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Brass Fasteners

Brass Fasteners

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Published by: madeinindia on Jul 15, 2010
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Brass Fasteners

Brass is a kind of metal that is easily soldered, moulded, brazed and accepts plating smoothly. Brass Fasteners is a metallic device that helps in affixing two things together. Brass Fasteners are used in different in industries such as mechanical, electrical, automobiles, building construction, pneumatic fittings, marine, aerospace, electromechanically and CNC machine parts. It is useful for affixing wooden objects as well. Brass Fasteners comes in varied sizes and capacity. Brass fasteners are often used as modern scrap booking embellishments. Brass fasteners are also used for door hardware. Features: - Meet all required specifications - Customizable - Available in various standards, design and sizes - Brass Fasteners comes in three plates: Nickle plated, Natural Plated and Custom plated Advantageous of Brass Fasteners: - Gives maximum durability - Cheap and affordable - Assures the quality as per international standards - Brass Fasteners are customizable depending upon the customer requirements - Useful in various industries such as electrical, automobile, mechanical etc… Demand of Brass Fasteners in the International markets: China (Zhejiang), North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, Japan, Argentina Prominent places to source Brass Fasteners from India: Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat, New Delhi, Faridabad, Aligarh (U.P), Jalandhar (Punjab), Okla (Delhi), West Bengal Made-from-india.com is a leading B2B Portal from India that has listed on its directory

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