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16103725 Advanced Javascript Second Edition

16103725 Advanced Javascript Second Edition

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Published by Karthik Juvvala

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Published by: Karthik Juvvala on Jul 15, 2010
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Example 24-2b (ex24-2b.htm). The “swatches” frame displays the Color Cube, consisting

of all 216 non-dithering colors.

The “swatches” frame’s document is almost identical to Example 21-1 in Chapter 21.
The major differences are as follows:

n The self reference was added to precede all objects, methods, and properties of

the frame window.

n Each face of the Color Cube appears on a distinct table row, so the Color Cube is

drawn vertically, in order to match the frame’s physical dimensions.

n Each color is a link to the frame-setting document’s select() function. Instead of

using one string of six characters as the argument, we invoke the function with
three strings of two characters each, one for each descriptor (red, green, and blue).

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