How To Raise Oscar Fish


Oscar Cichlids
This is the most intelligent fish. They can recognize the owner or the keeper. Oscar is family of cichlidae. They found in Amazon Rivio Parana, Rio Negro and Rio Paraguay. It has beautiful color like yellow, orange, and red.

An Oscar need large tank especially the large Oscar. Oscar can reach 30 cm. Put the freshwater into tank. The pH should be normal or pH 7. The temperature should be warm like its habitat in tropical country You Should Install water filter and water heater. Put some sand to below the tank. This fish like to dig. You can put the fish toys. Do not forget to use cover to

Oscar is a carnivore fish. small fish : Small gold fish, platy fish, molly fish, guppy, tetra swordfish, and more live food : tubifex, small prawns Pellet : cichlid pellet or oscar pellet Flake food Dried tubifex For baby cichlids live food: artemia, daphnia, mosquito larva, tubifex pellet : baby fish pellet Feed them once a day or twice a day

You can bred a group of Oscar that contain six or eight Oscar Put the fish at large enough tank at least Put sand below the tank Make cavy from flat stone, wood, stone, and PVC

Oscar Disease
White worm Hole in the head Fin Rot Septicemia Velvet disease

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