SEMESTER 2 Practical Science 1

Experiment 6 T opic: Geometrical Optics

P urpose: To study the magnification of real image by a convex lens

T heory: From lens equation

1 1 1 + = u v f v v +1= u f

v -1 f

where m =

v , u

m = linear magnification.

@ The graph of m against v is a straight line.

Equation also shows that m increases with v; Apparatus: I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. A convex lens A short transparent ruler

m = 1 when v = 2f.

A card with a square hole at the centre A screen A bulb as light source A meter rule Plasticine

Procedure: a) The focal length of the convex lens was estimated. b) The apparatus was set up as shown in figure 25. c) The length of 2 cm was choosed on the scale of transparent ruler as object.

Therefore, the size of the object h = 2.0 cm. The positions of the object were varied . The v and the size H of the image were determined on the screen.

Figure 25

d) The linear magnification m, was calculated and a graph of m against v was plot. e) From the graph, the focal length of the lens was determined.


Image distance/ V (cm) Object distance/ U (cm) Magnification/ M ( v/u)













Discussion :

The objective of this experiment is to determine the magnification of real image by using convex lens.In this experiment we had used a torchlight as a light source.As a precaution when using a torchlight we have to make sure that the environment is dark and has no other source of light.This is to make sure that we can get the accurate focal length.During the experiment,the transparent ruler was used as a object.Base on the result that we had got , the value of the magnification is based on the distance of the image.The further the image ,thus the higher magnification of the object.This result were followed what the theory had been said.According to the fomula given m = v/u , when the distance of i mage increase,thus the magnification will increase.

Conclusion :

As a conclusion we can conclude,the magnification of the tranparent ruler is directly proportional to the distance of the image.

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