Chapter C4 Solar System Projects Step 1: Chose a planet We will do this in class, have 2 or 3 in mind that you would

want to do

Step 2: Create a flyer about your planet using the open office program. Your flyer will need to include: A title Facts about your planet, including: o Size of planet o Where it is in the solar system o What the planet is made of o How long it takes to orbit the sun o How long it takes to rotate o If it has moons, how many and their names o If it has rings, how many o How far away it is from the sun o Anything else you find that you would like to include.

Step 3: Present your poster to the class We will take a few days in June to talk about our planets. You can show your poster to the class and tell them what you have learned about your planet.

My Planet is______________________________________________

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