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Chapter 4 - Fun Entertaining Book - Word Lotto

Chapter 4 - Fun Entertaining Book - Word Lotto

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Published by Tom Brennan
Check out the fun entertaining comic book.
Check out the fun entertaining comic book.

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Published by: Tom Brennan on Jul 16, 2010
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Wordlotto ©2007


Wordlotto ©2007

4 Particulars of an airtight case.

As I said before, I don’t rock the boat at work, so I apologized profusely to Sergio for interrupting his meeting. Sergio gave me the thumb’s up from his prone

position on the table and Lance ripped a Post-it from his left hip, smacked a kiss on it and flipped it in my direction. I closed the door gently behind me and scurried back to the reception desk. “Where’s my meeting? You left me a note for Room C but…” I ask through my shortened breath. I have to start

exercising. I am too young to be this out of shape. “Oh! Your meeting…” there was a twinkle in Joan’s eyes, “I had to move them into Conference A. They didn’t fit in C.” I nodded a thank you and quickly trotted off towards Room A. It must be a whole family if they wouldn’t fit in C. How many people are involved in this case? Joan meant that the client is important. Or maybe

Room A was bigger

and had the benefit of a window, so the best clients were 2

Wordlotto ©2007

usually shown there. I instinctively tucked my shirt and smoothed my hair, a habit I carry from my childhood. What I saw when I opened the door was enough to make me freeze mid-step. I will do my best to describe it but take into consideration that I do not remember much about those first few seconds. In front of me, there were two objects. Each

of the two objects was slightly taller than me and about three times the width of an average person (that makes if about four times my own width as I am rather skinny). Therefore, I reasoned, the only way to ingress into this room would be to turn these objects sideways and proceed in a lateral motion. The object on my right is a woman. I

think. She is as tall as she is wide, and she is very tall. Her hair has been teased into a high strawberry blonde blizzard as if there was any concern that the wearer would otherwise go unnoticed. The object to my right is best

described as an inflatable pale pink plastic structure, in the shape of a penguin, and about the same height as milady but without the big hair. I just stood. I didn’t blink or

breathe for quite a while. There was something eerie about the plastic structure as it slightly wavered. Hair lady waddled over a few steps and turned the plastic penguin around. As it turned, I started to make out a figure inside the shield, and what came into focus was the pudgy face of 3

Wordlotto ©2007

a man, looking directly back at me. It appeared that the man had been placidly looking out the window, in his unexplained costume, unaware of my entrance. “I’ll be back in a second?” I said catching myself

before I blurted out something unprofessional. I closed the door behind me and slumped back against it. What the heck was that? I stood there staring blankly down the corridor. I knew I should have prepared. these people? Is this some joke? Who are

It had to be a prank. Maybe the guys had a web cam in the room. Ha! That’s why they changed rooms at the last minute. Who would pull a stunt like this? Lance? Sergio? Well, they were not going to get me. I would act cool as a Mai Tai and when it was over I would extract my crooked little revenge. The door behind me pushed outwards and the woman stuck her head out the opening. “You alright?” She asked in a high-pitch voice, which

seemed unnatural for a woman of her corporeal mass. She walked back to the conference table as I followed trying not to stare at the pink penguin. She nested down on two chairs, chomping a piece of pink gum. “Well!” I say as I fumbled for the blank client

profile. In case this was a candid camera moment, my strategy was to pretend like I didn’t know it. “Good 4

Wordlotto ©2007


My name is Tom Brennan and I am your Citizen I spoke looking at her. I was definitely not


going to look at him.

“Does he want a seat?”

“He can’t sit down or his stool sack will explode. He’s normally not away from the house this long.” between chews. “Oh,” I still refused to look at him, “I need some basic information. What’s your name?” I normally have the client fill out the profile so I don’t have to waste too many words. But in this case the form gave me something to She said

keep my eyes trained on. “I filled out that form already. again?” (gum smack) Do we have to do it

“I see. Well, I just need the basics then…” I don’t own the fact that her file was probably sitting tidily in my pristine untouched inbox. “Harold and Myrna Johnson” (gum smack) “Address?” “133 North Willard Street” (two loud chewing smacks) “Westchester.” “Occupation?” I was starting to wonder. Maybe this

isn’t a trick. What if this is a real case? Somehow this possibility was even more frightening.


Wordlotto ©2007

“Occupation? Ha!” She stopped chewing and sat up. “That’s a laugh.” She waved a dismissive rolling arm at Look at him. What do

him. “Why don’t you take one guess? you think he is?”

So this is where the guys want to get me. They want to see what I say, right? I will remain a pro to the end. “I’m afraid you’ll have to answer for your husband.” “Oh, come on” she insisted, “what would you guess as an occupation?” There was no escaping; I was forced to look at him. It wasn’t so bad on second glance. The man in the pink inflatable outfit looked at me with a blank smile. His face was as pink as the outfit, probably from the moist heat inside the suit. He seemed completely oblivious to the What could your occupation

events unfolding around him.

possibly be buddy? Haz-mat instructor? Karate sparring partner? Swimming-pool toy? I chose to outsmart my opponent and skipped the question. “Nature of complaint?” I asked hesitantly. This was

the question that usually got people stirred up into a froth. “Do you mind if I smoke?” She asked calmly as she

reaches inside her tiny handbag with her long pink


Wordlotto ©2007


What is it about overweight woman and overly

manicured fingernails? “No.” I was going to say no smoking is allowed in the building but I find myself nodding. I lifted my chin in a silent question looking at pink plastic man, but she shook her head. “He’s not flammable” As the cheap cigarette smoke envelopes my airspace I press on with the questionnaire. I was trying to get out of there quickly with the least possible damage to my feeble lungs. I don’t mind people smoking; it’s just that I can’t stand the smoke. My wife says that is the same thing as minding people smoking but I say there is a difference. I don’t discriminate against people; I merely annoy the hell out of them. I tapped the table with the eraser end of my pencil. There is a moment of silence as she enjoyed a long puff. Experienced mariners would have called it the calm during which the excrement was still making its way to the fan. Then it hit.

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