Theatre Group Julie Horsman 80862704 & Chris Farleigh 8086 2882

Forthcoming Theatre Visits The Servant of Two Masters

Hamptworth Lodge

Maskers Theatre

Sunday 18 July 3pm Tickets £8.00 OPEN AIR PERFORMANCE Minibus 1.30pm from Countrywide Store, Salisbury Road

The Last Five Years Hanger Farm Arts Centre Stickman Productions
Friday 13th August 8pm Tickets £9.00 An emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show's unconventional structure consists of Cathy, the woman, telling her story backwards while Jamie, the man, tells his story chronologically; the two characters only meet once, at their wedding in the middle of the show. Book, Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

Pride & Prejudice

Exbury Gardens
Tickets £12.00

Chapterhouse Theatre Co

Saturday 28th August 7.30pm

Henry IV The Globe Theatre, London Thursday 23rd September 2pm Tickets £29.+ Coach £13.00 Christmas Cracker Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Cadogan Hall

Tuesday December 21st 3pm Theatre of a different sort!

Tickets £29.50, Coach £12.50 – total cost £42.00

Meet The Magic Circle
Tuesday 15th February

Magic Circle Headquarters London
Tickets and coach £44.00


The Magic Circle runs a regular evening of mystery and laughter as provided by some of the club's top magicians for members of the public. "Meet The Magic Circle" happens throughout the year and lasts for about 3 hours. You are welcomed with either a glass of sherry or a soft drink before watching close-up magic. You will hear a short entertaining talk on the history of mystery, starting from 4,000 BC, but then bringing you right up to date with what's happening in the world of magic today. During the interval you will be served a round of Sandwiches and coffee whilst magicians perform their tricks in front of you. Then its take your seat in the theatre for the stage show Those attending firstly see performances of close-up magic where miracles are brought about right under your nose, and sometimes even in your own hands. Most onlookers have difficulty in believing their eyes as to what they see. Our expert magicians achieve their results using immaculate sleight-of-hand. Please contact Chris to book your seats email

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