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"My view of administration is that

we are here for the students. I
think the future of Baylor is in
the future of our graduates."
-Dr. David Garland
Interim University President

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Left: Interim President Dr. David Garland speaks in
the Cox Reception Hall at Armstrong Browning Li-
brary at the dedication of a stained glass window
depicting the Vallombrosa monastery in Florence.
The window was donated in memorial of Dr. Ann
Miller, an alumna and professor in the English de-

Right: President Garland visits the Louise Herrington

School of Nursing in Dallas for the dedication of the
Don A. and Ruth Buchholz Simulation Lab. The lab
provides robotic patients that can be programmed to
provide life-like training for nursing students.

Above: President Garland talks with students during Dr

Pepper Hour. Dr Pepper floats are served from 3 to 4
p.m. every Tuesday in Barfield Drawing Room in the
Bill Daniel Student Center.The 56-year-old tradition pro-
vides a forum for students to interact with faculty, staff
and administration, including the university president.

Left: President Garland rides in the homecoming pa-

rade with his wife, Dr. Diana Garland, the dean of
the School of Social Work. The interm president also
served as the dean of George W. Truett Theological
Seminary, where he started his time at Baylor as a pro-
fessor 11 years ago.

Interim President
W hile a historical race for the nation’s presi-
dency was entering its final stages, Bay-
lor had its own transition of presidential leadership.
Garland’s presidency has not been entirely calm,
however, filled with events requiring actions of deci-
sive and strong leadership. After accusations of rac-
Maintaining his role as dean of George W. Truett ism between students flew around campus, the presi-
Theological Seminary, Dr. David Garland took on dent made a clear stand against such hatred through
the role of interim president of Baylor University after campus-wide e-mails and two letters printed in The
a tumultuous year for the university. Dr. John Lilley Baylor Lariat.
was fired from the presidency on July 24 with two “I believe in confronting the truth and then trying
and a half years left on his contract after issues of to fix, as best we can, the issues that surface,” he said.
tenure denial, faculty Web site censorship and univer- “Those were hard times. Particularly the racial inci-
sity logo use spurred discontent among faculty, staff, dents. That was very painful for me. I was so relieved
alumni and students. Regent Harold Cunningham, when they proved to be untrue. These problems
former chairman of the Board of Regents, served as provided an opportunity for us to address issues we
acting president until Garland was named interim would have overlooked. I look at crises as opportuni-
president on Aug. 20. A modest man who says he ties now. You realize everything’s not the end of the
has never sought out high positions, Garland said he world.”
was “flabbergasted” when he was asked to be interim Garland said his experience in the military and as
president, but he was willing to serve the university. a religion scholar helped prepare him to lead the Courtesy photo
world’s largest Baptist university. Interim president and dean of George W. Truett Seminary,
“Sometimes you have to take responsibility to do
Dr. David Garland and his wife, Dr. Diana Garland, dean
what has to be done.” “Being in the military helped a lot, understanding
of the School of Social Work, watch one of the live mascot
Flabbergasted or not, Garland’s presidency has been hierarchy and authority. It’s been extremely helpful bears do a sic’ em.
seen as largely successful according to student, faculty for me to look at the Biblical model of leadership you
see in Jesus and Paul.” One goal of Garland’s is to further Baylor’s academic
and alumni.
The president said he hoped his interim position reputation and increase the size of the univeristy’s en-
“One of the things that people who have been
could bring peace to the university, but not at the dowment.
around David since he’s come here regard as one of
cost of success. “It’s not simply making tier one status. It’s really to
his greatest successes has been bringing this sense of
“I hope that we would continue making progress continue our academic excellence and have that be
unity, bringing this sense of calm. He’s not going to
at all of the things that we have made progress on so recognized. As we increase our endowment, we are
claim it because that’s not his style, but those around
that it is not simply a standing-still time but continue able to increase our scholarships and continue to at-
him have seen that that has been the hallmark of his
to reach our goals that have been expressed in 2012,” tract the best students. I am just always impressed
administration so far,” said John Barry, vice president
he said. with the students.”
for marketing and communications.
Jenna DeWitt Academics Editor

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