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30 Days 30 Resolutions to Change Your Life

30 Days 30 Resolutions to Change Your Life

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Published by Cigdem Kobu

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Published by: Cigdem Kobu on Jul 18, 2010
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30 Resolutions to Make a Fresh Start in the Next 30 Days Starting from



Day 1: Be courageous. Take risks. Face your fears and think about the best ways to deal with them. Day 2: Watch less TV. Read more books. Go out and walk more. Day 3: Express your emotions. Let them out! Day 4: Be original. Be unique. Don’t imitate. Find your voice. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Day 5: Talk less. Listen more. Day 6: Stop procrastinating. Do it now. Day 7: Be green. Become greener. Day 8: Simplify your life. Don’t forget that small is beautiful, and less is more. Day 9: Declutter your home. Declutter your life. Give away more, keep less. Day 10: Write. Start a blog. Write a book. Write your memoir. Day 11: Be more sharing. Be generous. Help those who are less fortunate. Donate. Day 12: Tell your loved ones that you love them. Say it out loud. Day 13: Find out what success means for you. Find out what you really want and what will make you truly happy. Day 14: Specialize. Don’t go wider. Go deeper. Learn one thing to the fullest extent. Day 15: Forgive and forget. Don’t hold grudges. Focus on the present. Day 16: Be thankful. Voice your thanks. Day 17: Love yourself and be proud of who you are. Day 18: Take better care of your health. Eat healthier. Drink more water. Sleep more. Day 19: Abandon the victim mentality. Stop complaining. Do something about it. Day 20: Learn to say no.
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Day 21: Be honest. Be open. Be transparent. Day 22: Spend more time with your loved ones. The value you give to someone is in proportion with the time you allocate to that person. Day 23: Be flexible. Embrace change. Be open to alternatives. Day 24: Start learning something new. Do something with your hands. Day 25: Spend more time on your own. Day 26: Declutter your relationships. Stay away from emotional vampires. Day 27: Love without fear. Day 28: Be fair to yourself and to others. Be gentle and compassionate. Day 29: Don’t forget that one day, you will leave this world. Don’t fuss over small problems. Trim your ego. Take it easy. Don’t let the illusion overcome you. Day 30: Be more productive. Use your time better. And the bonus Day 31: Add value to people’s lives. Make a difference. But don’t do it to fulfill your ego.

Congratulations! You rock! Keep up the good work, and never forget to give yourself a tap on the shoulder as often as possible. 

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