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Outline of how to analyse Setting, Characters, Action, Style and Ideas.
Outline of how to analyse Setting, Characters, Action, Style and Ideas.

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Published by: IB Screwed on Jul 15, 2010
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SCASI is a literary analysis technique that you can use as a starting point for interpreting
works and analysing them in depth. It stands for Setting, Characters, Action, Style and Ideas.
You try and look at each of these aspects in detail.

 Location and Time
 Historical Setting
 Social Setting
 Political Setting
 Philosophical Setting
 Moral Setting
 Economic Setting

 The types of people they are
 What they say
 The way they speak
 Their gestures and movement
 The narrator's declaration; a blunt statement made by the author
 Their appearance
 Their past/ history
 What other characters say about them
 Their relationships with other characters
 Why has the author created that character (what do they represent?)

Secondary Action:
 Apart from the obvious beginning, middle and end of texts, you must consider the
way people are affected by and respond to events in the text.
Contextual Action:
 Events that already took place (but not in the actual text)
 Events that occur during the course of the story, but in the wider world
 The events that seem likely to happen in the future

 What impressions are you left with after reading the text?
 Conflicting impression come as a result of the author's style; the words they have
chosen and the order they have put them in

 Find direct quotes that support you impression
 Any other stylistic features are the (ie: metaphors, similes, rhyme, etc)

 All events and situations have ideas attached to them
 Ideas, in longer pieces of writing, become themes
 In short writings, they are no more than the author's thoughts on what is happening
in the story itself, how characters are behaving and about what they world is like
where the story takes place.

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