Colone Flood LafayettesTribe says to (22:28:00): Fairy here! BillIsMine says to (22:28:00): lol Harley Dickerson says to (22:28:02):

hello!! robi says to (22:28:02): I am still trying to figure out which "Trouble" they are going to use. alainanoelle says to (22:28:04): No fairies Tiera Graham says to (22:28:05): we got to see Crystal and heard about Felton too alainanoelle says to (22:28:09): Not ready for that yet robi says to (22:28:09): *giddy excited* Tiera Graham says to (22:28:09): Col. Flood?! arianwyn says to (22:28:10): there is a different packmaster in jackson TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:28:11): she's been cast BillIsMine says to (22:28:15): Thanks Dallas!! Andy Swist says to (22:28:15): Laffy... not THAT kind of faerie! ;) Hellosidnie says to (22:28:16): colone flod alainanoelle says to (22:28:20): I remember Col Flood

Cavalavalier says to (22:28:20): in the car with Tara Tiera Graham says to (22:28:20): we saw a cape figure in the trailer! kevat28 says to (22:28:21): have a great nite guys Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:28:21): yes with tara Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:28:25): that;s right arianwyn says to (22:28:30): col flood is shreveport Hellosidnie says to (22:28:30): alpha wolf anelson53546 says to (22:28:32): the car LafayettesTribe says to (22:28:32): Faery -- very olde Englishe Tiera Graham says to (22:28:34): looked like a Death Eater TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:28:35): sister/cousin alainanoelle says to (22:28:36): Yeah..who's that Tiera? Tiera Graham says to (22:28:44):

i think it was a fairy Pamspumps says to (22:28:50): she mets claudine at Tara's togs which doesnt exist in TB alainanoelle says to (22:28:54): Maybe fairy godmother? LafayettesTribe says to (22:28:54): Faerie alainanoelle says to (22:28:57): Claudine? Andy Swist says to (22:29:03): Love to you all! G'nite! LafayettesTribe says to (22:29:05): Radical Faeries ChoChoMojo says to (22:29:09): Bye Andy alainanoelle says to (22:29:10): Nite Andy! Hellosidnie says to (22:29:13): bye Andy LafayettesTribe says to (22:29:14): Bye! SheiroQ says to (22:29:14): Night Andy! robi says to (22:29:15): no, she met Claudine on the side of the road after visiting hotshots.

Andy Swist says to (22:29:15): MMMMWAH! Tiera Graham says to (22:29:16): watch the trailer. it was all ethereal like a fairy Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:29:19): thanks everyone robi says to (22:29:20): Nice! alainanoelle says to (22:29:20): Nite Sook and Dallas! Hellosidnie says to (22:29:23): good nite Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:29:23): thanks `DAllas TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:29:23): Night, All! Tiera Graham says to (22:29:24): i love this song! True Blood in Dallas says (22:29:23): Thanks everyone !! greeneyegirl says to (22:29:29): Night ! BillIsMine says to (22:29:30): nite all, going to watch Postmortem LafayettesTribe says to (22:29:30):

Goodnight JOhnboy robi says to (22:29:31): Thanks D and Sook! Great show alainanoelle says to (22:29:33): Good night all! Great show Dallas! lafemmetopaz says to (22:29:33): night SheiroQ says to (22:29:34): *claps* ChoChoMojo says to (22:29:35): Goodnight! Pamspumps says to (22:29:35): kisses!! arianwyn says to (22:29:38): i really like this song TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:29:38): *runs to twitter* True Blood in Dallas says (22:29:34): Thanks Robi Tiera Graham says to (22:29:41): if you like this, listen to Damien's cover of "Creep"! robi says to (22:29:42): (now I have to listen to this song again...so freaking good) Hellosidnie says to (22:29:42): lmao truebie

ChoChoMojo says to (22:29:43): TrueBlood repeat time! BTSookieS says to (22:29:43): Nite Hellosidnie says to (22:29:47): me too!!!! True Blood in Dallas says (22:29:43): Thanks Andy! Hellosidnie says to (22:29:50): se y'all smokeycokey says to (22:29:50): (}) sookiebontemps says to (22:30:00): Good night LafayettesTribe says to (22:30:00): This song is VERY Alana Ball. sookiebontemps says to (22:30:01): ! LafayettesTribe says to (22:30:04): Alan Pamspumps says to (22:30:05): :-* Cavalavalier says to (22:30:08): Do you think they will show the scene they cut from Season 1 episode 1 when claudine was in the woods helping sookie with the ratrays? True Blood in Dallas says (22:30:06):

Thanks sook! Harley Dickerson says to (22:30:12): thanks sook youll be missed on twitter TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:30:13): Sookie: coming back next week? ChoChoMojo says to (22:30:14): First time hearing it tonight alainanoelle says to (22:30:17): Good song! Bye! Hellosidnie says to (22:30:23): (Tp) luv this song sookiebontemps says to (22:30:30): Thank you Harley. Tiera Graham says to (22:30:41): listen to Damien's version of "Creep" sookiebontemps says to (22:30:43): TruebieDoobyDOo: I'll be here all season. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:30:48): YAY! ChoChoMojo says to (22:30:50): *claps* Tiera Graham says to (22:30:54): how long does chatting go?